Peculiar Groove

Pairings: Gary/OC, minor Gary/Christy, Ted/OC, minor Johnny/OC

Rating: T (but may go up as story progresses)

Summary: A new student arrives at Bullworth Academy and befriends the most unlikeliest of people: Gary and Petey. A story about how a girl struggles with her problems, her feelings and herself. Post-Game

Disclaimer: All characters of Bully belong to Rockstar Games. My OCs belong to me.

A/N: I really don't know why I do this but here I am doing it. Anyway, here's a story that I've been thinking of for Bully that has been lodged into my head for some days now. I'm dedicating this story to TornPrince'sSmile because if she hadn't of mentioned Bully to me, I wouldn't of gotten my old obsession back. -pokes tongue out- Anyways, I really hope you guys enjoy it... oh, and sorry about the title. It means nothing and is just named after a song. Reviews would be splendid. -smiles-

Update 20/10/09: I have changed Brooke and Heidi's last name to Adlington, as their last name was Arrington much like Derby's without the H. And also newly betaed by myself.

1. A 'Warm' Welcome

Miss Danvers tapped her heeled foot against the concrete impatiently. The stern woman checked her watch for the fourth time in ten minutes, the new student was already late. Scowling at the road in front of her, Miss Danvers saw a steel grey Sedan pull up on to the side of the road. Immediately she put on fake smile while waiting for the new arrival.

The driver had gotten out and made his way to the trunk of the car, pulling out two suitcases. One of the back doors to the Sedan opened and a girl stepped out from the car clad in some ripped jeans, white t-shirt and some Converses.

"Ah, you must be Brooke!" Miss Danvers exclaimed.

Brooke slightly smiled at the woman and took the two suitcases from the driver. The driver, named Alan, tapped Brooke on the shoulder and gave her a warm smile when she looked up to him.

"You have a good time here, okay kiddo?"

"Yeah, I will." gushed Brooke but it was with false enthusiasm.

"Remember, you can always ring me if you need anything." Alan told her as he hugged her tight. He was going to miss her, a lot.

Brooke just smiled at him as Alan got into the driver's side of the car, waved and drove down the road away from the school that was known as Bullworth Academy. She turned around to look at Miss Danvers who was smiling widely but the look in her eyes was showing that she was getting impatient.

"Welcome to Bullworth Academy!" Arms outstretched, presenting the school to the new student. "Come now child and I will take you to see Dr. Crabblesnitch." Miss Danvers beamed as she mentioned the Headmaster's name.

"Crabblesnitch?" Brooke mouthed. She shrugged and followed the woman dressed in office wear.

Trudging along, Brooke gazed her dark brown eyes over her surroundings, taking in the dorms on either side of the courtyard then focusing her eyes on the main building which was the school itself. Students eyeballed her as they watched her follow Miss Danvers towards the building, already talking, already guessing on who the new student could be. Angie immediately ran to go and find Christy to blab about the strange girl.

Miss Danvers led Brooke through more students who were wandering the hall inside and took the girl upstairs into the office.

"Now, Dr. Crabblesnitch is in his office. He's expecting you." Miss Danvers pointed a manicured nail to the Head's door. Knowing she was being dismissed, she put her luggage down next to the chairs in the waiting area, headed to the room and knocked on said door.

An expectant 'come in' was heard and Brooke opened the door and smiled shyly at her new Headmaster. Dr. Crabblesnitch stood from his chair.

"Ah, Miss Adlington, lovely to see you. Please sit down," he motioned to the chairs in front of his desk.

"Thank you." replied Brooke quietly. She took a seat and gazed at the objects on Crabblesnitch's desk as he sat down and pulled out her file. It was a pretty packed file.

"Now Miss Adlington, when your mother spoke to me a few months prior she had told me she wanted to send you here to set you some morals," said Dr. Crabblesnitch, his tone while saying morals almost sounded threatening. "And I understand why she sent you here. Your track record for violence is endearing, is it not?"

Brooke scowled at Crabblesnitch's sarcasm, she had only been here for less than ten minutes and had already been insulted. Or at least she thought so. Her gaze followed the older man as he got up, hands held behind his back and casually strode near the chair she was sat on.

"Well my dear girl, while you are here at Bullworth you will learn your morals and you will not do such violence here at this school," the man said proudly.

"It is my calling to 'fix' certain children like you, Miss Adlington. Children who cause problems, whose parents cannot control their own. That is why they are sent here. To be fixed..."

The greying man looked at Brooke, a smug smile on his face. Brooke rose from the chair quickly, fists clenched and teeth bared slightly as she stared daggers at the Principal, she wanted to rip his eyes out.

"I don't need to be fixed as you so kindly put it, Sir." Brooke spat the last bit out like it was venom.

"Oh but you do child. According to your file you wrecked havoc in your previous schools you attended, I will not tolerate such behaviour. By the end of the school year you would of wished you had stayed back at home..." Dr. Crabblesnitch's stare was lethal to Brooke but she didn't back down, she just scowled at her new Principal.

"Now," Dr. Crabblesnitch started and went back round to sit at his desk, flicking through the file laid out in front of him. "Go to your dorm, you should be able to find it. Get into your uniform. Your first class starts at 9am."

With a wave of his hand Brooke immediately stalked out the room and grabbed her two suitcases that were sat waiting patiently. As she was about to leave, Miss Danvers' already annoying voice rang in her ears.

"Brooke, here's your time table. Now hurry along and get your uniform on!"

The blonde snatched the sheet of paper from the desk and left in a hurry. She hadn't even settled into Bullworth yet and she was already fuming.

After unpacking and getting changed into her school uniform, Brooke stood in front of the mirror which was in the room that she shared with a girl named Beatrice. She seemed nice but the girl left in a hurry after greeting her, a frightened look plastered on her face as she quickly said goodbye and walked out of the room.

Brooke finished putting her pale blonde hair into a ponytail and sprayed her bumped up fringe to keep grip. She looked in the mirror at the uniform she wore. She was given the plaid skirt most of the girls around the school seemed to wear but instead donned black skinny pants. The skirt was horrid. She wore an off-white, short sleeved shirt with the Bullworth emblem stitched onto the left breast and her black Converse high tops she arrived in.

Sighing, she grabbed her timetable and a pen and read the sheet of paper. English. Good, she liked English.

After weaving through some of the girls in the dorm, receiving dirty looks, she got outside and made her way to the main building. Five minutes to spare until she had to go to class. Brooke thought she better make an impression and arrive a little early.

She jogged up the steps and was going to walk straight for the building but her head snapped round to see a bunch of brutes trying to stuff a small looking boy into a nearby garbage bin. Frowning, Brooke's attention was now occupied on these big oafs. That five minutes early thing flew straight out the window.

"Hey, leave him alone!" she stalked up to the group who were laughing at the imp of a boy, now butt stuffed into the grimy can.

A boy with blonde curtains whipped his head around to see a tall, slim girl frowning ever so frostily at him. He suddenly grinned.

"Hey baby, never seen you around hear before..." the ugly ogre, as Brooke thought, started to walk casually towards her.

"I don't think so Sonny-Jim!" she barked and held a hand out to stop the pimpled boy from coming any closer.

The boy looked confused but his grin widened, his croons started to gather around him leaving the poor lad stuck in the waste bin to try and squeeze himself out. Brooke walked up to the boy, scowling hard.

"Who do you think you are, stuffing people into bins?!" Brooke poked her finger into the blonde boy's chest, eyes venomous.

The boy and his goons grinned. "Say, what's your name?" he asked, completely ignoring what Brooke said.

"None of your business! Now I suggest you bugger off before your face is stuck up your ass." spat Brooke.

The boy just laughed along with his buddies. This angered Brooke more, she grabbed the offending boy by the collar and came face to face with the ugly male. The boy's eyes widened in shock as this unknown girl, most probably the new student, had grabbed him.

"I said. Bugger. Off." her grip tightened on his shirt then she let go, fists clenched and ready to pound the son of a bitch if he did anything else.

"Come on Trent, let's just go..." a smallish boy pulled the now named Trent by the arm. All gave Brooke offending looks except for Trent who just smirked and walked off, leaving Brooke and the poor boy still left in the can.

"Here, let me help you." said Brooke softly after a few moments of watching the bullies walk away. She walked over to the garbage can and pulled the boy by his arms until his body was up and out of the horrible bin. He looked away shyly while brushing the back of his pants down and straightening his sweater vest.

"Are you okay?" asked Brooke. She was rather concerned about the poor lad.

"Y-yeah. Thanks for that..." the boy with mocha skin bit his lip and blushed while looking down.

"I'm Brooke. Brooke Adlington,"

Brooke shoved out her hand. The boy took it and looked up smiling slightly.

"Pete Kowalski," Pete's smile stretched. Brooke smiled back even more. "Aren't you the new student? From England, right?" asked Pete, biting his lip again.

Brooke bent down to collect Pete's book from the floor and handed them to him, he thanked her whilst blushing.

"Yep, that's me alright..." she said, swinging her arms. She was already the talk of the school. Fabulous.

"Um, w-what's your first lesson?" Pete perked up a bit. He was curious, maybe he could make a new friend out of Brooke.

"English, how about yours Petey?" smirked Brooke. It was cute when he blushed.

Blush forgotten. "Oh, that's mine too. If you want you can walk with me...?" asked Pete.

"Sure why not. Lead the way, Petey."

Again, Petey blushed. Brooke beamed and followed him towards the building. The clocked chimed 9am, maybe she wouldn't be late after all.

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