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We are starting part two of the story. Sorry about the long quotes but we are trying to get this story rolling. It picks from the last chapter of So He Creeped. We will be bringing other characters in but will try to keep the focus on Gin. Your reviews help us and are greatly appreciated. Enjoy.

"Gin Ichimaru" the voice called.

Gin sat still. The blade did not move.

"Are you Gin Ichimaru?" the voice asked again but more forceful.

"Yeah, I am", Gin said as he placed his hand on his stomach.

"Throw your katana on the ground!" the voice demanded.

Gin released it and threw it on the ground. Gin still limited his movement. He placed his hands back on his stomach.

"Now place your bag on the ground."

Gin showed his hand and slowly placed his bag on the ground.

"Stand up and turn around."

Gin struggled to stand, but he was able to get up and turned around. He kept his hands on his stomach. He saw two men. One with a katana pointed at him and the other without one. They both looked shocked at a pregnant Gin.

"Gin, are you…………"

"Pregnant? Yeah, Kisuke Urahara."

Kisuke stood there staring at Gin with his mouth open.

"Now, can I sit down? I'm tired." Gin sat down and put his hands back on his stomach.

"Tessai, go over and check Gin out. See if he is not hiding anything." Kisuke said to his companion.

Tessai walked over and stood in front of Gin. Kisuke stood behind Gin with the blade still pointed at Gin. Tessai kneeled down and placed a hand under Gin chin to look at the bruise on his cheek.

"Aizen?" Tessai asked taking a guess.

Gin shook his head yes. Tessai then showed his hand to Gin. He motioned to place his hands on Gin stomach. Gin was hesitate at first, but agreed and moved his hands from his stomach. Tessai placed one hand on Gin's stomach and the baby kicked. Tessai smiled. He then placed his other hand on the other side of Gin's stomach and felt a kick. A look of surprise came across Tessai's face. Gin looked at his reaction and his eyes started to water.

"Is my baby okay?"

"From what I can tell, they're both are okay. I did pick up two heartbeats. We may need to Hanataro to check you out."

"Two heart beats? Twins?" Gin looked at his stomach and smiled.

"That is why you kick so much. I have been ignoring one." Gin said rubbing your stomach.

Kisuke put away his katana and walked around in front of Gin. He kneeled down in front of Gin and looked at the bruise on his cheek.

"How far along are you, Gin?" Kisuke asked with his hand out wanting to put his on Gin's stomach. Gin looked at him and agreed. Kisuke put a hand on his stomach and felt the babies kick.

"Six and a half months. I didn't know it but I was pregnant when I left Soul Society with Aizen", Gin said as he started yawning.

"Is Aizen the …"

"No", Gin cut him off.

"Do you know who the father is?" Kisuke asked.

"Yes. He doesn' know. I wanna keep it that way." He said trying to stop that conversation.

"Is this one of Aizen experiments?"

"Yeah, I guess I was just lab rat to him", Gin said while yawning.

"Does Aizen know where you are?"

"Aizen is dead. I killed him. He was trying to hurt my baby. I am glad you found me. Stark, who is Aizen's Primera Espana Arrancar, wanted me to give you something. He stated that they have no need for it."

He motioned Tessai to hand him his bag. Gin reached in his bag and pulled out the Hogyoku and handed it to Kisuke. Kisuke was shocked that Gin handed it to him like a piece of gum.

"Why and How did you get this?"

"Because of that thing, I am in this condition. This 'thing' made Aizen thinks he was a god, changed shinigami and hollows, and started a war. With Aizen out of the way, I don't know what is going to happen. Tosen is still there. He is still very loyal to Aizen. I don't know what role he will play in this scheme now. He will probably fulfill Aizen's dream of being king and create this kingdom that he would go on and on about. I was placed out of 'the loop' so I don't know. Stark told me that my baby was this heir to this kingdom. Aizen was going to kill me after I had the baby. He would tell them that I died in childbirth. The very thought makes me wonder what plans they had for the baby. All I know is, in a few hours all of Hueco Mundo will know Aizen is dead and they will be gunning for me. All I want is to have my baby….babies. I want to be born healthy and safe. I want them out of the reach of anything that has to do with Aizen's plan. If that can happen, If I can do that, then I will be happy", Gin said as he rubbed his stomach.

"So, if ya'll are through with me, I need to git goin'. I gotta find a place to hide" Gin said as he struggled to get up. He motioned to Tessai to help him up. Tessai held out his hand and Gin grabbed to stand up.

"Wait, Gin, you look tired and hungry. Come with me and Tessai. We will hide you. We will help you." Kisuke said as he looked at Gin. He stood up and held out his hand to stop Gin from leaving.

"Look, a lotta folks dun got hurt over what Aizen did. I was part of it and I was hurt too. I wanna stop it. I don't want anybody else to get hurt. If you help me, you might git hurt", Gin said, as he started crying.

"Look, your hormones are out of whack, you are tired and hungry and in a few months, you are going to be responsible for two babies. You are not thinking straight. After you get some rest, we will help you come up with a plan.

Tessai got Gin's katana and bag. He gave it to Kisuke. Tessai then picked up Gin who insisted he can walk. He told him that he gets sick when flash stepping. Tessai ignored him and they flash stepped to Urahara's shop.

When they arrived at the shop, Tessai put Gin down. Gin got nauseated. Kisuke pointed toward the bathroom. Gin walked as fast as he and slammed the door.

Kisuke looked at the Hogyoku in his hand. Then he looked up and Yoruichi was standing in front of him.

"What the hell is Gin doing here? She asked angrily.

Kisuke proceeded to tell Yoruichi the events of the night. As she listened, her anger changed to concern. As she was processing the information, Gin walked out of the bathroom.

"Hey, Yoruichi." Gin gave her a nervous smile. She walked over to Gin, looked at the bruise, and then looked at his stomach. She placed a hand on his stomach. The babies started to kick. She smiled and placed her hand on his cheek.

"We will help you. We will protect you. You look tired. You need to rest. If want you say is true, all hell may break loose tomorrow. You have to strong for the little ones. We will be strong for you." Yoruichi told Gin. "Tessai will set up a place for you to sleep. Someone will be in the room with you while you sleep, so you can sleep soundly. We will get someone to give you a check up later. For now, we just want you to rest."

Tessai took Gin by the hand and lead him down the hall. Tessai opened the door. The room was small but quiet. He gave Gin an outfit to sleep in. He showed him the bathroom that was in the room. Gin went in and took a shower and changed in the outfit. It was a big t-shirt and shorts. It felt very comfortable and warm. Gin came out. Tessai was there but he was sitting on a mat near the wall. He got up and assisted Gin on the sleeping mat.

He left the room and came back with a tray of food. Tessai sat across from Gin and they both ate and talked. He started to tell him about life with Aizen and life at Hueco Mundo. Gin ate until he was full and told Tessai that he was a good cook. Gin looked out the window and started rocking. He saw the sun coming up. Tessai asked him if he was alright. Gin shook his head.

"You know, this is the first time I've seen a sunrise in six months."

Gin continued to rock until his eyes got so heavy he could not keep them open. He lay down on the mat and closed his eyes. His last thought was he was at peace.

Tessai walked over and placed the covers over Gin. He sat down on the mat and watch Gin sleep. He began to think what the day was going to bring.