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Chapter 1


Temperance Brennan sat in the passenger seat of her of her date's car with the window cracked just enough that she could feel the cool early evening air on her face. Sighing as she watched the sun completely disappear from the sky. The sunset was beautiful it was striking shades of pinks and purples the kind she loved best. She of course knew the daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon was a consequence of the earth's rotation and that the beautiful colors were a result of the particles and pollution that hung in the air. Tonight however, she just wanted to take in the beauty of the event. The closer they got to her apartment the more annoyed she got with herself for cutting the evening short. There was absolutely no reason she and Ricardo Santori should not be having drinks and dancing as they had planed when he'd asked her out last week.

"Are you sure you're okay Temperance?" asked Rick who was still surprised that half way through dinner his date with the beautiful author she'd became ill and had asked him to take her home.

"Now that I've had some fresh air I feel a little better. Thank you." replied Temperance wondering when she'd gotten so proficient at lying.

She didn't have to wonder about the real reason she'd cut the evening short. She knew exactly why she had no desire to date this man and decided to forgo the evening out in favor of a long hot bath and the book of erotica that Angela insisted she had to read. She closed her eyes and involuntarily sighed again as her head came into contact with the headrest wondering why in hell she would trade a potential night of desperately needed actual eroticism in lieu of reading about it in a book.

Being angry or annoyed at your self was the most infuriating thing a person could experience. It was not logical and served no purpose considering you alone were responsible for your own actions yet Temperance was feeling completely irritated with herself and wondered when she'd become so illogical.

Temperance knew Ricardo Santori was a nice guy as she looked over at him remembering when they'd first met at a luncheon for the department heads several months ago. Angela had deemed him a quintessential "Stud Muffin". He was extremely attractive with dark hair and eyes he was tall and well built and had a dazzling smile that was flanked by dimples. They had enjoyed coffee and light flirting on many occasions neither taking it seriously until last week when he stopped by her office and asked her out. Her first reaction was to decline something she'd done just a little too often lately.

But when the hair on the back of her neck stood up and she looked over her shoulder and seen Booth giving Rick the Back off asshole you're not good enough glare, moving his suit jacket just enough that his holstered weapon was visible. It pissed her off so much that she accepted the invitation right there in front of her partner. She immediately regretted her decision knowing it was wrong to use anyone like that especially someone whom at always treated her with respect like Rick had. The only good thing about the situation was that when she looked back at Booth he seemed to just as pissed as she was.

"Are we close to your condo?" Asked Ricardo after driving quite a ways on her street thinking they must be close.

Temperance was brought back to the present and opened her eyes just in time to see them pass the driveway of her building. "Oh I'm so sorry Ricardo that was it we just passed." she replied annoyed with herself once more this time for not paying attention. "Just turn on the next street and we can circle around and enter from the back entrance."

"Don't worry about it Temperance it's not a big deal" replied her date with a sincere smile that should make any woman's heart melt "it's obvious you're not feeling well, I just want you get home so you can rest."

"Thanks Rick" replied Temperance feeling genuinely guilty over misleading a friend who had been nothing but kind. Although in reality she did not feel that great but she knew it had nothing to do with being sick.

"Okay slow down my apartment is that building there and my driveway is just past that black …. He can't be serious… " replied Temperance her voice trailing off to a mumble she felt anger and frustration seize her entire being.

"Excuse me" asked Rick with a look of confusion "right here?"

"Ah…Yes right here" answered Temperance pointing to the driveway as she glared at the black Chevy Tahoe with one not so discreet FBI Special agent brooding inside.

"Are you sure you don't want me to walk you up to you apartment Temperance?" Asked Rick as he opened the passenger door and attempted to help her out of his car. "You look a little flushed."

"No that's okay I'm beginning to feel a little better". Lied Temperance with a fake smile because now she was furious. "I'll be fine. I am truly sorry that I ruined you evening."

"Please don't worry about it Temperance." replied Rick as he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. "I'll be out of town for two weeks when I get back I'll call you and we can have coffee."

Temperance nodded her head and gave him a weak smile before turning towards the doors of her building.

"Coffee! That's just great." Said Temperance out loud to her self as doors of the elevator closed even she knew that invite for 'coffee' after a date meant. Not that she could blame him for not wanting to see her again. Not that she even wanted to date him in the first place but the rejection still hurt nonetheless.

Slamming the door behind her as she walked into her condo Temperance stepped out of her dancing shoes as Angela called them, dropped her keys on the counter before she opened her purse to retrieve her cell phone.

She turned it on and hit the number one on her speed dial dropped her purse next to her keys and waited for him to answer. After two rings she heard his familiar greeting "Booth" when he answered his phone.

"I know you're down there; you might as well come up." said Bones harshly into her phone feeling no need to hide her frustration. "If you want beer you'd better get some because you finished what I had last night. I'm hungry and I'm pretty damn tired of Thai food amongst other things for that matter, so order a pizza and I want extra cheese on my half. I'm going to take a bath the door is unlocked."


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