Note: This is my first digimon fic so please don't be so hard on me...


Takuya: Show off...

Me: Hey! kanina ka pa! you've been saying that ever since I posted that announcement on my profile... and you're not even supposed to be in it!

Takuya: Cause you are... show off...

Me: Am not! Is it really sick of me to be so happy right now?

Koji: What's the big deal anyway? It's just their class. it's not like she's 3rd best on their year level...

Zoe: Didn't you know? She's in the highest section, so basically, they're the only ones competing at each other...

Me: Plus, the ranking was for the whole year level so, yeah... and you guys should be happy! This is the reason why I posted this story earlier. I was planning on posting this sometime in December...

Tommy: Congrats! you must be so happy!

JP: You haven't noticed? she's been screaming for hours...

Me: Correction, i've only been screaming for a few minutes, and not to mention, only in my head... anyway, thanks a lot Tommy! Sometimes i wonder why Takuya became my favorite character in DF04...

Takuya: Of course, you'd like me best, cause I'm the leader of the group!

Me: Now who's the show off?

Koji: Not everyone likes you best, you know...

Me: Yup, like now. I like Tommy a whole lot better than you...

Tommy: Uh...I guess that's a compliment...

Me: Okay! I've decided, someday I'll make a fic with you as the main character, Tommy!

Tommy: chuckles shyly, Thanks.

Zoe: Okay, this is getting too long. Let's just end this...but I'm still against this story.

Me: Yeah, yeah, whatever... Since JP only has one line, please do the honors...

JP: Thank you. 61wisampa does not own digimon or any of its characters except for the OC's...

Me: Oh, one final note... this story may suck for any of you... but i'm open to critics anytime!

Chapter I: First Day of School

Where is she?, a certain brunette boy with goggles around his right bicep asked himself as he looked as his watch. He was waiting in front of their school's gate for a certain blonde girl. Classes starts in ten minutes, he complained mentally, and you think no one's late in the first day of school.

Just then, a blonde girl came running up to the boy. "Takuya!" she called the brunette. She stopped in front of him, panting.

"Geez, what took you so long, Zoe?" the annoyed Takuya asked, crossing his arms and glaring at Zoe.

"Sorry…alarm clock…out of…batteries…" she said breathlessly.

"What happened to the "I'll be early tomorrow, I PROMISE! Don't worry about waking me up in the morning!" you said yesterday?"

She linked her hand in front of her, begging, "I'm really sorry, Taki. Forgive me, please?"

He sighed. It has to be today… "Remind me again why I always wait for you before school?"

She smiled widely at him. She knows she's already forgiven. "Because I'm your best friend and you really care about me," she pouted, "don't cha?"

He sighed again. "Oh right," he glanced at his watch again, "C'mon, we'll be late if we don't hurry. Here's your schedule," he threw a piece of paper at his bestfriend. She caught it with ease. "I knew you'd be late again. We have Algebra, Music, Science, Social Studies and P.E. together. Our first class today is S.S., not my choice of subject in the morning." He muttered as he walked towards their school.

They reached their class a minute before the bell rang. They sat beside each other and waited for class to end. Since it's the first day, only introductions were made. Takuya was bored, but listening nonetheless, while Zoe almost fell asleep after their teacher started talking about history.

After an hour, first period was over. Students scrambled out of their classrooms to get to their next class.

"So," Zoe started when they walked out of their class, "what's your next period?"

They were walking to their lockers, which was conveniently beside each other. "I got Literature," he answered, frowning lightly.

"Aw, but I got Spanish…" she pouted, as she looked at her schedule. She crossed her arms, displeased of not having her next class with her best friend.

Takuya noticed her expression and smirked, amused by her immaturity. "Hey, look at the bright side, you might have your next class with Koichi, Koji or Mica…"

"Speaking of which, look it's them!" she exclaimed, pointing at their three friends in the crowd.

Their friends saw them when Zoe waved them over.

"Hey, hey, hey! How's your first sophomore day? Is it good? Is it good? Is it good?" the always hyper Mica asked them while jumping up and down. She was so happy that they're finally sophomores and not the bottom of the food chain…at least that's how she thinks of it.

They all just smiled in response. "It's fine so far, Mica." Zoe told her as they all started to walk again.

"How about you guys? How's being a sophomore so far?" Takuya asked his twin friends who was on his either sides.

"Not bad, but man, I got Math in first period and I should warn you of a huge homework." Koichi stated warningly, "It's only been one hour and I already have a headache." He said as he put his palms on his temples.

Koji chuckled once at his brother, "You were never the logical one."

"And you are?" Takuya challenged Koji, protecting his twin brother.

"No," he answered honestly, "but at least I can manage to get a B in Math, not just straight C's"

"Are you saying you're smarter than me?" Koichi crossed his arms.

"No…I'm implying I'm smarter than you." His twin brother replied.

"Uh-oh, here it comes." Takuya muttered to himself.

"That's it!" Koichi said. Then he playfully took Koji's bandana off his head. Takuya walked a little faster for a moment so he's a step in front of the twins.

"Hey!" Koji complained as he tried to retrieve his bandana from his brother. Mica and Zoe's attention turned to the two and they started giggling.

Takuya too, was amused. They kept walking while the twins were fighting over the bandana and Takuya was chuckling as he watches his friends. Unfortunately, he wasn't looking where he was going and suddenly bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry," Takuya said apologetically when he stopped. He realized that he bumped into a girl whose back was still facing him. She has two girl friends with her, a big guy—who he's guessing is a senior—and another big dude—and probably another senior—wrapping his arms over the girl's shoulders.

The girl turned around with a huge frown on her face. When Takuya saw her, he instantly recognized her as a cheerleader he often saw when Koji was trying out for the basketball team. The girl has long hair reaching about three inches above her waist that looks like a mixture of blonde and brunette. She has a thick make-up that made her look like a junior or even a senior if Takuya didn't know she's just as old as he is.

"Ugh! Clumsy much?" the girl complained when she saw that an unpopular student—or a 'nobody' in her vocabulary—bumped into her. HER! "Why don't you watch where you're going, loser? You don't have the right to treat me like this because I'm obviously more superior to you."

"What's wrong? Are you okay, Kris?" the gigantic senior asked the girl.

"This loser just pushed me!" the girl, a.k.a. Kris, whined to her possibly boyfriend.

"He did?" the senior turned to Takuya with a glare. "Look here loser, no one pushes my girlfriend—" okay, that confirms the theory, "around or I'll push you twice harder!" he then pushed Takuya with great amount of force and he fell back three feet away. "Understand?"

"Hey!" Zoe and the others rushed beside Takuya. Koji, Koichi and Mica were asking Takuya if he's alright while Zoe was trying to fight off the giant. "He already said he was sorry and he didn't push you. He bumped into you by accident so you didn't have to push him!" she crossed her arms as she glared at the older boy.

The giant and the so called Kris laughed. "Oh, would you look at this. He even needs his girlfriend to protect him. What a wimp." Kristy commented.

"For your information, he's my best friend! And he's not a wimp!" Zoe countered as Takuya stood up from behind her.

"What? Do you want me to push you too, like your boyfriend here?" the giant asked with a smirk on his face.

"Try me!" Zoe challenged as she raised one of her sleeves to prepare for battle.

"Zoe, don't," a voice that belonged to Takuya ordered. Zoe turned to look at her friend that was now walking towards her.

"But, Takuya…"

"No," he told her firmly, "Look, don't put her into this. I'm sorry, it was my fault. You can do anything to me just don't include her." He said to them.

"Okay, short stuff," the giant said as he slowly walked over to him, emphasizing how much bigger he is compared to Takuya. "You got yourself a deal." And with that, he pushed Takuya again; even harder this time and landed painfully on his back four feet away while they walk from the scene.

"Jerks," Koji muttered under his breath as he and Koichi helped Takuya get up.

"I never liked most popular kids." Mica agreed.

"Someday, we'll be able to pay them back," Koichi assured Takuya as he got to his feet.

"Nah, that's okay," he said while brushing himself. "At least the day can't be worse, right?" he asked his friends, hoping they've calmed down. But judging to his friends facial expressions, he knows they're still a bit mad. "C'mon, let's get to our next class."

The other four were still a bit unsure if they should let what happened go as easily as Takuya did. They watched Takuya walk away to his locker before giving each other hesitant glances.

Zoe sighed, "Well, that's Takuya for you. Never holds any grudges against anyone. No matter how bad you treat him."

"Do you think those egoistic jerks will keep bullying him?" Mica asked, concerned about her friend.

"I don't know. But I sure hope not." Koji said.

"Don't worry. They won't touch him. I have Literature too next subject." Koichi assured the others, "At least not in the next hour."

Koji sighed, "Okay, see you guys later." He said as he walked off to his own locker. The rest of the group soon parted and headed to their own classes.


After second period, the group met up in the hall way again…

"Hey, guys!" Zoe called Takuya and Koichi. "So how's literature?"

Takuya smiled, "Pretty good if you ask me." He smiled wider, "The teacher isn't boring at all and we would have occasional film viewing of the film adaptations of the stories we would be studying."

"Plus, our teacher is young and totally hot!" Koichi added.

"Lucky you," Mica grumbled, "Our Spanish teacher refused to talk in English. I didn't understand a freaking word in what she said!" she threw her hands in the air to show her irritation.

Zoe just giggled at her friend's out burst. They all started walking again. Then they walked pass a familiar mob…too familiar.

Yup, it was the same mob with that jerk humongous jock and that bitchy cheerleader. And guess what, they noticed them too.

The gang tried to ignore them and just walk past them. But when they where almost through, the huge jock pushed Takuya again which caused him to fall back. He would've landed on the floor hard if Koji and Koichi hadn't caught him.

"Expect that every time you see me for the rest of your miserable year." The jock told him. Then they laughed at him as they leave them behind.

"Stupid annoying egoistic jerks," Koji muttered once they were out of hearing range and Takuya was finally upright.

When the first four periods were over, it was finally lunch time. Luckily, in the next two periods, they didn't see the 'popular mob' so their friend wasn't pushed around…literally.

In the cafeteria, the gang met up at their lunch table. Zoe and Takuya were the first to their table because they had their fourth period together in Math. They met up with the twins and they sat together.

"Hey, guys!" Koichi, the cheerier of the twins, greeted. "So how's everything so far?"

"Same old, same old," Takuya answered, "And, man, you were right about Math. I had it fourth period."

"What subjects do you have after lunch?" Koji asked, "We might have something together again."

"Let's see," Zoe replied.

"Has anyone seen Mica anywhere?" Takuya suddenly asked.

"Yeah," Koichi replied, "we asked her if she'll have lunch with us but she wanted to look around the school,"

"Oh, okay,"

"Hey, we got Literature together after lunch." Zoe squealed.

"Trust me, you guys will like that subject." Takuya assured.

"As long as the stories we'll tackle won't all be about lovey dovey stuff." Koji muttered dryly as he crossed his arms.

And as if on cue, someone threw mashed potato onto Takuya's back. Some of the mashed potato even splattered onto his hair which made a really big mess. The cafeteria was now looking and laughing at him. Great, he thought, I think I could guess who threw that.

And I think you could guess who it was, too. "Nice shirt loser," mocked the jerk (we'll refer to him that way for now).

"Yeah," agreed the girl…Kris, right? "It looks great with mashed potatoes."

Takuya just sighed while the mob continued to laugh at him and walk away. This is absolutely the worst first day EVER.

"I'm just going to the restroom." Takuya announced to his friends as he stood up and walked towards the exit.

"I'll go with you," Koichi called to him and ran up to Takuya.

Zoe sighed. "This so not his year."


In the restroom…

Takuya was washing the mashed potatoes off his head in the sink while Koichi tries to wash his shirt. It was a good thing that Takuya has a T-shirt underneath or he would've to settle wearing a wet stained shirt for the rest of the day.

"Okay, I give up," Koichi declared and put down Takuya's wet shirt on the sink, "This is a stain that can't be removed." He was frowning at the stain on the shirt. He was very unhappy that he's been washing it for about fifteen minutes now but it still won't come off. "I'll remember to avoid gravy in a food fight." He muttered as Takuya closed the faucet after washing his hair.

Takuya leaned on the sink for support and was staring at the sink. His hair was dripping wet after the sink shower. He let out a big sigh.

His friend noticed this and asked, "Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, I am." He weakly nodded. "I'm just… it's just frustrating, you know? I'm having the worst year ever, and it's only been four hours." Again, he sighed. "I guess I'll get used to it eventually." He said before walking out the door leaving Koichi behind.



At last, the final bell rang and that meant classes are over. Which also meant that the gang is eager to go out of school. As they stroll down the hall getting everything they needed, they went pass an interesting flyer.

"Hey guys, look," Mica pointed to a flyer and read what it said, "Soccer Team try-outs SOON! Start Training now!"

While Mica was reading the flyer out loud, Zoe immediately had an idea.

"Anyone interested?" Koji asked.

Takuya just shrugged. "I'm not,"

"Nope," Koichi shook his head.

"Oh well, let's go." Mica said.

While the others talk, Zoe was thinking of something. This is great! This could be a great opportunity for him. But what if he refuses to do it? Oh well, I'll convince him somehow. But how…, Zoe thought as they walked home.

Koji and Koichi split from the group when they reached their street then Mica. The two were left walking home.

Takuya was already tired because of all the drama and humiliation he experienced in his first day. But Zoe still has a lot of energy for sleeping in almost every class.

"Are you going to try-out for the soccer team this time?" she asked him.

"No," he answered, "I thought I told you I'm not trying out for the soccer team…ever."

"You did but you could change your mind." She said, still hoping her best friend will change his mind. He has to learn to be more sociable. He's really nice but only a few people really notices. He's way too shy, that's why some kids like to push him around, she thought dryly. Plus, he's really good at soccer but he's too grade conscious to actually try.

"I don't think I will. I told you, stu-"

She cut him off. "Studies are the basis of your future not sports or any other extra-curricular activities." She rolled her eyes at him. "Taki, I've been hearing that for the past ten years I've been your best friend. Don't you think I would've known that?"

He chuckled lightly. "I would've known because my parents have been telling me that since I was born. Try having parents who keep pressuring you to be the valedictorian by forbidding things like playing sports, joining clubs and having fun. I wasted my childhood studying and watching other kids play in front of our house. I'm lucky they even allow me to actually hang out with anyone without talking about studies."

She sighed. "Sorry," she looked down to her feet. "And you were right about wasting you childhood." She suddenly smiled. "That's why you shouldn't waste you teenagehood."

"Is that a real word?"

"C'mon Takuya. We both know that you're extremely good at soccer. Remember when you played with the soccer ball I bought for your birthday?" she walked in front of him causing him to stop. "You're a natural and because of your weekly secret practice with me, you'll look like a professional in the try outs." She smiled expectantly at him.

He grimaced for a moment at her reaction, then he narrowed his eyes at her. He would give her a no, that's for sure. "Hmm, let me think…" he put his chin on his fingers as she waited excitedly for him. He put down his hand and looked squarely at her. "No."

"But Takuya…" she started to complain.

"No," he told her again and he continued walking, "Do you even give thought on how my parents would react if they found out I tried out for the soccer team?" he questioned her, proving his point. "Besides, what are the chances that I will make it? One in a million?"

"More like a million in one." She countered and he raised his eyebrow at her. "Have you ever seen yourself play soccer?"

"No, because I've never actually played soccer. I was only fooling around with that ball."

"Okay, technically you're right but you're still really good with the ball dribbling or whatever that's called and shooting the ball to the goal."

"That's without a goal keeper," he pointed out, "If there's a goal keeper I doubt I would even get one shot in."

"I see you've done your research. You like soccer, don't you?" she has a smile on her face. She thinks she's going to win in this little discussion they're having.

"Does it matter?" he stopped abruptly. "If my parents don't approve of it, I won't get what I wanted anyway."

"Oh c'mon, you're 15. You're old enough to make your own decisions."

"Yes," he agreed reluctantly because he always sees the negative side of things and apparently, he already thought of one, "but I'm not old enough to be out of my parent's restrictions." He told her glumly.

He was being really stubborn again but she won't give up this time. "Then I'll ask your parents." She announced as she started running off to Takuya's house.

Takuya just stood there and stared at her for a few moments to see if she was just threatening him or she really meant it. And apparently…she meant it.

When Takuya finally realized that, he broke into a run trying to stop Zoe from going to his house. "Wait, Zoe!" being a boy, he easily caught up with her and stopped her in her tracks. "You can't do that!" he was slightly panicking for some reason unknown to her.

"Why not?" she frowned and crossed her arms.

"Because," he paused, trying to think of anything…anything at all that might stop her. "What if I say I'll try out for other clubs? Something that my parents might actually approve?"

"Hmm…" Zoe thought of it and realized, that wasn't such a bad idea. "Okay, Kanbara, but can you tell me what club you're going to try out for?"

"Well, uh…" he started scratching the back of his neck, "Any suggestions?" he smiled sheepishly.

She did her thinking pose for a moment then snapped her fingers. "Aha! How about the school choir?"

His brows furrowed in confusion. "The choir?" he asked her incredulously.

"Yeah," she exclaimed like it was the best idea ever and put her hands together, smiling. "Have you ever heard yourself sing? You have an incredible voice, plus you're a genius when it comes to the guitar and piano."

"Does that mean I'm bad at violin now?" he muttered to himself low enough that Zoe wouldn't hear, then he sighed. "Look, I can stand playing in front of people but I can't stand singing." He explained, trying to prove his point, "You're the only person I actually sing to."

She knows it was true. He never actually sung in front of his parents, only to her. Zoe gave up on that one, "Okay then, how about Drama Club?"

"I can't act,"

"How about the Dance Troupe?"

"I can't dance."

"You can join the school band,"

"I don't think guitars are included,"

"The school newspaper?"

"I don't even read newspapers,"

"I know! Run as class officer!"

"Are you trying to help me or get the whole school against me?" he said. Zoe just glared at his response, crossing her arms. He sighed; he knows he can't stand it if Zoe became mad at him, not even the tiniest bit irritated. "Okay, how about something low profile, like…" he thought of it for sometime then said, "Chess club?"

She scowled at his suggestion. "No way! What are you, trying to ruin your reputation?!"

"What reputation?" he asked dryly, remembering his humiliation in school earlier.

She sighed, still arms crossed. "Okay, since you obviously won't budge if I tell you to then I won't force you."

"Really?" he asked not believing his ears, "Is this a sign of apocalypse?" he said disbelievingly. He knows Zoe never gives up…ever.

"Ha ha, very funny, but I'm going straight to your house now. I need help with my Math homework." She grumbled. Takuya and Zoe lives in the same neighborhood. Their houses was actually only a block apart, Zoe's being closer to the school. "I mean c'mon! Who gives homework at the first day of school?"

It was true. Their teacher in Math, Mr. Matthews gave a ton of homework for them saying, 'Let's see what you still remember from your Math lessons last year'. And now, they have a five page homework to finish. Kind of weird actually, having a math teacher who has math in his name.

"Yeah, total hell," Takuya agreed understatedly.

Me: So...what do you guys think?

Tommy: It's okay, considering that this is your first digimon fic...

Koji: Takuya is way out of character...he's not that smart!

Takuya: Hey!

Me: Well... yeah, I agree. But he's not that stupid either and with my tutorials with him, getting an A in Math is a piece of cake!

Koji, JP & Zoe: You tutored him?

JP: Wow, I thought he cheated on that test or something...

Zoe: I agree. he barely gets a B on Math.

Koji: He got an A on Math?

Takuya: Yeah, she tutored me. And no matter how much i hate her for making this story, I gotta say, she's a pretty good teacher. It's the first i fully understood Math...

Me: Uh... I might as well take that as a compliment... any ways, back to the story. So, how about it?

Zoe: I totally agree that Takuya is way out of character. If anyone crosses his way like that, he would fight back, no doubt about it. Plus, he's not a gentleman.

Takuya: Hey! I'm taking that as an offense.

Me: That was what I was trying to do... make him a better person, even just in this story...

Takuya: But how come I got bullied by a girl?!

Me: Oh c'mon, don't be so embarrassed about it. Kris has a senior for a boyfriend.

Takuya: I know, but still...

JP: Well, to me the sudden character change isn't much of a surprise but... why am I NOT in the story?!

Me: Well, you're not the same grade as Takuya, Zoe, Koji, Koichi and the other OC's so...

Koji: Hey, where is Koichi?

Me: Actually I asked him to do a favor in exchange I... He's just buying something to eat so we could celebrate! I think he's with Mica...

Tommy: Hey, did you notice that Koichi seems a bit... you know, around Mi-

Me: Shh... , covers Tommy's mouth, Don't tell anyone until I say so...

Tommy: nods

Me: Okay! That's all folks. and i won't be updating for at least a month...or two...or a year...

Zoe: If we're lucky, she'll never update...

Me: Okay, that's it! I'm ending this right now!