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"Funny little party hats?"


"Gourmet food a la chef Cale?"

Logan laughed. "Yes, Krit. I can handle the food."

Logan was cut off by a baby crying. "Look, Krit. I'll see you tonight, OK?"

"Yeah." Krit hung up the phone. He grinned to himself. Lord knows Logan and Max deserve all the happiness in the world. And hopefully this party will make them even happier.

"Bip Bip Bip people!" Max groaned as Normal's anal tone penetrated her thoughts.

"Normal! Shut up now!" Max grinned at Normal's shocked face, grabbed the package from his hands, and ran out the door.

Original Cindy was close behind. "Beginnin to think that boy has a crush on you girl!" She laughed, gesturing in Normal's direction.

Max laughed "Ew! Gross! Why do you say that?"

"Ah" Cindy paused, putting her `wise' face on. "He lets you away wit too much gurl."

Max laughed "No way. Anyway, even if he does, I think Logan would kick his ass!"

"Yeah right, boo!" Cindy grinned. "I'd bet on Normal."

Max slapped her shoulder lightly. "You're evil!"



"But he stood on my foot!"

Logan sighed, then laughed. "Shhh. You know what Max's hearing is like. Plus, you're a genetically enhanced soldier - stop bein such a wuss!"

Krit grinned. He froze and gestured for everyone to be quiet. They heard the unlocking of Logan's door...

Max grinned as she opened the door. Can't wait to see my men. I feel like partying.

When she noticed the darkness, her senses were on full alert. She was like a coiled spring, ready to pounce at the slightest movement. She jumped when the lights suddenly came on.


"Logan, how did you find out my birthday?" Max asked quietly, watching the guests mill around the room.

Logan smiled. "Krit told me. He remembered when you were born."

Max laughed and stood up. "Trust Krit."

"Did I hear my name?" Krit approached Max and hugged her.

"No." Max grinned. "We were talking about the other Krit"

Krit laughed. "Yeah right"

"Max." Logan began, standing in front of all of their friends. "I want to tell you how much I love you, but these guys" He said "Will kill me, so..."

"On wit the presents!" OC interrupted.

All of Max and Logan's friends gave Max presents, along with many presents for Jamie. After everyone left, they put Jamie to bed and headed to their room.

"Logan" Max started, as they lay in bed.

"Yes Max?"

"I love you." She sighed, contentedly.

"I love you too." Logan grinned at her. "Where did that come from?"

"I dunno." Max laughed. "I just need you to know that. Always..." She trailed off.

"Always." Logan whispered as they fell asleep.

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