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An OC Story

Tom awoke the next morning to an empty room. He glanced at the clock and realized why. It read 11:09.

'Crap!' was the only word going though his mind as he jumped out of bed, grabbed a change of clothes and ran to the bathroom to shower.

With his rush of panic, Tom actually made good time getting dressed and eating his bre- er…lunch. He still had a little over half an hour before his battle when he exited the Center. He wondered where his friends were before he remembered that Kelli would be at school. It was also possible that Glen had gone with her if he was a beginner, which Tom still didn't know, as he hadn't trained with Kelli and him yesterday. He really seemed to dislike battling.

"Oh well," he said to himself, "I only have enough time to go see if they have what I want at the store anyway."

With that, he made his way toward the Mart.

Tom took a deep breath before entering the Gym. The secretary looked up at him and smiled.

"They're waiting for you right through the doors," she said, while motioning to the double doors on her left.

"Ah, thanks."

'They?' he thought, 'Is there more than one Gym Leader?'

He took a deep breath to calm himself as he reached the door. He paused before slowly pushing open the doors. A roar of sound suddenly met his ears, making him cringe. When he recovered and saw the arena, his eyes went wide. The arena was covered in rock, with small, rounded stalagmites sticking out of the ground. A woman with taupe hair and red eyes stood at the other side of the field. She looked to be in her early or mid twenties. The referee stood at the edge of the arena. But none of this was what shocked him; they were all exactly as he had seen in the videos.

What shocked him was that the Gym was, in fact, a stadium. And it was filled with people. Tom felt himself go stiff and begin to sweat.

'What the hell?! This wasn't in any of the videos! I knew I'd have to battle in front of people in the league, but not in my first Gym battle!'

"Go Tom! Grind her Pokémon into the dirt!"

He heard a familiar voice behind him and looked back to see Kelli standing up at her seat, receiving several glares from residents of the city. Kacy and Glen were sitting on either side of her, miserably attempting to look like they didn't know the girl.

Tom wanted to reprimand her, but couldn't seem to find his voice. Then he realized that most of the crowd was shouting similar things to the Gym Leader about him. He let out a sigh and felt much more relaxed.

'So the entire city already has a bad opinion of me; that's good.'

He turned to face the field again and walked toward the trainer's box.

The leader, who he knew as Roxanne from the sign out front, spoke to him.

"If you're wondering about the crowd, it's for funding," said sheepishly, "Ever since a year ago, there's been an outbreak of really talented trainers, and the Gyms weren't winning enough battles to support it."

Before Tom could reply, she continued.

"But don't even think for a moment that we've become pushovers! You'll still need to battle with everything you've got!"

Tom shrugged. "I was planning on that anyway."

Roxanne grinned with amusement before nodding to the referee, who made an announcement.

"We will now decide the method of battle!" he spoke into his microphone headset. A screen behind him suddenly turned on and rapidly flipped through pictures. Eventually, the flipping slowed down to a stop.

It read:

2 VS. 2

Single Elimination Battle

Battle type: Set

"It's been decided," said the ref, "This match between Leader Roxanne and challenger Tom will be a 2-on-2 Single battle. Neither trainer may use substitutes. If a Pokémon is returned before it is defeated, it will not be allowed out again. The match will end when a trainer has lost two Pokémon or forfeits the battle."

Tom smirked as he remembered what the rulebook had said about the strange way of choosing battle methods.

'Great Trainers are prepared for any situation, huh?'


Tom whipped out a Pokéball and tossed it. "Seedot, get ready!"

Roxanne did the same. "Come out, Nosepass!"

Both Pokémon were released from their ball and appeared near the center of the field.

"Nosepass, use Headbutt!"

"Dodge and use Harden!"

Nosepass threw his entire body top-first at Seedot, who leapt to the side while thickening its shell to prepare for further attacks.

'If I'm right, the majority of Nosepass's attacks should be close-range, so-'

"Thunder Wave!"

'Crap, not right!'

"Seedot, Bullet Seed!"

Nosepass fired several thin streams of electricity from its magnetic nose at Seedot, who reacted by shooting many high–speed seeds at Nosepass. In a stroke of luck, the seeds broke through the streams of electricity without so much as slowing down before hitting their target dead on, causing Nosepass to groan in pain. Roxanne gave her next command without so much as a frown.

"Use Rock Throw!"

Nosepass leapt high into the air and began to fall when it was right above Seedot.

Tom grinned.

"Nature Power!"

Seedot suddenly glowed a transparent white, but almost instantly it turned brown. Large rocks were suddenly ripped from the field around Seedot and flew upward colliding with Nosepass and sending it falling to the ground a couple meters away.

But Roxanne still showed no emotion as she shouted her next order.

"Rock Tomb, then Headbutt!"

Nosepass stomped on the ground, and two small stalagmites shot out of the ground on either side of seedot, jabbing into him and firmly pinching him in place. When Nosepass confirmed that his opponent was trapped, he lunged forward.

Tom thought franticly. "Use Growth and get out of there!"

Seedot concentrated his energy and grew in size, just enough to break the stalagmites holding him prisoner, but he had no time to dodge Nosepass's Headbutt attack and was sent skidding across the field from the impact.

"Another Headbutt!"

"Jump and get away!"

Again, Nosepass lunged at Seedot, but Seedot jumped over him and Nosepass crashed into one of the larger rocks in the field. Seedot then ran in the opposite direction.

"Stop it with Thunder Wave!"

Nosepass lifted itself from the ground and once again fired thin streams of electricity at Seedot.

"Look out!" called Tom.

Seedot only had the time to turn around before he felt electricity shoot through his body.

"Finish it with Headbutt!"

"Bullet Seed!"

Nosepass charged at Seedot, who fired dozens of seeds at Nosepass.

"Charge through it!"

The seeds began battering Nosepass, but he kept moving towards Seedot.

'All or nothing I guess,' thought Tom. "Keep firing!"

Seedot continued his barrage, but soon Nosepass crashed into him and they both went flying across the ground before coming to a stop. There was a moment of silence as neither one rose to their feet. The referee uneasily made the announcement.

"N-Neither Pokémon is-"

"Wait," interrupted Roxanne, "It's not over quite yet."

The audience was completely quiet as both Pokémon slowly rose to their feet. The referee awkwardly made a different announcement.

"Both Pokémon are still standing… The battle shall continue… Now!-"

"Bullet Seed," commanded Tom dully, not even a second after the referee got finished with his sentence.

Seedot spat a single seed at Nosepass, which hit him right between the eyes, knocking him backwards on the ground, where he did not get up. There was another moment of silence before Tom broke it.

"There. Now it's over," he said to the ref.

The ref was about to reply when Seedot began glowing with a bright white light. Everyone watched as he grew a body, arms, and legs between his head and feet. His head widened, and a leaf grew out of the top.

"Nuzzz…" came the deep tone of Nuzleaf's voice.

'Hmmm,' thought Tom with a wide grin, 'I wonder if everyone's Pokémon evolve this quickly.'

The referee raised his flag. "N-Nosepass is unable to b-battle. Leader Roxanne shall now release her final Pokémon."

A quiet buzz of chatter filled the stadium at the words "final Pokémon." Roxanne recalled Nosepass and brought out her next Poké ball.

"I'll have to thank you," she said to Tom, catching his attention, "Most beginners are too weak to use this one. She hasn't been in a Gym battle yet."

She tossed the ball into the air, while calling: "Stretch your wings, Aerodactyl!"

The ball opened, releasing onto the field a large, rocky-skinned Pteranodon-like creature, except for the fact that it had a tail. It looked like it was about 8 feet tall and the wingspan could very well have been wider than two times Tom's height.


The screech was ear splitting. The only one in the stadium who didn't cringe was Roxanne. When the sound faded, the entire audience looked on in awe.

"She's still young, and pretty small for her species, but she should provide an adequate opponent," she said.

'So she's got that one, huh?' thought Tom.


It was a little longer than two years ago. It was very early morning, and Tom was walking to the kitchen for something to eat. The door to one of the labs was slightly ajar, and the light was on. As he walked by, he heard an excited gasp from inside, piquing his interest. He walked back a little bit and looked through the opening. Two scientists were looking into a glass case with a small Aerodactyl, no larger than a person's torso, inside.

"We finally rejuvenated a female Aerodactyl fossil! Now, when it grows up, we can begin breeding to remove it from the extinct list!" one of the scientists exclaimed.

"Yeah, but now we need to find someone reliable enough to raise it well and protect it," said the other.

"C'mon, that'll be a breeze compared to actually finding a female Aerodactyl fossil."

'Is this all?' Tom thought with a stifled yawn before turning and resuming his trip to the kitchen.

End Flashback

'Adequate my foot. She's gonna be a royal pain.' He took out a Poké ball and held it out.

"Return, Nuzleaf."

The audience was shocked as Nuzleaf was sucked into his Poké ball. Kelli in particular was confused, and slightly peeved.

"What does he think he's doing?!" she cried, "Doesn't he remember he won't be allowed to use Nuzleaf again after that?"

"I guess he's thinking ahead," said Kacy, catching Kelli's attention, "He knows that a Pokémon's injuries aren't healed when they evolve, and Nuzleaf took a lot of damage as a Seedot. Then there's the fact that Aerodactyl is much faster and is part Flying-type. He's probably thinking that Nuzleaf won't be able to do anything, so he doesn't want to cause him unnecessary pain."

Back on the field, Tom had already released Combusken onto the field. The referee was about to continue the match.

"Combusken VS. Aerodactyl. Battle… begin!"

Tom took the first move.

"Charge and use Metal Claw!"

The entire audience watched in bewilderment as Combusken ran straight for the much larger Aerodactyl, right claw glowing with his attack.

Roxanne frowned in disappointment before shouting, "Use Wing Attack!"

Tom grinned as Aerodactyl raised her right wing to swipe at Combusken.

"Sike! Sand-attack!"

Combusken suddenly skidded to a stop and kicked at the earth, digging in his nails to knock up as much sand as possible. The sand went straight up into the startled Aerodactyl's face. As she used the hands in the middle of her wings to try and get the sand out of her eyes, Roxanne was bracing herself to order a command.

'Next he's going to order an attack,' she thought, 'I just need to order a counterattack right afterwards.'

Combusken then jumped up in front of Aerodactyl and began delivering a flurry of kicks to her face.

"Huh? Wha-?" stuttered Roxanne, "When did he give-?"

'She's hesitating!' thought Tom.

"Metal Claw!"

When Roxanne heard that, she snapped back into concentration.

"Block it with Steel Wing!"

Combusken stopped kicking and pulled back a glowing right claw. As he swung at Aerodactyl, she brought up a similarly shining left wing in front of her, effectively blocking Combusken's attack.

"Now Wing Attack!"

Aerodactyl swiped her other wing and hit Combusken before he could react. He was sent flying into a rock at the edge of the field. Aerodactyl flapped her large wings, finally taking off into the air. Combusken picked himself off the ground only to find that his opponent was far out of his reach.

"Aerodactyl, swoop down for a Headbutt!"

"Jump to the side!"

Aerodactyl made a steep dive toward Combusken, quickly gaining speed. As Combuken prepared to leap to the side, Roxanne gave another command.


Suddenly, Aerodactyl's speed tripled and she crashed head first into Combusken, sending him skidding across the ground while she swooped back into the sky. Tom grit his teeth.

'That was a pretty heavy hit, but…'

"Combusken, use your new move!"

Combusken picked himself up before looking up at Aerodactyl. For a moment, his eyes seemed to flash, but Roxanne didn't notice.

'Nothing happened…' she thought.

"Aerodactyl, swoop down for another Headbutt! Use Agility!"

Again Aerodactyl swooped down toward Combusken, this time moving at full speed from the beginning.

But that's what Tom was hoping for.

"Ricochet off the rock using Agility! Then use Metal Claw!"

Surprise and confusion hit everyone in the crowd. How did a Combusken know Agility? Roxanne tried to call off Aerodactyl's attack, but it was too late.

Just as Aerodactyl was about to hit Combusken, he dashed to the side with tremendous speed, leapt off a rock back toward Aerodactyl, and struck her in the face with a shining claw. With the power and added effectiveness of the blow, she was sent crashing into the ground.

"Combusken, another Metal Claw!"

"Whirlwind and fly away!"

Combusken leapt toward Aerodactyl for another attack, but she rose from the ground and whipped up a powerful wind with her strong wings. The wind blew Combusken through the air before he landed on his feet, which gave Aerodactyl enough time to take off into the air once more. Tom huffed in annoyance. Roxanne made her next move.

"Use Ancientpower!"

Aerodactyl's eyes began glowing a dim white, and suddenly, chunks of rock were ripped from the field and hovered in mid air. They flew around to form a circle with Combusken in the center. Then, one-by-one, they began throwing themselves at him.

"Crush them with double Metal Claw!"

Combusken powered up both claws and started frantically swinging at every rock that went his way. Every now and then one would make contact with him, but eventually, all the rocks were reduced to many tiny pebbles. Roxanne didn't give Combusken even a moment to catch his breath.

"Let's finish with Twister!"

Aerodactyl began flapping her wings violently and winds began to blow all around the field, growing in speed with each second.

Tom saw his one chance and didn't waste any time.

"Combusken, run to the very center of the Twister and dig your feet as deep into the ground as you can! Protect yourself with your arms and shoot an Ember straight upward when I give the signal!"

Combuken ran to the center of the growing winds. He then stomped both feet into the ground, firmly planting him in place. He raised his arms in front of him to protect his face and upper body. He could feel the pebbles from the rocks he had crushed slamming into his body along with the powerful winds. After a while he felt something start to run through his body, like a burst of adrenaline, not that he knew what that was.

Roxanne immediately knew the red aura that Combusken began emitting.

'Blaze? He isn't hoping that will be enough to beat us, is he?'

Tom saw her confused expression and grinned.

'Even Blaze wouldn't increase fire's power enough to greatly harm Aerodactyl, who's part Rock type, but…'

He watched Combusken's aura grow to a decent size and decided it was time.


Combusken threw back his head and launched several large fireballs up the center of the Twister. Tom's grin grew into a satisfied smirk as the fire rapidly filled the column of wind.

'…fire feeds on wind.'

The flames quickly filled the entire width of the Twister and then shot up toward Aerodactyl with great speed. She was completely engulfed by the flames before she could react. For a few more seconds, the new pillar of fire heated and lit up the stadium, causing everyone to shield themselves and look away. Eventually, the column began to grow thinner, up until it vanished completely. Everyone looked up to see Aerodactyl hovering in midair, completely charred from head to tail. She then began to fall towards the ground. She was about to crash when she regained her focus and halted her freefall with a single beat of her strong wings. At that moment, she looked up to find Combusken lunging straight at her with a glowing claw raised.

"Thunder Fang!" yelled Roxanne.

Aerodactyl's teeth cackled with electricity as she reached out her mouth to catch Combusken in her jaws. However, Combusken used her snout to push himself over the attack with his free arm. He then slammed his Metal Claw into the top of her head with all the strength he could muster, forcing Aerodactyl to fall to the ground with a crash. The audience looked on in stunned silence for a few moments until…

"Aerodactyl is unable to battle!" called the ref, "The winner of this battle and the Stone Badge is Trainer Tom!"

The crowd burst into applause and Tom jumped. He'd been expecting the crowd to chew him out for beating their idol. He noticed Roxanne was walking toward him from her side of the field and recalled Combusken to his ball before hurrying to meet her in the center. When he reached her, she was smiling.

"That was quite an enjoyable battle," she said, "Thank you."

"No problem," replied Tom, a proud, yet not arrogant, grin forcing its way onto his face, "If you're ever up to a rematch, let me know!"

"I'll remember that," she replied, "But anyway, I believe you've earned this."

She handed him a gold badge that resembled a tilted rectangle cut diagonally in half.

'This is a Stone Badge? It looks nothing like a stone. But… it is pretty shiny.'

"This is proof that you have defeated me," Roxanne continued, "Show it to the receptionist and you will also be awarded a Rock Type TM of your choosing."

Tom's eyes lit up like stars. He hadn't read anything about that in the booklet.


Roxanne sweatdropped. "Y-yeah. Why would I lie?"

'He seems more excited about a TM than he is of my badge.'

"Thanks!" Tom exclaimed. With that, he turned and walked quickly off field (he forced himself to not start skipping or running) and into the lobby, leaving a stunned Roxanne in the center of the field.

Tom stood next to a tree outside the Gym while the spectators exited the building, waiting for his friends to come out.


He heard a familiar voice call his name and searched for the source. He soon saw three people making their way toward him through the crowd. Kelli was the first to make it through, then Kacy, and finally Glen. When they reached him, Kelli burst into speech.

"That was wicked! The Twister was like 'HYUUU…', then your Ember made it go 'FWOOSH!', and everyone was like 'YAH!'" she chattered while acting out each sound as well as she knew how.

Tom smiled sheepishly at her praise. In his mind, if Roxanne hadn't used Twister and given them the opportunity to blast Aerodactyl out of the sky, he and Combusken would've eventually have been beaten. He was just lucky, and he wasn't entirely satisfied with it, but not accepting the Badge would be an insult to the Gym Leader who lost.

A question from Kacy brought him out of his thoughts and back to reality.

"I still can't figure out though, how Combusken was able to learn Agility. How'd you teach him?"

"Heh. I don't deserve any credit for that. It's just the result of a really old TM that I used."

"Umm…," Glen started, "I'm not sure, but I don't think Agility was ever a TM."

"No, it wasn't," Tom confirmed, "but Mimic was."

Glen and Kelly stared at him cluelessly, but Kacy looked like she was trying to remember something. Soon, a light-bulb clicked on in her head.

"Oh! It's that move where the user can copy one of its opponent's moves for the rest of the battle. I heard they stopped producing those because so many people were unsatisfied with only knowing a move during the battle."

Tom smiled. "Yup! That's the one. I went to the Mart before the match and luckily, the storeowner still had one that worked," he said. Then he remembered something and his whole body became tense with anxiety.

'I might as well tell her now. She'll find out sooner or later.'

"B-By the way, Kelli, you know how we had a bunch of m-money when we arrived?" he asked with a stutter.

Kelli glared at him fiercely and he flinched as if scared that her eyes would blast a hole straight through him.

"How much is left?" she asked. Her voice was much lower than he was used to hearing.

'Crap! She's a helluva lot scarier than I thought she'd be!'

"Well, h-he said it was antique, so a l-little more than… 300 Poké…"


"Jerk. Did he forget I helped him earn that money?!" she muttered through her teeth as she stomped away, leaving Tom lying on the ground by the others. Glen and Kacy leaned over him to find that he was not unconscious, but just lying on the ground quite still. Tom sighed as the area around his left eye became a dark purple.

"It's not like I'm not going to pay her back," he said quietly to no one in particular.

Footnote: Tom has stage-fright due to not wanting to mess up in front of people and give them a bad opinion of him, though he doesn't care when their opinions are already bad.

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