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There it is again, that annoying beeping sound. Why hasn't he turned off the alarm clock yet? Ah, finally, silence.

"Good morning, Mrs. Black," whispered a slightly gruff voice as he threw his warm arm around me, and started absentmindedly stroking my stomach. "How are my babies doing today?"

I felt that familiar twisting in my stomach indicating that I was about to be sick. I got up and ran to the bathroom. After rinsing my mouth out and brushing my teeth I returned to my awaiting husband and shimmied back into his arms. His fingertips continued their circles over my belly, while his lips left burning fire where they touched my skin.

"You'd think after three months I would get over this morning sickness. It only seems to be getting worse."

"Three months? That means that we get to find out the sex of the baby today?" he crooned while kissing the back of my neck.

"Yes honey, we do. Speaking of which, we might want to get up and get moving."

"Five more minutes … please?" he whispered into my ear while wrapping his arms tighter around me.

How could I deny that? The tone of his voice definitely meant that he wanted more than just five minutes of sleep. The tempo of his kisses increased while his hand slowly turned my face toward his. There was no way I was going to pass up a few more minutes of kisses from my husband. When my lips found his, my heart beat raced and I could feel the heat traveling down to my center. I was never going to get used to or tired of that. The passion in his eyes told me that he wanted more than just a kiss, but we really needed to get into the shower. I reluctantly pulled away and chastised myself for making an early appointment.

"Come on honey we really need to go."

"Fine," he said with a pout, then his mouth turned into that crooked smile that I love, "But love, we are finishing where we left off when we get home."

I giggled and nodded while slowly getting up and moving towards the closet. As my belly got larger, my walk slowed into more of a waddle. It wasn't highly pronounced yet, but I did have the start of a baby bump. My husband got a kick out of it.

I pulled out a beautiful maternity top with an empire waist that flowed easily over my baby bump and a matching skirt. I hunted down a bra and panty set and wandered into the bathroom. My gorgeous husband was already in the shower when I decided to slip in. We only had about 20 minutes before we had to hit the road, but I figured we had enough time for a quick shower together.

"You know I hate wasting water, my love. Care if I join you?"

His eyes lit up as he moved further into the shower stall to allow my entrance. His large overheated arms pulled me into him and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead.

"Of course, honey. We have to do all we can for the environment." He gave me a wink and then leaned down to capture my lips with his own.

As much as I knew that we needed to get going, I couldn't resist my sexy husband naked and wet. My arms immediately wrapped around his neck. Once firmly in place, he grabbed my waist and pulled me up so that I could wrap my legs around him. I felt his fingers slowly probe into me to determine my readiness. Just looking at my husband causes me to start dripping, so I was plenty ready. He situated me right above his engorged member and thrust up into me. I loved this feeling of utter completeness with him.

"Ugh … so … good … harder."

He answered my plea by thrusting harder and deeper into me with a grunt. Our loud moans echoed around the bathroom and created a beautiful chorus of sounds for our lovemaking. I could feel myself getting closer to my release when Jacob pulled out of me. I pouted at the loss of him until he placed me on my feet, turned me around and thrust back into me. He began thrusting with wild abandon and I could feel my climax approaching. He started rubbing my clit while continuing to thrust into me. I screamed his name as my orgasm rocked my entire body. My inner walls pulsating around his cock sent him over the edge. He filled me with a primal growl and grunt. It was the sexiest thing I had ever heard and I loved it.

He pulled out of me again and grabbed the soap. He lathered up his hands and gently cleaned my entire body. His massive hands caressed each and every curve as he rinsed off the soap. I took the soap from his hands and began my worship of his body. I dragged my soapy hands along the muscular ridges of his chest and down his body until I reached his toes, carefully avoiding his sensitive member. I cleansed his body and then reached around him to turn off the water.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my towel. He pulled it from my fingers and dried me off slowly and gently. It was one of the most sensual experiences that I couldn't live without every morning. As the soft cotton of the towel glided across my skin, I could almost feel the love pouring out of my husband.


Every time I look up at that hospital I remember the first time arriving there after Tyler's van almost crushed me. That was when I met them. They left almost five years ago and I always wonder if they are ever going to come back. Not that I'm not happy with my life right now, but I still feel as if I lost part of my family. I had always hoped that Alice would plan my wedding and after Charlie died, that Carlisle would walk me down the aisle.

A silent tear slid down my face as I thought of my father. He died just a few months before the wedding. He was so excited and proud of me to know that Jacob and I were getting married. The night that Jacob and I arrived at his home to share our engagement, was the happiest moment of my father's life. That night I got the phone call from the station telling me that he had been shot was one of the worst nights in my life. Jake held me while looking through the window at the operating room. The moment I heard the monitor flat line, I felt like my world was crashing down on me. Jake sat with me for hours while I cried over my father's body and then for even longer as I wept in our bed back at our apartment.

"Bella Black? The doctor will see you now." My memories were cut short by the nurse calling my name.

Jake was practically bouncing with joy as we were led into the examination room. As the nurse checked my vitals, she seemed to be rather uppity too. When I arched my eyebrow at her with a quizzical expression on my face, she quickly looked away and smiled.

"Have you heard the news Bella?" She asked quickly before continuing to bounce.

"No, what happened now?"

"Our favorite surgeon has returned. He will be the one seeing you today. That Dr. Cullen is a dreamy one. I am so happy that he is back."

Both mine and Jacob's expressions dropped. "What do you mean that the bloo ... Dr. Cullen is back?" I elbowed him which probably hurt me more than him.

As if right on cue the door swung open and there he was in all his glory. Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the father of my first love. The spark to quite a few fantasies I had after first meeting him.

"Bella, it is so good to see you." he looked at me and smiled, "Gretchen, you may leave now, thank you."

The nurse reluctantly walked back through the door leaving a furious werewolf, an amused vampire, and a very confused and hurt pregnant human. I looked at him and smiled a very nervous smile.