It seemed unusually quiet. There were plenty of white patches of clouds scatted through the sky. A light breeze ruffled through his fur and quills as he stared up, lying on the cool grass.

Something had changed.

"…That looks like a boat…"

Beside him, Rouge the bat pointed out a cloud resembling a sailboat, smiling. It had already been a week since the previous incident, and now she was no longer sick…

It was good she had recovered. There had been too much shock. Too much trauma. Too much pain…

After a week, it still hurt to think over the events. It was all too heartbreaking.

Sonic the hedgehog smiled, thoughts far from the subject for the moment. "Yeah, it does… And that one looks like Egghead." He grinned, pointing out another cloud that resembled the shape of Dr. 'Eggman' Robotnik's face.

Rouge laughed. They both barely could hear another voice chuckle.

Sonic turned his head to the other side. "What do you see, Shad?"

The black and red hedgehog was alive and well. Thanks to love, he had survived. He smiled up at the sky, stating smartly, "I see three friends talking together and having a great time."

"I don't see that… Wait; is there a mirror somewhere up there?"

Rouge laughed again.

"Really, whatever Shadow's seeing, I can't see it up there." Sonic shrugged.

"Well, no one ever made a rule that you can't point out something that's not in the sky while you're looking at the clouds." Rouge crossed her arms.

"Yeah, right! I'm sure it's in the rulebook somewhere, otherwise we might as well be playing 'I spy'…"

Shadow continued to smile up at the sky, just thinking and letting his mind drift away…

Until a thought suddenly occurred to him.

Hey… Thanks… so much… for all the times you've helped me… And thanks for encouraging me during that fight last week… But…you never tell me what your name is… or why you decide to help me sometimes… Can you tell me, just for once? Shadow already knew the answer. When it came, he just rolled his eyes with a smile.

Go throw yourself off a cliff.


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