((Nine months later))

"It's a girl," the doctor said

"Please can I hold her," Aida asked

"Of course darling," a proud Radamas replied, "Just let the doctor clean you up first"

((A couple of hours later))

Radimas looked at his wife and newborn child. They were beautiful. A more precious sight he could not imagine. He knew there would be challenges in the way. In those days they faced challenges. But it would be worth it. He kissed his sleeping wife and child.

((50 years later))

Radimas and Aida were both old. It was time for them to leave. They had raised a family 4 girls and 4 boys and they both knew that it was time to go. They closed their eyes and fell asleep. Radimas passed away 3 hours into the night in his sleep. Aida followed shortly after. However they had a love that would never die. For their love, they never died