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Splitting Truth

By Maria Springer

It was a beautiful evening. The night was alight with stars. Thousands of them seemed to be scattered throughout the sky; tonight, the moon was an extremely thin crescent, shining brightly against the darkness… but the intentions of a certain hedgehog were dark… darker than the blackest night.

He should have never given this planet a second chance. Promise or no promise, he was beginning to see that the world wasn't worth such trouble. They all should have died. Every last one of them… Everyone he had trusted had turned on him. Everyone he had known had deceived him. Soon it would be as it once was on ARK. They would capture him, weaken him, and push him and his powers to the limit while trying to gather data about him. He would be tormented, pained, starved, and deprived from all comfort, all "for the sake of science".

There was only one way to stop it: They all had to die. They would pay for their sins and pay for their judgment. Especially for all that was against the innocent. All the humans ever did was argue, fight one another, steal, lie, cheat, and degrade others.

They were all the same. Every last one of them.

Earlier in the day, Shadow the Hedgehog had been standing at an opened window, seething with rage. He was sure now that the last missions GUN had sent him on had been simple set-ups, designed to try and murder him. And every time he returned in one piece, everyone at headquarters seemed so shocked. They plastered fake smiles on their faces or looks of satisfaction with his accomplishments. But he could see right through them; they were terrified that he was able to evade their traps. They hated his very soul and desired for him to die in the most painful way possible. And for what reason? Because they feared his power.

They had every right to fear him. There was nothing—no one—to stand in his way this time. He would crush this planet single-handedly, and no one would realize what he was doing until it was too late. Not GUN, not Dr. Robotnik, not even Sonic. He had the perfect plan…

"Shadow? You've been standing there the last three hours… Are you feeling okay?" A voice asked.

…And that plan would start with the death of the worst traitor of them all: Rouge the bat.

Shadow turned around calmly, giving his old friend a fake, yet completely convincing smile. "I'm alright." His tone held no trace of hostility. Rouge would never know what hit her…

"…Okay then…" Rouge tried to hold back a coughing fit. She had started to get sick the week before, and now it seemed she had the flu and coughing symptoms. GUN had given her time off until she was well again, but the sickness was getting steadily worse. As bad as it was, Rouge was clearly more concerned about other things right now… "Are you sure you're alright? Maybe you should sit down awhile so—" She began to suggest, sounding concerned.

"I don't need to sit down." He answered. He managed not to sound impatient or annoyed, but she saw a glimmer of annoyance in his eyes.

She sighed deeply. Unfortunately, she couldn't hold back a cough this time. There was a short pause as she cleared her throat. "It was just a suggestion… I'm sorry, it's just I'm really starting to worry about you… GUN has been sending you on missions almost," she coughed again. It was a struggle to finish what she was trying to say. She was beginning to lose her voice already. "…continuously, you've hardly slept, you haven't eaten much, and you've been spending all your spare time staring out that window! You didn't used to be like that, but the last few weeks… it's like…" The bat trailed off sadly. She didn't know what was going on with her friend. She could tell he wasn't at all happy, and if this kept up, he definitely wouldn't be healthy either. He'd be in a worse state than she was at the current moment. And what if he was depressed? He was good at hiding such things, but not from her… She worried that if he was depressed, he might harm himself…

His response only concerned her more. "Don't worry about me, Rouge. I would worry more about myself if I were you…" Something about the way he said this made her feel a bit uneasy, but she pushed the feeling aside. "You should be asleep. I can tell that cough of yours is getting worse…" His look of concern and kindly tone was just convincing enough for her to believe him.

She nodded and turned from him, but suddenly turned back to face him again. "Shadow?"

"Yes?" Shadow answered, restraining himself from hitting her. This is getting irritating… Make up your mind!

"How come you never give anyone a chance?"

Shadow's fake smile faded, giving way to honest confusion. "What?"

"You're nice to some people… but you're not nice to most people. If someone you don't know… asks you a question or tries to get to know you, you snap at them…"

There was a brief silence. "Why should I be kind to strangers? I don't know them."

"What reason is there not to be kind? …Shadow, a lot of people are hurting. Just because they are strangers… doesn't mean they're not people. Sometimes if a stranger is nice to them, it makes them feel… a little better." Rouge shivered a bit, feeling cold.

Shadow gave her a stubborn look. "I don't see why I should be kind to strangers. They're never kind to me. Most of the time, I don't see why I should be kind to anyone! They stare at me like I'm some sort of disease and treat me like I'm inferior! They wouldn't even stand a chance against me if they tried to prove it. Pathetic… For all I care they can burn!"

Rouge could hardly wait for him to finish. "You're so… cold-hearted!" She practically shouted this, angrily turning away from him and running to her room. She didn't want to talk to him anymore, but she thought about what he had said.

Shadow scoffed, turning back to the window. Destroying this planet would be a lot less cold-hearted than watching it slowly destroy itself. In the long run, there would only be more suffering if he did nothing. Certainly, nothing else was going to stop the suffering, which fed off of depression, anxieties, lies, hatred, and rage. If he destroyed the planet, it would end quickly. There would hardly be enough time for fear or pain. It would definitely be faster than his fall from space had lasted, so it couldn't be categorized as a cruel sort of killing. Surely even Maria would have understood his reasoning? It was a mercy killing. If everything was ended now, the ongoing suffering would be cut short.

Besides that, they simply didn't deserve to live. Maria had been his only real friend, and they had killed her. Although it had been fifty years ago… they would have done the same thing today. He had given them a chance, even if Rouge didn't think so. He'd given them plenty of chances! They just never changed… They created their own ruin; their own despair. Surely Maria would have understood that if she were here with him? He had tried to be patient with the humans and help them out, but they accepted such kindness only to hide their hate. Would Maria really have him bend to their every whim, only to receive hatred in return?

Of course not! She would understand.

Shadow turned his thoughts back over to his plan. It was relatively simple: He would murder Rouge, then hide her body in the basement. Since she was sick, no one would come looking for her for quite awhile… But in case someone did, he would simply forge a note that said she was out of town and stick it on the front door.

Once this was done, he'd find the Chaos Emeralds. He'd get the Emeralds that needed to be stolen last, and use Chaos control to get to his next location so that he could not be followed. The remaining Emeralds that were not in anyone's care would be looked for first. It would attract less attention.

…And once all seven Chaos Emeralds were collected, he'd teleport straight to the cannon's core on the Space Colony ARK. The Eclipse Cannon would only take a few minutes to charge, and then it would be all over.

Although Shadow himself would not be on earth, he still did not expect to survive very long afterward. Without the planet, the Colony would have no center of gravity to orbit around. If the moon had enough gravity, and the ARK was close enough to the moon, there was a mild chance that the ARK could orbit the moon. But, it was a very slim chance. More likely, the ARK would stop its orbit immediately and be hit by the planet remains that flew at it. That could cause the ARK to explode, or just be damaged enough so that he would either be killed on impact or sucked out into space (whereon he would be unable to breath, and die more painfully than anyone else in the moment's holocaust). Shadow expected it, and it didn't bother him.

What did bother him was he needed to research at some point to find the locations of the Chaos Emeralds that he would need to steal…

Be-Be-Be-Beep! Be-Be-Be-Beep! Be-Be-Be-Beep!

Shadow snapped out of his thoughts as the sound rang in his ears. He looked at his watched and turned off the alarm that was on it. It was 5:30. Shadow was supposed to take his medication right now, since it was supposed to help him with a problem he had been having lately. A couple of weeks ago, he had gone to the doctor's office and complained about having hallucinations, asking if he could have something to make it stop. What those hallucinations had been, Shadow could no longer remember. He could only remember that they had unnerved him and made him wonder if he was going insane… The medication had stopped the hallucinations, so the black hedgehog no longer worried about it.

Shadow walked into the kitchen and drifted over to the medicine cabinet, still lost in thought. When he got there, however, he stopped. He was going to destroy the planet in three to four days; maybe even less if he could find the emeralds fast enough. Why worry about hallucinations? Why bother with the medication?

He closed the cabinet door. He wouldn't worry about it. What he needed to worry about was where the Chaos Emeralds were hiding… The hedgehog looked at his watch again. It would be best to get as early of a head-start as he could. He'd research for the next few hours. Rouge would die at midnight.