Supernatural: The Return of Jessica

This story doesn't really fit anywhere in the seasons of the show. I'm pulling elements from previous and new seasons. The yellow eyed demon isn't dead and Ruby is the still the brunette who hooked up with Sam. Castille is helping Sam and Dean find the yellow eyed demon in order to kill him and stop Lillith. I really wanted Jessica to come back, especially for Sam, but there needed to be some kind of a twist..... This is my version.

"Jessica?" He sputtered the words, his eyes wide with disbelief. He crouched next to a pile of dust, where a vampire had just been, the vampire I just killed in order to save his life. He looked so beautiful. He hadn't changed.... not much. His brown hair was still long and fell into his big warm eyes. He was still dressed in his uniform of jeans and a plaid shirt. His body was still toned and a part of me yearned to reach out and touch him.... but the look in his eyes told me that wasn't a good idea. 

Behind him, I could see the action dying down. Dean and Castille were done staking the vamps and were now giving me the same look Sam was giving me. The looks became too much for me, so I lowered my head and stared at the concrete floor of the warehouse. I dropped the large knife I held in my hand and watched it fall onto the floor, leaving a few smudges of scarlet blood.

 Part of me wished I hadn't come. If Castille would have just let this all go, there would be no need for me to be here, no need to see my Sam look at me as if I were a ghost, no need to have my heart broken again as I left. This was all a bad bad idea. I was ashamed Castille talked me into it. But, had I not been here Sam might have been bitten and I wouldn't have had the chance to look into my love's eyes. I felt them penetrate me right through into my soul. I took a deep breath, counted to three and then raised my head to return his warm hazel eyes.

"Hi Sam."