Sorry if you were expecting a chapter! I have some really important news to announce…

Some of you may know this already, but…I'm gonna rewrite Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart. xp

I've already decided it after a whole week of thinking and I've finally come up with a plot x3 It's just a totally different version of the original, and I plan to make the rewrite more clearer and try to triple-check for any weird mistakes I find xp I know it's all so sudden, but I've reread the rest of the story recently and I saw a bunch of holes and unnecessary things that I should have fixed in the beginning xp

So, I'd like to ask you guys for some help. Do any of you have suggestions on how I can improve the story? What things would you like to see in the rewrite that you haven't seen in the original? Or, what do you want to see more of? Any things that were unclear in the original?

Please tell me, I really wanna know!