I was inspired after watching the last episode of GOSICK to write this. The last part of the series was rushed, I'm certain. I wanted more! MORE!

I wanted to know what daily life in the army was like for Kujo, and how exactly had Victorique found her way in and around Japan? How had she coped with the constant waiting? The idea that Kujo might not return alive? It's just not enough!

I'm certain the novels must delve a lot deeper into these matters than the anime did, but it's obvious TokyoPop doesn't intend on releasing the rest of the novels in English, so this will have to do.


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By - Ying Fa Xang

Prompt: Full to the brim

Time: during the last episode.

SPOILERS! If you haven't seen the end yet!

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When she finally saw him again, it had been five years. For five long years now, she had waited. All winter and spring long, the ships would come in, to drop soldiers off. He was never on any of them… Until today.

It had been a long journey, for both of them she suspected. The ship she had traveled had taken many stops to get here, to Kujo's home land of Nippon. How scared Victorique had been that first year, to cross that great, gaping ocean all by herself. Dutifully clutching his many letters in one hand, and the coin pendent he'd given her in the other.

She had arrived with nothing but these. No luggage, no money, no one to show her the way. Not even a translator to help her communicate with the natives here. How she cursed her former arrogance! Why hadn't she accepted Kujo's offer to teach her his language when she had the chance?

Just trying to remember which street corner she had turned was so difficult! Every building looked the same, she had gotten lost quite a few times here. Which was unheard of for her! And, it didn't help that she didn't exactly blend in with the rest of the people either.

Her long trailing hair now dyed silver, and short body, made her quite the outcast here. In Nippon, everyone had black hair, all of them were tall, and all seemed to look at foreigners with disdain.

This place.. It's just like maman's home of Saillune, isn't it? Everyone's the same, and because of the war, foreigners like myself are ousted…

Victorique had walked around the harbor at first, searching for someone, anyone who spoke any semblance of English, or French. And, where as she did find just a few who did, none could tell her where the address Kujo had written on his letters was located, for they were just as foreign to this land as she was.

Eventually, she had came across, a tall Japanese man who spoke a small amount of English. She had held up a letter with the address, and he'd, in his broken English dialect, pointed the way. She knew she didn't need to ask if it would be a long walk to Kujo's place of residence.

Victorique was surprised to find that Kujo's house was big! Not big by French standards, and certainly not as big as the De Blois mansion had been, but from what she had garnered looking at the many residences she had past on the way, Kujo's family was rich! They lived uptown, in a large square home, housed in a tall stone fence.

When she'd gotten there, she had been scared. Scared of there rejection. She had been walking for some time now, and it was cold. The snow was everywhere, and she only had her nun's habit to keep her shielded from the cold wind and snow.

She hadn't had a bath for a while now, and was certain she smelled, not to mention she was hungry. She found it amazing how she had gone from an aristocrat to a homeless orphan living off the fringes of society in less than a days time.

Victorique had waited outside the Kujo residence, hesitating, contemplating her next move. She sank into the snow on her knees, still holding Kujo's letters, deep in thought.

Kujo… Even though I know you're always here with me, I'm still scared. They are your family… but I don't know them. Will they like me? Will the accept me? I want them to so badly.

It was not long after these thoughts, that she had been spotted. A young lady, in a strange pantsuit, and black hair tied into a bun, emerged from the Kujo residence. She was much to young to be Kujo's mother, this must have been his sister, Ruri. The young girl tried to speak with her, but Victorique couldn't understand a word.

Victorique held up Kujo's many letters, and muttered his name. "Kazuya.. Kujo." Immediately Ruri rushed the cold and sullen Victorique into the house. Everything took off from there. Ruri had given her some warmer children's size clothes to change into, Kujo's mother, offered her food, to which Victorique gobbled with out hesitation. Never mind if the taste was strange to her pallet. And, Kujo's older brothers went about reading and translating the letters Kujo had written.

And so it proceeded, in the winter of 1925, she had become a member of the Kujo house hold. Now all that was left, was to wait for Kujo…

The first year that passed with Kujo's family was very busy for the most part. Many people were bunkering down, stocking on supplies, and getting ready for the great tragedy that had already begun. Victorique spent time helping Kujo's family in any way she could.

Mrs. Kujo taught her how to hold chop sticks and properly cook their foreign food. Ruri had taught her how to sew clothes, and do laundry. Kujo's brothers had kept her entertained with many puzzles, all to which she solved, once they had been properly translated of course. It was both bitter and sweet that year, and all throughout, Victorique did her best to keep hoping, that soon Kujo would return home.

The second year with the Kujo's had gone from bittersweet, to hell. Many men had by now, packed and left for battle. Eventually, on a winters day in 1926, the Kujo sons did leave too. Victorique remembered the bitter tears Ruri and Mrs. Kujo cried when the men departed onto the ship that would more than likely lead them to their deaths.

They were now just three little women with no one but each other. Kujo's father had long departed for the army before the battle had even begun a year before, something Victorique had been grateful for. After assessing all of Kujo's stories, she had concluded if Kujo's father had been there, she might not have been welcomed into their home.

From then on, Ruri, Mrs. Kujo, and Victorique worked on surviving the war. Food was becoming more and more of an scarce commodity, as it was being shipped off to the troops across the sea.

Many women and children were packing bags and leaving for safer harbors. Many soldiers that had stayed behind to protect their homeland, marched up and down the streets, rifles in hand. The three did their best to hold out, but Victorique had known it would only get worse from there on.

In the spring of 1927, the bomber planes had finally come to Japan.

It had looked to be a hopeful morning, then the purr of plane engines was heard and then- ZOOOOOOOOOM! ZOOOOOOOM!

BOOOOOOOOOM! The bombs dropped. Fire, and smoke were abundant, and those who had not already left, had run screaming. The terror Victorique had felt was indescribable. The time Brian had tried to kill her did not even compare. All around them bombs fell like rain, fire exploded in large a gush, and bodies had begun to litter the ground. Victorique clung to her pendant tighter than ever before, chanting only one name.


In the shelter they'd taken root in, Ruri and Victorique huddled together, as the bombs went off outside. Mrs. Kujo had taken to comforting a small crying child in the corner who was without anyone to care for him. Many people squished together in this tiny bunker, some sobbing, some praying, some cursing and scowling at the misfortune that had befallen them. Everything was chaos to Victorique, and not for the first time in her life did she wish it were not.

When the bombs had finally stopped falling, and was deemed safe to come out, The Kujos, and Victorique had returned to the residence to see if anything had been left. Victorique found it strange how particular a bomb could be, for the neighboring house next to the Kujo's, although a little singed, was left in tacked. The Kujo residence however… was in shambles.

Victorique had broken down at the site. This had been the home Kujo had lived, loved, and grown, now it was in burnt pieces. She could not hold back her tears as she prayed hard that Kujo himself was not in the same condition…

The third year of war was upon them. Time continued to drift on, an so did they. Mrs. Kujo, and Ruri had taken it upon themselves to help any who were in need. Some days Ruri and Victorique would volunteer at the shelters, handing out food to the homeless, and soldiers who passed in and out of the area. Other days they would head down to the hospitals and help bandage many of the sick and wounded.

Victorique had begun to lose all hope that the war would end. The number of casualties was staggering, and it continued to climb higher everyday. She found herself clutching her pendant more and more those days. Unconsciously stroking it with her thumb, believing with all hope, that Kujo was receiving the feelings of desperation and loneliness she had been trying to relay.

Please let this war end. I can't take much more of this…

Neither side of the battle seemed to be winning, and most of Japan was in shambles. Victorique looked out at this once great land and cried. Kujo's homeland had been so beautiful once, now it had simply become a casualty of war. Yet, she and her new little family, continued onward.

At last, in the Winter of 1928... It was declared, the war was over.

Ruri and Mrs. Kujo were more than elated to hear the news. Victorique however refused to share in this joy, until Kujo was returned home safely. When the first ship had come into port, Victorique had been elated. She had waited from sun up, to sun down with Ruri in tow, asking around for Kazuya. Kujo hadn't been on that ship however. "Don't worry he'll be on the next one!" Ruri had said to a disappointed Victorique. She could only nod in agreement.

The second ship that came in, Victorique had just known that this would be it! Once again, She and Ruri waited from dawn to dusk. No Kujo. Ruri had tried once again to ask around for him, but returned with empty results. Victorique had begun, by now, to become just a bit discouraged at this. Tightly she had clutched her pendant and tears skated down her face.

Kujo… Please! Please come back to me!

When the third ship had come in with no Kujo to be found, Victorique had begun to give up all hope. She had sunken to her knees crying to Ruri, muttering in French that Kujo might have died in battle some time ago, and she had just been fooling herself all this time. "Don't worry Victorique-san! I'm sure he will come! Have faith!" Victorique had spent the entire day sobbing on Ruri's shoulder.

In the spring of 1929, a fourth ship had come in. Victorique had been a dour mood since the last three failures, but Ruri had refused to give up. "He'll come home today, for sure!" By now, many men had returned, the crowds that gathered each time, were bigger than the ones before. The people experienced different emotions at once, from joy, to grief, and most importantly love.

Seeing it had made Victorique just slightly hopeful, but not quite enough to lift her mood. Ruri had decided to go searching, "I'll take a look over there, you wait here, ok?" and ran off. Victorique was just a little nervous about being left alone out in the opened, but couldn't quite find the words to object. That's when she'd heard it.

Just ahead, a solider in a green uniform had stepped up to her. He was so tall! Victorique looked up and was certain, this was him. This boy, now turned a man, was what she'd been waiting for.

Kujo.. you're…

The solider removed his cap, and gave her the best smile he could muster. He knelt down and spoke. "Were you bored? I've got interesting stories to tell you!" And proceeded to remove the hood that covered her.

All at once, the empty place in Victorique heart was filling up, so much so, it felt as if it would burst forth from her chest. Every old feeling was new again, and not only had her love for Kujo been restored, it felt as if it had tripled in size! The moment her white hair had come tumbling down from her hood, she felt as if she'd finally been freed from her life long pains.

As tears brimmed just beneath the surface, she muttered the age old mantra she'd kept deep within her, released for this moment.

"You're late… Reaper that comes in the springtime."

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