Hey. This is a story with my own OCs, and will also be using a few other OCs if people will offer them. My inspiration for this story is 'Pokémon Genesis Version' by Flaz S.

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An OC Story

Tom sighed as he lay on his bed. He ran his hand through his brown hair and closed his equally brown eyes. He couldn't take it anymore. Nothing ever happened in this boring lab in the middle of the desert. He needed excitement and adventure, and ever since Cipher was put down a second time, they seemed nonexistent in this region. To him they did anyway.

*Three days later*

"Are you sure about this?" Tom's mother asked for the 19th time. They were in Gateon Port. Tom's boat to Hoenn was just about to leave. There was a chilly breeze, but Tom's regular jean jacket kept him warm. He also wore a blue T-shirt underneath his jacket, black jeans, and black and blue trainers.

"Yes, Mom. I've already waited until I'm twelve. I'm not waiting anymore."

"Okay, fine, but take this." She hands him 3000 Poké.

"3000? Isn't that a bit much?"

"Of course not. You'll need money for lots of things. And who knows when you'll get more."

'Doesn't she know I'll win money through battles?' "Okay, Mom, I'll take it." He took the money from her hand and walked on board.

"Be sure to brush your teeth morning and night!" she called.

"I know, Mom!" he yelled back, thinking, 'Come on, you stupid boat. Go faster!'

He walked toward the front of the ship, where he couldn't hear the embarrassing things his mom was shouting to him. He found a bench, set his backpack down, and lay down to take a nap.


Tom woke in the evening to the sound of a door opening quite suddenly. He sat up and saw a young girl's head pop out of the door and look both ways before stepping out. She wasn't too much younger than him, probably ten. She had jean shorts that went to her knees, and a grey hoodie with several different colored stripes. Her dark blonde hair rested on her shoulders. Suddenly, she locked eyes with him. She walked toward him, never breaking eye contact, and Tom began to feel weird. When she reached him, her eyes left his just to look him up and down for a second. Then she broke the silence.

"I bet you think you're pretty badass, don'cha?"


Tom was so surprised that when he tried to stand up, he moved too quickly, and ended up falling flat on his face.

"Wha…wh…what did you say that for?!" he yelled, while holding his nose, which hurt more than the rest of his face.

"Because of the way you dress."

"You assumed that I think I'm badass because of my clothing?"

The girl nodded. Tom sweat-dropped.

"Did it ever occur to you that I might just like blue and black? Who are you anyway?"

"Oh! I'm Kelli. Sorry, I forget to introduce myself sometimes."

"I guess it's not a big deal. Anyway, I'm Tom. Now, wh-"

Just then, a member of the crew that had been passing by grabbed Kelli by her arm.

"Ah! Let me go!"

"Found you! Now you'll pay for what you took!" yelled the man.

"Took?" asked Tom.

"This little brat has been smuggling food out of the kitchen since we left the port," the man explained, "she must've eaten at least 150 Poké's worth!"

Tom's eyebrows rose. "Oh, I'm sorry about that, sir."

Both Kelli and the man looked at him in confusion.

"Why are you apologizing?" asked the man.

"That little girl is my little sister. I took a nap when I knew that she always gets into trouble, so it's my fault." He then took out some of the money he got from his mom.

'What do you know? Mom's money will be useful after all.' "Here," said Tom, as he handed the man the money, "250 Poké. The extra is an apology for your trouble."

The man looked at the money for a second before taking it. "I guess I can let you go if you're paying, but teach your sister not to steal, okay?"

"I will, sir. Kelli, apologize."

Kelli looked like she was about to object, but she muttered an apology and walked behind Tom.

"Later kids. Stay out of trouble," the man said before opening the door Kelli had come out of and disappearing inside.

"Why did you help me?" asked Kelli.

"I had the extra money," replied Tom, "Plus, you're the most interesting thing that's happened to me in years, and I have the feeling it's going to get more interesting."


"You don't look like the type of girl who has anyplace to put 150 Poké's worth of food, so the question is, who or what does?"

Kelli's eyes dropped to the floor and she started fidgeting.

"I knew it. Tell me the story, and I'll help in any way I can."

Kelli looked at him with and wide eyes and smiled.

"It'll be easier to show you. Follow me." She turned and started running as quietly as she could. Tom followed suit and smiled at how he'd already found an adventure. Kelli led him to a door and quietly opened it. Some stairs led down to a dark room. Tom closed the door behind him and Kelli flipped on the lights. Tom was shocked. He had heard about this, but never experienced it. Many Pokémon were crammed into cages. There was an Arcanine, three Clefairy, a Raticate, four Slowpoke, and a Fearow.

"I heard a Kanto circus's Pokémon were being held here and I wanted to see them, but they have no room to move, and they're hardly being fed anything," explained Kelli. She looked at Tom and was surprised to see him smiling.

"Let's hurry before we're caught," he said, as he dropped his backpack on the ground and unzipped it, pulling out some clear tape and a paper clip.

"What are you doing?" asked Kelli.

"Freeing them of course."


"Shhh! Do you want to get caught, you dope?"

"But that's breaking the law."

"So? That's what makes it so exciting!"

He stood up from his bag and saw Kelli staring at him with a scowl.


"Are you a felon?" Tom sweat-dropped.

"Shut up and listen to my plan."

"Fine, I'm listening."

"Alright, first, we can't release them until we reach the harbor. We have to put this tape on the cages to prevent them from swinging open, but if pushed, they will easily open. Once the cages are taped shut, I'll pick the locks, and when we land, the Pokémon will push themselves out."

"But what if they don't know to?" Tom smiled.

"Leave that to me."

*The next morning*

The boat had docked at a small harbor near Petalburg City and Tom and Kelli were getting off the boat.

"What are we doing?" asked Kelli, "I thought you were going to free the Pokémon."

"I am. Watch."

He pulled out a small, long whistle and blew into it. Kelli didn't hear it, but immediately sounds could be heard from the boat. After a few seconds, Fearow flew over them and Arcanine and Raticate jumped from the boat to the dock. The Clefairy were riding on Arcanine's back. The Slowpoke were nowhere to be seen. Tom sweat-dropped.

"Either they didn't react to the Poké Whistle, or they're taking their sweet time."

"Who cares? At least the cute and cool ones got away safely. Besides, what would the circus do with only Slowpoke?"

"Point taken. Now let's find the bus to Littleroot."

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