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34. Late Night Stops

"Brooke. Brooke! Wake up!" a voice called out causing Brooke to stir from her deep sleep.

She felt a warm hand shake her, trying to wake her from her slumber. A displeased grunt was heard from beside her but all sounds muffled into one, Brooke was still hazy despite being interrupted in her sleep. Heidi huffed beside the bed and crossed her arms, tapping her foot impatiently against the carpeted floor. She watched as Brooke stirred and stretched her body, her eyes still closed and her movements lazy. The short brunette blew a lock of hair hanging over her eyes out the way, she then placed her hands on Brooke's shoulders and pushed her sibling into the mattress and shook her.

"For god sake, Brooke, wake up!" exclaimed Heidi, her British accent lilting her words.

Brooke huffed, she pushed Heidi's hands away from her shoulders and sat up and gave her sister a sleepy glare. "What?" she spat.

"Finally! You were out for the count... your greaseball boyfriend is looking for you. He looked rather, um, angry when he asked me where you were." Heidi replied, examining her immaculate nails with disinterest.

Silence filled the room for a few minutes, Brooke looking at the wall a head of her while Heidi still made sure her nails were in perfect condition. Brooke sighed then rose from the bed and stretched her body again, she scratched her arm as she peered at the digital alarm clock, the bright red numbers all blurry. 20:42. Yikes.

"When did he see you?" asked Brooke.

"About an hour ago. I was trying to find you but I had know idea where you were, I even went to the Library to ask those four-eyed dweebs where you were... do you know how bad that could look for my reputation?" scoffed Heidi, her sweet voice was laced with disgust.

Brooke shook her head at Heidi and moved her out the way to get to the dresser. It was always about reputation with her sister, it was pathetic. Brooke pulled out some casual wear and slipped them on.

"Where are you going?" Heidi asked as she watched Brooke move about the room.

"To see Johnny," said Brooke dryly.

"Ugh. Seriously, I just can't see how you can like him. He's greasy, stupid and dresses weird." stated Heidi.

Brooke glared at Heidi and pulled on her sneakers. "So is Ted, except he's downright dumb, likes being in the showers with his buddies and looks weird." Brooke shot Heidi a sarcastic smirk at Heidi's shocked face. She left her sister and headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

Not many students were hanging around campus, most probably out in the town or settling down for bed, maybe even doing homework but that was unlikely with most students unless it was a Nerd or a little kid. Brooke wrapped her arms around herself as the chilly April night air nipped at her, luckily before she left she had took a light jacket to keep away the bite. Deciding Johnny would be at the Tenements, Brooke walked towards the Boys' Dorm and threw a few stones at Jimmy's window, the light to his room was on. The squinty-eyed boy looked through the blinds and saw Brooke motioning him to come outside, Jimmy pulled on his hoodie and sneakers then made his way outside the dorm.

"What is it, Brooke?" He asked.

"Can I borrow your bike?" Brooke bit her lip as she asked. She really needed to get one. Borrowing one of Jimmy's all the time just wouldn't do, she called always ask Johnny to sort her out though, the thought never really came to mind until just.

"Yeah, sure." Jimmy shrugged lazily. "Where're you goin'?"

"Tenements. I'll bring it back after," Brooke replied and Jimmy nodded. He watched as the blonde jogged away but couldn't help shake his head at Brooke. Although Johnny and himself were on neutral terms, Jimmy knew what the lead Greaser was like, he may have been a good boyfriend to Lola, never cheating, always there and doing everything she asked him to, but he was possessive and somewhat obsessive. Unlike Lola, who loved to jerk Johnny's strings and play with him, Brooke would get tired of Johnny's erratic behaviour eventually and break up with him. A break up which Johnny probably wouldn't be able to handle, which equalled that many students and maybe Jimmy himself will experience the wrath of Johnny Vincent.

But Jimmy could be wrong. He was just speculating, but he still had to be aware. Jimmy finally moved from his spot outside the dorm and headed back inside the warm building, his concern for Brooke never leaving him.

Aquaberry bikes were rather hard to handle Brooke had decided. Instead of taking Jimmy's beloved BMX, she took his sturdy Aquaberry Cruiser to ride to the Tenements and she found it was cruel on her legs, which ached and burned from how fast she peddled. Yes, she definitely had to sort a bike out for herself.

Hiding the dirty, yet expensive bike in the small alleyway next to the Tenements, Brooke opened and hopped through the window, the floorboards creaking under her weight when her feet met the ground. The air was cold inside but that was expected as it was an abandoned building with no heating system. Knowing Johnny was on the top floor of the Tenements, Brooke made her way upstairs and found Johnny talking to Norton quietly in the corner of the big room. Other Greasers were lounging around, smoking and doing their hair.

Brooke walked in and some Greasers acknowledged her and nodded their greeting to her, Brooke give them a small wave back. She stood behind Johnny and tapped him lightly on the shoulder, Norton's eyes were glued to her. Johnny swivelled round and saw the smiling face of Brooke, though she looked tired and worn out.

Johnny frowned then gave Norton a look which the big Greaser knew all too well, a look that meant he needed to scram. As soon as Norton had joined the others, Johnny pulled Brooke by the arm out into the hallway, his frown never leaving his face.

"Where've you been at?" he asked, jaw gritted tight.

"At school. Heidi told me you wanted to know where I was..." Brooke trailed off, not liking the look Johnny was giving her.

"At school, huh? Doin' what? Hangin' with your buddies, you're guy buddies, eh?" Johnny asked, but it sounded more like a statement. He held his arms out and backed away. "What, am I not good enough for ya? You're that sick of me already you're resortin' to them, huh?!"

Brooke's eyebrows furrowed together sadly as she watched Johnny huff and puff, making fast, angry circles in front of her, his hands clung in his hair.

He abruptly stopped and slowly turned his head to look at Brooke, his hands leaving his hair. When he spoke his voice came out quietly but shakily. "You think you can fool me?" Johnny said and pointed at himself. He took a step towards Brooke, his face still angry but looked a mixture between desperation and sad. "Nobody ain't making a fool outta Johnny Vincent!"

Brooke shied away and shook her head at Johnny's accusations. Although she knew it already, it didn't fully occur to her just how much damage Lola had done to Johnny. With her constant playing and cheap lies, Lola had messed with Johnny's head, scarring him mentally and emotionally. Even if the poisonous bitch was out of his life (mostly) the affects had done permanent damage to Johnny. Because of Lola, Johnny was a paranoid, possessive young man who was insecure although he had an exterior made of iron, inside he wasn't so strong. Brooke took a step forward and held onto Johnny's leathered arm.

"Johnny, I'm not trying to make a fool out of you." She said, her voice soothing. "I wasn't with anybody. I actually fell asleep in my dorm room and just lost track of time. Please... I'm not Lola,"

She kept her grip on his arm and meet his eyes, seeing conflict in them. Brooke nodded her head in reassurance and Johnny sighed loudly, sliding a hand through his now messy hair. Brooke wrapped her arms around Johnny, smothering her face into his chest. Johnny wrapped his arms around her and rested his cheek on top of Brooke's head, mumbling a sorry.

Brooke had a feeling there were more outbursts like this to come and she had to make sure Johnny didn't do anything foolish. She cared for Johnny, and it hurt her that she was only with him because of a deal between her and Derby and Johnny actually liked her. There were feelings there but Brooke only felt adoration for Johnny. But she hoped that maybe after all this that would change.

Thank God for the bike. There were some odd people walking about New Coventry and Brooke didn't like it one bit. She didn't trust leaving Jimmy's bike outside of the Yum Yum Market seeing as the residents of New Coventry had a track record for stealing anything that crossed their path and if the bike was stolen then she would have to walk back to campus and explain to Jimmy why his bike was missing. Instead, Brooke rode to the Yum Yum Market in Bullworth Town, knowing it was a lot safer and there were some police milling around although if she didn't hurry her ass up she'd be breaking curfew and that was something she couldn't afford.

Brooke entered the warm store and Mr. Oh greeted her with a cheerful smile and she smiled politely back. Seeing as Brooke had missed dinner and the vending machines only provided chocolate bars and potato chips Brooke thought it was better to actually buy something a bit more suitable for her growling stomach. A sandwich would do. She purchased the sandwich, Mr. Oh bid her goodnight and she left the store.

Before she could grab the bike, a very familiar voice pierced Brooke's thoughts, causing her to tense, her back facing to the person. "You're out late," Gary stated but his voice didn't hold his usual sarcasm or arrogance.

Brooke didn't want to turn so she kept her back to him, putting the plastic bag on the handlebar of the bike. She climbed on. "So are you." she replied quietly.

Gary shrugged, his hair whipping around in the breeze and he tucked his hands into his pant pockets. He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off.

"You should get back to the school. The Prefects will be on the hunt soon," said Brooke. She looked at Gary and held his gaze for a few moments, both their faces completely emotionless until Brooke broke it and pushed the Cruiser into motion and peddled away down the street leaving Gary there watching her figure get smaller and smaller.

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