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Chapter 5

What do you Want?

"Yeah well…I hate you too!" echoed Booth as he instantly caught her hands and backed her against the wall before he pushed his knee between her legs completely pinning her. She could feel his muscular thigh and the sensation caused her to let out an inaudible whimper as her body betrayed her, and she instantly bucked up against him.

"You must not hate me too much!" he said with a laugh that sounded sinister. She could practically see as his ego inflated "It's simply a biological response!"

"Keep telling yourself that, Bones" he replied with a new found arrogance "But we both know better don't we?" He could see what now looked like desire in her eyes instead of the anger that was there just seconds before, but he didn't kid himself for a New York minute, he knew the storm was far from over and knew she was still mad as hell.

"Fuck you Booth!" she hissed, trying to pull her hands away, despising the smirk on his face that could only be described as cocksure. "Let me go!"

"No baby…I'm going to fuck you, and we are both going to feel a whole hell of a lot better." replied Booth ignoring her demand. More than little startled by his own actions he sucked in a breath, but it did nothing to calm him, his anger just as intense hers. She'd finally done it, she pushed him over the edge, and he was free falling. All of his control or even a semblance of control was completely gone. He was running on nothing but pure adrenalin, laced with desire. As six years of frustration, longing, hurt, hope, and patience had just come to a screeching halt.

He could feel her struggling against him; it did nothing but turn him on even more. Just like their arguments her movements were full of passion. "Simmer down Bones, you're not going anywhere. You're going to surrender right where you stand!"

"I won't surrender!" She said sharply through gritted teeth not hiding her unabated fury, but she managed to mask her shock at his choice of words. Her fake smile was a futile effort to keep him off balance and regain some control. She met his glare with a fierce one of her own, refusing to look away from his beautiful brown eyes. She knew Booth would never hurt her, so she wasn't scared, but she was determined to free herself nonetheless. Evaluating her position, she decided the most efficient course of action was to use gravity to her advantage.

"Bones, I…"

She looked up at him when he started to speak, but was uncharacteristically silent as she focused on her escape. Loving the challenge of proving to him once and for all she was not helpless, she was almost disappointed when Booth loosened his grip and backed off just slightly. She completely relaxed her muscles, and stilled her movements, giving the impression she was conceding. Just as he started to speak again, she attempted to slide down the wall using the dead weight of her body to lower her self to the point she could pull free of his surprisingly tight grip.

Even in this heated passion of emotions there was no way for him to describe just how good he felt. He was relieved that they'd finally pushed each other far enough that they were going to have to admit and deal with what had been between them from the day they met. It was not ever going to be easy and he'd accepted that long ago. But this, this was insane and he knew it, he couldn't keep his partner pinned up against the wall in her own apartment, but God help him he wanted to.

He started to let her go and apologize, until he realized she was attempting to use a self defense move to escape his hold and it pissed him off, unleashing a trained predator response in him. "I said you're not going anywhere!" He cried, backing away from her just enough that he could forcibly manipulate her to into their original position. He never flinched when her struggling knocked the picture from the brick wall. "But you don't really want to, now do you?"

Her eyes widened at his softly spoken question which was at odds with his aggressiveness and when he leaned his hard body against hers she wanted to moan. Maybe she did...she'd never be certain. She'd never been able to decide if she loved or hated the fact he knew her so well…sometimes it was as if he could read her mind and it was normally comforting, but in this instance she hated it. Even if he was right, getting away was the last thing she wanted, but there was no way in hell she was going to give him the satisfaction of admitting it.

As his eyes traveled over her, he could see all the evidence he needed to back up his claim "Isn't that right Bones?" he demanded as if he heard her private thoughts, his voice was a husky tone she'd never heard before. As his eyes boared into hers, she knew it was like some cliché, but felt she could drown in the depths of what she seen in his eyes. It made her shiver as she tried and failed to identify all the emotions he was trying to convey to her. She could see his pupils were dilated and that basic indictor he was just as aroused as she was a relief of sorts. But there was so much more she was still unsure of. "I won't surrender". Her fear, pride and desire for control forced her to fight, and her breath was replaced by pants, her body knowing what it needed, what it wanted. "Not even for you Booth!" she lied.

"We'll just see about that." He whispered in her ear as he lifted her arms over her head, none too gently tightening his grip and holding both her wrists with his left hand, leaving the right one free to reach behind her and slide the coated rubber band that held her still damp ponytail out of her hair. He hated when she wore her hair pulled back. After tossing the brightly colored elastic to the floor he threaded his fingers through her hair and forced her head back so he could look right into her eyes. She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. "Look at me Bones."

She let out a deep breath and bit her lip before she opened her eyes "I don't respond well to demands or threats and certainly not to being manhandled." she taunted him purposely as she slid her foot up and down his calf.

His lips slowly turned into a smile "You're done with other men, Temperance" His mouth so close to hers she could feel his warm breath on her face. "We both know I'm the only one who can give you what you want, what you need."

She knew the use of her given name was his way of emphasizing to her how serious he was. "Is that so?" she asked defiantly. His arrogance infuriated her as much as it aroused her. His voice sounded like pure uninhibited sex and his alpha-male possessive words stoked the fire that started in the inner most part of her body and was slowly engulfing her. "That's a lot of talk for a altar boy, you sure you can back that up?" she baited, with every intention of wiping that cocky smirk off his face.

She watched the anger flash across his chiseled features "Don't." His single word came out as a warning as he ground his hips against her, leaving no doubt he had every intention of backing up his words.

Never one to be outdone or persuaded from her goal, she clenched her thighs around the leg that was pinning her to the wall and was rewarded with a primitive growl from deep inside his chest as she slid back and up and down, searching for even the smallest relief from the vivacious ache between her legs. She could not help but smile as she watched him fight to remain in control. Reenergized by the realization of her power over him, she moved her head forward to capture his lips, but in the instant before making contact he pulled back, reminding her he was still in control of this dance. His eyes were now black and had a dangerous glint that had never been focused on her before "Trust me, I am the last man who is ever going to handle you…and that, my dear Temperance, not a threat. It's a promise."

They both knew what his promises meant, especially the ones he made to her. Despite herself she continued to be aroused and excited by his dominant behavior, more than she could have ever imagined...but the knowledge of his pledge did nothing to quench the rage bubbling inside her, and he once again pulled back. "Promises…Promises Booth," She yelled so tired of believing he would ever touch her the way she longed to be touched by him. "When will that be, huh? Answer me!" She demanded still squirming "Someday? Or will it be in time? Right… that must be it, or no wait!" she was completely out of control and struggling against his grip, her breathing erratic and her pale skin a rose color.

He could not believe her, she was blaming this on him…"You're incredible, you know that?" He barked trying to get her to calm down. He'd been ready since the first day they'd met and now she was acting like she'd been just patiently waiting for him to get his shit together. "Bones!" He warned through clenched teeth, as she continued to struggle. His fury was building again, but as usual she either didn't see it or completely ignored the signs of danger. "Stop!" he pleaded knowing it was her intent to drive him mad.

"Oh ….let me think" she said as she continued her loud rant "I know when it will it be, Booth." She said enthusiastically with wide eyes before lowering her voice. "This one is my very own personal favorite …Eventually… When the hell is eventually Booth?"

Before she could provoke him any further Booth's lips seized hers in an uncontrolled passion catching her completely off guard. The kiss was relentless and demanding, as if he was punishing her for his own uncontrolled need. Maybe he was, but she came into his life and turned it upside down, inside out, made him crazy, broke his heart. Every fucking thing he thought he knew, he now questioned, he had to rethink, relearn everything and it was all because of her.

She moaned at the long overdue contact as his lips slanted over hers and she took all that he gave. She opened her mouth and matched him stroke for stoke as their tongue's battled for dominance. She could taste the malt from his beer; his anger and desire. She could feel the empirical evidence of his arousal as he continued to grind his body to hers. As the smoldering passion between them escalated, she was having trouble thinking, and she wanted him to release her hands so she could touch him. She wanted them to go to her bedroom, or sink to the floor she really didn't care. Her entire body felt as if housed a billion tiny sparks that were about to ignite into a raging inferno.

"Do you know what the fuck you do to me Bones? Do you?" he demanded, still angry as he pulled back trying to gain some control "You drive me crazy!"

"Let me go" she insisted when he finally pulled back, allowing her to suck in a breath.

"You know I'll never let you go." he muttered while kissing and nipping her jaw. "I know you know that."

"I don't make assumptions Booth, how would I know?" she asked as he loosened the hold on her wrists. She pulled free and immediately started to unbutton his dress shirt. "You've never told me."

"I tell you everyday Bones." God she pisssed him off "Every day, but you, my genius, just weren't paying attention."

"Booth, I'm fairly sure that if you had told me I would remember."

He interrupted her with a low voice "Now I'm going to show you." His hands slide down beneath hem of his beloved Snoopy shirt that fit her like a dress, and he slowly pushed it up, stopping momentarily at the waistband of her ridiculously sexy silk boy shorts. "They're silk" she whispered into his ear, hoping she could entice him into running his hands over the expensive material. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, knowing what she wanted, but resisted the temptation, because he had another destination in mind. He pushed the shirt up at what would be considered a snail's pace, while his lips lightly brushed against the sensitive flesh of her neck, the sensation making her gasp. He grinned when she twisted her head so he had better access. She wondered how it was possible he knew the exact spot at the base of her ear that was always her undoing. He could feel her pulse quicken under his lips, and couldn't help but to suck on the sensitive skin, teasing her with his teeth.

Settling her palms on his chest against the textured fabric of his athletic tee she felt the pounding of his heart and knew the tattoo matched her own. She closed her eyes as she tried to remember why they had waited so long. "Now that you think you have me Agent Booth, what are you going to do with me?" She just could not stop herself from goading him on …knowing he responded to their banter just as much as she did, it had been their foreplay for five years now and she suspected it would always play a part.

"The question remains the same as before … what do you want me to do Bones, huh? Or better yet what do you want me to do to you?" Replied Booth with a grin as thumbs caressed the undersides of her breasts before lightly ghosting over her tight nipples.

"Do that" she whispered letting her hands fall from their task of freeing him of his shirt, her fingers now clutching his waist as she leaned back against the wall, almost overwhelmed by the sensation of the cool bricks against her heated skin.

"You like that Bones?" He asked wanting, no actually needing her to confirm what her soft moans and flushed skin told him. His fingers had ached to touch her for years.

"Booth" she pleaded as she felt him start to move away "Ahhhhhh… ohhh…Yes! I like that very much, please don't stop!" she begged as caught his hand and pushed back to her aching breast.

"Oh baby, I'm not going to stop" He whispered directly into her ear "Not now, not tomorrow, and not ever and that, too, is a promise!" The second the words left his mouth he felt her become rigid and he knew he needed to reassure her. He knew better than to speak in terms of forever, he really did, but there was so much he wanted to tell her. "No thinking Bones" he whispered directly into her ear before rocking against her again "Just feel".

"Ahhhh Booth… " The sensations that were flowing through her body were as old as time, but she felt as if she was on a voyage of new discovery. "Booth… I want, I want to…um…we…" She closed her eyes and sucked in a breath in hopes the extra oxygen would make it possible to articulate a complete thought. "I need to…Booth please…"

"I know, I know sweetheart okay, I know… shhhh I know." He tried to reassure her that his need was just a great as he stepped back, running his hands down her arms and clasping her hands "We're in this together alright? Just like always. There is no need to hurry; we've got the rest of our lives Bones. I promise. "

"Booth, you can't say that! You can't, you can't promise that." She sounded panicked "You don't know that you will always want this, that you will always want me."

He ever so gently grasped her head in hands letting his thumbs caress her face. "I can and I will promise that, and you know what else Bones? I know you believe me…I know you feel it too."


"Yes Baby" he replied as he tucked a few stray hairs behind her ear if she was going to balk at the endearment.

"Booth, I do believe you mean what you are saying. I do" She replied honestly as she pulled his unbuttoned shirt tails free of his pants and tried to push it off his shoulders. Her progress was halted and she let out a frustrated sigh when he refused to move his hands from her body. "However, right now we are not thinking rationally. Our bodies are secreting pheromones and hormones and while I'm very interested in continuing this there is no way of knowing…"

He could not help, but stare at her in disbelief "Is this all what you want…Huh?" Demanded Booth before his tongue plunged past her lips into her welcoming mouth almost violently, his tongue exploring every part of her mouth. She moaned when he sucked her tongue into his mouth. His hands found their way to her hair, tilting her head backwards as he captured and laid claim with a deep wet kiss what had been his since the day he'd laid eyes on her.

He knew he needed to stop. It was not supposed to be like this. He loved and respected this antagonistic, completely infuriating woman and he was not going to allow this to be just about sex. But the sounds she was making and the way she had molded herself to him was making that argument harder to win than usual.

She wrapped her arms around his neck in a move of self preservation because although she was still pinned to the wall, for the first time in her life she felt as if her knees were actually going to buckle from the vibrations that were on some sort of collision course in her body. He pulled back, allowing them both the much-needed oxygen.


"No what?" His eyes grew impossibly darker and the look on his face dared her to speak from the heart.

"No Booth, that's not all I want."

He really didn't know if he should feel relived or terrified "What is it you want? Tell me please!" he asked without waiting for her response, his patience was eroding quickly "Because for the life of me Bones, I can't seem to figure out what the hell it is you want."

She starred back at him with those big blue eyes, her arms still wrapped around his neck, her fingers toying with his hair. This time it was his turn to shiver. "I want everything" was her honest retort "I believe I told you that I'm tried of waiting."

He stepped back just out of her reach …his brain reminding him she did not lie. "Unfuckingbelievable"


"You're not going to have to wait any longer." replied Booth trembling with his own since of urgency as he released her to shrug off the dress shirt that she had pushed half way down his arms.

Taking advantage of his distraction, she slid down the wall sinking to her knees in front of him, licked her lips and whispered, "I know."