The Equation of Confusion

Full Summary: Rima was never that good at Math. What happens when a familiar-looking dark-haired boy is appointed to tutor her? And Love? How do all these tie in into the story? All we know for sure is that Rima's outlook on Math will surely change.

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Chapter 1: The Equation of Confusion

It was just another brilliant afternoon, the sun shining gallantly yet at a moderate amount, a cooling breeze taking a walk around the school, the trees dancing along with the grasses on the ground slightly swaying in the breeze along with the carnations, forget-me-nots, daisies, and tulips. Yet unfortunately, twenty-five 12th grade students were stuck inside a dull school building listening to their Math teacher ramble on about Calculus problems.

"The Law of Cosines! The Law of Sines! They're different! Very different!" the teacher exclaimed, half to himself and half to the class, who were being scorched by the summer heat. Their AC had unfortunately broken down, and though the outside had a cool breeze, none of it seemed to be blowing in into the classroom. The humidity was absorbing away the energy of all the students, particularly a specific petite blonde's.

"It's effin' hot!" the blonde hissed to her nearby seatmate, a rosette looking like she was bored to death (which she was) and using her folder, attempting to create some wind to cool herself down, yet only succeeding in fanning some warm air in her direction.

"Hang in there, Rima. Math is almost over." Her friend comforted, yet her words proved to serve as little encouragement. Rima turned back to the board, attempting to concentrate on the lesson, but suddenly seeing the whole entire board of numbers and x's and equal signs in their Math teacher's scribbled handwriting just added onto the mental pressure that was slowly building up in her mind. She averted her eyes to the clock, watching the second hand tick away. Tick, tick, tick, tick…there were 3 minutes of class left. Closing her notebook that she didn't bother to take notes in, she stuffed in into her bag and prepared to charge out of the humid classroom the millisecond that bell rang.

There were two minutes left, filled with the screeches of pencils meeting with paper and the teacher's constant ramblings. The blonde felt a bit more hopeful, when suddenly—

"Mashiro! Come up and answer this question!" the teacher exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at Rima. Rima, who was idly staring off into mid space on her right, twisted her head back to face her teacher who was in a bad mood, evident from the red of his cheeks indicating his surrender to the heat. Rima glanced back at the board where he was pointing at a simple algebraic question that seemed to have appeared on Rima's homework yesterday…that she copied from Amu…and didn't quite understand.

"Um…" Rima said uncertainly, trying to delay time till the bell rang. Her eyes quickly glanced at the clock. There was still a minute to delay. Rima slowly got out of her seat and approached the whiteboard at a sluggish pace, the teacher slightly scowling out of irritation. He handed her a marker, at which Rima snatched and glared at the whiteboard, as if trying to scare the numbers out of their wits and make them rearrange themselves to form the correct answer. Sadly, that didn't happen.

"Mashiro, you don't know the answer, do you?" the teacher asked with a hint of accusation in his voice. Rima gulped. Their Math teacher was known as rather strict. The teacher sighed. "See me afterschool in my office." He said, a split second before the bell rang and everyone leaped out of their seats. Rima silently cursed the bell and questioned why it didn't ring a split second earlier.

"Hai." Rima said in a quiet voice to the teacher, while secretly giving him one of her death glares that he failed to notice, as he had already turned to collect his books and was walking out of the classroom. Rima groaned the moment her teacher left the room and walked towards the rosette.

"AMUUUUU!" Rima whined. Amu sighed. "Bad luck." She said in a nonchalant tone. Rima glared at her, while Amu sweat-dropped. "Um…that teacher sure is mean?" Amu stated in a questioning tone, though setting Rima in a better mood. She checked her schedule. There was a period of History, then Japanese…and then Meeting with Math teacher to talk about grades.

It was going to be a great afternoon.

Rima timidly knocked on the door of the Math office, fidgeting with her hands holding her bag. Silently scowling at the fact that Ikuto had suddenly swept Amu away supposedly for a trip to the amusement park and left Rima to approach her Math teacher alone, she turned the door knob and silently slipped into the cooling room, approaching her teacher's desk cautiously. He was grading papers but heard her presence from her soft yet audible footsteps and spun around on his turning chair to face the quiet blonde. "Ah. Mashiro-san." He said in a much calmer tone than during class. He grabbed a nearby chair and motioned for her sit down, the blonde rather unwillingly doing so.

"So. Mashiro-san, do you want to know what your grade on the last chapter's test was? I just finished grading." The teacher remarked casually, yet in a you're-supposed-to-want- to-know tone. Rima stared at him blankly. "No." she answered simply, earning a sweat-drop from her teacher.

"It's a C+, Mashiro-san." Her teacher informed her. Rima rolled her eyes. She just told the teacher she didn't want to know, right? And yet he still told her? "Mashiro-san, you may need to consider getting a tutor." The Math teacher said seriously. Rima gulped. She knew her parents wouldn't be happy learning that she needed a Math tutor.

"Must I?" Rima asked in an almost pleading tone, giving the teacher her best puppy eyes. The teacher slightly flinched at the look, but held his ground firm. "Yes." He replied. The charade on Rima's face immediately dropped as she looked away from her teacher. "Ttch." She muttered.

"Sato-sensei." A voice from behind Rima said. Rima turned around and came face to face with that Mr. Goody Two Shoes that she absolutely despised.

Fujisaki Nagihiko.

"The homework for today." Nagihiko said, passing him a neat stack of papers. Sato-sensei thanked Nagihiko as Rima watched the exchange from the side. Why does Nagihiko have to be so perfect, huh? It was always him with the perfect everything! Perfect grades, perfect family, perfect friends, perfect health, perfect body—WHOA. I mean in a non-perverted way. He…was healthy. Yes. Rima thought in her mind, staring at Nagihiko. Nagihiko felt slightly intimidated under Rima's fierce glare and slightly sweated from the intimidation of the stare. Sato-sensei also realized Rima's glare and then turned to look at Nagihiko. "Ah yes!" he exclaimed, his two students turning their heads towards him.

"Mashiro-san, do you know what Fujisaki-san's grade is right now?" Sato-sensei asked in another you're-supposed-to-want-to-know tone. Rima looked away. "No." she replied simply, earning sweat-drops from Nagihiko. Sato-sensei sighed. "It's an A+." he said anyway.

"So?" Rima questioned, feeling quite out of the loop about what Nagihiko's grades had to do with her own. Her teacher's lips curled up into a small grin.

"Fujisaki-san will be tutoring you your Math." He said. Rima choked on her saliva while Nagihiko's eyes bulged open. "WHAT?" both of them screeched simultaneously, turning their heads towards their Math teacher. He looked away, whistling an innocent tone. "Mashiro-san, do you want to fail Math and let me contact your parents?" Sato-sensei asked. Rima scowled. "No." she said in a quiet voice. "And Fujisaki-san, you'll be willing to do me a favor, won't you?" he asked in an oh-so-innocent voice that teachers never had. Nagihiko gulped. "Alright…" he said hesitantly. Suddenly, their teacher stood up and clapped his hands together.

"Alright! Then you can start now. Go! Anywhere! Classroom, café, or even homes!" he exclaimed, pushing the two of them out of the Math office, shutting the door after them after bidding them farewell. The two bedazzled students stared at the closed Math office door, with a sign saying "MATH=4+3v*3r" on it slightly shaking from the sudden movement of the door. Finally, Rima sighed. "Great. Thanks for getting me into this mess." She scowled. Nagihiko looked at her in disbelief.

"What? I didn't do anything!" he defended himself. Rima rolled her eyes.

"Yeah right. If you hadn't come in when Sato-sensei was talking about me needing a tutor, naturally, he wouldn't think of you." Nagihiko scoffed at the lame excuse.

"If you weren't getting bad grades in the first place, I wouldn't need to tutor you!" Nagihiko claimed. Rima glared.

"If you didn't get so good grades, you wouldn't be chosen to tutor me!" Rima exclaimed. Nagihiko opened his mouth to look for a comeback but none came in mind. Reluctantly, he side-glared at Rima and closed his mouth, his lips tugging down into a slight frown. The two of them stood in silence in front of the Math office door.

"Fine." Nagihiko finally said. Rima blinked, turning towards the violet-haired boy standing next to her. "Huh?" she asked. Nagihiko sighed irritably.

"I'll tutor you. Let's go get our books." Nagihiko said, taking Rima's hand and turning to walk down the halls, basically dragging a reluctant Rima behind him. But she wasn't reluctant that Nagihiko was tutoring her; rather, she was reluctant of being seen holding hands with him. She tried forming her words, but all she could form were broken phrases of incoherent mutterings that Nagihiko couldn't hear. Shrugging off the reason of her reddened cheeks as the sudden pressure added to her now that she had a Math tutor, she started to walk to keep up with Nagihiko's rather wide strides. They reached the library, as Nagihiko smiled slightly at the librarian, and she smiled back. Nerd that visits library often, Rima thought silently to herself. For some reason, she didn't blurt this insult out, like she usually did. She kept that thought untouched and pushed it to the back of her mind.

Leading her behind shelves and shelves of books Rima probably would never even recognize their existence if Nagihiko wasn't dragging her around, he led her to a desk, just fit for two people, and they sat down, Nagihiko heaving a deep sigh.

"Na—Nagihiko." Rima stuttered, unsure why she was having difficulty controlling her speech. He turned towards Rima and smiled. "Yes?" he asked politely. Rima's blush slightly reddened, but due to her head facing down and her blonde locks covering her face from Nagihiko's view, the long-haired boy failed to notice.

"Y—your hand." Rima finally stuttered out. Nagihiko looked down at his hand and noticed his fingers were still intertwined with Rima's. His cheeks tinted a slight pink as he hurriedly let go of Rima's petite hand from his grasp and looked away from Rima. "Go—gomen." He managed. Rima gulped, thinking of how to break the awkward silence that had formed around them. She finally looked up, her blonde locks falling to her sides, and pulled out her Math textbook from her book bag. "Wanna begin?" she asked. Nagihiko looked at the textbook and nodded. "Sure." He said, as he helped her flip through the pages.

"Alright. We just learned this today. Do you understand all of it?" Nagihiko asked caringly. Rima blinked at the pages, seeming to conjure up faint memories of each, thus nodding her head. Nagihiko blinked. Perhaps tutoring won't be so bad…he thought. He pointed out an exercise problem for Rima to do, as she pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil and started scribbling on it, covering it from Nagihiko's sight by bending her body to serve as a wall. Nagihiko looked around and located the clock. It was 4:18. Perhaps he'd be able to go home at 4:30, if Rima really already knew everything.

"I'm done." Rima said. Nagihiko turned his head back, surprised by his speed. She showed him his paper as he took it and looked at what she had scribbled on her paper:


Math Question #1 Use the Law of Cosines to solve for the hypotenuse C.


c²=a²+b²-2ab cos(γ)


I don't know…

Nagihiko sweat-dropped at the "derived" answer. He turned towards Rima, pointing at the question. "I thought you said you understood what we learned today. We learned this first thing in the lesson." Nagihiko said calmly. Rima blinked, struggling to conjure up the memory, but remembered she was complaining in her mind that it was too hot and cursing the AC for breaking down for the first half of Math class.

"I was busy cursing the AC for breaking down." Rima said truthfully, while Nagihiko sweat-dropped some more. He then took the pencil from her hand. "Here, you do it like this…" he said, starting to draw out triangles and equal signs and explaining all their relationships, as Rima looked on attentively.

"…and so in the end, x equals √94.9, which is about 9.73. Understand?" Nagihiko asked. Rima blinked, slightly understanding about how you plug in some thingies and get some other thingies. She nodded, and Nagihiko told her to work on another problem. Rima sighed and started scribbling once more.

After a moment, she showed Nagihiko her answer. Expectantly, he looked at her answer, and sighed, much to his dismay. Rima had just copied how to solve the first question for the answer for the second gave an inward sigh. It was going to be a long day. He started drawing circles and equations and lines and explaining things that Rima didn't understand. Though one equation stood out in her mind:

Not listening in class + needing a Math tutor = not understanding a crap your tutor Nagihiko is telling you

A/N: Just a note, I'm not in 12th grade, so obviously, I'm not sure what you learn. And if what I said about Math was anything wrong, forgive please. I specifically researched the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines for this!! Ah well. Hope you liked it!