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Something that wasn't there before...





Videl searched the mountainous terrain from the air. She was astounded at how far from the city Gohan lived. However, she was determined to find out where. Finally after all this time, she knew his secret. And she wanted him to know that she knew.

Off in the distance she could see an igloo shaped home off by itself nestled in a large clearing next to a creek. :That must be it!: she smirked. She was awed by the array of wildflowers covering the valley below. It was beautiful! She put her jet down on a nearby hill and smiled wickedly.

**************************************************************************** ***********************************

Chi- chi was at the stove making pancakes when there was a knock on the door. Gohan was in the shower and Goten was sitting at the table eagerly awaiting his breakfast. 'Huh? I wonder who that could be?' She thought.

Nobody ever knocked on the door. Gohan and Goten just walked through and Bulma and their friends just opened the door and yelled 'Hey' and Vegeta usually just blasted the door down.

"I'll get it." Goten, Gohan's seven year old brother, cried excitedly jumping up from his chair and was running to the door almost faster than you could see.

Videl was surprised to see the door fly open even before she even had time to bring her hand back down from knocking on it. She looked down at a small boy with black spiked hair and a huge grin on his face. The resemblance to Gohan was obvious.

"Hi!" Videl said smiling broadly at the young boy. "Is Gohan here?"

"Yep! are you his girlfriend?" He asked innocently.

A thought flashed through her mind that maybe Gohan already had a girlfriend, but she readily discarded it. She never saw him with any one at school, plus what she was here for had nothing to do with that. This was business not pleasure. Videl felt herself start to blush as she answered quickly. "Um.. no I just know him from school."

Suddenly a tall thin woman appeared behind the child. "Can I help you?" Chi- chi asked appraising the young the woman in front of her. She took in the overly large t-shirt that practically came down to her knees and the tight leggings that hugged her muscular legs. She smiled even broader when Goten piped up. "She's here to see Gohan."

"Well come on in!" Chi chi exclaimed grabbing Videl's arm and practically dragging the girl into the small but cozy house. "Your just in time for breakfast. I'm Chi-chi Gohan's mother and this is Goten. Gohan well be down in a minute. He's never late for breakfast." Chi-chi said depositing Videl at the table next to Gohan's seat. Goten sat down next her.

"What's your name? I'm Goten." Goten said even though Chi-Chi had already told her that.

"Nice to meet you Goten I'm Videl."

"Videl!!" Chi-chi practically yelled turning around quickly from the stove causing Videl to jump. "Gohan talks about you all the time! It's nice to finally meet some of Gohan's new friends. He gets awfully lonely out here all by himself."

Videl blushed. 'I can't believe he actually talks about me. I wonder what he told them?' She thought as their many encounters flashed through her mind. None of them good.

"Gohan's not alone we're here." Goten piped up.

"I know honey," Chi-chi said coming over and kissing his forhead. "but it's nice to have friends your own age too. "

"Like Trunks?"

Chi-chi grinned. "Not exactly."

"Ms. Son, do you need any help with breakfast?" Videl asked hesitantly. Not that she knew how to cook, but one thing she hated was sitting around doing nothing. She was kind of relieved when Chi-chi declined her offer.

"Of course not! Your our guest! We don't get many around here so you just sit back and relax. Oh, and please call me Chi-chi, everybody does. I don't know what's taking Gohan but I'm not keeping my guest waiting." Chi- chi said.

Videl's eyes widened at the huge stack of pancakes that Chi- chi sat down in front of her. Goten's was twice as tall and he only took enough time to pour a whole bottle off syrup over his before he started shoveling it into his mouth. Videl was so entranced in watching Goten eat that she didn't even notice Gohan until he spoke. "Hey mom! Where's my clean pants?" Gohan yelled as he came into the kitchen fresh from the shower. He had a towel wrapped around his waist leaving a hungry Videl to take in his bare torso. There were little tiny water droplets here and there and Videl wondered what it would be like to lick them off. :Where did that come from?: Videl said to herself blushing as she stared at her classmate.

"Gohan!" Chi-chi chastised "You don't have to yell I'm right here. Plus we have company!" Chi-chi motioned with her hand to where Videl was drooling..err..sitting.

Gohan stopped dead in his tracks and slowly turned his head fearfully over to the table where Videl sat. She quickly recovered and smiled widely at him.

"Hi' Gohan." She said quietly as if it was the most natural thing to do.

"AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gohan yelled as sweat dripped off his head. He turned and ran out of the room almost losing his towel in the process.

"Your clean clothes are your dresser!" Chi-chi yelled after him.

Goten just continued eating as if nothing happened."You gonna eat that?" He asked pointing to Videl's plate. Videl felt her stomach quivering from the image of Gohan still very clear in her mind. She wordlessly shook her head no and scooted the plate over to him.

**************************************************************************** ***************

Gohan appeared a couple of minutes later. He wordlessly sat down and started eating. He acted like the earlier episode never happened except for the red stain still covering his cheeks. and the wet hair still damp against his neck.

"Gohan where are your maners?" Chi-chi scolded.

Gohan looked over at Videl nervously. "Um.. Hi! Umm. yeah I think I remember seeing you. Do go to my school?"

Videl smiled mischievously. Chi-chi looked on thoughtfully at her son who's ears had started to turn red. "Yes I do. As a matter of fact I'm in several of your classes."

"Oh yeah! That's right! Let me think...." Gohan put his fingers to his forehead as if he was concentrating hard. "Vickey, no Cathy? Um No I know ! Ruth Ann!"

"It's Videl." Videl said through clenched teeth. The look she gave him would of scared Vegeta.

He gulped nervously. "Yeah that's right. What brings you all the way out here?" He laughed but it came out sounding rather high pitched and he cleared his throat hurriedly.

"Actually I was just leaving." She said getting up from the table she thanked Chi-chi for the meal and bade good-bye to Goten who said bye with food falling out of his mouth. Gohan thought he was home free until she suddenly stopped and walked back over to him. He gulped as she put one arm his broad shoulders and leaned over their heads touching. She cupped her free hand around his ear and whispered softly so that only he could hear. "You may not know my name but I know yours Mr. Great Saiyaman. And if you don't want anyone else to know I suggest you meet me outside in ten minutes." Gohan shivered from her warm sweet breath against his face. She stood up and made her way to the door.