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Chapter 13


Tea threw her shopping bags down on the floor. She then walked towards her bed and allowed herself to fall down on the bed.

"Hey Tea." Raymond said, walking in.

Tea gave a little jump when she heard him. She turned her head to see him flipping through a small Egyptian book on the pyramids at one of the small tables.

"Raymond! Don't sneak up on me like that and I thought you said you would be busy." Tea said, sitting up on bed.

Raymond closed the small book and placed it on the table.

"I was busy, but the boss called." Raymond reported.

Tea got up from her bed and bent down to her bag to grab a bottle of water.

"He did." Tea replied.

"Yes he did. He says wants me to be reassigned." Raymond said.

Tea almost dropped her bottle of water when she stood right up at the news. Her eyes widen.

"He wants you to be reassigned. Why?" Tea asked.

"You know the Kaibas right. Well they are heading back to Domino City. I'm supposed to keep an eye on them." Raymond explained.

"So does that mean I have to head back to head quarters or something." Tea said.

"No. The boss wanted you to stay behind, but he is sending someone over to help." Raymond said.

Tea eyes widen a bit.

"Really who?" Tea asked.

Raymond took out his wallet and shrugged his shoulders.

"I have no idea who will join you, but I'm sure he or she will be here in I believe in two or three days. But in the meantime the boss wants you to find out what has happened at those tombs and also why your friends were there." Raymond said.

Tea shook her head.

"I'll try, but I don't think they trust me so I might not get much." Tea said.

Raymond put his wallet away in his pocket.

"Well you are going to have to try to get somehow improvise then." Raymond said, walking toward Tea.

He gave her two debit cards, a plane ticket, and a little bit of cash.

"This is from head quarters." Raymond said, walking towards the door.

"Raymond, when do you leave?" Tea asked, turning to face his leaving form.

Raymond stopped once his hand was on the door.

"I leave early tomorrow morning so I need to start packing up." Raymond said.

"Oh." Tea said.

She was about to head into the bathroom when Raymond caught her wrist.

"Tea please try to be careful." Raymond said.

Tea nodded and a few minutes later Raymond left the room. Tea walked toward the door to lock it. She then turn and headed to the bathroom and sat down to brush her hair when she felt something in her back pocket. She reached in her back pocket and pull out the necklace that Nile gave her.

"Today just gets more and more interesting." Tea muttered to herself.

Mai and Serenity walked back into their room with tons of bags worth of purchases in their hands.

"That was fun." Mai said, walking over to her bed.

"Yeah." Serenity agreed.

She placed her bags on her bed and went to pull back the curtains.

"It was nice to see her again. It's been so long since we got to hang out like that." Serenity said.

"Yeah, we all definitely needed this shopping trip." Mai said.

"Hey Mai?" Serenity question.

Mai turned to look over at Serenity.

"What is it Serenity?" Mai asked.

Serenity gave a soft sigh before she turned around.

"I don't think Tea is our enemy. She may have vanished without a trace, but I don't think she's our enemy." Serenity said.

Mai shook her head.

"Serenity, after hanging out with her today I don't think she's our enemy either, but I think she is hiding something." Mai said, truthfully.

"But why would the pharaoh think that Tea is up to no good?" Serenity question.

Mai gently shrug her shoulders.

"I have no idea. But hey you know what how about I show you how to play Duel Monsters." Mai said, getting excited.

"Thanks Mai, Joey's been teaching me some basics." Serenity answered back.

"Oh boy lets see how much damage he's done." Mai said.

They continued to talk over rules and what is and is not allowed in the game. This went on for three hours until they both decided to head off to bed.

Yugi zipped up his suitcase finally getting most of his things in. Atem sat and watch as his friend was doing this.

"Are you sure you can't stay a little longer?" Atem question.

Yugi walked towards one of the beds in the room and sat down.

"I'm sure. Dad has a business meeting he can't miss over seas, mom is sick, and I need to keep an eye on grandpa's shop. Besides that I notice grandpa looks like he is enjoying himself on this adventure and I can't ask him to leave." Yugi said.

"That is understanding, but why is Joey leaving I thought he said he would be here on this adventure." Atem said.

Yugi gave a small soft laugh.

"He did, but the school called home and he didn't do so well in his classes. Now he has to take summer school." Yugi said.

"But I thought he didn't care too much for it. Why the change?" Atem asked.

Yugi gave a small smile.

"His parents both saw his grades and they both got on him about it. Joey and Serenity's parents are trying to work things out." Yugi answered.

"I heard from you that Joey's dad is-

"Getting clean up. He may of done things in the pass that he is not proud of, but now he is getting clean up." Yugi said.

"Things certainly have change since I've been gone in such a short time too." Atem said.

"Well were you expecting things to stay the same?" Yugi question, laughing.

Atem chuckle and shook his head.

"No I suppose not." Atem answer.

They continue talking about changes in everyone's life since Atem has been gone. It went from Mokuba dating Rebecca to Serenity secretly dating Tristain because of Joey. Also to grandpa beginning to make some changes to the shop all the way to Kaiba and Ishizu becoming secret partners with each other in business.

"That is a lot to take in after being gone for awhile." Atem said.

"It was a lot to take in believe me." Yugi answer.

After a few minutes of more talking they both fell asleep.

Dark Magician watch from the window as went into the bathroom to shower and change into pajamas.

"I can't believe we have to keep a close eye on her." Dark Magician girl said, popping up next to Dark Magician.

"Yes, but she maybe the reason why our rest was disturb." Dark Magician answer.

"Or another way to protect her." Dark Magician girl answer.

Dark Magician shook his head.

"Be that as it may. The pharaoh gave us orders to watch her and I did my part so now it's your turn too watch her the rest of the night while I get my energy back." Dark Magician said before he left her side.

Dark Magician girl shook her head as he left her.

"Why I have to watch her at night I'll never know." She told herself.

She watched a few more minutes in silence.

"I mean I know I have a lot of energy, but I run of it too."

She gave a long yawn.

"This so boring nothing will happen her-

There was a bright golden light coming from the bathroom shocking Dark Magician girl as she watch the light beginning to shape and eagle with an Egyptian eye in the middle.

"What in the world…is going on?" She exclaimed.

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