Hiya! It's Jessie! I just realized, for those who have read this before, that it should be a one-shot. Thanks for your support. ^.^

Nessie is leaning on a tree early in the morning. She is at the age where she looks like she is 15 or 16. Jake, in human form, walks up to Nessie.

"Hey babe, how's your day going" he says casually. He leans in to kiss her.

Edward jumps down from the trees above, "You know dog, I'm still quite uncomfortable with you doing that."

"You bloodsuckers are so territorial. I came here to see my girlfriend that I imprinted on! And I should be allowed," Jake says in frustration.

"Jakie-pooh, you shouldn't have gone that far," Nessie warns. She was right Edward was crouched ready to pounce on him. She steps in front of Edward and says two simple words: "Dad, no."

Edward relaxes from his stance and turns to Jacob, "Learn to sleep with one eye open dog."

"Creepy," Jake comments, then continues to making out with Nessie.

The next day, Jacob wakes up and has a collar welded shut around his neck. He tries to pull it out but there is no use. He just leaves it alone and shifts into a dog. The collar fit perfectly around his neck, which Jacob finds quite odd. He sees the Cullen house in the distance and runs even faster.

About twenty feet away, he is hit by a large electric shock. It startles him but he backs up and tries again. This time the electrical current is so strong, it throws him back 3 feet. He gets back up and tries again and again and again with the same results. He hears laughter from the house he looks up to find Edward and Bella rolling around on the porch.

"Oh, so you think that this is funny," he snarls.

"Yes extremely," Edward says, still laughing. "Thanks Emmett!" he calls behind him.

Nessie runs down the stairs to she what is so funny, and then sees Jacob in pain. She automatically turns to Edward, "Dad what the hell did you do to him!"

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, do not swear at your parents." Edward says with a suddenly serious face.

"I don't give a damn if you are my parents, what the hell is going on here?" she shouts even louder.

Swear one more time and I'm calling Jane," Bella says, "and this time I won't protect you."

"Mother and father, why is Jacob writhing in pain 20 feet and…7.75 inches away from the house," Nessie asks.

"Much better," Bella comments.

"We had Uncle Emmett put a shock collar on him," Edward states.

"But why, father?"

"Because you two were kissing," Edward says then makes a face.

"Ugh, you are almost 150, GROW UP!" she shouts then runs to comfort Jake.

Eventually the collar comes off, and Jacob is allowed back into the house. But the two of them learned on thing, never to kiss in front of Edward again (yeah… right….)

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