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A smug smirk formed on Yami's lips as his fist connected with the kid's jaw, sending him flying into the school's back wall. A dark chuckle came from behind him; obviously Ushio was enjoying this as much as he was.

The thin, pathetic boy coughed, heaving over, a hand going to his bloodied face, particularly his nose, where the major source of blood was coming from. "P'ease...s-st-op..." he panted, sinking to the ground.

Yami kicked some of the ground's loosened dirt into the smaller's face, making the boy sputter. He grabbed a handful of the other's shirt, hauling the lot up to his feet.

Enraged yet amused crimson eyes devoured hazel ones, and the boy went slack in his hold, numbly trembling in fear of what the bully would do next.

"Not until you repay me your debt, you motherfucker," Yami threatened, making the sudden move to smash the boy's back forcefully into the wall. "Your week's time is up..." He gripped the dirtied shirt collar tighter.

The bloodied teen panted, panic behind his dulled hazel eyes, wincing in pain as he was crushed up against the wall even more as he took his time to respond. "I...I 'on't have the m'ney..." the boy breathed harshly, "gimme one 'ore wee-k," he continued, resorting to begging.

Yami once again shook him, pounding his free fist into the smaller's gut, amused as the boy proceeded to dry vomit. He had already puked up his lunch, so there wasn't much else now.

"I told you your payment to me-" a soft grunt made him stop, and he rolled his eyes, resuming, "to us was due today. After school. Well guess what, asshole? It's way past 'after school'. Where's the money?"

The injured and scarred boy looked up, swallowing the gathered -or lack thereof- spit in the back of his throat, ready to respond when a horrified shriek rang to his left.

Behind Yami, Ushio covered his face, muttering 'shit' under his breath, realizing that an innocent girl of all people had witnessed this idiot's privileged beating. A girl who was sure to tell on them in a flash. Lucky for him, though, he was wearing his school jacket over his shoulders, and was quick to hide his face so that he couldn't be identified by the girl at the corner of the building.

Unfortunately, the same couldn't be the same for Yami. He had quickly torn off the ridiculous blue jacket the moment the last bell rang, discarding it in his locker. With a look of disgust, he threw their prey down harshly into a heap, also muttering a curse under his breath as he knew he'd be easily identified.

So within ten seconds, the two bullies had discarded their victim, heatedly swore under their breaths and took off like madmen, all the while hearing the girl shrieking in horror.

A little while later, the two teens found themselves near Domino's park, a fairly safe distance from the school. Yami pounded his fist into a nearby tree, swearing all obscenities.

"We were this close, this fucking close!" Yami growled loudly, measuring a tiny space with his forefinger and thumb in reference, getting his hand close to Ushio's face so that the brute would understand.

"I get it, you bastard," Ushio said darkly, swatting the smaller's hand away from his face. "Who the hell was that bitch anyway?"

This only made Yami's angered laced face become even angrier, and the bully punched the tree again. "Only the biggest slut in school." Everyone knew who that was, and Yami didn't need to mention any names.

"Ah," Ushio realized, cracking his knuckles. "It's a shame we've sworn off to not beating the shit outta girls."

Yami merely rolled his eyes at him, sighing a small portion of his anger out. "I think she saw me. Enough to tell who I was, I mean."

The taller took the unoccupied tree Yami was punching only moments ago and leaned on it, crossing his arms, a smirk coming to his face. "So what'cha gonna do tomorrow then?"

Snorting, Yami too crossed his arms over his chest, a good mood finally surfacing over his anger as the question was asked. "Go to school, what else? The most they can do to me is send me to a juvenile prison, and lemme tell you; the poor bastards there are complete wimps."

Ushio chuckled at his fellow bully's funny optimism. Yami always knew what to say, and it was certainly true that he had been to a juvenile prison before for three months.

"Then I can't wait to see what your sentence is this time."

Yami chuckled himself, a sinister smirk curving onto his lips.


Domino High's principal put a hand to his forehead as he looked over the reports in front of him. They weren't pretty to look at, and they stressed him out more than ever.

Hayata, Yami.

Not a very unfamiliar name in the least.

Yami was a very notorious bully in Domino High. And a very violent one to add to that. The most violent bully Mr. Futari had encountered in his near twenty-five years as a school principal.

The teen had records from ten years old. Of course as a ten year old, he only started out picking on kids for their appearances and that usual petty stuff, but now...Yami had escalated into a full blown monster. Nowadays, he threatened their lives.

If anyone even dared to look Yami in the eye, they'd owe him something. Whether it was money or doing all his homework for the semester, most of the kids wouldn't be able to live up to it, and would be beaten up viciously.

And of course, with all of these beatings of students, Yami had been caught many times, being punished thoroughly.

From being suspended from school, all the way to involving the court and sending him to a juvenile prison, Yami always seemed to come back with an even larger vengeance. More and more students would become his prey, many for unknown reasons. But nevertheless, none of the punishments seemed to work to transform Yami into a good student.

Mr. Futari recalled numerous times he had called Yami's father into a parent to principal conference, talking about Yami's outrageous behavior. Thankfully, as far as Mr. Futari could tell, Yami's father had no influence on his behavior.

Mr. Hayata was almost a feeble man, very thin with wide crimson eyes hidden behind large glasses, his black hair neatly combed, and dressed in an acceptable dress shirt and pants. He stuttered with his words here and there in their conversations, explaining that he tried to get through to his son, but since he was working as a college professor most of the time, it was hard to see Yami.

The skinny man had also shared that Yami's behavior might have developed from when his mother left them both when Yami was nearly nine years old, never to be seen or heard from again. But it was still a theory in the process, and since he never got to talk to Yami, he supposed he'd never know for sure what fueled his son's fire.

So with these already complicated thoughts, Domino High's principal repeatedly looked over at the digital clock on his desk, knowing that his meeting with the delinquent would soon commence.

Reading over the files and reports of the latest fight, Mr. Futari rubbed his temples, his outside secretary peering in through the door, telling him that Yami had actually shown up.

Sitting up straight in his plush chair, Mr. Futari watched with a stoic expression as Yami walked in, a smug smile plastered to his face as if all this were a practical joke. The teen nearly fell into one of the cushioned chairs opposite him, throwing his arms around the back of the chair.

"So what's up this time, Futari?" Yami drawled out, giving him the usual rap.

The principal took out one of the numerously copied reports of what happened yesterday, handing it to Yami to take. "Why don't you tell me?"

A blank expression hit the younger's face as he took the paper and stared at it. He frowned a little, raising his brows as he threw the paper back. "The dimwit owed me money; deserved what he got."

Mr. Futari sighed, putting the discarded paper back into the folder. "Yami, I don't think you understand. You beat up another student, with no good intentions-"

"Futari, look, this was a simple task that needed to be done, stop fussing over it," Yami interrupted him, lounging deeper and lazier in the chair.

"I don't see how I can just 'stop fussing' over this situation, Mr. Hayata," the principal retorted back, "and I think something needs to be done about this behavior of yours." At his own words, a punishment he, nor the court had never decided came to his mind.

Crimson eyes rolled. "What behavior? I act just fine."

Mr. Futari ignored the comment, leaning forward in his chair. "I won't get the court involved unless you want to go back to a juvenile prison. I have something else in mind."

Yami flopped his legs back forward, off the chair's arm, the lousy principal's sneaky words catching his interest. "Oh? Do tell Princy," he countered.

Ushio laughed hard, clutching his sides as they started to ach. This was just too damn funny.

"Community service?" he choked out, cracking his eyes open enough to see his companion smirk and nod casually. "You've got to be fucking kidding me...that isn't a punishment."

"Well apparently that crack-head Futari thinks it is," Yami retorted, rolling his eyes as he pushed himself off Burger World's outside wall. Otherwise known as their 'hangout'. "I'm hoping that it'll be better than another fucked up trip to ju-ve prison."

Yami's shoulder was punched lightly, and he was handed a cigarette. He lit it up, and within seconds, he was puffing out a cloud of smoke. He knew it was such a bad habit, but he supposed it made him look tougher.

"So what's your service?" Ushio asked casually, lighting up his own smoke. "Cleaning up trash on the side of the road?" He snickered at his own comment.

Yami pffted, laughing a little. "Apparently Futari has connections. He called up this guy who looks for community service volunteers, explained my situation or whatever, and apparently I'm working at a hospital for four months." He subconsciously drew the drug in, heaving it out through his lips, adding, "so it should be fun to criticize every sick and messed up person there."

"Heh, maybe you'll get the chance to send some poor bastard in a wheelchair down a staircase too," Ushio suggested, earning a devilish look from Yami in return.

"Let's hope so. Futari told me the guy told him that I'd be assigned to one patient and I'll have to take care of them and all that bullshit," the smaller dragged on, the idea suddenly not sounding like a good thing to agree to. He frowned, taking one last drag on his cigarette before letting it fall to the ground, stepping on it.

Ushio was about to say something, but was instead concentrating on him putting out his cigarette. "God, Yami, it's not even half finished! You're wasting my money, you bastard!"

Crimson eyes lifted up from the ground, a hidden truth covered behind the mask of defiance. "Then get a fucking job, Ushio. You'll have more money then," he said bitterly, mashing his boot into the ashy area below for the added effect. He gathered his jacket from the ground beside him next, slipping it on, starting to walk away.

"I'll see you later," he said smugly yet distractedly, not even turning to give a farewell to his friend as he walked to the nearest bus stop.

Ushio rolled his eyes, scratching the back of his head, trying to keep cool. He hated it when Yami did that; just leaving out of nowhere. Watching Yami round the corner, he started in the opposite direction, muttering to himself, "what the hell."

Kazuo was getting on Yami's last nerves.

He was one of the hospital's directors, and currently, he was showing Yami around the hospital he'd be visiting every day for four months.

The first thing that annoyed the bully was the fact that Kazuo was wearing all white. White and baggy to be exact. A white and baggy shirt and pant. He even had white shoes and a white frame on his glasses.

Secondly, the nametag pinned onto Kazuo's shirt had a disturbing picture of him on it. The director was smiling a little too brightly, his eyes all wide, and his nostrils looking twice as large as they really were.

Thirdly, Kazuo kept talking really fast with an annoying habit of sending his voice up an octave. Such a strange man...

But anyway, it had been at least forty-five minutes since Yami had arrived, and he silently wished it were the end of the day, but sadly it was only nine o'clock, and he wasn't allowed out of the sterilized building until four. It was going to be a long four months...Yami already regretted not taking another stay at the juvenile prison.

"Well, that about shows you your way around the place," Kazuo stated, adjusting his glasses and gripping his paperless clipboard to his side. "Next, we go to your patient's room." He gave Yami a lopsided smile, nearly tripping over himself as he walked forward at the same time. Obviously the guy wasn't coordinated. Yami inwardly smirked; that should be fun to mess with.

He was led down the hall to an elevator, watching as the director pressed the number seven, the button lighting up as the steel doors shut and the whole contraption started to move. Yami tapped his foot, wondering what pathetic, ill, unimportant person he'd get.

They arrived to the seventh floor, and Yami allowed himself to be led out and down to the right, noticing how this hallway seemed a little more different than the others. It seemed almost...padded.

Brushing the thought off, he turned his attention onto covering his ears when Kazuo's voice spiked again, announcing, "here's Yugi's door!"

"Yugi?" Yami questioned, finding the name to sound rather ridiculous.

A large smile formed on Kazuo's face and he nodded. "Yup, Motou, Yugi to be exact," he started, and Yami rolled his eyes when he realized he was going to continue. "But there are a few things I need to tell you first."

Yami listened halfheartedly, not really wanting to pay attention. Okay, so what if Yugi liked his pudding in a small bowl instead of the actual container it came in, who cares?

"...but I'll let you figure out the rest," Kazuo finished, sounding rather devious. "Just be nice, Yami." He finally grasped the door, turned the knob and let the door open slowly.

The bully's mind became confused, wondering what the hell he was up against with this so called Yugi. Or this messed up hospital wing. He didn't even see the kid, but rather he heard,

"Take...that! And...that! Aha! I got you now, villain!"

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