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"You're drinking already?" The tone was more one of amused curiosity than dissent.

"Of course. Westen boughd de mosd cheap bier he coult und I'm nod allowt to drink de goot schtuff tonighd." Prussia explained to Spain who sat next to him on the couch. "You vant von?" Gilbert sloshed a full can in front of the dark-haired nation. Antonio chuckled and declined with a smile.

"Suid yourselv." The silver-haired albino snorted, opening the can with his index finger and sipping from it.

Japan, sitting in an armchair, not four feet from the two, had a look of slowly building anger in his eyes. A broom was not far… One solid whack and he would have the ex-nation down for the count.

"Prussia, do you hev to make a mess bevor sunsed?" Germany growled lightly as he kicked a can or two around on the floor.

"Yes, Westen it is a requirmend dat I be drunk bevor ef'ryvon else." Ludwig rolled his eyes and snatched the can from his brother's hand. "Hey!"

"I neet it more dan you do." His voice sounded almost angry, but mostly it just sounded depressed. Germany quickly sucked down the can and crushed it against his forehead with a grace only he could accomplish. Prussia made a noise in the back of his throat in appreciation. No one, but perhaps his little brother, could make smashing a can of crappy beer look so artful.

Spain only looked on in amusement, things wouldn't get better until much later if he knew anything. Once other nations began to arrive and maybe a human or two, that was when their fun would begin, of course they needed to wait for France too.

An over-enthusiastic banging came at the door then. A smirk played its way over the albino's lips and he slowly laughed, "I dink you do too."

Germany pinched the bridge of his nose, wandering to the door to answer it. He could hear the two guests' animated conversation from behind the heavy door. Heaven only know what it must've looked like or sounded like from the street. The banging came again as Germany opened the door, catching America's fist before it came down on his face.

"Hallo America." Germany said pleasantly. The American grinned and greeted him like an old friend, slapping him on the shoulder as he laughed his likewise salutation. Germany wasn't paying attention to him, though. He was more interested in the 134 pounds of England thrown over the young man's shoulder.

"Put me down ya bloody Yankee! Wot's th' use in keepin' me up 'ere if we're at the soddin' party?!" America, seeing logic in this, put the man down, still tied. There was a big smile on his face as he patted the shorter man's shoulder.

"How've you been Germany?" America asked as the older blonde pulled a knife from his pocket and cut the twine from England.

"I'fe been bedder, bud I'm doing fine."

"Well, I'm glad t'hea-" Alfred found himself falling down, off the stairs of the stoop as Arthur's fist met his face. Ludwig stared at them as Arthur yelled some very unflattering things, to which, Alfred stood and yelled back equally vulgar imagery. A headache was coming on by this point, but Germany, typical to form, kept his cool. It took a severe blow as the two squabbling blondes began to attract attention, though.

"Cahn you two continue dis 'confersation' insite? Vhere noh von cahn see you?" The two nations looked at him then, both equally at a loss. That was until America seemed to have a light bulb blink on above his head.

"Be happy to!" he sped up the stairs, grabbing both the men and slamming the door behind them.

"Geh your 'ands offa me!" England threw America from him, grumbling sourly.

"Hey, Arthur!" Gilbert greeted, shaking his can merrily at him. The blonde responded by stalking over and snatching the can from his hand and finishing it for him. "Vhat de fuck is vid people taking my bier!?" The albino snorted and got up to get another from the cooler, Arthur following

"Stupid American." Arthur growled and picked up a beer, traveling back to the couch with Gilbert to drink with him. Antonio had been silent, watching with his usual smile and amusement, he didn't really feel like speaking. Gilbert knew this as odd as usually he loved to talk. But then again, France wasn't here, the two of them hadn't been on speaking terms for some time and so, had no idea what to talk about beyond the usual small talk. Once France got there and everyone else, things would pick up. He had a plan!

Germany, upon seeing them all on his couch and drinking, Gilbert and Arthur seemingly reacquainting themselves with one another he remembered something he had to say. Slowly, tiredly more like, he marched over to them, leaving America to stare quietly across the room at the Japanese man in the armchair. The blonde positioned himself in front of them, his mere board-straight posture alerted the three nations to the fact that he had something to say.

"Dis more goes for Gilbert since he alvays seems to be de ringleater of de schenanigans vhen you dree, Schpain, Prussia und France of course, ahre togeder… By de vay you vill tell him vhen he geds here, noh molesding de oder guesds." Gilbert laughed and waved him off.

"Sure Westen sure!" Germany knew his brother wouldn't listen, it was even less likely that France would, so why did he still bother telling him this rule? Fair warning? The German rubbed his temples, dealing with the idiocy that was to sure ensue tonight was definitely not on the doctors list of low-stress activities.

"Don't worry Germany. If you take Prussia 'ere I'll watch the frog." Arthur offered and took another swig of beer. There was a look that he should've been allowed to bring his own with him, but he was currently trying to be nice to Ludwig.

Germany sighed, nodding his head, "De help vill be appreciatet, danke schön."

"No problem." Another beer gone and the Brit was up again, stopping to look between Alfred and Kiku as they stared. Shrugging, he cut off their line of sight, Japan, taking advantage of this and looking away, a blush working at his face.

Alfred didn't seem to even notice and looked away too, Antonio and Gilbert watched with interest. At that moment they were most likely thinking the same thing.

Just fuck him already. Antonio's thoughts were slightly less vulgar, but still along the same lines. The three upon the couch began to chat to one another, mostly all Japan was doing was the dance with the American's eyes. America would look and he would look away to stare at something else or comment on the conversation. Then he would look back at him and catch Alfred staring, to which the blonde would then look away and continue his conversation. Then they both would look at each other at the same time and look away simultaneously. Germany thought them exactly like school children. He didn't know how to approach the situation with Japan, though he wanted to help. He didn't know what to do in general in "party situations" if what they currently had going was in fact one. Usually, Italy was around to help…

Don't think of him now, just concentrate… Look, what are they saying? Maybe you can talk about it too! … Never mind, I don't want to try. These were the predominant thoughts in the blondes head, he was adrift in a sea that was the social situation and no one was willing to throw him a life-raft. So, he did what he did best in these situations, retreated to his kitchen and chose to bake a cake.

"Westen!" There was the sound of a crash from the other room as Ludwig kneaded the dough between his floury hands… Picking up the dough, he walked into the family room, still kneading it. The occupants of the room were all laughing, he was pretty sure he even heard Japan's voice.

"Vhat dit you do now?" A mountainous pile of discarded cans completely engulfed the drunken albino. Alfred had started drinking, and Antonio with him. Whoever's bright idea it had been to stack all the spent cans on the table next to the couch hadn't considered that gravity was against them 110 percent. "You are cleaning dat up." His hands still worked at the sticky ball swallowing them, he needed to add more milk. Gilbert seemed to give him a look of "oh am I?" before brushing some of the cans off him and to the floor. "You ahre, now." Prussia rose a white eyebrow, smirking to himself.

"You und vhat army?" Everyone in the room froze as lightning seemed to leap from the German's form, his eyes alone would've been enough to make the average human keel over. It had always been an unspoken rule that his temporary losing of an army was never to be even hinted at. Ludwig began to work his hands free, Gilbert laughing all the while at his misfortune.

Knock, knock, knock!

"Dat musd be France und Canada!" Prussia merrily jumped to his feet and made his way to the entrance hall. Most everyone else in the room stared after him like "who?".

"Hey! You ged back heir!" Germany angrily yelled as the others laughed at him. "Dis isn'd ofer Prussia!" He tomped into the room just as his grinning brother threw the door open, what greeted him made his breath catch.

"Hello Gilbert, Fröhliche Weihnachten." Austria greeted, Hungary at his elbow. The two seemed to catch sight of Ludwig behind his brother, he was frowning and really looked more like a cat stuck in a Chinese finger trap than anything else. "Ludwig, what are you doing?" Roderich tweaked an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Making pie… Gilbert?" The Prussian was just standing there, staring at Elizeveta. Her hand slipped behind her into her pan-space, ready to fend him off should he attack. Gilbert's mouth suddenly thinned and then broadened into a grin.

"Merry Christmas, Specs! Hungary… May I schay dat you look especially beautiful tonight." Ludwig detected the slur in his voice, it wasn't from his drinking either. He was pissed about something. Gilbert leaned out in front of Hungary, going nose to nose with her. "Vhat do you schay dat you ditch four-eyes here und come hev some fun vid a real man, neh?"

"Gilbert, step back now. You know I always have a frying-pan and I'd prefer not to use it today."

"Oh come on!" He pressed closer.

"Gilbert!" Ludwig yelled as the man's hand came up.

"Prussia, get your hand's awa-" And Roderich was struck dumb as Gilbert pressed his lips against his ex-wife's, the albino's hand groping her chest.

"Prussia!" Gilbert pulled back, who was that? Frantically his eyes searched for the voice that had said his name. They settled on the small Canadian standing next to the slightly shorter Frenchman… Wait, shorter? Matthew was standing at his full height and looked furious for some reason or another. A smile, one free of bitterness, instantly jumped to his face to greet him, but as he opened his mouth he was blindsided by a frying pan to the side of his face. The Prussian hit the floor, hard. "Oh my God, Gilbert!"

"I warned you." Hungary snorted and clung to Austria who still was just standing there staring. Ludwig was on his knees next to his brother who looked more than a little dazed, but felt powerless with his hands encased in dough.

"Vhere dit I goh jus' now?" Prussia asked as Austria seemed to snap out of his stupor, there was now lots of yelling and Canada came to stand over him, obviously fretting, "Are you alright Gil?"

"Ja, you know me. Nod like it hasn'd happant bevor."

"And furthermore-!"

"Specs! Specs! Calm down! It vas a joke you know me!" Prussia heaved himself up off the floor, shaking a bit as the blow to the head really rocked his foundation, something warm was running down his face.

"Oh my God!" Canada tried to reach to wipe the blood away, only to be shoved roughly aside by Hungary. Thankfully, he was caught by France before he fell backwards off the stoop. There was a look of fury in the Frenchman's eyes, had that woman really dared touch his son?!

"You do not grope me as a joke!"

"Wot's all 'is 'en?" Arthur poked his head in along with the rest of the inhabitants of the couch. Ludwig still stood in the middle of the room, hands stuck firmly in the thick dough, unable to do anything. The hilarity of this did not seem to be lost upon the guests, but a brawl between Prussia and Hungary was about to break out in the hallway. Austria was probably going to be involved too, by the nearly visible steam pouring from the man's ears this was definitely true.

"Hey Mattie~! When'd you get here?!" America chimed in, well, the fight seemed to be lost upon him… And Antonio as he waltzed over with Alfred to greet Francis.

"Uh, Al, kinda, sorta-" Canada began, only to shrink back in terror as Hungary took this intrusion as a serious offense.

"Can't you see I'm trying to teach this jerk a lesson!?" The brunette yelled raising her frying-pan up above Alfred's head. Francis's hand flew up and gripped her wrist, desperate to keep one of his sons from getting "hurt" in some way.

"Unhand my… Friend!" Roderich then joined in, jumping onto Francis's back and getting him into a choke-hold. England glared across the room at the Austrian, but really preferred not to help Francis, so Antonio did instead. The Spaniard, gripping the ends of Roderich's scarf, pulled hard on him, likewise choking him. Gilbert, not being able to resist, poked Elizeveta's chest, causing all of them to fall, backwards, to the floor, much to Alfred's and his own amusement.

"I love dominos! Don't you Mattie?" America laughed pointing at the group on the floor all trying to get up and failing, each of them easily thwarting one another's attempts.

"Gilbert!" Matthew shot the man a glare, this only prompted a heavy, drunken guffaw as he did nothing, but point and laugh.

"Az istenit!Let go of me!"

"Merde! Get your ex off me!"

"Make this Spaniard stop grinding against my ass!"

"I wouldn't be if you would just hold still!"

"Enough! It's a Chrisdmas pardy! Schud up, vid all your petty fighds and sid down and drink some goddamn bier!" Everyone in the room looked over to Germany then, he had managed to work free one hand, but now was concentrating on keeping all the dough on the other.

"Ludwig! He jus-"

"I don'd care! He's Prussia! He's been doing it for years! Ged ovf my floor!" Each nation immediately flew off one another and scrambled to their feet. Gilbert, still pointed and laughed, being joined by America, Matthew just looked on in disappointment, hugging Kumajirou harder to his chest.

"Well, Ludwig! I hope you have a merry Christmas, Roderich and I are leaving!" Elizeveta snorted, gripping the Austrian by his cravat and tugging him out the door. Everyone cringed at the slam, Ludwig was sure he was going to have to replace the hinges at his next convenience. He knew he was also going to have to apologize for this for months to come. Elizeveta could act like a man sometimes, but she had the grudge-holding ability all women had if nothing else.

At this point, the German turned his head to his brother, glaring at him and considering stuffing the sticky dough down his throat.

"Aht leasd de pardy vas interesding for two minudes." Prussia grinned haughtily at him, making a show of shining his nails, even when he wore gloves.

"Dey veren'd heir two minudes und you just hat to cause trouble! On today of ahll days!" The younger of the brothers shook his finger furiously at the older.

"I'm de live of de pardy in oder vorts." Once again his inflated ego practically dripped from every word, this only proved to frustrate the other man more.

"You know vhat?!"

"Vhat?" Prussia said in a sing-songy way.

"Noh pie for you!" Germany spun on his heel and stalked back to the kitchen, grumbling to himself.

"Vhat?! Noh pie?!" The albino gave chase, realizing how dire the situation was now, everyone looked to each other at that point and followed. "Westen!!! Vhy?!"

"Because you'fe been noding bud trouble since de day you arrif't!"

"Bud! Bud! Pie!" Prussia began to cling to his brother.

"Ged ovf me! You're drunk!" Germany yelled, elbowing his brother's face as the shorter fastened himself around the blonde's waist.

"P-Prussia?" Gilbert suddenly felt a twinge of regret, he'd been ignoring Matthew. Detaching himself from Germany, he jumped to his feet and brushed off. He stumbled a bit, the beer plus the blow to the head was not helping any.

"Ja, Canada?" Everyone seemed to be looking around for the source of the voice and whoever the Hell it was Gilbert was talking to, Alfred and Francis the only ones excluded.

"Your face is kind of bleeding…" The Prussian man blinked as everyone's eyes finally fixed on Canada… When did he get here?! Gilbert reached up and ran a hand over the moist, warm area on the side of his face, his gloves coming back with a red, shining liquid on them.

"Oh. Peh, it's noding." He wiped the blood off on his pants and walked to the bathroom to clean it up, Canada following. No one else followed, Francis would've and so would Alfred if Arthur hadn't a firm hold on the backs of their coats. They both seemed totally incapable of seeing that Prussia would never take advantage of the boy or hurt him in any way. The emotions Gilbert claimed many times not to have for anybody were too strong to allow that.

"You're taller dan me." Gilbert mumbled as Matthew wiped the blood away with a wet rag.

"You've never noticed?" The blonde held a cotton ball to the mouth of the alcohol bottle and poured some of the liquid into it.

"I guess you nefer schtant compledely schtdraighd. It's carrying dat bear arount all de time." Matthew sighed and touched the soaked cotton ball to the still bleeding cut. "Yeowch! Hey!"

"Oh don't be a baby, it's just alcohol."

"Nod de goot kint dough." Matthew couldn't help but chuckle.


"The bastard ain't home." Romano snorted and folded his arms across his chest, it was starting to snow. Feliciano was leaning against the wall of the house, staring blankly up at the grey sky. White flakes settled in his hair and on his scarf, staying for a few seconds before disappearing. All the humans bustled about, getting ready for the actual holiday not far away anymore. And on that day, they all would be happy in their own homes, playing games with their children, their siblings, seeing their parents or snuggling with the one they loved most… There would be food and a fire in some of the older houses. There would be the idiots that tried to flash-fry their turkeys and burn their kitchen to cinders. Christmas…

Lovino turned to look at his brother as he still stared blankly away into the distance. What was he seeing? He had come close to dying too, but never as close as Feliciano, what was it like to see through the eyes of a half-dead man? A half-dead man that had given up on getting better?

"Ludwig…" The small Italian sighed as he continued staring at nothing and Lovino knew what he was seeing.

Doesn't the damned potato bastard have a party today? Prussia was friends with Antonio so maybe he invited him… Dammit. Well, Feliciano would at least get to see Germany one last time… "Hey, I think I know where Spain is." He said softly, so he didn't surprise his brother.

"Mm, what?" Italy slowly turned his head to look at his twin. Though his face was soft, there was no hint of joy or a smile on the older's face at all, Feliciano knew why. The boy smiled happily anyway and asked, "You do? Where is he?"

"Just follow me, stupid." Lovino tousled Feliciano's hair as he walked by and took his hand. "You'll like where we're going."

"Ve, I'll like it as long as you are there."


Prussia was missing… So was Spain and France… Germany pulled the pie that had finished baking out of the oven and looked around suspiciously. England and America were bickering back and forth in the family room, occasionally Canada would step in to help them off a particularly difficult topic. Japan? He was his usual self, never sure of when to speak up or remain quiet. Prussia's disappearance from the rest of the visitors with his usual cohorts had Germany worried. They were planning something and his intuition told him he was not going to like that something.

Ludwig poked his head out into the warmly lit family room, it looked so pleasant, music playing in the background and the smell of pie in the air. The was also the smell of beer, but Germany ignored that, "Pie is done, you guys vant any?" he asked. England looked over with interest, Canada as well, Alfred looked over but shook his head. He wasn't having any foreign pies this Christmas!

"Wot kind is it?" Canada nodded, asking the same question.

"You vout call it a Chrisdmas pie. It's god eh… Raisins, almonds, bananas, whisky, nutmeg." Germany shrugged at the end, he had been making the cakes for so long and it was just habit to always have the items in his kitchen during the holidays, he had to think about what was in it.

"Whisky you say?" England asked with a glint in his eyes, he wasn't drunk yet, it took a lot for that, almost as much as it took Prussia to get totally smashed. Germany just nodded as Canada hopped to his feet and began to make his way to the kitchen.

"I think I'll have some, it sounds good… Can Kumakotsu have some too?" Ludwig gave the bear a speculative look before nodding his head and looking back to England.


"Who?" The white bear asked, Canada sighed, "I'm Canada…" and he slunk into the kitchen, ignoring the odd look the taller blonde was giving him.

Ludwig looked to Arthur, raising an eyebrow, the British man chuckled slightly before getting up to make his way to the kitchen.

"Tha' bloody bear can never seem to remember 'oo th' 'ell 'e is." Germany frowned at England's answer.

"Vhy nod?" Arthur only shrugged.

"I can never seem t' remember 'oo 'e is either. I'm 'is dad too. 'Casionally even Alfred forgets." The two blondes watched as Canada cut a piece of pie and set it out on a plate, Kumajirou biting into it a second later and Canada yelling at him that it was his. The bear didn't apologize. "D'you think anythin's goin' on between 'im and Prussia?" Germany looked at the man, his eyebrow going up his forehead.

"You dink?" England nodded.

"I dunno, 'e's your brother, you know 'im better than I do."

"Nah, I don'd dink soh. Gilbert is more partial to de vemen of de horizondal virtue." Arthur laughed at his wording.

"Ever think tha' maybe 'e'd want somethin' more than jus' prostitutes?" Ludwig frowned again, tapping the side of his forehead thoughtfully.

"I cahn'd see him in a schtable relationschip. Less dan a mond in he voult say someding schtupit und… Vell, dat voult be de ent of it. If he coult be in von, I voult vant him in von. He lifes alone, schleeps alone, eads alone und hes to boder people to ged dem to pay attention to him. Beyond France und Schpain of course, bud… I vant him to hev more dan jus' one night schtants, bud vid de kint of person he is, I don'd dink he can hev anymore dan jus' dat." Germany terminated the conversation by walking into the kitchen and standing next to Canada to help him if he needed it. England just frowned looking after him, Germany had a point, with Prussia's swelled ego and tendency to say things he didn't mean just for laughs… It didn't matter what his real emotions were, his inexperience with meaningful ones would mean a relationship would only end in heartache for both of them.

"'Ey Matthew, cut me a piece would'ja?"

"Okay Arthur!" Arthur came into the kitchen then nudging Germany away, he deserved so much relaxing after having to deal with his brother a lot this evening and after baking the pie.

"Go sit down, Germany. I'll bring you a piece."

"Ueh… Alrighd…" Germany turned from the room and walked back out into the family room to see Japan and America finally talking… Couldn't go sit down… "Hey Englant! I'm going to ged a new case of bier from down schtairs! Jus' pud it on de table oud hier okay?"

"Okay!" Arthur replied as Ludwig headed for the basement.

The German hadn't even reached the third step before he tripped the rest of the way down the stairs.

What did I trip over? He groaned, reaching under him to pick up what looked suspiciously like some kind of… French sex toy… Oh, crap! The blonde bolted to his feet, frantically looking around for a case of beer while trying to retreat and save his skin.

"Oh bruuuuudeeer!" Came the sing-songy voice of his brother. Ludwig jumped and waved the strange object around in front of him.

"Vhat efer you vere planning on doing to me vid dis," He indicated the object again by thrusting it towards the advancing and… Naked, albino. "you are nod going to ged de chance to!" Where were Spain and France?!

Prussia leaned against the wall giving him a look of "vhat de hell are you talking aboud?" before smirking.

"Dat vas jus' to trip, do nod vorry." Germany shivered, usually very bad things ensued when his brother said things like that… "His toy's scare me too anyvay." How much Germany hated being right when his brother was involved as he felt two powerful sets of hands grab his arms.

"Pud me down!" He valiantly thrashed against the offending arms as France's laugh started by his right ear. Prussia's "kesesesesese" soon joined in and that's when he knew something… He was screwed.

"Iggy asked for help, that's why." America stated simply as an answer to the question Japan asked.

"Things were fine without you over there, though. You didn't need to get yourserf invorved Alfred. You shourd've forrowed your brother's exampre." Japan said as he stared those bright blue orbs straight on.

"You remember my brother's position in the war?" Alfred chuckled, finding this very humorous. He had asked Canada to join and thought that he was going to, but someone seemed to have gotten to him first as he refused to join.

"I remember Puroisen-san terring me they onry had you over in North America after I asked about arries."

"You still asked for updates?" Japan nodded smiling.

"Itaria-kun and Doitsu-san were stirr my friends. I wanted to know how they were."

"Never asked how I was…" America looked away, his face tinted pink.

"I was angry… I thought… That you were behaving stupidry. That maybe our… Friendship? Wourd have been enough to persuade you not to join." Japan explained, examining the couch fibers.

"Why did you sound iffy about the friendship thing?" America blinked, fixing his glasses.

"Werr… It was compricated… What were we?" The two looked at each other then, it was a question they had been avoiding for years, what were they? They were less than lovers certainly… But occasionally it seemed like they were more than friends…

"I don' know…" Alfred suddenly raised an eyebrow with a smile on his face. "What do you want it to be now?" Just as suddenly as the question came Japan was stuttering and red. This made Alfred laugh, that face!

"I-W-W-I… W… Of course, I… Did you say something Igirisu-san?!" He smiled apologetically and jumped up from his spot on the couch, bowing deeply. "Gomenasai Amerika-san!" Quicker than the wind he fled the room, shoving England back into the kitchen as he crossed the threshold. Alfred just sat and stared… What had just happened? Had he been ditched for England?!

"Hey, what are Japan and Iggy talking about in there?" He asked as Matthew left the kitchen with a smile on his face.

"Oh, Arthur wanted to know where Germany keeps his utensils. For such an organized guy, his kitchen is confusing." Matthew easily lied, this was something that it was okay to lie about. It's not like anyone was going to get hurt over this one… Prussia, England, France, and America were all in the house… With him… If he said one wrong thing with England or France or his brother in the room… Nervously, he ran a hand through his hair, tonight would not end well…

"Ah… What has you so nervous?"

"Oh nothing, Gilbert is missing, Papa and Spain too… Usually that's a bad thing…"

"Don't worry, France might, but the other two wouldn't dare molest you, you have nothing to worry about." Alfred gave him a confident smile and a thumbs up. "Where the Hell is Germany with that damn case of beer!?" The blonde snorted, fixing his glasses. Canada had the urge rising in his gut to tell him that Prussia did have the audacity to do inappropriate things to him, but that would only dig the albino's grave deeper.

"Did he say he was going into the basement?"

"Yeah, want to check to see what's taking so long?"

"Sure." Matthew turned and headed down the hall to the basement… Slightly, he wondered how many nations had been cowed by the man he was partying with tonight and kicked down the stairs that lie just beyond the door. Swallowing hard and remembering that Germany was a peaceful man, he opened the door and stepped down the stairs, slightly disappointed that the stairs didn't even groan under his weight. Even the stairs didn't know he existed!

"I'm going to kill you for dis!" Matthew froze, that was Germany's voice… Had someone been hiding in the basement this whole time? Was Germany in trouble! "Don'd touch dat!" Apparently yes… Quietly (he really didn't have to try), he made his way down the stairs to the hallway. Most people he knew had big open spaces as basements, apparently Germany was a bit different. He poked his head into the room closest to the stairs, it was a large, open room full of supplies, there were two freezers and at least five stacks of beer cases the same height as him. He also counted at least three kegs. Sly chuckling and distressed noises echoed down the hallway to Matthew's ears, further away… Now that he was paying attention, there was a small amount of light spilling out into the hallway from the farthest room, the rest of the basement was dark.

Deciding that he would never get a chance to do this again, he peered into some of the rooms he passed, he stopped after the third because of some of the items he found strewn throughout the room. Most likely, these were the rooms the subdued nations were stuck in for interrogation… He shivered, but was glad that they all seemed in disuse.

"S-Schtop dat! Do you hev any idea how obscene dat is?!" More laughter and Matthew quickened his pace until he was to the side of the door, making sure to stay out of the light spill. He pressed his body against the wall, his heart beginning to hammer in his chest. The laughter sounded familiar now… It sounded like…..

"Kesesesesese, gedding all hod und bodert ahre ve?" Prussia? And what the hell was he talking about?! Not being able to contain himself, he poked his head into the room, well… There were Spain and France's backs… This explained where they went, but where was…. Canada had to suppress a yelp of surprise as he saw Prussia, completely naked, dancing in front of his brother. The face plastered to the younger German's face suggested that the Prussian was going to be sorry the moment the ropes tying him to the chair he was in were cut. However, Matthew didn't have time to assess this as he fell backwards without a noise, a small amount of blood trickling from his nose.

"Prussia! I svear to gott dat-Ah! Schtoppid!" Prussia chuckled once again as his hand rested on the small bulge in the front of his brother's pants.

"You svear vhat?" He teased, fiddling idly with the pant's zipper. Spain and France just watched like the voyeurs they were. It was rather cute how Germany's face so closely resembled a tomato.

"I svear dat I-Vaid…" Prussia rose an eyebrow at his brother's now very concentrated face. He was supposed to be the center of attention here! Germany couldn't stifle the surprised moan that escaped him when Gilbert grabbed him through his pants. "Schtoppid! Really! Dere's someding… Like you, I dink…" Gilbert slipped his hand from his brother's groin and stood up straight. He snorted with disappointment as he realized he would probably have to be serious about this.

"Vhat?" He turned and looked back to France and Spain. Both of them shrugged. Gilbert turned around again and looked at Ludwig. "Vhat do you mean by dat?"

"I dink it's an ex-nation… Very faindly… Noh, vaid, dere's someding dif'rnd aboud dis von… It's almosd like it is a nation, bud it's nod… Dere's ahlso anoder nation vid it I dink…"

Italy. Gilbert's brain supplied, recalling what Romano had told him on the phone the day previous. "Schid." He quickly walked to the corner and pulled on all his clothes. "Ve cahn finisch dis lader, undil den, Francis, undy him."

"Vaid, do you know vhat it is?"

"I hev a hunch." Francis looked disappointed as he trudged over to the tied up nation, knife in hand and slashed the twine from him.

"I sait undy him, nod cud de ropes!" Gilbert angrily yelled as he buttoned his white shirt up.

"Gilbert, this is Germany, he has plenty more in that room over there." Francis flicked a wrist towards the hallway in a vague gesture.

"I guess you're righd." Spain helped Germany up, his feet were probably asleep from the rope tying his ankles to the legs of the chair. He seemed calm enough to Spain, but just in case, he took a few steps back.

"Gilbert, jus' soh you know, you ged anyvhere near me avder dis tonighd, de family jewels ahre going to ent up very far avay in Russia." Ludwig offhandedly commented as he rubbed his wrists. France and Spain shrunk away from the threat, it sounded as if he meant it… Gilbert just twitched at the threat. Ludwig knew how much he hated Ivan. How he had barely just gotten over the nightmares…

"Ja, ja." Prussia turned to leave the room, tripping over something as soon as he entered the hallway. "Ah! Vhat de fuck?!" Striding whatever it was, he wrestled the lump he had tripped over around until he got a good look at it. "Canada?!" Blood, there was blood on his face, what happened?! Who had dared hit him?!

"Ah! Get off my sweet Mathieu you rapscallion!" France tried to lean over to pull Prussia off his son, he was interceded however, by Germany placing a firm kick to the back of his head.


"C'mon, ve don'd hev time for you to mess vid my idiod bruder." Germany grasped France's arm and yanked him roughly down the hall and up the stairs, followed quickly by Spain who didn't even give Prussia a passing glance.

"Mmmn…" Prussia quickly sat up, looking down at the boy as he seemed to wake up. "Mmmn, ow, my head." Matthew groaned as he reached up to feel his head, pausing at the slickness on his face. "What the…" Slowly, he opened his eyes, it took him a few moments of staring to figure out, however what exactly it was on his stomach. "Aah! Gilbert what are you doing?!" Gilbert's worry quickly dissolved as an idea came to him.

"Vhat does it look like?" He ran a finger over the blood beneath the blonde's nose, bringing it slowly up to his mouth and licking the liquid from it.

"Gilbert that's disgusting…"

"You're disgusting!"

"What?!" The albino threw his head back laughing, gripping his stomach.

"I kit, I kit. Vhat de fuck ahre you doing on de floor anyvay?"

"I-I… I don't know really…." Considering the fact that Matthew had most likely seen what he had been doing prior to the situation he was in now, he arrived at the only logical (to him anyway) conclusion.

"You musd'fe seen my heafenly form und become so ofervhelmt dat you jus' passt oud." Now that Matthew thought about it… He did remember seeing him naked… And dancing around… That explained the nosebleed… No, wait! No it didn't! He didn't like him like that! He didn't! Gilbert was his friend!

Impure thoughts, go away! The blonde quickly picked up his head and dropped it back to the hard, cement floor.

"Voah! Vhat vas dat for?" Alarmed, the silverette reached back under Matthew's head to check for any more blood. Upon finding none, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his handkerchief, using it to wipe the blood from Canada's face.

"Gilbert, stop it, I can do it myself." Canada tried to push the hands away to no avail.

"I'm nod efen obligatet to be nice to you, und I am being nice, und you don'd efen appreciade it?! It's dat damn Italian you'fe been vid, I know it!"

"Don't talk about Romano like that." Something had sparked between the two then, Gilbert's, a lust to put Romano down for good, Matthew, he wanted to make Gilbert feel bad for what he had done to him.

"I'll talk aboud dat no goot cowvard how efer I please." The albino hissed, feeling the tension between them slowly build.

Canada opened his mouth to speak, only to be cut off by a loud clatter coming from upstairs and a gunshot. The two jumped, grabbing at one another before both looking to the stairs. Gilbert pursed his lips, thankful that no pained scream followed it.

"Fuck." After quickly disentangling himself, he jumped to his feet and pulled Canada up before bolting down the hall and up the stairs.

"Wait for me!"

As the two ran from the basement door, the scene that greeted them made Canada's breath catch in his throat, it just made Prussia grin with excitement, pulling two Heckler and Koch handguns from his belt.

Germany had Romano pressed against the wall, a gun to his head, Italy was on the floor, curled up in a ball, Spain at his side with a gun of his own at Germany's temple. England's guns had found homes at the backs of both the blonde and brunette nations' heads, America joining in on Spain but remembering a gun to France as his was at Japan's. Japan only had his eyes on England.

"Step the fuck away from Lovino." Spain hissed in Germany's ear. Germany's glare on the frightened Italian pressed against the wall didn't falter or move as he responded, "Do you hev any idea how much grief he has caust me? Do you?!"

"You 'ave no right to be demandin' anything Spain. You're not s'posed to be any closer than five metres from Romano." As mouths opened to yell, Gilbert laughed loudly, breaking everyone's concentration. Romano shoved Germany off him hard, causing the gun to sound off and plant a bullet firmly in the wood of the front door. There was scrambling as Canada darted through the roiling mass of yelling and threatening countries to Romano's side, Prussia chasing after him.

"Preußen! Ged your arsch oud ov my vay! I vill schood you!" Germany roared in outrage as everyone repositioned their guns at their places and he pressed his rifle at Prussia's stomach. Canada, rose his own and ended up sandwiched between Romano and Prussia as the albino shoved back at Canada, a growl rising in his throat.

"Make me." He was suddenly aware of guns clicking as Spain pulled a new one from his belt and held it at Canada's head at the same time the blonde drew a gun, pointing it beyond Prussia at Germany and the brunette. Prussia joined him, pointing one at Spain but the other back behind Canada at Romano.

"Does fucking everyone have a gun but me?!" Romano yelled, deeply frustrated as he tried to position himself more in front of Italy.

"Gilbert, move! I don't need your help!" Canada tried to move the man threatening Romano and threatening his own life in the way of his younger brother.

"I don'd care if you don'd dink you neet help. I'm gifing you it anyvay!"

"Like I want your help after what you did!" Prussia elbowed the man in the face with an angry roar as France reached over the other people and shoved another of his guns against Prussia's temple.

"That was you!? You bastard!" France yelled and struggled to get closer against the other nations that kept him still, Japan finally returned France's gift to his head with another of his guns. "How dare you claim to be Mathieu's friend! What kind of a friend does that?!"

"Schud de fuck up France! I know vhat I dit vas fuckt up so don'd you schard yelling at me!" Prussia yelled back, ignoring Canada's attempts to punch him back. Germany, meanwhile had gotten fed up with their bickering and removed his gun from his brother's gut.

"Ged oud ov my vay!!!" Germany smacked his brother nation across the face with the barrel of the gun twice before raising his foot and shoving him hard in the stomach with his boot. Everyone slammed in on one another at that moment, each pressing hard to keep each other restrained, most importantly Germany. "Ged ovf me! I'm going to kill de gottamn baschtart! I'll be doing de whole fucking vorlt a favor!" Germany struggled, smacking and shoving as many people away as he could. "I'll fucking schood you ahll iv I hev to!"

"That's a declaration of war!" America shouted, realizing this as true, everyone tensed. Guns pressed harder as people chose their allies.

"Den I openly declare var on-"

"Please, stop!" Everyone froze and looked to the floor next to Romano, there Italy sat, sobbing into his arms. "Please! I d-don't want everyone to-" Italy sobbed in between his words, wiping his face with his sleeve. "Ludwig, I love you so please reconsider! I know Lovino has been acting stupid, but I love him too, he's the only brother I've got!" Everyone looked to Germany then, his face was starting to turn red through his fury. "And Lovino! You came here to say sorry to Antonio right?! So do it!" Romano turned away as Spain hopefully looked from Canada to the boy he had been mooning after. "Francis and Arthur, the war is over, get over your differences and just… Do whatever it is old people do when in love!" France's face screwed up at the Italian's wording. He wasn't old! England on the other hand opened his mouth to yell that he was not in love anymore with that goddamned frog, but was quickly drowned out as Italy's cries intensified. "It's Christmas! I-Isn't it all about love a-and presents?! I don't think bullets to the brain make good presents!" Italy's body shook and he coughed violently into his hands, blood spitting into them

Worried, Romano slowly knelt down next to him, allowing Prussia's gun to follow his head as he went.

"Are you alright?" Italy burst out into tears again, hugging himself to his brother, spewing Italian gibberish. Prussia chose to look away to give the brothers a bit of privacy, still pressing the gun against the elder's head.

"Okay guys, seriously, W-T-F are we doing? It's Christmas for Chrissake." Realizing that America had said something useful for the first time in history, France, Japan, England and himself lowered their guns. Germany tightened his hands on his rifle, Prussia too, still not willing to move out of the way of Canada.

Romano looked up at Canada and Spain then, both glaring at one another, Canada's glare was actually quite intimidating now that he got to see it… And that look in Spain's eyes…

"C-Canada?" He paused to consider his words. "Matthew…" Slowly, he got back to his feet, Prussia shoving the barrel of his gun harder into his head for a reason no one seemed capable of comprehending. By now the rest of the uninvolved nations had backed away to give this group space to negotiate. They would only step in if they were absolutely sure of gunfire.

Unsure of what else to do, Romano wrapped his arms around the taller man's waist, hugging himself tightly to the man, earning himself a jab to the head and Canada an angry growl from Spain.

"I've already told you, as my friend, I love you, I would be sad if you disappeared, I will be there for you when you are sad and you are always welcome in my home… But, I still love Spain…" Matthew tried to keep his face neutral, but it just wasn't working out as Gilbert watched his face slowly turn mournful. The blonde pursed his lips and shut his eyes tight, looking at the ground.

Italy, during all this had managed to crawl his way to Germany's side, he tugged weakly at the man's pants.

"Ludwig?" Italy's meek voice floated up from the floor. "Please, can you put the gun down?" Germany ground his teeth together, glaring hatefully at the older Italian as he looked from Canada to Spain.


"Why?" The smaller man sniffled, tugging at his pants' leg again, trying in vain to stand up by himself.

"Italy… He attackt me! You! You cahnnod expecd me to jus' forgif him because he is your bruder!"

"But he's sorry!" Germany felt his pant leg grow wet as the brunette sobbed into it, awkwardly, he shifted his gun in his right arm, reaching down with his left to the sobbing man.

"Sorry doesn'd make it alrighd." He said in a soothing voice, his tone not betraying the slightest intention of killing the older brother. Italy's hand grasped his then, it was a strangely strong grip for a man so weak.

"Please, help me up…" Then all eyes were on Germany and Italy, was Germany going to help the dying nation or was he going to turn him away? Even Romano had his eyes firmly fixed on the sight.

Realizing what this could mean, Germany gave it thought, he could ignore the boy and kill Romano, but that was saying goodbye to Italy for good… He could also help the dying man, but would never be able to exact his revenge.

"I love you, Ludwig." Germany's grip on the smaller hand tightened and he rubbed the soft knuckles comfortingly with his gloved thumb.

"I-Ich liebe…" He paused, working up the courage as he pulled the man to his feet, turning to look down at him with a flushed face. "Ich liebe dich Italien… Feliciano." Smiles were breaking out all over the room, Prussia's was the widest, combined with Romano's smile, the sun was only a candle when compared.

"In English… Maybe?" Feliciano's smile was still small as he put his arms around the muscular German. He could swear the contact brought some of his strength back. Ludwig looked away, his face a bright red. He wanted to say it! He really did! Who knew admitting you loved someone in a language everyone understood was so hard?

"Ah-Ah… I… Lof you, Feliciano." Ludwig let his gun slip from his arm to the floor as he wrapped his arms around the trembling man. The brunette was crying again, but for the first time in a long time, they were tears of joy. As everyone began to cheer, Ludwig felt the rest of his face grow hot with embarrassment. He heard his brother's happy laughter and the suggestive chuckle of France as he mumbled something to America.

Amidst all the excitement, Canada slipped away from the crowd, Spain had lowered his gun and was kissing Romano passionately. Romano excitedly responded and kissed him back, clutching the back of the Spaniard's shirt. Canada couldn't bare to look and pocketed one of his guns, the other at his side as he left the room.

Gilbert watched him go and looked to Lovino for a second, he would get him back later. Quickly, he extricated himself from the crowd, following after him, soon pursued by Alfred, who pecked Kiku's cheek as he passed. The Japanese man stuttered and nervously fidgeted alone in the crowd as the blonde pursued the Prussian and his little brother. Francis would have followed after them, but not willing to be the only one in the room having not been snogged, Arthur grabbed him by his collar and wrenched him down into a kiss. This quickly grew into hands gripping and bodies pressing to one another, but everyone seemed to look away long enough from each other to see the main event.

Cautiously, Ludwig leaned down as Feliciano looked up and their lips pressed softly together. They fit so perfectly that it was hard to believe either of them had ever existed as a single entity. The kiss did not last long and it wasn't a kiss that would lead to a hot night in bed, but it was enough to tell both the participants how much they cared. Pulling out of the kiss first, Ludwig leaned his forehead against Feliciano's, their noses touching and eyes never leaving the other's. There was boundless love and affection within the deep, chocolate orbits, they shamed the German for ever raising a hand against their owner. He hugged the Italian closer, kissing him again, deeper and harder, his right hand gently threading itself into the brown hair.

"Woot! You go Ludwig!" Ludwig jumped, startled as he tried to pull out of the kiss, only to be pulled back in by Feliciano who couldn't have cared less who had said it.

"Ve, forget about them." Feliciano encouraged as he pecked the taller's lips again, gripping the back of his shirt. Germany sighed and rested his forehead against Italy's again, a pleasant smile on his beet-red face.

"Don'd led goh." He pressed his lips to the man's forehead then, his left hand rubbing the other's back.

"Ve." Feliciano nuzzled his face into Ludwig's chest, feeling a bit more of his former strength returning, his heart, he noticed was behaving too… Was Germany's absence really all that was ailing him? He could have laughed at himself then if he weren't feeling so warm and contented in the German's arms.

"Vell, fuck…" Everyone turned from the happy couple to see Gilbert, Matthew and Alfred all standing at the other end of the room. "I misst my bruder's firsd kiss again!" Ludwig snorted at his brother as Feliciano laughed and everyone else joined in. Gilbert shoved his way back through the crowd, grabbing France and Spain as he went. No one seemed to know what they were doing as the three mumbled amongst themselves.



"Oui!" The Frenchman and Spaniard turned to leave then, Spain carrying on to the kitchen and France stopping for a moment. "Hey, Gilbert, look here for a minute."

"Hm? Vhat?" The Prussian asked before he was floored by a powerful punch to the face. Nobody moved to help the albino up.

"That's for beating up on Mathieu like that! I'll get you worse later so consider that an appetizer!" France snorted before stalking over to the basement door and tomping down it to retrieve what he was sent for. Everyone watched them leave, curious as to what was going to happen now.

"Osten, vhat ahre you doing now?" Ludwig asked, turning to look at him and keeping one arm firmly wrapped around Feliciano's waist. Gilbert got to his feet, rubbing his jaw and looking to Canada pointedly before looking back to his brother and his new lover.

"Feliciano, mint telling me vhere you keep your paindbrusches?" Gilbert asked coming to stand in front of him. After a few moments, Italy pointed down the hallway.

"The guest bedroom at the end of the hallway, my paints are in there too with some canvases… Why?" The albino grinned and mussed the Italian's hair gently.

"You'll see! Oh, congrads to bode of you!" And with that, Prussia sped off down the hallway as France walked up with a case of beer under each arm. Spain walked out of the kitchen, chips and all sorts of things in bags, he tossed them out on the table, making sure to open the larger bags.

"V-Vhat ahre you doing?!" Ludwig almost ran over to intercede the two as they put the food and beer out on the table by the kitchen. Feliciano gripped his arm though, nuzzling in close to him again.

"Ve, it's okay Ludwig. They're not hurting anything."

"But-but-" Feliciano leaned up and pecked him on the cheek, silencing his fretting over the cleanliness of his house.

Meanwhile, Alfred had made his way over to Japan, all smiles. Kiku looked away from the bright American, his face as red as Germany's had been.

"Uh, hi… Alfred… W-Why did you…" The blonde leaned over and pecked his cheek again.

"Because I like you and you're cute when you blush." More stuttering and useless spluttering as he tried to form a coherent sentence was all Alfred got from the boy as he pulled him into a hug. "Do you think I'm cute?" He grinned, looking down at the black-haired man.

"Ah… Ah… Nnn… I… Y-yes? I do… Think you're handsome… A-And I… R-Rike you too." The shy boy nearly tried to push Alfred away as he leaned in and planted a very soft kiss on his lips, but he couldn't muster the resolve to do so and just enjoyed himself.

Prussia rushed by then, carrying a sign that appeared to say "Party! Bier & Kostenloses Essen" along with an easel before he opened the front door and sat the two outside.

"Kostenloses Essen?! Prussia!" Germany started for the door again, spitting mad, still being held back by a very confused Italian.

"What does that mean?" Everyone else seemed to be thinking this same thing as they all looked after him.

"Frei foot!" England snorted and nearly made a joke about how they wouldn't becoming if "Englisch" was written before the part about food… But of course he wouldn't, never would he outwardly admit it!

Right as Prussia came back into the house, a few humans started trickling in and looking about, they saw the beer and they were sold. Germany could do nothing but watch as they all came in and headed straight for the beer and his kitchen! Prussia flirting with the women all the way.

Italy laughed at the blonde's distress and rubbed his back soothingly.

"I-Italy… They're going to-" His voice was drowned out as Prussia turned up the music from his iPod. Everyone peeled off from each other then (excluding Germany and Italy) and mingled. If it couldn't be any other night, tonight was going to be the night, just for the next few hours, they weren't nations, they were just people.

More humans had appeared and stuck around as the night went on it was only eleven and the night was (by Prussia's standards) still young. The albino nation had made this quite clear as he sat on the couch, drunk off his ass, flirting with three human women that had waltzed in about fifteen minutes ago.

Germany was having a less than stellar time as he watched some teens laugh and joke with one another across the room, spilling beer on his wood floor while they did. At least he had Italy who was currently gripping his hand in a supportive way. What would he ever do without the small Italian around? They both turned their attentions away from the humans wandering about the house as Lovino and Antonio came to stand in front of them, their fingers loosely laced together.

"Are you still mad at me, brother?" Feliciano asked nervously, leaning on Ludwig's shoulder for support. Lovino smiled, taking the time to notice the color in the man's face, he looked remarkably better than he had mere hours earlier. It was rather amusing to see that the two hadn't been apart since initially embracing earlier, they were always in contact with one another somehow. Weather it was hand-holding, one leaning on the other or kissing, they had yet to be apart.

"Fratello, love who you love… And forget the rest who say otherwise." Lovino said, leaning to embrace his little brother. Feliciano giggled, gladly returning the hug. "Antonio and I are going to head off now… So… Yeah…" Spain took this chance to lean in and plant his lips firmly on Romano's eliciting a surprised squeak from him. The older chuckled as Lovino attempted to press his lips harder against his own. He pulled away, Romano making a very dissatisfied noise as he did.

"We're gonna be off now!" Antonio chuckled and clapped Ludwig on the shoulder. "Thanks for inviting me! Hope to do this again next year… Just, you know, without the whole gunfight." The blonde absolutely refused to look at either of them, he still wanted to rip the annoying little Italian man limb from limb. He didn't trust himself to return the shoulder slap for fear of grabbing Romano and choking the very life from him.

"Bye Lovino! Have fun with Antonio!" Feliciano called as the two pulled their coats on and left the house.

Not far away, on the loveseat across the room, Matthew sat alone, watching as Antonio left with Lovino. Taking a deep breath, he sighed and crossed his legs as he took another sip of beer. Alfred had been sitting there talking to him not too long ago, but he too had departed the party with Japan… Except, they hadn't left the house, the two were down in Germany's basement. Tonight hadn't been good, maybe for everyone else it had. Everyone else that had someone to cling to and kiss and sit with…

"Hey, Maddie!"

"Hey, Gil." Matthew greeted the very drunk Gilbert that had two lovelies draped around him. He sighed and looked back down to his can of beer as Gilbert dished out more of his slightly offensive pick-up lines to the girls on him.

"Vhy don'd you two goh ged yourschelfs schome more bier, okay? I neet to talk to my buddy hier." The blonde blinked as the girls agreed and Prussia hopped over the back of the loveseat to sit next to him. "Vash ischt de problem mein freund? You look schat." Usually, Canada had no problem understanding drunk people and he had no trouble understanding German accents… But mixing the two… He had to guess what his friend had said.

"It's nothing really… Kind of stupid that I'm still moping over the whole thing with Romano… Does your face feel okay?"

"Ach! I'm fine! I know how to take a punch!" Gilbert responded with a big grin, his red eyes twinkling with merriement. "Bud schtop dinking aboud dat Romano guy, he's nod importand." He chuckled and nodded as if it were the smartest thing he had ever said. Matthew sighed again and patted his friend's shoulder. The man was drunk and therefore probably wouldn't understand it if he got angry at him for disregarding his feelings. Hell, the man didn't seem to fully respect his feelings even when he was sober.

"He's important to me, Gil. Uwah!" Gilbert pulled the small blonde against his chest, grinning widely down at him. For a second, Matthew swore that those ruby eyes were plotting something, he swore that sly gleam in them didn't reflect the same drunkenness that the rest of the albino's body did…

"Schlay, do you hev a mirror in your pock'ed? Becausch I can scho schee myschelv in your pands." Canada's face lit up brighter than a Christmas-tree light as the man heartily slapped him on the back in a merry manner. Nope, nothing much else beyond the usual Prussia was going on behind those windows to the soul.

"W-W-What?! Giiil!" The Prussian threw his head back at the reaction and Matthew hid his face in his chest. From where he was, he could hear Prussia's heartbeat, it was frantic and hammering, what did he have to be nervous about? After some thought, he decided it was the work of alcohol, this man behaved this way when sober anyway. "Can't you pick a better time to tease me?" He mumbled against the fabric of Gilbert's shirt.

"Vhat better time to try und pick up somevon dan vhen dey neet some cheering up?" If Canada were looking up, he would've seen that usual Prussia grin narrow down to a small smile.

"There are better times, man. But…" Matthew took a deep breath, wrapping his arms around the man he was leaning on. Gilbert looked down at him, perplexed by the sudden and very fierce hug. "What would you do if I told you that… I can too?" Now, Gilbert really was drunk, his brain groped for some idea of what the fuck he meant by that very vague statement.

"You cahn vhat?"

"S-See you, i-in…" Hopefully he'd given the Prussian enough of a clue because he was not saying the rest. It was too embarrassing, on top of the fact that if he did indeed understand what he had said… And was in actuality totally straight…

"In your… Pands?" The befuddled, drunken man replied, not quite comprehending yet what that meant. "Uhh…"

"Ah-I'm sorry!" Matthew shot up to sit straight, he couldn't believe that he'd said that. Gilbert was his best friend h-he couldn't expect him to… The Canadian cut off his train of thought and stood to leave. "I'll! You, leave alone! Okay?! J-Just for-uh, get! That's it! That-er, ever happened! Eh?!" Just as he turned to leave, he felt his wrist enclosed in the vice-like grip of Gilbert's gloved hand.

"Sid down, it's fine." Matthew then found himself sitting in Gilbert's lap, arms wrapped protectively around his waist.

"G-Gil, are you sure you're-"

"I'm nefer soh drunk dat I forged vhat I vant."


"Nefer." Matthew looked around at some of the people staring, quickly he looked away, his right hand groping for its mate that was on his stomach. The gloved hand responded by twining its fingers loosely with the nervous digits, the thumb lightly caressing the side of one of them.

"G-Gil, w-why're you-"

"Becausch. I don'd neet any oder reason."

"If you expect to get very far with me you do." Matthew snorted, kicking his friend's shin. His face turned red when Gilbert laughed and tightened his grip on him.

"Dat's vhy I like you Maddie. Scho much schpunk. Vhat do you schlay ve goh fint a room und dry oud your Chrischdmas preschend?"

"M-M-M-My what?!" Gilbert produced something from his left pocket and dropped it unceremoniously on the boy's lap, his stomach convulsing with laughter.

"Dis schoult be fery vamiliar to you, callid a French ledder." Yes, Canada was very familiar with these, he had received them along with many letters he received from his father as a joke. "Scho, vant to goh-"

"No." Matthew chuckled, picking up the condom and slipping it into his wallet for later use.

"Bud, v-"

"Because you're drunk. And, uhm… I'm not comfortable with that…" The albino snorted.

"Und v-" Matthew gripped the hand twined with his harder.

"B-because that's a big step… Unless you plan this to be a-"

"Nefer. Who voult vant jus' von nighd vid you?" The small Canadian felt his face on fire as the Prussian pressed his lips softly against the back of his neck.

"Ah, a lot of people."

"Dey vere schtupit."

"Veee~! Luddi! Leave them alone! He's not hurting anything!" Feliciano tugged at the German's sleeve cuff, desperately trying to get him to sit back down on the couch.

"He's clearly molesding Canada!"

"And Canada is smiling!"

"Gilbert musd'fe sait someding! He musd be lying aboud vhatefer it vas!" Germany tried to wrestle his wrist away from the boy without hurting him to no avail. "Feliciano, led goh dis instand!"

"Luddi~!" The small Italian whined, not wanting the man to leave him alone on the couch for fear that his body would start tearing itself apart again. At long last, Ludwig sighed and looked down at him, he just couldn't say no.

"Dit you jus' call me 'Luddi'?" Feliciano nodded enthusiastically a big smile on his face. It made the German's face turn red.

"Did you not like it?"

"N-Noh… I like't it…" The big man looked away as his face started to heat up again, Feliciano laced their fingers together.

"Kiss, Luddi?"

"Ah… N… Nod oud hier…"

"Why not? Nobody cares."

"I care!" He looked back to the small man, each catching each other's gaze. There was that electricity between them then… The same that had been there while they sat together in the hospital not even a week ago. At the time, neither knew what this feeling was… Now they knew, but Ludwig wasn't sure he liked where it went. Slowly, Feliciano stood, using Ludwig's hand as leverage.

"Ve?" He uttered, tugging lightly at the man's hand. It took so little encouragement to get the man to move slowly towards the hallway and their bedroom.

France and England noticed from their spots in the kitchen.

"Better make sure no humans go back there…" Arthur whispered to the taller Frenchman.

"Good thinking mon cher!" Just as the two left sight, Francis darted from the room, sitting a few chairs in front of the hallway, hoping that would be enough… Groping a few teens to get them to go away was always acceptable though!

Germany wasted no time once in the bedroom, he hadn't even closed the door behind them, but then again, no one would be foolish enough to follow the two.

"Ludwig." Italy moaned as Germany rounded on the boy and smashed him into a wall. Their hands were everywhere and anywhere all in a hurry, lips hungrily molding to each other. Each knowing just what the other craved, what they needed. Those same hungry lips tore away from the shorter and equally needy ones, a whimper of protest following as Germany pressed Feliciano against the wall. He looked uncertain for a moment, gazing at the state the boy was in. "Germany, please… I can't… Not now!" The brunette tried to push away from the wall, towards him, towards those lips he desperately needed.

"You cahn'd?" Ludwig questioned, taking it the entirely wrong way.

"I need you now! Don't stop!" Italy found himself pressed even harder against the wall by Germany's powerful hands.

"Neet me… I don'd do dis kint of ding ef'ry day…"

"Please!" Feliciano looked on the verge of crying. Ludwig nervously shifted his hand as something he had read popped into his head. Tentatively, he reached his hand to his mouth and tugged his glove off with his teeth.

Italy, managing to wiggle out of the grip holding him from his love, quickly smacked the hand away from Germany's mouth and jumped to wrap his arms around the man's neck. He pressed their lips together again and another messy kiss ensued. As the smaller man's tongue invaded Ludwig's mouth the true extent of the German's inexperience was made known as he seemed to have utterly no idea what to do.

"Ve! Luddiiii!" Feliciano whined when Ludwig went stiff under his ministrations. Germany seemed to gasp at the man's voice, little did the confused Italian know that it was because of a jump in his partner's groin.

"Ueh, I-I'fe nefer…" The tall man didn't seem to know how to finish that sentence, good for him that he didn't have to, Italy smiled compassionately at him and lightly kissed him again. A moment later moving to whisper in his ear and wrap his legs around Ludwig's midsection. The action, of course, surprised the man, but he wasn't shoving Feliciano away.

"Just follow my lead then, you'll get the hang of it." Somehow following the Italian's lead did not seem like the wisest thing to do. "Remember, you help me out of a pinch, I help you?" Ludwig almost found this comedic, never when the two promised to help each other those many years ago did he ever expect… This. "Ve, come on." Feliciano pressed their lips together again, this time asking for entrance into the blonde's mouth. Slowly, his lips parted and Italy's tongue slipped in, sweetly and softly trying to elicit any reaction at all from his partner's. This carried on for about a minute until slowly, Ludwig started joining in, tentative at first, but as Feliciano released a moan his pace quickened until he had the upper hand. There was no fight for dominance as Italy willingly gave in.

It was in this way that the two made it from the wall to Ludwig's bed at the far end of the room. They fell heavily to the piece of furniture, both of them once again gripping and groping one another, skin lusting for skin. It wasn't until Feliciano ground his hips against Ludwig's did the German realize that his friend was still sick… He might have looked better, but looks were always deceiving.

Quickly he sat up, thrusting the Italian man down against the sheets, each of them panting for air. Italy whined at the lost contact and opened his eyes to look at Germany, he looked deeply confused and concerned. However, Italy was also acutely aware of the dominant's very tight pants, his own were bothering him as well, but it could wait.

"What's the matter?"

"Ve… Ve schoultn'd be doing dis…" Alarmed, Italy tried to sit up, but this was impossible as the German was striding his stomach. He had to settle for merely propping himself up on his elbows.

"But Luddiiii!" Germany pushed him gently back to the mattress, Italy went with surprisingly little complaint, but he was expecting an explanation.

"I-It's nod dat I don'd vant to… It's jus… I'm afrait dat I mighd…" He looked away from those soft brown eyes, his face a brilliant shade of red. "I'm afrait I mighd hurd you."

"Ludwig is big, I'm sure, but he can't be tha-"

"Feliciano." Ludwig sternly admonished, looking down at him then. "You're schtill sick… Und I'm sure you're schtill broken in some places too…" Once again, he found himself losing his nerve and looking away. "I don'd vant to risk making any of dem vorse… I don'd dink I cahn be gentle…" Italy only smiled in understanding, laying himself back down and smiling seductively.

"You won't hurt me." His hands slid up to Ludwig's thighs, only to have his wrist trapped in an iron vice an inch before the starving bulge in the German's pants.

"I'm nod messing arount Italy…"

"And I know you won't hurt me." Ludwig gasped as the Italian's other hand came up and rubbed him through his pants. "Ve, come on Ludwig." He encouraged, a finger working the zipper of the pants down and weaseling its way in. A tentative finger ran over the starved length, eliciting a small noise from the German, Italy smirked, running the finger over it again.

"If you vant it dat bat schtop beading arount de busch!" Germany growled taking the hand from his groin and unzipping his fly personally. Feliciano chuckled at his wording, making him stop as he tried to liberate himself from his boxers. "V-Vhat?"

"Beating around the bush." He giggled whimsically, touching his hand to Germany's and completing the job of releasing the blonde's engorged length. "Oh, Germany is big."

"C-Cahn you be serious aboud dis?" All the young Italian was serving to do was embarrass him, much more of this treatment and he would end up limp before the man could snap his fingers. The hands suddenly left his legs and began to work at the man's shirt. Not knowing what else to do, Ludwig followed suit, leaning down to kiss Feliciano as he did.

It didn't take long before the two seemed to have this down to a science, clothing left their forms so quickly it was hard to believe it was ever on to begin with. The large blonde growled possessively as he bit down on the Italian's bare neck.

"Ah!" The response prompted another growl and a hot, wet tongue sliding over the marked area. "L-Lu-" Another bite and another yelp, the same pleasured sigh followed as the German's tongue lapped at the area. Slowly he kissed a path up from the spot that marked this man as his to the lips he craved.

Feliciano moaned into Ludwig's mouth as their tongues twined together in slick joy, neither wanting the contact to end. Their hips grinded against one another, making both their bodies go crazy with lust and desire. Feliciano made a needy sound as his hips bucked against the teasing ones. A playful growl and a passionate tug to Feliciano's hair later, the German was sitting upright atop him, his fingers flexing before him.

"I don'd hev anyding, soh make it goot." Not skipping a beat, Feliciano grabbed the now proffered fingers and slipped them into his mouth, licking and sucking on them. Feeling rather confident as he let the Italian pleasure his fingers, his left hand slid down to the pulsing member between the pleasurer's legs. With no preamble at all, his fingers snaked around it and began to pump. Feliciano panted as he continued to coat Ludwig's fingers in saliva, it seemed as if the man removed them all too soon as Feliciano tensed for the coming sensation. A slight groan escaped him as the fingers pressed inside him, scissoring him wider. The German couldn't suppress a slight snort at small man's noise. Soon a third finger joined them, stretching him ever the wider to accommodate Germany's size. In a moment of whimsicality, Germany squirmed his fingers inside the boy, the response he received told him that he was ready.

Removing his fingers from the man's entrance, he took a deep breath, placing both hands on either side of the Italian's hips.

"Reaty?" He asked, positioning himself. Italy had his eyes squeezed shut and reached down to grab Germany's wrist before nodding and taking a deep breath. His eyes shot open as soon as the head pushed past the first ring of muscle, a moan tearing from him as he worked desperately to stay still. He gasped Germany's name, gripping his hand harder, his breath catching and turning into another moan of pleasure as the German buried himself deep within him.

"Damn." Ludwig groaned in appreciation and waiting for the Italian to tell him when. Italy reached up his other arm and fisted his hand in the German's hair as he tired of waiting and gently thrusted deeper.

"Stop being so gentle-" Feliciano's breath hitched as Ludwig chose to draw back during this time. "I want you to do me like you mean it." Why was it this seemed to be the only place the man was capable of demanding anything?

"I do mean it…" Feliciano yanked Ludwig down his level, smashing their lips together in a lusty and needy kiss.

"Show me." Taking that as his green light to do as he pleased, Germany thrust harshly back inside, buried to his hilt. It took some time for the pace to build but Germany had plenty of help from his little lover beneath him. Not only was he below him but all around him and as each fire-hot thrust increased the pleasure that was all that mattered. The material world dropped out from beneath them and all that there was was them in a black abyss. Hands, clutching, lips, needing, sucking and the waves of pleasure increasing until they both seemed to drown under the sheer weight of it all.

Their minds were powerless in this world of intimacy, the words that had torn them apart to begin with fell away and were meaningless in this world. Their hips, hands, lips, their whole bodies showed each other what they meant beneath the teasing and harsh words. Threats meant nothing and the words "I love you" were not enough to express the depth of this world they were immersed in.

Orgasm was a solid tidal wave that took them in screams and roars, colors exploding everywhere around them as they held tight to the only thing anchoring them to the world everyone else existed in. It didn't even begin to recede as the two continued to try and get closer to each other. Their skin trying to fuse with skin and their hands trying to meld into hair. Pleasure rocketed up and down spines, toes curled and hands clutched as if letting go would mean the death of everything.

With a final roar of release, Germany fell hard upon Italy, panting for air and holding him close as the Italian was whispering sweet-nothings in some incomprehensible language his brain knew to be English. He responded in kind in the tongue his was most comfortable, neither needed to understand the languages to know what the other was trying to express.

"F-Feliciano." Ludwig panted, running his hand through the brown hair.

"Y-yes?" An aftershock shook him and a moan escaped him as the Italian responded.

"I, Ludwig, lof you. Und I alvays vill."

"I love Germany too, nothing will ever change that."

"Noh, don'd say it like dat. Ve don'd hev de prifilege of saying dat our nations alvays vill lof each oder." Feliciano blinked, confused, he shifted a bit closer to look into the blonde's eyes for an answer. "Ve, ahs nations, ahre fickle, our emotions for von anoder changing ahs qvickly ahs politics. If our bosses villt it, ve vill hade each oder, bud, ahs people… Ahs Ludwig und Feliciano, our emotions remain ahs we see fid. Soh, I, Ludwig Beilschmidt, tell you, Feliciano Vargas dat I lof you. I alvays vill… Undil de ent of time." Feliciano thought about what Ludwig had said then. He did somewhat understand, even during times when he claimed not to like Germany and truthfully hadn't, he had still loved him all the while. Dislike and hatred blended together so perfectly and indistinguishably that the difference could not be told. Just like he and his lover. Human and nation one in the same but each still its own vastly different entity. "Do you unterschtant vhat I'm trying to say?" After one more moment of thought Feliciano finally decided upon an answer.

"I think… I do… A little bit… It's complicated but I think I do understand what you mean. So, to answer you as I feel I should, Feliciano Vargas loves Ludwig. Always and forever." The two's lips slid exhaustedly over each other as Ludwig slipped himself discretely from the Italian. And there they lay, basking in the warm afterglow of their love. Eventually, Feliciano had to fight to keep his eyes open, it was a fight he was losing at a very fast pace. Ludwig smiled and pulled him close, feeling sleep tugging at his eyelids as well. He nuzzled his face into the still wet, brown hair and sighed deeply into it. The Italian giggled at the sensation, but it was a sound of a barely awake man.

"Good night Feliciano." If Italy had replied, Germany didn't know, he was already dead asleep. Feliciano hadn't been able to answer either, falling asleep so perfectly in his love's arms.


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It was a wonderful feeling, waking up next to his lover. Feliciano was still asleep, the sun from the window shining on his face. Ludwig laid there next to him, taking in the sight of everything that was the adorable, little Italian. What a wonderful Christmas morning. He felt almost like a kid again. Well, for the first time really, since he still really couldn't remember his childhood, but oh well. This must have been how it felt to wake up early Christmas morning and find everything you wanted beneath the tree. Feliciano was all he had ever wanted and more.

"Ged ovf me! I tolt you, I'm fine!"

Quiet time over. Ludwig turned over in bed, away from Feliciano and towards the door just in time to see Gilbert trudge by, followed by a worried-looking Matthew.

"You have to have a headache, though."

"Since vhen hev you care't? I doughd you schtoot by dat hangofers ahre my own fauld…" Gilbert unpleasantly spat through the pounding jackhammer in his cranium.

"Well, they are, and I do care, I usually offer you pills. Well, used to anyway." Matthew snorted, vaguely, Ludwig had wondered how such an inoffensive and unobtrusive man had learned to deal with Gilbert, but he was in fine form this morning.

"Vell, I don'd vant dem dis morning. I jus' neet pancakes."

"Gilbert! You will take these stupid pills now or I will not make you pancakes!" Matthew didn't really yell per se, not in Ludwig's expert opinion anyway, but it had just about the same impact as one. A blonde eyebrow rose as he continued to listen to the two.

"I cah-"

"You know as well as I do, you-"

"If I-"

"It doesn't-"

"I'll sch-"

"Oh, no you won't! Ger-"

"Led him! I cahn-"

"Those bruises on your face say otherwise!" Ludwig blinked, having trouble following the entire conversation since the two always seemed to know how the other was going to respond before they did. He couldn't help a small smile as it tugged at his lips. Finally, Gilbert had found someone that understood him as completely as he understood himself. It might have taken him eight centuries, but he had done it at last. The blonde just sorely hoped the stupid man didn't do something to screw it up.

"Fine, fine, I'll take de damn pills." There was a pause then a very unmanly squeal of surprise.

"Gilbert!" Some loud sputtering occurred and the Prussian burst out laughing. "Urgh! What is your problem this morning?!"

"I'm hungofer, dat's vhat!"

"You never act like this!"

"I cahn'd fucking remember vhat happent lasd nighd! Don'd I hev a righd to be angry?! De contom in my pock'ed is gone und I voke up vid you!" He sounded disappointed, angry even. What exactly about, Germany could not say. He seemed so happy at the party last night…

"You woke up next to me in nothing, but your underwear, naked one time, not even a week ago and you didn't act like this!"

"Voult you hev preverrt it if I molesdet you firsd ding in de morning?"

"No! I just think that…" There was a sigh and silence. "You don't remember anything?"

"Nope." Germany pinched the bridge of his nose. That was a blatant lie if he had ever heard one. Prussia was immune to the beast that was long-term memory loss induced by alcohol. At first he of course wouldn't remember, but as he woke up more he would remember. He was an early bird too, most likely he had been out of bed for two hours given the time, it was about seven. His memory of last night would've returned by now and Ludwig distinctly remembered his brother hitting on the young blonde and he smiling about it. Gilbert was denying any such transaction to preserve his own pride. Dumbass.

"Okay, please, Gil? Take these for your headache." There was more silence. "Thank you."

"No prob… Vhat's de madder?"

"Nothing. Want those pancakes?"

"Cahn I ahtleasd help make dem?" Germany snorted in amusement again, he had not known he was in love so his denying feelings was justified, Prussia just didn't want to admit they were there, if they were in fact present. The man was scared, he didn't want to lose the Canadian, but he was being stupid.

"Ve?" Pleasantly surprised, Ludwig turned back to look at Feliciano, his eyes were open and staring in wonder at him. The two remained silent, staring at one another for almost a minute. As if both were equally unable to believe their luck yesterday. If Gilbert hadn't invited Antonio to the party, would Feliciano be… Ludwig shoved those thoughts from his head, they had no place with him.

"Vhat?" Ludwig said quietly, a smile beginning to form on his lips again. Feliciano did not verbally respond, instead he leaned in and planted a "good morning" kiss on the muscular German's lips.

"Ich liebe dich, Luddi." Now that had surprised him. Quickly, Germany groped through his limited knowledge of the smaller man's language and came up with only half of the correct response, but it was all that needed to be said.

"Ti amo Feliciano." The two smiled and leaned towards each other.

"Hey, Westen! Matthew's making pancakes!" Prussia enthusiastically burst into the room. Germany shot up in bed, chucking his pillow at the laughing man.

"Aus!!" Prussia swatted the pillow away with ease, cackling despite the splitting headache between his lobes. "Aus, aus, aus! Aus, jetzt!"

"Kesesesese, I'm nod your dog, make me." Germany roared and jumped from bed, freezing as Prussia's eyes instantly traveled south.

"Gah!" Quickly he wrenched a sheet off the bed, covering his shame. "You dit dat on purpose you damned perferd!"

"Oh? Dit I?" Prussia gave him a confused look before smirking and shrugging. "I'll tell Matthew you guys vant some." he turned to leave, but stopped and looked over his shoulder at Feliciano. "Vere you impresst?"

"Very!" Feliciano replied with a happy grin, patting Ludwig's now fisted hand. The blonde's face turned red as he put two and two together, figuring out what they were talking about. Upon seeing his face, Prussia laughed and sped from the room should Ludwig choose to forgo modesty in favor of beating his ass to a fine-grained pulp. He yelled something to Canada down the hall in the kitchen.

Sighing, Germany sat down on the bed, lacing his and Italy's fingers together.

"I dink… I like mornings like dis." Feliciano sat up and inched closer to the tall blonde, resting his face against his broad shoulders.

"I do too. Buon Natale." Germany couldn't help but smile again, looking over his shoulder at the boy he loved. He wouldn't mind every morning being like this one, it all felt different with him now, but if Gilbert had shown him anything this morning, everything was still the same. This feeling blossoming in his chest, maybe it was only the holidays getting to him or maybe it was just how it felt to be in love, either way he hoped this feeling was here to stay.

"Fröhliche Weihnachten."




Fröhliche Weihnachten--Merry Christmas!

Az istenit--Damn it!



Ich liebe dich, Italian--I love you, Italy

Snogged--British slang for kissed



Party! Bier & Kostenloses Essen--Party! Beer & Free Food! (With teens, it is acceptable in Germany to say "party" rather than the German word for it)

Gilbert's bad pick up lines--Curiosity of my friend who seems to be a botttomless pit for them XDDD

French Letter--Slang for a condom (I actually didn't know this until reading a Hetalia strip….)

Ti amo Feliciano--Love you Feliciano


Aus, jetzt--Out, now!

Buon Natale--Merry Christmas (At least, what I've been told.)

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