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Max stared at the wall and sighed. How long was this going to take? Max had been waiting for an hour at the doctor's surgery, scared out of her mind.

Just as she was about to get up and leave, a doctor came out of her office and said "Max? I'll see you now."

Max's head swam as she walked into the doctor's office and sat down.

"Hi." Said the doctor kindly. "How are you Max?"

"I'm OK" Max replied cautiously.

"How's Logan?" The doctor asked. She was an old contact of his.

"He's good." Max replied.

"So." The doctor prompted. "What brings you here today?"

Max sighed and explained the situation to the Doctor.

"OK. Well, we'll get you tested then. The results will be back in an hour."

"Thankyou" Max sighed. Only one hour to wait.

Max rode home in a daze, wondering how she would tell Logan about this. Even though Max was finding it easier and easier to open up to Logan, this would be tough.

Max suddenly felt dizzy and had to pull over. Sitting on her bike at the side of the road, Max felt scared. Unlike other times in her life, it wasn't fear of soldiers in SUV's, or Manticore. It was fear of herself and her relationships.

Max had enjoyed the last 18 months of her life. She had gotten married, Manticore had been annihilated, and Eyes Only was crushing bad guys left, right and centre. Max smiled. Yes, her life certainly had improved.

Reluctantly, Max reached into her jacket pocket and withdrew her cell phone. Dialling home, she held her breath until Logan answered.

"Hello" Logan sounded relaxed and calm.

"Hey" Max replied

"Max, what's up honey?"

"I need you to pick me up. And bring Bling, OK?" Max hoped Logan would agree without asking too many questions.

"Max, what's wrong. Are you OK?"

"Logan, I'm fine. I just don't think I can drive home right now." Max cringed at her vagueness.

"What- Max what's up?"

"Logan, I can't tell you over the phone." Max sighed. This guy worried too much.

"Is it bad news, Max?"

"I don't know Logan. Just come get me OK?"

Max told Logan where she was, and sat to wait for him to come.

Logan managed to tell Bling about Max's phone call and get to his car.

"Logan" Bling said reasonably. "I think I should drive."

Logan didn't argue. He was so worried about Max that he wasn't safe on the roads.

When Logan's car reached Max, she was trying to stay standing up.

"Max!" Logan shouted worriedly.

"Logan. Hey."

"Are you OK?" Logan asked worriedly.

"Just a little dizzy." Max replied quietly.

Sensing that Max didn't feel up to talking, Logan just bundled her into the car and headed home, leaving Bling to ride her bike.

When Max was safely tucked into her and Logan's bed, and Bling had left, Logan sat down next to Max.

"Max?" He asked. "What's wrong honey?"

Max sighed. "This is really hard for me Logan." She paused, clearly thinking. "I don't know how to tell you."

Logan's heart nearly broke when he saw his beautiful wife's eyes tear up. "Shhh. Baby, it's OK." Logan said in a soothing voice. "Whatever it is, you can tell me."

"Logan" Max said through her tears. "I'm so scared."

Logan was confused. "Max, about what?"

"Logan, I'm pregnant."