My first written piece in a loooong while, a fanfic for the book Gosick (and probably the only one of it's kind really..) Kazuya Kujo/Victorique de Blois(centric).

By - Ying Fa Xang

Disclaimer - I don't own and all that jazz…

Prompt: Lunch break

Time: A little after the first novel.

Summary - Victorique de Blois felt as if she'd been waiting forever. Yet, through all the anticipation, and loneliness, she pressed on and continued to wait. Because, she could not go to him her self...

The sun sat at the highest perch of the sky, raining light through the glass windows of the Saint Marguerite library. The scent of cinnamon spice and pipe tobacco filled the air with it's odd yet illustrious aroma, enchanting any who would dare to brave it's many twists and turns.

However, from what the lone gray wolf had observed in her many years at the topmost tower, there had not been any so brave for a very long time. With the exception of one young "reaper" who had simply walked the monotonous trek up those many twists into her life not long ago.

Victorique looked up toward the twisted stairwells from her mountain of books and documents to listened for something, anything that would give any hint at all of his arrival today.

There was nothing. He's not here..

She took a long drag from her pipe and exhaled. Slowly she gazed upward to the ceiling taking in the sight around her. Spring had dissipated, and summer heat was slowly setting in. "The students will be switching to there summer uniforms soon.." She said aloud to no one in particular.

Victorique gazed at the blue sky, slightly hypnotized by sight of the slow drifting clouds, and the harmonious chirp of the birds song. Something that normally would have been a distraction for her, was now a relief as she could not find a solution for her worries in any of her books.

Taking her pipe in one hand she used the other to hide the tiresome yawn that escaped her lips.

Chaos, chaos, what she wouldn't give for some chaos right now! She would gladly even except a visit from her heel of a broth- no! no.. she could never be that desperate…

With boredom quickly settling, Victorique returned to the abundant pile of books laid out before her. The clock nearby rang loudly in her ears, twelve o' clock. Ding, ding, ding it chimed continuously. Already twelve, and he was not here, and had not been since yesterday morning. Undoubtedly, lunch would be waiting in her room.

I won't eat today!

She would not leave the library today, not for anything. She would wait all day. If only to hear him call her name. She would become stone and cement right there by her books. With a yawn, She took two more puffs from her pipe and closed her eyes, leaving her mind to drift.

She could almost see him, the silly fool, running, running up all those stairs, just to reach her. Hopefully, he will have brought some chaos from the outside world with him this time. Or perhaps a bit of his company will suffice me for the rest of the day?

Although, exact time and place couldn't be pin pointed, somewhere she had begun to long for more, as she played out her days as the trapped princess. More chaos to reconstruct, more visits to the outside, more of lingering glances from-


Victorique held her breath, as she listened again, an unbidden smile spread across her lips. At last, he has come. She tried her best to keep the urge to run to him squashed down. She quickly looked toward her books, pipe in hand. All the while listening to the stomp, stomp of his feet.


Kazuya Kujo walked the path from the stairwell to the spot on the floor where she sat. She did not look up, but did answer.

"What can I help you with today? Young reaper who comes in spring."

Kujo sighed.

"Please don't call me that. And for the last time I enrolled last fall!"

She wanted to laugh, but did not. He spoke again.

"Sorry I didn't come to visit this morning."

She took a long drag from her pipe and looked at him for the first time today. It felt as if it's been weeks since she's last seen him.

I missed you Kujo..

"You were cooking, I see."

"Err- yes, actually. How'd you..? No wait, Let me guess. Your fountain of knowledge told you?"

"My fountain of knowledge shows me many things Kujo. Your uniform jacket is not on and your sleeves are rolled up, which means you must have been doing work of some sort. There are traces of flour on your hands and pants. And, judging by the steam from the box in your hands, as well as the fact that it is lunch time now, it was your lunch you were making."

"And, you would be wrong."

Victorique looked up, surprise written in her face. Kujo laughed.

I am never wrong!

"This lunch isn't for me, it's for you. Here."

Kujo handed the box to Victorique and smiled.

"That was very.. wasteful of you Kujo. The staff here at the school are the ones who cook for me."

Thank you.. Kujo.

Kujo laughed again.

"Well, if it's a waste, give it here."

Kujo made motion to take the box back, but Victorique turned on her heel and sat down, box still in hand. His smile grew as she very un-aristocratically opened the box and stuffed her face with the strange yet delicious foreign food.

"What are these, Kujo?"

"Steamed pork dumplings. Do you like them?"

Victorique downed another dumpling. Taste, texture, and flavor. All of it is so wonderful!

"It's not hard to tell this was obviously made by amateur hands. However, It will suffice until dinner, I suppose."

"Uhh- you're welcome?"

Kujo took a seat next to her and watched her eat. Victorique stared at the box of dumplings. Three eaten, and three left. She placed the lid on the box and set it aside. These can be for dinner.

Kujo gave her a curious glance.

"Full already?"

"No need to stuff myself. So then, Kujo tell me of the chaos that plagues you."


"This is why you have brought me lunch, is it not? You have gotten your self into trouble again and need help reconstructing the chaos, yes?"

"Nope, you would be wrong again."

Kujo slipped an arm around Victorique's shoulder and held her, as he had oh so many times in his mind. She leaned into his embrace, a little embarrassed but in more need of it then he would ever realize.

"No chaos today, just thought I'd make you lunch."

She wrapped her arm around his back and rested against him.

"Silly Kujo and your hopeless romantic notions. Do not believe that if you make me lunch today, I will simply fall in love with you tomorrow."

Because, I long since have. And falling again, and again, and again…

He gave a chuckle.

"Yeah, I know."

Not another sound transpired between them. Victorique de Blois felt as if she'd been waiting forever. But through all the anticipation, and loneliness, she pressed on and continued to wait. Because, she could not go to him her self.

Yet it did not matter, so long as she had chaos to reconstruct and Kujo was in need of a willing female to woo, she could wait an eternity.

She knew he would return again…

A/N: Hmm.. Well that's it. Victorique and Kujo seem a bit out of character huh? But, that's why the call it fan fiction.

Had plans to write more but I figured I'd leave it be. Save it for the next piece and give you something to look forward to. If there is a next one…