Get Over Me

Written By: Nicole Lopez

Lyrics By: Fefe Dobson (from the unreleased "Sunday Love")

Summary: Season 1 of the Best Years left Kathryn on the heels of Academic Probation, Dawn torn between becoming a real actress or reverting back to the cheesy "Snaps Ortega" of Bell Air High, and Samantha being wrapped into Trent's drug drama world while Devon waited for the opportune moment to win her back. What these friends decide to do could determine who they become for the rest of their lives, and could possibly ruin everything forever…

(A/N: Season one of the Best Years made us fall in love with the show, but by season two, Dawn, Devon, Trent, Lee, Shannon, Cynthia, and that RA guy had completely disappeared. They were replaced by Robyn, Del, dude with brown hair, and Poppi. This story is to bridge the gap, by explaining what happened to our faves. I don't plan on rewriting season two, but I do plan on bringing back Dawn, Devon, and Trent. I have the first three chapters written, more or less, but I have to edit it and see if anyone's interested. If you are, send a quick review of what you want to see happen. –NL)

Chapter One: We Know What's Coming Next

*Read about everything that happened between Season 1 and 2.

(A/N: I don't remember what happened on the last episodes of TBY so I'm improvising. And I changed the ending a little so everyone's not just driving away… If you can help me out, please do! This story is mostly about Samantha-Dawn-Devon so enjoy.–NL)

Samantha had promised herself, and Trent, that if she ever caught him doing coke again, it was over. She would not give him a second chance no matter how desperately he looked at her and begged for another one. She would be the one to walk out and leave him to fend for himself because she would not go down with him.

Samantha had too much to worry about, with Dawn threatening to leave and Devon too … not to mention figuring out a way to finance her schooling on her own without a job, money, oh and parents. But she had beaten the odds many, many times before, especially since coming to Charles University.

Let's just says she was the complete poster child for those Lifetime movies about orphans who made it to the big leagues. The problem was that her story had just started, and she had plenty of time to screw it up even more than getting her best friend hit by a car and playing a role in the death of a fellow frosh student.

All in the past. It was all in the past and if Trent didn't show up in the next few minutes, he would be too. Seriously though, what was Samantha thinking? She found him snorting coke in the storage room of Lee's bar and when she gave him the ultimatum, he'd told her to back off.

Somehow she thought leaving a message of her love and support to him would make him change his mind. Trent had exactly ten more minutes to show up. Five. Samantha had added that onto the fifteen minutes that she had already added to the original time. Ten minutes.

Waiting in at the bar in agony … until the door opened and for a moment Samantha felt relieved. She had gotten through to someone. Her self-righteous bashing had paid it forward.

"Lee?"She wondered, trying to think of a reason why he would be coming here right now.

"Samantha? I know you need a job still, but you can't just hang around here."

"I know. I know … Have you seen Trent?"

"No, but are you waiting around for him? I have his pay check--"

"Actually, don't give that to me. I don't know when I'll be seeing him again." Samantha answered, moving from behind the bar counter. Looking around the empty, dimly lit bar, which was once Colony, the place to be, it was heartbreaking. Everything was ending so suddenly and it had only been one semester.

One semester and everything was changing already. Samantha was really starting to hate change.

"Well, here's yours."

"Yeah. Thanks." She tucked it into her bag without looking. $8.25 an hour was less than impressing compared to the tips she had been used to receiving. "Lee, you take care of yourself and if there's a position open for me--"

"You're hired." He added with a smile, looking a little more frail than earlier. "Don't worry Samantha. Give this place a month and it'll be back in business. Maybe I won't be here, but I've got an associate … he'll managing a country club and I can--"

"Thanks Lee, but I'm sure I won't be needing it. You'll be back." Samantha gave her employer/friend one last firm hug before storming out of the building for good. Ten minutes or not, she couldn't stand knowing that Lee was HIV positive and looking as sickly as he did. The thought ate at her. AIDS. Change. Death. Trent.

"So, what do you think?" Dawn asked the girl who had become Sam's replacement during their brief rift. "Is this L.A. enough?"

"Why are you asking me? You just came here from there. I'm from San Francisco." Robyn Crawford answered, her head buried in a book about some kind of pre-med topic that made no sense to Dawn.

"While we're asking questions, why are you studying? Aren't finals over?"

"Some people like to keep their minds sharp over breaks … you know, reading makes you smarter."

"Whatever." Dawn answered blandly, still contemplating on whether or not to let Bel Air High live on without her. They could totally do a movie without 'Snaps Ortega,' couldn't they?

"Still thinking about whether to stay or go?" Robyn asked, dropping her book to the side. "You know what my vote is."

"It would've been easy if I did what Lucy said and not get too attached."

"Too late now." Robyn gave her a huge hug. "You're staying. I know you are … you're the only person I know here."

"And if you keep lugging around these intimidating books, it'll stay that way. You'll meet more people and if I leave, you can have my room. You'll love my floor mates."

"One backstabbing, man-stealing ex-best friend? I doubt it."

"It's not like that with Samantha anymore. We're cool."

"And what about her and Devon?"

"Devon is free game. We're not in a relationship or anything. We're just hanging out and I don't feel the way I felt about Trent with him. It's different. I'm not going to get hurt this time."

"Sometimes I think that my D grades are kind of like that karma thing. I haven't been the best person this semester, especially to Samantha."

"So you think almost failing is God's way of getting back at you?" Noah wondered with a smile. "That's an interesting way of looking at it."

"I'm not joking. What I've done this year, it's embarrassing. And Beau. What a mistake."

"That's what college is for Kathryn. We're supposed to make mistakes and learn from them."

"Well, you still have another three and a half years to be flawed, but I may very well be out in the real world with no lifeline to help me."

"What do you mean Kat?"

"My parents are seriously considering pulling me from Charles U. If they do it's over. No community college for me. That'd be the ultimate embarrassment." She sighed. "I've already talked to them, but so far the outcome looks unfavorable so take a good look at what might be the last time you'll get to see me."

"You're not the only one." Noah responded, watching Dawn walk in with her newest friend, a girl who would be perfect on film. Noah always found himself looking for something or someone worth filming, and this girl was it.

She was so oblivious to everything around her that he wondered what she was thinking. Intrigue was a plus and she wasn't too bad looking either … looks meant a double plus. Noah had just found a winter break project for himself.

"Hey, Dawn!" He hopped up waving to her eagerly. She introduced him to Robyn after he motioned to a saddened Kathryn to join the crew.

"I'm going back to the room." Dawn announced shortly after, as Robyn gave her a look of discomfort. "Don't worry. You're safe with Noah, but I'd watch out for Kathryn."

Robyn cracked a smile as Dawn left and Kathryn joined the duo even though she wasn't up to meeting new people.

"We should talk." Devon began. Those were words that he should've been saying to Samantha, but she'd made it completely clear that Trent was her guy … and even if he wasn't, DevonandSam was over.

"Those are some heavy words."

"No, it's not like that. It's just that I'm going to Europe over my break. They're drafting for their basketball league and I'm going to try out."

"Just tell me what you're trying to say Devon because I don't want to have to guess." Dawn answered, folding and stuffing more stuff into her suitcase.

"If I get drafted, I'll be in Europe." He answered, but she kept packing, uninterested. "Dawn! I know what happened freaked you out--"

"We can't talk about that with the room door open like it is."

"So close it."

"I don't want to." Dawn answered stubbornly.

"Would you look at me? Please?" He took her hands in his. "If I leave, I don't know when I'll be back or if I'll be back."

"Well, same here." Dawn answered, licking her lips and daring Devon to say something else. Anything he had to say, she had her defense ready. Even if he mentioned their drunken night and her loss of a very important something that couldn't be found or taken back.

"Where are you going?"

"Los Angeles. Bel Air High is filming its first feature film and they want me back for it."

"Wait. Don't movies take a long time to film? Won't that mean that you'll have to give up Charles U?"

"Yeah, but it could be for as little as one semester." Dawn answered confidently as though her mind were already made up. "They don't start filming for another three or four weeks, so I'm just going to hang out until then and get some perspective."

"So come with me to Europe … Verona, Italy. Just for a visit. It would be nice to have a familiar face around."

"I … guess that could work." Dawn agreed with a smile. "I'd have to talk to Sam though. It'd be completely up to her but Italy sounds amazing!" She screamed happily. "Italy…" She hugged him ecstatically. Maybe Dawn didn't have to worry about coming second to Sam or anyone else.

Devon seemed to be really true and sincerely into her at this moment. It didn't matter that he looked at her and Sam in a completely different way. Who looked at people they dated in the exact same way anyway?

"Great." Devon hugged her up quickly as Dawn leaned in to show him some Hollywood love (otherwise known as a cheek kiss). This was intercepted by Devon moving his face and their lips brushed firmly.

"That was … unexpected." Dawn commented, shy over no reason.

"It looks intentional on your part." He stood there with Dawn in his arms, in full view of the open doorway where a listless Sam had been standing to work out last minute travel arrangements with Dawn. Seeing the two of them put a halt to her plans. She'd just talk to Dawn later because she didn't want to interrupt. It's not like seeing the two of them together really bothered Sam anyway.

(A/N: This was pretty much a re-cap of what I think happened at the end of Season 1. I'm trying to tie in things from Season 1 and 2 together without leaving out Dawn, Devon, and hopefully Cynthia. I'm glad there's finally a forum for THE BEST YEARS. So get out there and review! –NL)