SUMMARY: What if, in "Crimson," Clark/Kal never found the invitation to Lex and Lana's engagement party, and therefore, never decided to crash the party and ditch Lois? Set in the sixth season, as an AU to the events of "Crimson," featuring Clois. Reviews and constructive criticisms greatly appreciated!

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(from Chapter One)

"I'm pregnant."

"Wh- Uh- Wow." He exhaled sharply. Beaming, he added, "Congratulations."

"Thank you. It's yours."


(from Chapter Ten)

"He was trying to track down the Brain InterActive Construct."

The cousins exchanged identical 'oh, crap' looks.


(from Chapter Twelve)

Satisfied that her memory had indeed been restored, Clark exchanged smiles with Lois, before telling Kara, "It's nice to have you back."



"Chloe, Kara," Lois began, joining them at Chloe's desk, "I dug around for some information on LX Dynamics. Lionel was right, Lex is having them build experimental tasers for the military."

"Actually," Chloe informed her, "Kara and I have been wielding shovels of our own, and we think we may have found where Clark is being held."

Turning her cousin's attention to her computer, Chloe explained, "About a year-and-a-half ago, LuthorCorp bought an abandoned airstrip just outside the city. Now, they've rebuilt the hangar; check out the construction manifest."

Lois read the manifest off of Chloe's computer, and realized Lex had built another 33.1 facility. When she said as much, however, Chloe clarified that the name on all the records was that of Lex's father Lionel.

"Why am I not surprised?" Lois asked no one in particular. Without another word, she strode briskly from the room, a look of angry determination glued to her face. Then, once she was sure no one else was around, she supersped from the Daily Planet to her destination.

After watching her leave, Chloe remarked, "I would not want to be Lionel right now."

Kara nodded her agreement, almost feeling sorry for the elder Mr. Luthor. Almost.


Clark heard an explosion and looked up through the bars of his kryptonite cage in time to see the double doors of the abandoned hangar splinter into a thousand pieces. And standing there in the midst of the wreckage was Lois.

"Lois!" he called out weakly. "Stay back!"

"Clark!" she called out in return, her voice full of anguish at seeing him caged and helpless.

Noticing a console next to the cage, Lois realized it was connected to Clark's prison and blasted it with her heat vision. As a result, the kryptonite drained from the bars, rendering the cage harmless to her and Clark. She then used superstrength to lift the top of the cage and hurl it in the direction of a small control room overlooking the two of them, sending glass and sparks flying everywhere.

Rushing over to him, she hugged him in a lingering embrace, her voice weighted with relief as she exclaimed, "Clark!"

"Lois!" he exclaimed in return, as relieved to see her as she was to see him.

Suddenly pulling away, Lois grabbed his hand and put it to her belly, telling him with a smile, "Someone's happy to see Daddy."

He smiled as well, feeling their baby kick within. However, the moment was cut short when Lois noticed a black-clad commando standing in the wreck of the control room, training a gun on them. Clark followed her gaze, just as Lois noticed a kryptonite taser loaded into the chamber. With both of them concentrating on the gun, it wasn't long before the commando was forced to drop the now-blazing weapon.

The commando barely had time to get out another, smaller gun, this one also loaded with a kryptonite taser, before Lois appeared behind him. He also barely had time to register that she was no longer on the ground in front of him, before she tapped on his shoulder to get his attention. Startled, he spun around, and in the same movement, lost his balance, sending him toppling down to the ground below.

Stepping closer to the edge of the control room, Lois looked straight down and saw that the commando had been impaled on a large piece of debris and was killed instantly.

Horrified, she said, "Oh, my God, Clark. Clark...I..."

"It's okay, Lois," he tried to assure her. "It was an accident."

"Oh, God."

"Lois, it was an accident," he repeated.

Still weakened by kryptonite, he supersped as best he could to her side, and automatically pulled her into a hug, the tears already starting to form in her eyes.



"See? Easy as pie," Kara said as she finished her demonstration.

Before Clark could retort, however, Lois came clomping up the steps leading to the barn loft.

"I thought you left for work already," Clark remarked, surprised to see her.

"What, and miss this? Not a chance."

Returning Clark's attention to the matter at hand, Kara asked, "When are you gonna stop stalling?"

Apparently, it worked, as Clark headed to the loft window and prepared himself for takeoff. When he didn't immediately take off, however, Kara attempted to gently nudge him. Feeling her hands on his elbows, he spun around and told her, "Not helping."

"Sorry," she replied. "But it's just really easy. Just up, up, and away."

As Clark turned back to the window, Kara tried to explain it another way: "Clark, I reach for the sky and the world just falls away. I'm not thinking of anything; I'm just in the moment."

They could practically hear his eyelids close as he tried to clear his mind. After a while, though, he spun back around and declared in frustration, "This is a waste of time! We should be out looking for Brainiac instead."

"Clark, here," Lois said, dragging him down the stairs and out into the brilliant sun, with Kara bringing up the rear. Facing Clark, Lois instructed him, "Focus only on me. Be in the moment with me."

He did as he was told, and it wasn't long before he found himself levitating off the ground.

"Kal-El, you're doing it," Kara informed him redundantly, astounded but also proud.

Holding on to the thought of Lois, he extended a fist towards the sky and floated until his feet were about level with the top of the barn.

While Clark hovered there, surveying the farm, Lois gleefully remarked to Kara, "Okay, Tinkerbell, my turn."

Focusing only on Clark and her desire to fly up to him, Lois felt her feet leave terra firma, much to Kara's surprise. Soon, though, it was Clark's turn to be surprised as he found Lois joining him in the air, a smug grin plastered to her face.

The pair stood there - well, hovered there - smiling at each other for a moment, before Clark suddenly remembered there were pressing matters at hand.

"Kara," he called down to his cousin, "it's probably going to take a while for Lois and I to get used to flying, so why don't you go see if Chloe's been able to track down Brainiac?"

"Okay," she replied, nodding her head, "I'm on it."

With that, she supersped away, towards Metropolis and the Daily Planet.

Clark returned his attention to the mother of his child, just as she lifted a closed fist towards the sky, fixed the clouds in her sights, and propelled herself upward. Copying her movements, he rocketed himself after her.

Once they had burst through the clouds, she stopped and let out an excited "Whoo!"

"!" she added, beaming. "Smallville, why didn't you attempt this sooner?"

"Well...I..." he began, trying to come up with an explanation; at least, one that didn't involve his fear of heights.

Deciding to put him out of his misery, she smiled, grabbing his arms and wrapping them around her waist; well, as much as they would wrap around, given her pregnant girth. Wrapping her own arms around his neck, she said, "Never mind, Smallville. Dance with me?"

"Up here?" he asked uncertainly.

"Yeah. Why not?"

"There's no music, for one."

"Where's it written that there has to be music playing for couples to dance?"

Conceding her point, he began swaying slowly with her, feeling a little silly at first. However, as he stared into Lois's eyes, he felt himself pulled into the moment, and even found himself smiling.

"What?" she asked, sharing his smile.

"I was just thinking how fortunate I am to have you in my life. And as the mother of my child. Our child."

At that, her smile widened.

She leaned in to kiss him, intending to give him a little more than a quick peck on the lips, but instead found herself deepening the kiss. He reciprocated with just as much fervency, crushing her to him as much as he dared, careful not to harm their unborn child. She removed his shirt, parting only long enough to slip it over his head, then quickly reclaimed his lips with hers, letting the shirt fall heedlessly below the clouds.