A/N: Here is a little outtake from Sketchbook Revelations. It takes place during Edward and Jasper's happy time that Jasper just so happened to skim over in his point of view, due to his less than verbose ways. I talked to Edward and he decided to share with me what happened on one of those days.

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Shower Revelations

Clasping the mail in my hand I headed in the house, sorting the bills from the junk mail, smiling when I found Entertainment Weekly neatly tucked behind the pile. Ah, relaxation reading. I had about 2 hours before I had to be anywhere and Jasper's truck was parked in the garage, so maybe we could spend a little quality time together. It had been over a week; that's like 3 months is straight relationships.

I don't know how this happened so early in our relationship, but it wasn't for lack of desire, that's for sure. In fact, Jasper walked around home with a hard on most of the time. I wondered how he could do that, but the slightest brush of skin, or kiss, and he was shaking his head, disgusted with himself. I found it endearing, actually. The fact that I had that effect on him was flattering and how he handled it was so funny. Perhaps it was because he had finally allowed himself to be attracted to men, and now his body was working overtime, like a teenager trying to get through the schoolday without being affected by the girls around him.

But it wasn't girls for Jasper any more.

It was me, and I was glad it was me, so I did things to make it even more challenging for him.

A few months ago, I noticed that Jasper had begun conveniently coming in my room when I was putting my underwear on. His eyes would dart around the room, as if he were trying to look anywhere but my groin, but as soon as he thought I wasn't looking, his eyes would be all over my basket, checking out how it was decorated. This had started before he came out to me, but I thought he was just curious about something besides tighty whiteys or boxers. Now I knew it was a whole lot more. He was checking me out, and once I realized this, I went on an underwear buying spree. While he was the underwear model, I was the one who purchased the stuff he modeled and then some. One day while searching for some new styles, I ran across a pair of turquoise mesh bikini briefs with contrasting black trim. I knew immediately that I had to have them...or should I say that Jasper needed to have me in them. That was a no brainer purchase. When I slipped them on before we headed out to the club, Jasper didn't know what to do with himself. Running his fingers along every line and curve of me and then tracing the black trim, his eyes took me in for several minutes. He has since made it perfectly clear that those are his favorite underwear and he made sure I got them in every color available.

His favorites were still the turquoise.

Walking back toward our room, I dressed in the red pair of mesh underwear, some comfortable pajama pants and a white tank. Jasper was nowhere to be found, so I laid back on the couch to read. About half way through the magazine, which I read from back to front so I could read The Bullseye page first, Jasper snuck past, not seeing me. Hearing the shower jets turn on, I continued paging through the magazine, not paying attention as my eyes skimmed over words without recognition. My mind kept going to visions of Jasper naked under the rainfall shower head, water cascading down his perfectly plump ass. Abandoning my magazine, I stepped out of my pajama pants, leaving them in the middle of the living room floor and trailing my scant clothes on the way to our bathroom.

I silently walked in, peering through the steam that had already filled the room and stalked toward him. The tiniest click gave me away as I shut the glass shower door behind me. Turning around, Jasper smirked at me and winked. "I see I'm going to have some company. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Using his southern charm on me and even bringing out the accent? I'm fucking in love with this man.

"You walked right past me on your way in here, and I couldn't concentrate on anything but the thought of water tumbling over your ass," I growled grabbing his cheeks and roughly squeezing them. "Fuck, it's just perfect. Turn around and put your hands on the wall," I demanded and he quickly complied.

Pouring a small amount of body wash on my hands, I started washing his back, rubbing vigorously to create a rich lather that I slid down between his cheeks as I started soaping his ass. He moaned as he arched his back slightly, letting my fingers explore deeper. My other hand reached around to stroke his cock, feeling it thicken and lengthen beneath my fingers. Jasper leaned his forehead against the tiled wall, bending his elbows and resting is forearms above his head. He freely vocalized his pleasure, my dick hardening at the sounds he was making as my fingers teased and taunted his tender flesh.

"Oh fuck, Edward. I want your mouth on me." He didn't need to ask me twice. Rinsing all the bubbles from his ass, I led him to the other end of the shower stall, pushing his hands down to rest on the shower seat. Getting behind him on my knees I buried my face in his ass, licking and tasting around his puckered skin. He pushed back toward me, my tongue entered him and I slapped his ass, the sound reverberating off the hard surfaces. Hitting his cheeks several more times, his skin started to get a nice rosy hue that simply made him look edible. When I bit him, he growled and my need to eat his other cheek overwhelmed me. I felt my teeth sink into his skin, as I sucked, kissed and licked him.

Moving back to his heated center, I moaned as his pleated flesh melted around my tongue, conceding its entrance. As I delved into him, pulling his cheeks apart to get deeper, I felt his body shake as he vigorously pumped his hard cock with his hand. Not wanting to miss out, I spun his body around, shoving him in the seat and immediately started sucking up and down his shaft, swirling my tongue around the head, my hands massaging his ass.

With nearly every exhalation, Jasper moaned, intermixing "Fucks", "Edwards" and "Ungs." Licking and tasting along his length, I moved down toward his ass, not leaving an inch of skin untouched. I grabbed his ankles, pushing his knees toward his chest and set his feet on the seat beside him as he leaned back on his hands, lifting himself from the ledge, giving me better access. Pulling his balls into my mouth, I felt his textured skin gliding along my tongue before I gently sucked and massaged his hot flesh. Releasing him I took wet, noisy licks up and down and around him, as I took his cock deep down my throat. He started thrusting his hips, knees falling to the side and fucking my mouth. Just when I heard his breathing starting to get erratic, he slammed his feet to the shower floor, pulling me to my feet.

His eyes were darkened with lust, an intensity like I hadn't seen before. "Down on your hands and knees," he demanded as he walked to turn off the waterfall shower head and adjust the wall mounted jets to spray a very light mist. I complied and moved closer to the faucet when he spanked my ass, calling "Come on, get a move on little cowboy." We both chuckled as I made my way across the tile on my hands and knees. Hearing him reach for the supply of condoms and lube we now kept in the shower, I heard him rip open two wrappers. I turned my head to see what he was doing when I felt his hand come down hard on my ass. "Keep your head down, Edward. I want you watching your cock grow as I plow your ass," he growled.

Holy shit! Who is this man and what has he done with Jasper? Fuck, I don't care. I'll take him!

Latching on to my left wrist, he rested it on the faucet handle and began to tie it to the metal with a condom, before repeating the process with my right arm. Mist flowed over my back, warming my body, a tiny puddle gathering in the small of my back along my spine. Jasper's fingers circled the gathering water before he trailed down between my fleshy cheeks. Pushing back into his touch, I heard him quickly open the lube and sensed a chill ooze down my skin before feeling him fill my ache. Condom number three was torn open and I arched further, begging him to take me, when I felt the burning pressure of his thick cock filling me up.

Only a moment he waited, before pulling back and thrusting into me forcefully. My upper body weight was supported entirely by the faucet and as he continued pumping my ass, my arms started to shake from the effort.

"Holy Fucking Shit, Jasper. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" My voice was deep, gasping as I begged him to take me and make me his. I wanted him to dominate me. His hand rested on my head, pushing it down, reminding me what my purpose was.

"Tell me Edward, tell me about your cock. Describe it to me," he dictated. "Now!"

Seriously, who is this man?

"Uhm...it's already hard...fucking raging...in fact..the head is nearly purple with the blood flowing through it," I slowly made out between breaths.

"I bet it's beautiful, hanging there between your legs, swing back and forth as I pound into your fucking tight hole, isn't it?" His voice was smooth, letting me know he was in perfect control as I knelt there barely hanging on...and he hadn't even fucking touched my dick once!

"Yes, Jasper, my thick cock is moving below me, and my balls are swaying. Gah! Fuck it feels good!" I nearly screamed, the sound reverberating off the walls. It didn't take much more. I was so close when Jasper started slapping my ass and the sensation of pain mixed with pleasure pushed me over the edge. My muscles contracted around him and thick, white ropes of cum shot onto the shower floor, slowing making their way to the drain.

Without missing a beat, Jasper continued plowing my ass, forcing himself deeper into me as my arms trembled. Wrapping his fingers in my hair, he roughly pulled my head up and pressed my forehead into the wall tile, easing the muscle strain in my arms, but doing little to help with my shaking legs.

"Do you want to cum again, Edward? Would you like that? Do you want your cock in my hand?" His voice was betraying the cool demeanor he was trying to portray, but I was a complete fucking mess writhing beneath him, unable to speak and barely able to nod my head. "Do you want me to touch you, Edward?" he said, taunting me.

"Yes, Jasper, please hold me. I want to cum again. I'm ready for you to help me cum," I choked out, barely able to breathe.

Finally...fucking finally, I felt fingers wrapping around my rigid cock and I sighed at his touch. Leaning his body across my back, careful not to lean on me, Jasper reached for the wall to support his own weight as he slid his hand up and down my sensitive flesh. It felt so good to have him touching me, stroking me, and running his thumb across my head. Concentrating most of his effort near the top, I sensed I wouldn't last long, despite the fact that I had just shot a load five minutes earlier.

Jasper's movements were becoming erratic, obviously having difficulty focusing on pleasuring me with his hand and his dick. Pumping furiously with renewed energy, Jasper brought me to my second climax, much more forceful than the first, cum shooting against the wall before running down the tile and draining away. He lifted his body from my back, powerfully gripping my hips and thrust one, two, three times before burying his cock deep inside me and keeping it there. He growled and hissed, leaving himself in me to slowly soften as his hands tenderly stroked the length of my back and the curve of my buttocks.

When any sign of an erection had passed from both of our bodies, Jasper pulled himself from me and released my wrists. I collapsed, face first, to the shower floor before he pulled me back into his chest, kissing the skin behind my ear.

"Are you okay, babe?" he asked, concern hanging in the air.

"Oh, I'm more than okay, just exhausted. I've never been so thoroughly fucked in my life." My breath still burned in my chest, taking forever to return to normal.

Jasper stood up behind me, supporting me under my arms as he helped me to my feet. Turning off the mist, he led me to the shower ledge and dried me off before toweling himself off. "Come on, beautiful. Let's get you to the bed. I think after that, you deserve a little snooze." Leaning toward me, he opened his mouth, languidly kissing me before walking with me to our bedroom.

Settling into the soft, white sheets with Jasper behind me, I could still feel him inside of me, reminding me that the love of my life gave me the best fuck I had ever had.