Wahh! I'm so sorry for the late update! And I'm even more ashamed to say that this story ending is rather cheesy...no plot twists. I tried making someone come in and try to rape Rima and Nagi, our hero, jumps in and saves her, but then I realized something rather important.

1. They were at a school. Would someone so dumb attempt that at school? (rhetorical. the answer is NO)

2. It was freakin' day time, for day time's sake! Who would do that sort of thing?

So that idea went to waste. And so, a cheesy ending comes. I tried to make it fluffy, but I had difficulty. I'm really sorry guys. Hope you'll like it though!

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Chapter 4: The Equation of Love

Intuition proved to be the winner of the close battle. She looked up from the ground and looked at the clock. It was 8:10. The Year Finals were starting in five minutes. Rima raced back to her classroom, slamming open the door. "Is Nagihiko here?" Rima asked the surprised class. Before anyone had time to respond, Rima quickly surveyed the room, failing to catch sight of the familiar purple-haired boy, and slammed the door shut, racing out of the room as suddenly as she had appeared. The whole class blinked but returned to their own studies, not minding Rima at all.

Rima ran up and down the stairs. No one was in the halls now; they were all either in a classroom or their office. Freely, she dashed down the halls. No, he wasn't in the Biology Lab. No, he wasn't in the Math office. No, he wasn't at the basketball courts. Where could he be?

A sudden inspiration shot through her mind. Perhaps…there. Rima thought, locating the destination and maneuvering through the school building to find the library. Not minding the fact that the librarian wasn't at her desk, she charged straight at the place they'd studied yesterday, and sure enough, found Nagihiko lying his head on the desk, his arms around his head.

"Nagihiko." Rima stated simply. The fair-skinned boy turned around, his purple mane loyally following his head, and it seemed like his face almost forced a grin up just for Rima. It pained her to see such a fake smile.

"Rima-chan." He stated simply in response. Again stuck in his sticky trap, she stared deeply into his eyes. Though this time, they weren't smoldering; they had hardened and were stiffening up. It pained her further to see such lifeless eyes.

"I—" Rima cut herself off, unsure on how to continue. What was she supposed to say? I love you too? What does that question mean? What are you trying to say?

"What are you doing here? The Year Finals have already started." Rima said instead, much to her own mind's protest. Nagihiko smiled weakly, turning his head away from Rima to face the window behind the desk, a small breeze picking up his hair as it billowed in the wind.

"You won't be able to understand." Nagihiko said, his voice portraying sorrow, pain, and a hint of accusation that Rima took harshly. She slightly flinched looking at his silky long hair boys shouldn't be able to have. Silence once more occupied the atmosphere surrounding the two students skipping their Year Finals, when finally, Rima broke it.

"The question." She said warily, trying to approach the topic cautiously. Nagihiko slightly flinched, yet composed himself so quickly that Rima didn't notice. His shoulders slightly scooted up, his breathing became slightly shallower, and Rima could almost feel his smile dropping down to an emotionless face.

"I said already, it was just for fun." Nagihiko repeated in a cold voice. Rima felt the tears watering in her eyes. He was never so cold. He wasn't supposed to be cold. That was Rima's job. He was supposed to be kind, and helping, and gentle, and smiling…smiling…

"I'm sorry." Rima said. Out of all the words she could have chosen to express her feelings, her mouth just had to say those. She mentally banged her head on a wall and watched Nagihiko. He didn't seem to change his body posture, though his shoulders slightly slouched down.

"For? You didn't do anything wrong, Rima-chan." Why? Rima thought to herself. Why this time, when he called her name, it was so…dead? Lifeless? Cold? It used to have its own special ring, its own special melody that created a short song, that suddenly became only dead, flat words.

"I—I'm sorry. I'm awfully dense. I don't get stuff easily." Rima said. Nagihiko made no motion of turning around, keeping his back to Rima. He gave a sigh.

"I said already, you didn't do anything wrong." Nagihiko said. For some reason, those words shot at Rima's heart, aching even more than when he was talking enthusiastically with Amu. Finally, Rima broke down.

"I did! I did everything wrong! I didn't know what it meant! I only thought of it as another Math question you gave me! It's all my fault! If only I'd been smarter, I would have realized that the question meant—" Rima cut herself off, unable of summoning up the words in front of the one who had supposedly confessed to her.

Finally, Nagihiko stood up. "There's no need to force yourself into something. I understand." Nagihiko said. Rima stared at his figure, tall, lean, yet fragile and delicate, as if Rima touched him right now, he'd shatter. Perhaps emotionally, he was already so. His words had already pierced to the very core of Rima's heart, attacking the place where her true emotions swarmed. Her emotions attacked, her body thus made a response: tears. One tear trickled out of her eyes, and then another, and then another and another till Rima just stood there, silently crying to herself, staring at the boy in front of her, his back still facing her.

"Y—you don't." Rima choked on her sobs. Nagihiko turned around and seemed slightly taken aback by Rima's state. He took a step, approaching to help her, yet froze. He clenched his fists and stood in place, his head facing the ground and his bangs covering his eyes. Rima stared at him. Why? Why was he treating her so? Didn't he…love her? The two stood, Rima staring at Nagihiko and Nagihiko staring at the ground.

"I—I love you." Rima whispered, choking over her sobs. Nagihiko's head shot up, looking into Rima's amber orbs, glistening from the tears she'd shed. For a moment, Rima thought she saw the honey churning in Nagihiko's eyes once more, but immediately, they darkened yet again.

"I hate liars." Nagihiko said in a harsh voice. The words shot like an arrow at the bull's eye: Rima's heart, as her legs gave her away and she collapsed down onto the ground. Her tears increased at a fast pace.

"Why do you not believe me? I truly mean what I was saying! Do you really think I'm ly—" Rima suddenly stopped, as Nagihiko also dropped down to the ground and approached Rima's face. Rima stared at the figure in front of her, as Nagihiko, slightly tremblingly, took his hand and tucked some of Rima's hair behind her ear. His smile portrayed a sorrowful happiness, as he leaned forward to give Rima a small peck on her lips.

"I love you…so I'm letting you go." Nagihiko whispered into Rima's ears. Her sobs stopped for a while so she could clearly hear Nagihiko's words. The moment he stood up, the sobs started again.

"No." Rima said in a quiet voice, yet Nagihiko managed to pick them up. He stopped walking and froze in place, yet didn't turn around. Rima remained on the ground, her back to his. "No." she said, repeating herself, slightly louder this time. Nagihiko made no response.

"NO!" Rima exclaimed, standing up and turning around. "I don't care if you're letting me go. Cau—cause I'm not letting you go, no matter what. I've made mistakes before, various times. But I always thought that I could make up for them. Will…will you forgive my mistake, Nagihiko?" Rima asked in a desperate tone. If he didn't…she didn't know what she would do. Nagihiko hesitated, but finally turned around.

"Are you lying?" Nagihiko asked, more in a hopeful tone than an accusing tone. Rima gulped.

"No." she said firmly, staring right into his eyes. The honey was melting away, showing a tear that escaped from his eyes and trickled down his cheek. Nagihiko embraced Rima into a hug, a tight one at that.

"I love you." Nagihiko whispered proudly into Rima's ears. Rima giggled at the tickle of his breath.

"I love you too." Rima said. Content with remaining in the embrace, the two remained quiet for a moment.

"You know," Rima began, "I've been making up a lot of equations recently. Can you help me think of one for love?" Rima asked curiously, since she really couldn't think of anything. Nagihiko laughed.

"Silly Rima. If you're solving for Love, my answer would be no solution. Because love cannot be expressed." Nagihiko said deeply. Rima nodded, as the couple shared at passionate kiss.

Question: Solve for 3

Answer: Love has no solution.

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