Well,we all know what today is, right? The 11th of September…

Um..hooray for sucky titles and OOCness…poor America.

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At the use of his human name, the Englishman looked up. It wasn't very often that America called him that, let alone speak with such…seriousness in his voice. All traces of his usual carefree smile seemed to have been wiped from his face.

"What is it….Alfred?" he asked, using the name that he hadn't spoken since…before the Revolutionary War, wasn't it?

The American turned to face him, his usually sparkling blue eyes seeming dull behind his glasses. "You know what today is….right?"

"The date? Er…it's the 11th of September, but what does that have to do wi-oh." So that was what was bringing him down.

It was the anniversary of that horrible day, when four fighter planes had crashed into the Twin Towers. So many lives were lost on that day…it was no wonder America wasn't acting like himself.

"Alfred…" he said quietly, putting a hand on the others shoulder. He had never been very good at comfort. "The…the war's over now..there's no more fighting. No more killing. There's no point in-"

To his surprise, Alfred jerked away. "Don't give me that crap! You don't know what it's like! The fire….the smoke..all the corpses…damn it, Arthur! What do you expect me to do??"

If it had been anyone else, England probably would have slapped him hard and told him to pull himself together. But this was his America, the colony he had raised. "You've…got to stand up. Move forward. You've got a good pair of legs, get up and use them."

"Brother…" he whispered, before breaking down and throwing his arms around him in an awkward hug.

Then they both started crying.


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