Here is a new story. This story is in honor of my uncle who died a couple of days ago. He has also encouraged me to follow my dreams. So I hope you all like this story and I will continue with my other stories.

Spywork: It has been two years since the paraoh has left. A group takes Tea in at age 16. She works as a spy for two years and is a high level spy. She tells them of her past adventures, but some weird happenings are appearing and it is happening in Egypt and Domino City. And What is this about Atem returning?

Chapter 1


Tea watched as Atem walk into the afterlife tears came out of her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to run up and grab him to tell him to stay, but she didn't and she ran out of the tomb with the gang. She had heard everything that Yugi had said.

She came home two nights later only to have a broken heart. The visitor was dressed in black and wore sun glasses so his face could not be seen. She returns home with a broken heart and is greeted by a visitor. "Hello sir." Said Tea. She looks up at the man and gives her best smile. "What can I help you with?" Asked Tea. "Tea you have been chosen." Said the man.

Tea seem to have been shock for an eternity before she finally answer. "What do you mean chosen and how do you know my name?" Asked Tea. The man wore sun glasses so Tea could not see his expression. "I'll explain everything and your aunt was a spy. She died a while back and I am here to ask you if you want to join and become a spy in her place." Said the mystery man.

Tea looks up shock if there was a fly nearby it would have flown right into her mouth. "I didn't even know I had an aunt." Said Tea. "Well she has been away on many missions and I was hoping-well in her will she wanted you to take over in her place. And from what I can tell you look very gifted." Said the mystery man. "I don'y know a thing about being a spy." Said Tea. "Your aunt join when she was twenty and she was just like you especially when she dance." Said the mystery man. He took out the picture and showed it to Tea. Tea takes it and looks at it. The picture was of her dancing on the machine against Johnny Stepps on her outing with Atem.

"Well do you wish to join or not." Said the mystery man. Tea looks up in deep thought. "Of course I wish to join." Said Tea. "Tea by joining this group you can never see your friends again." Said the mystery man. Tea looks up. "I can honestly live with that, but what about my family?" Asked Tea. "I had explained everything to your family and they have joined the organization three years ago." Said the mystery man. No wonder they are never here. Thought Tea. "Okay I wish to join. When do we leave?" Asked Tea. "We leave now." Said the mystery man. A couple of men and women in black with sunglasses carried all of Tea's belongings to a long black limbo. "Oh. Thanks." Said Tea. The man just nods and walks to the second limbo. Tea walks up next to him. "By the way what is your name?" Asked Tea. "My name is Raymond and I will be your teacher and your partner like I was to your aunt." Said Raymond. They both got in the limbo. He removes his glasses to reveal brown eyes and his face was full of youth. He smiled a welcoming smile to Tea. He showed that he was an African American. They both got in the limbo and drove away from Domino City.

Two years later

New York City

Tea sat in the chair working at the desk was not her idea of fun. When will I get to go on real missions like everyone else. Thought Tea. "I told them all about my adventures with my pals and what do they say 'your still to young' 'you need more training' or 'you will next mission'" Said Tea. She put the next file up with the rest. "Talking to yourself again Tea." Said Raymond. He smiles at Tea. "I'm just fine Mr. Raymond." Answer Tea. She gave him a friendly smile. "Mr. Raymond. I know that I'm your teacher, but you know you can call me Raymond lil' sis." Said Raymond. Tea sighs at the nickname. "I'm not little anymore." Said Tea. "That's right today is your 18th birthday." Said Raymond. "The year the big guy said you can go on missions." Said Raymond. He sat on the desk and smile at Tea. ""Listen Tea these missions aren't easy." Said Raymond. "In fact they almost cost your aunt her very life." Said Raymond. "I know and I'm ready to take on any mission thrown my way and I was trained for anything wasn't I." Said Tea.

"Now that is exactly what I want to hear." Said a soft voice behind Tea. Tea turns and faces a woman. The woman had short blonde hair and bright green eyes. She looked like she was in her early twenties and that she could be a super model. "Miss Kate." Said Tea. "Hello Tea. Happy Birthday." Said Kate. "Did you hear everything." Said Tea. "Yes. Raymond believe you were ready and we wanted to hear it from you on how ready you were." Said Miss Kate. "I'm ready." Said Tea. "I can see that Tea and Mr. Jones knows your ready, but we need to find the perfect mission for you and your aunt had done unique work and we know you want to honor her name right." Said Miss Kate. Tea sighs and gently nods her head. "Good then." Said Miss Kate. Miss Kate and Raymond left the office for Tea to do her file work. If only they knew why I truly join this group if only they knew. Thought Tea. She went back to work on putting things back in the folders and files.


Two men had tan hats and tan clothing one had blue eyes and the other green. "Come on Luke." Said a man. "I'm coming John." Said Luke. The two men were uncovering a fallen tomb. "What exactly are we looking for?" Asked Luke. "The boss said he needs these items and some card." Answer John. "So let's keep digging." Said John. The two men dig until they came across something golden. "Hey here they are." Said Luke. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. John took out the phone and dials the number. "Hey boss we found the items." Said John.

Domino City

Yugi, Joey, and Tristan sat playing duel monsters at Yugi's grandfather's shop. "Hey Joey how are you doing in college?" Asked Mr. Mouto. "I'm doing just fine." Answer Joey. Mr. Mouto went outside to sweep.

Mr. Mouto reenters the shop. "Oh Yugi." Said Mr. Mouto. "Yeah grandpa." Said Yugi. He looks up and gasp. Joey and Tristan look up and gasp when they saw Odion, Merick, and Ishizu. "Hey guys I didn't think we would see you again." Said Yugi. "Yugi, the pharaoh is returning." Said Ishizu. "What?!" Exclaimed Yugi. Shadi appear before them causing both Yugi, Joey, and Tristan both jump. "Yugi the pharaoh is returning and we must go to Egypt and wait for his arrival." Said Shadi.

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