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- Six Months Later -

Yami groaned as he stepped out into the chilly October air, a gust of wind rustling the leaves and baring trees as he made his way to the bus stop.

As he waited, the teen stuffed his hands into his pockets, trying to keep warm. For a moment he felt like an idiot just standing in the middle of the sidewalk since there wasn't an actual sign for the bus stop, but he ignored it, trying to lighten his mood for what was to come.

His father had already fallen behind in his college work, and had decided to vent out on Yami for a little while about it. The teen went crazy for a while, wishing that his father had better organization skills. But now, he was free from that for the night.

Reflecting back, Yami recalled how the events from a while ago played out. It took at least four months for Ushio's trial, which, he lost as many had predicted. He was now serving in ju-ve until summer and was officially held back a year, but Yami doubted he'd start school anytime soon.

In that time, Yugi's parents officially made their divorce known through certified papers, resulting in a slight depression from their son. Yugi's overprotective mother was by his side every day for what seemed weeks, trying to make Yugi understand that it wasn't any of his fault and that they both still loved him very much. Yami, of course, catered to Yugi in his own way, but Yugi's father only came in once or twice for brief periods, reassuring Yugi in his own way as well.

From what Yugi and Kazou had told him, Yugi's condition wasn't so unknown anymore, due to the amount of activity surrounding his condition. Somewhere along the line, they had figured out for certain that physical and non-physical fighting triggered Yugi's pirate act to spring up when it seemed least convenient. From what Yugi had skirted around, Yami guessed that his parents fought a lot when he was younger, and it only spurred on his episodes.

And why Yugi acted like a pirate of all things suddenly made sense to Yami now, too. Yugi had told him before that whenever he spent some time at his grandfather's he would pay a pirate board game, always absorbed in it. It was something Yugi could relate to in a way when he was distressed by his parent's fighting.

The telltale sounds of the bus chugging down the road alerted Yami back to the present, and he shifted on his feet. The loud vehicle finally wheeled up to the stop, and the teen climbed aboard, paying the change as he moved to an open seat.

Sitting in a ripped up seat, Yami fixed his gaze on the moving scenery, knowing that his stop was a ways off.

Just two months ago, after various discussions between Yugi's mother and grandfather, it was announced that Yugi could live with his Grandpa. With approval from the hospital on the move, Yugi was able to settle in with his Grandpa. The only thing Yugi had to do was take a special medicine given to him from his doctor that would regulate emotions and such that would hopefully keep Yugi at bay if he witnessed any kind of fighting. So far, it worked.

From what he gathered, Yugi's father didn't have any problem with the arrangement, but Yugi's controlling and worrisome mother had some issues concerning the outcome of it all. It was obvious that she loved her son very much, but as Yugi had told him, he guessed that all the years had finally gotten to her in a way, making her want to spend every spare moment she could with her son.

"She's just a little too much to handle right now," Yugi had told him. "That and I think she stills sees me as a little kid sometimes. I think if I live with my Grandpa, she'll be able to take everything in at her own pace."

Well, if Yami had anything to say about the women, he'd have to say that she was a little crazy.

But either way, he wasn't about to argue anything, and he wasn't willing enough to make Yugi upset over something like that.

The bus lurched down the street, stopping here and there to let off or let passengers on, the chilling air drafting through the contraption every now and then. Finally, though, the bus stopped at Yami's destination, and he was more than happy to get off.

He had to walk a good six blocks and then another two to get to Yugi's grandfather's house. Pulling his black jacket closer to him, the teen started down the street, taking in the neighborhood.

Yugi's Grandpa lived just outside of Domino City, a good forty-five minutes from where Yami lived. Yami would say that it was a respectable area to live in, but it somehow unnerved the teen every time he visited. Areas like these just seemed sugarcoated in a way that he wasn't used to, but for Yugi, he would make his way through them.

The other teen didn't tell him before, but his Grandpa owned a game shop of sorts on the corner of a street. It was a small place with the business on the first floor, and their living quarters on the second.

At last Yami made it to the small home, knocking on the door, peering into the darkness through the window. It was a Sunday, so the shop would be closed like the notice said. After a moment, Mr. Motou hobbled to the door, unlocking it. When he opened the door, he was greeted with a whoosh of warm air and a pleasant grin from the elderly man. "Why, hello, Yami!" the man greeted, moving a pace back to let him in.

Yami gratefully stepped in, watching the man close the door and relock it. "It's nice to see you, too, Mr. Motou," he replied politely, the words still unfamiliar in his mouth. He let the other lead the way into the house and up the stairs.

"I'm going to guess that you've had a lot of schoolwork, right?" the man guessed with a chuckle. "Yugi keeps claiming that he hasn't seen you in weeks!"

Yami rolled his eyes. Yugi would say that. "I come over every Sunday and Wednesday."

"Ho-ho," Grandpa agreed, opening another door that led them to the living room. "Can I get you anything?"

Unbuttoning his coat, Yami shook his head. "No thanks. Is Yugi in his room?" he asked, looking down the hallway.

The second time Yami had met Yugi's grandfather was when Yami got the feeling that the old man wasn't so innocent in some ways. Without saying anything, Mr. Motou gave him a sly look with a grin before saying, "I'll be downstairs, catching up on that old newspaper I keep forgetting to read every morning, oh-ho."

Waving awkwardly as the man left to go downstairs, Yami moved down the hallway to Yugi's room. Knocking on the wooden door, he was given no response. He quickly guessed that the other was sleeping and was just about to walk in when the door gave way and the front of his jacket was grasped.

Yami was jerked in and was suddenly slammed up against the now closed door, something cold against his throat and lips against his mouth. Smirking as he looked down, Yami indulged himself, letting his hands snake around the other's waist.

Yugi pulled back with a pleased look, but the plastic sword still remained at Yami's throat. "Where ye've been, hm? Out with other scallywags I presume."

Yami rolled his eyes again, and in the next moment, he was swung around and flung onto his butt on Yugi's bed. "Not this shit again, Yugi," he said exasperatedly, but with a smile.

Yugi gave him an arrogant grin as he stood in front of him, the cutlass pointed at his throat still. The other hand rested on his hip, and Yami couldn't help but admire the stance. "Confess ye wrongdoings, dog," he commanded.

With a smirk, Yami stood up fluidly, letting his finger skirt along the imitation cutlass as he advanced on the smaller teen. An arm instinctively wrapped around the pirate's waist, bringing them even closer. With this distraction, Yami was able to yank the sword out of Yugi's hand to press the plastic blade against Yugi's neck. To add to the effect, the taller forced the other backward into a slightly odd angle, showing his dominance.

"I confess to no one, Captain," he murmured into Yugi's ear, feeling the shiver that ran through the other. With a sudden movement, he captured his boyfriend's lips. Unconsciously pressing the blade harder against Yugi's throat, he lowered them to the floor for what he knew would be a good make out session.

Afterward, they lay on the soft carpet, Yugi running his fingers idly through Yami's tri-colored hair as he snuggled up against the other. They were both out of breath, and from what he could manage to see, they had been at it for a good twenty or thirty minutes. Blushing at this realization, he hid his face in Yami's slightly crumpled black jacket.

Yami chuckled wryly at this, letting his head loll so that he was looking straight up at the white ceiling.

The unexpected comprehension of how much had changed from when he first met Yugi to now seemed surreal and astonishing to him in that moment when he felt Yugi sigh into his chest. He had been a complete jerk back in the spring, and now…well, he wasn't quite full out soft, but a little less jagged around the edges, he'd say.

He didn't really consider himself a bully in school anymore though. He guessed that he was somewhere between that line of 'a good guy' and a 'bully'. In short, he quit beating kids up for their overdue money.

"Yami?" Yugi asked softly, not looking at him.

"Hm? You say another round?" Yami offered, earning him a playful smack.

Yugi looked up at him. "As nice as that would be, I think Grandpa moved upstairs a couple minutes ago," he remarked, making Yami groan.

"I still think he's a closet-case pervert, you know."

Yugi sat up, giving him a mocking stern look. "He only commented on us once, Yami."

Yami sat up with him, pulling him back by the waist, shifting them both so that they rested against the bed. "You are so blind, Yugi," he remarked. "I think he knows well enought what's going on."

The purple-eyed teen made a 'psh' noise, turning around to meet his own gaze. "Of course he does, Yami. I told him just last week that we're together. You were even there, you dummy."

Yami stole a quick peck on the lips. "I know that, but still. It's weird that he gives me all these looks like we're gonna be fucking."

"He's just playing," Yugi fake scolded him, ignoring the term. However, his eyes betrayed him with a look of surprise at the notice. "Just think, it's probably better than living with my Mom, you know."

Yami rolled his eyes with a short chuckle. "She'd probably faint. I wouldn't be able to come over. I'd have to sneak through your window to get anything done."

The other shouldered him, effectively starting another long kiss. They stayed silent for a moment or two longer before Yugi reached out to grab the discarded play sword. He held it by its shiny gold hilt, and then swung it experimentally, making his boyfriend raise an eye brow.

"What are you doing?"

"I don't know."

Without a warning, Yami grabbed at the sword, his hand covering Yugi's in a shared holding of the toy. Saying nothing, Yami guided their arms in random swinging motions, making Yugi laugh at his antics.

"What are you doing?" the smaller inquired.

Yami gave him a devilish grin. "Oh, nothing." He jerked their arm so that the sword pretended to stab Yugi in the gut.

"Hey!" Yugi protested with a smile. "You can't mutiny on me, I'm the Captain!"

"But aren't I the first matey?"

Yugi pushed at his chest then stood up. Yami followed, but Yugi pushed him back down. "As the Captain, I think you need to learn your place, mate."

"Mate? I like the sound of that," Yami commented lowly, making Yugi blush.

Grabbing the sword and pointing it at Yami as he tried to figure what else to do with the open space between them, he replied, "Who's the pervert in this house now?"

Using the flimsy sword as leverage to pull himself up, Yami unexpectedly enveloped Yugi in his arms, taking the other by surprise. He felt Yugi fling the toy away to properly return the embrace, whispering, "What's this for?"

Yami said nothing, not quite sure himself. He merely wanted to hold Yugi and have the hug returned to him, nothing else. It was uncharacteristically sweet to him, but he held on until Yugi pulled back a little. A small hand caressed the side of his face, the face before him not holding the concern he was expecting.

"I remember the time you told me to die, you know," Yugi spoke softly, a small smile spreading his lips, "someone's changed, haven't they?"

The taller teen pulled the hand off his face, being reminded of those sappy romantic movies he had seen on the television a couple times when he was channel surfing. "Don't remind me. It's still weird getting used to it."

"Bully instincts starting to come back, then?"

"Not necessarily."

Wrapping his arms around Yami's neck for closer contact, Yugi said, "Good. My work's done, then."

Yami snorted in response. "What makes you so sure?"

Yugi could tell that they were backing up again, but he didn't take to notice where as he asked, "I-"

His lips were captured roughly, and his waist was pulled closer to Yami's. After a moment, Yami pulled back, a gleam in his eye. "Because I think that you're little pirate act transferred to me. I want to be Captain for a while."

"So it is mutiny!"

Yami smirked. "That's right. And since this is a do or die situation, you better start acting if you want to stay Captain, Yugi."

Yugi smacked a kiss to Yami's lips for a moment, signaling that he accepted the challenge before they both dove for the discarded sword on the other side of the room.

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