A/N: I'm sick. But fortunately I'm still creative while sniffling and coughing; thus, a drabble for you.

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"So…what is his deal? Why is he here?"

Agent Amy Jessup is following Olivia around like a puppy dog. Only New Girl isn't like a canine in that she isn't cute, furry, or easy to ignore.

"He's here because I asked him to be." Snide, glib, short—all lovely words to use to describe Olivia's tone whenever Jessup asked about Peter.

"I know the story, but…what's his deal? Why did he stay? What's he really like?"

"He's pretty much the same throughout." That is a lie. But it's easy to twist the truth while bustling around the office at warp speed, trying to shake off a woman with a crush and a thirst for gossip. "You get what you see."


"For the love of God, Agent!" Olivia snaps. "Peter is a genius, he's a smartass, he's arrogant as hell. He's the first person to stick up for me; he's never not been there when I needed him, he has a solution for every problem; he's the only one who makes sure I'm safe and not crazy. And," she adds, as if contributing insult to the injury of all her free-flowing irritation, "he's annoyingly attractive while doing it."

She pauses for a second, realizes what she just said, and decides that she can't backtrack anything. That would look worse than this already seemed.

And so she finishes stiffly: "Does that answer your question?"

In true Olivia Dunham fashion, she saunters off like nothing happened, leaving a stunned FBI agent behind her.