A/N: I'm glad to give you guys a little outtake from Sketchbook Revelations again. This was originally written for AlsoFrightened6's birthday. I modified it a bit and had my betas go over it so it improved quite a bit, I think. :) Gotta love your beta.

When does this take place? Right after Chapter 32, which was JPOV and Chapter 33, which was EPOV. Jasper wanted you to know what was going on inside his head after spending a wonderful reunion weekend in Forks.

Diving In

We had to leave in less than an hour, but Edward and I were both dreading vacating the little piece of paradise we seemed to have discovered in his childhood home. When we came to Forks, I expected it to be a fairly nuts-and-bolts visit to make sure my mom was safe and sound. It ended up being so much more.

When we made love under the canopy of trees that dappled sunlight across our bodies, I found myself overcome with such emotion. I trusted Edward. I knew he'd always be there for me. I felt his love surround me—envelop me—as he filled me and thrust deep and hard, inhabiting me so that I cried out and clung to him with desperate fingers.

I didn't want to lose that sensation by allowing the mundane tasks of life to cloud over the brightness I allowed myself to finally feel again. Somehow, we'd need to maintain this feeling after we returned to Seattle and finished our senior year.

To bask in the relaxation a while longer, Edward and I decided to go swimming once again. As before, we were sans suits having forgotten them in our packing. Edward had swum several laps and was resting like a cat in the lone sunny patch that graced the floor. Lying on his back on the warmed tiles, he lazily kicked his feet in the shallow water.

The way the sun lit up all the colors in his hair with red and gold and brown drew my gaze as I climbed the ladder to the diving board. His eyes were closed with his arm thrown over, protecting them even more, so I felt completely uninhibited as I studied his form. He was pure perfection from pristine, pale skin to firm muscles that created shadows across his chest and abdomen.

As soon as my feet hit the rough texture of the diving board, I walked to the end and bent my knees, propelling the flexible plank into motion. Flying through the air, I felt the air hurry past my body and gravity pull my cock and balls down, sending a rushing sensation through my body. Several more times I bounced before I dove head first into the deep end of the pool. As I opened my eyes under water, I arched my back and began my ascent, surrounded by bubbles created by my body's movements and the air released from my lungs.

When I broke through the surface, my eyes immediately returned to his reclined form. There was a slight smirk on his face, a small lift of his right cheek, as I climbed the metal ladder poolside and made my way back to the diving board.

"You improving your form or just enjoying the feeling of your dick bouncing up and down?" he asked as he peeked at me from under his forearm.

I made my way to the end of the springboard and started to jump again, causing him to sit up and rest on his elbows so he could watch me. His gaze stayed on my groin. The higher I got, the more I felt gravity weighing down on my sensitive cock. I quickly looked down and slowed my bouncing. It was only then that I noticed just how hard I had gotten and reached to stroke my cock while the board came to a stuttering halt.

"Yep, just as I suspected," Edward wryly said before lying back down and covering his eyes again.

"So I guess that means you've enjoyed the free feeling of your dick bouncing around, too, huh?" I asked but didn't wait for an answer as I dove deep, opening my eyes and swimming toward his feet.

As I kicked, pushing the water away from me and pulling it with my arms, I told myself that I had nothing to fear. Edward had already shown me that I could be intimate with him again and that I could maintain my control. He trusted me, and it was time that I started to trust myself.

I broke the surface about three feet from his legs, and I must have startled him because he was sitting up with this eyebrows hiding behind his damp russet fringe.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to freak you out," I said as I pushed the wet curls away from my face, raking my fingers across my scalp.

"Nah, don't worry about it. I'm just very relaxed here in the sun," he drawled as he lay back down and circled his legs in the water, drawing my eyes to his long and lean calves.

"Feels good to have some sun. We were lucky this weekend." I jabbered on about the weather but lost track of my own words as my eyes traveled down the shadows created on his leg by his defined muscles. His pale skin was dusted with cinnamon colored hair, and when I reached for his feet and applied some pressure, he groaned in pleasure. Only then did I allow my gaze to move up his body. When I reached the apex of his legs, his cock was hovering above his belly, hard as a fucking rock.

"Apparently someone enjoyed watching my sproingy dick, hmm?" I taunted as my palms traveled up his outer thighs and I stood between his knees.

"Mmm," was all I got in response as Edward kept his eyes closed and stretched his arms above his head to rest on the tile. He adjusted his hips slightly, allowing his cock to wave in front of me, teasing me, daring me to get closer—to touch it, to hold it … to fucking suck it.

I swallowed very loudly; the sound seemed to echo throughout the open space, reverberating against every hard surface including his cock that I was looking down upon. It was as if I had never seen a penis before, let alone Edward's, the way that I studied his flesh. The smooth skin was stretched taut over hard muscle, revealing a fine tracery of veins calling to me. Subtle changes in skin tone that I hadn't noticed before were now very evident to me. The darker skin of his balls ran all the way up to the pink head that was perfectly shaped and gathered together at that oh-so-sensitive spot that he loved for me to flutter my tongue against.

Moving closer, I brushed my cheek against his inner thigh, feeling the soft hair tease my skin.

"What are you doing, Jasper?" he asked with concern as he sat up and made eye contact with me. All the while, I trailed my cheeks, chin, lips and nose across his legs, allowing myself to get lost in his skin.

"I don't know, just … just following my instincts, I guess," I admitted.

"You don't have to do this if you aren't comfortable. Our relationship isn't about returning favors. It's about respect and trust and patience, and I don't want you to feel pressured." His voice was laced with worry and authenticity.

I smiled up at him and lazily closed my eyes, allowing myself to become adrift in his scent and feel. Breathing deeply, I smelled the chlorine from the pool but also his skin and the essence of Edward that would cause my mouth to water no matter what. The closer I moved toward his body, the more concentrated his scent became, and I no longer needed to breathe as deeply to smell Edward over the pool water.

When the distinctive feel of his scrotum hit my lips, I opened my mouth and kissed him. Taking care not to ram my solid dick into the pool wall, I rested against the surface and wrapped my hands around his full ass and squeezed. More kisses were placed against his balls, and he moaned, drawing my eyes up to him. He was fucking beautiful, leaning back on his open palms with his head thrown back, eyes closed in pleasure and his mouth ajar. The sunlight streamed in through the windows and blinded me slightly, but he was in perfect focus.

My tongue peeked out to taste him. The feel of his skin against my mouth was magnificent, and I opened wider to lick him with a flattened tongue from root to tip. He tasted remarkable, his body offering a few drops for me to sample—like an appetizer. It teased me, and I thought back to the evening in the shower when he asked me if I missed his flavor. He told me he could sometimes still taste me on the back of his tongue. I knew what he meant at that very moment as saliva pooled in my mouth. Rather than swallow it down, I used it to lavish his cock with perfect attention: licking up his length, massaging it with my lips and burying it deep in my throat.

"Fuck, Jasper," he called out as his hips lifted from the tile floor, pushing his cock further down my throat if that were possible. I quickly pulled off of him and greedily drew in a few much needed breaths before I smothered his balls with attention from my tongue and lips. He was soaked in my saliva, and I used the slippery consistency to bring him greater pleasure by rubbing my face all over his groin, which was now completely open to me since Edward had set his feet on the edge of the pool. Pulling him closer to me, I planted his ass right on the ledge and simply allowed myself to explore nearly every inch of skin that was exposed.

His ripe, little rosebud was tightly drawn, and while I had no intention of fucking him, my tongue wanted to taste him. But something stopped me. I was still very much afraid that I could possibly lose my control, and his beautiful asshole would most certainly be my undoing. That didn't stop me from studying him though, and then I dared to reach for him with thumb, glancing over the forbidden flesh before moving toward his balls. Every subtle change in the texture of his skin was evident to me. I felt as if I were hyper-aware, feeling tiny pleats, skin roughened by hair and the silky smoothness of his cock. I sucked him in and pulled off of him noisily so the head of his dick could feel that delectable suction and release several times.

As his dick flopped onto his stomach, I decided to leave it there and kiss across the skin on his lower abdomen that was covered in a fine dusting of his hair. It felt so good on my lips. When I got to his hipbone, I trailed my tongue around the protrusion.

"I like that," he whispered as he reached down and latched onto my hair with anxious fingers. "Do it again, please?" I did. "Now teeth?" No problem. I scraped my teeth across his hipbone as I mock bit it before trailing my tongue and giving small nips to his tender skin. When I finally bit him, his fingers tightened around my hair, and a sweet pain shot through my scalp and straight to my groin.

I trailed my tongue down his well-defined V and took a ball into my mouth, tonguing it, teasing it with my lips before engulfing its mate. Only after he was panting did I push his thighs up and tried to bite his ass. I was getting frustrated with the pool ledge, as I had hit my chin several times.

Pulling back abruptly, I dropped his legs. "Fuck it. I'm getting out. I can't do this. The chaise?" I asked, suddenly wondering if it was okay to ask for a change of venue, but my fears were put to rest with his smile and the vision of his juicy ass walking away from me. I swam to the stairs and quickly dried my body. Edward settled down on a large chaise lounge that was made for two to share. He had adjusted the headrest and basically turned it into a bed.

For as bold as I had been feeling in the pool, I was suddenly feeling shy and fearful. He was basically waiting for me, but not in an impatient way. I stood at his feet and watched him recline, tousling my hair with my towel to catch the extra drips.

"Hey. You don't have to do a thing, Jasper. Just lay next to me," and I did. But that didn't last for long. As soon as he buried his fingers in my curls and pulled again, my sex drive got a boost, and I was trailing kisses from his mouth to his neck to his chest and to his stomach. Oh fuck … to his perfect cock. It was buried in my throat again in no time, but Edward was pulling me back up to his face.

"What? What?" I said without hiding my impatience.

"Let me suck you, too, love."

"Oh. Okay, but I want you to lay on top of me," I requested.

We readjusted, and soon he was straddling my head while I lounged beneath him. My hands immediately found his ass, and I directed his twitching cock into my mouth. He took my dick into his mouth, and I groaned at the feel of his warm mouth enveloping me. When he took a depraved rhythm that was going to have me cumming in his mouth within moments, I became so distracted that I barely nursed the rock hard cock in my mouth. Suddenly, he twitched, bringing my attention back to him. I pressed his dick close to his body and teased my tongue against that sensitive gathering of skin before burying it in my throat, or at least trying to. Edward was holding his body above me so he wouldn't choke me, and that's exactly what I wanted him to do. I wanted him to take control.

"Edward, fuck my mouth … hard. Please," I begged. He looked down his body to me, and I let him know with my eyes that I was ready for this.

"Jasper, just hold onto my hips and push me away if it gets to be too much, okay?" he asked. I nodded and leaned toward him before I wrapped my lips around him.

Pulling him closer to me by grabbing onto his ass, I moaned as his silky skin slipped against my tongue, only stopping once it blocked my airflow. He started to fuck my mouth and my throat, gingerly at first as if he were testing the waters but then becoming more deliberate with his movements.

His mouth met my cock again, and the pleasure of his tongue sliding along my shaft mixed with my throat being repeatedly filled was almost too much. When he reached for my balls, I couldn't control the movement of my hips any longer, thrusting into his mouth as he thrust into mine, our rhythms matching.

I grabbed Edward's ass and drew him closer to me, taking deep breaths when he pulled his hips back again. My breathing was becoming erratic, and I had to push him away from me so I could recover. But recovery was the last thing on Edward's mind as he seemed to triple his efforts on my cock. I was overcome with pleasure as my hips thrust up again and again and again. He rolled my balls in his in hand and slipped a wet finger between my cheeks, giving me another sensation to try to decipher.

I tumbled over the edge.

I cried out, the sound echoing throughout the spacious room as my cock spasmed in his mouth, releasing hot cum down his throat in wave after wave. My entire body shuddered as he gently milked every last drop from me.

"Fuck, you taste amazing!" Edward praised.

"Uhm … thanks. I tried out this new recipe…."

"Smart ass!" he said as he slapped my hip and placed a tender kiss on the tip of my cock. "Come up here," he said, gesturing to the spot next to him. As I moved, he lifted the head of the chaise slightly and grabbed a few pillows from the chair next to it. I sat against the cushion, and Edward slipped the pillows behind me so that I was sitting up slightly.

"Do you still want me to fuck that beautiful mouth of yours?" he asked as his teeth pressed into his full bottom lip.

"Fuck yes!"

He straddled my hips and started walking on his knees toward my head, his hard cock bobbing with each movement. His teeth never left his lip. When he got to my chest, his dick dripped on me, a line of clear fluid connecting my left nipple to the tip of his cock. It was a fucking hot sight to see, and I trailed my finger through the line and brought it to my mouth to get another appetizer.

I palmed his ass and buried my fingers deep in his flesh, urging him forward more quickly. Edward grasped onto the frame of the chase behind my head and leaned forward. As soon as his cock brushed against my lips, I let out my breath, practically seeing the moisture teasing his flesh. My tongue darted out to catch a bead that was about to land on my neck. I didn't want to waste a drop of what his body was willing to offer me. Trailing my tongue around his swollen head, I teased all the places that I knew he loved. Sucking him, after months of self-imposed celibacy, was just like climbing back on a fucking bicycle, without the risk of falling and getting road rash. Hell, even if road rash were a possibility, I'd take it just to feel his dick in my mouth again.

Looking up at Edward, I met his eyes. He had been watching every movement I made. His fucked-up sex-hair was wilder than ever after his swim, the air drying it into complete disarray. Everything about him screamed power and control, and that's exactly what I wanted, for him to fucking control me. But first, I needed to tease.

I looked through my lashes into the deep green pools above me and made sure to pull his gaze to my mouth by seductively licking my lips. It worked. As I barely took the head of his cock past my lips, I pulled slightly on the ridge and fluttered my tongue against his frenulum. His eyes rolled back, his lips parted and his head fell to the side. He was fucking loving it! When the tip of my tongue slipped through his slit, gathering another taste, his teeth bit into his bottom lip again … hard. Fuck, he was beautiful, and I was eliciting those reactions and the most beautiful sounds that were pouring from his lips.

Pulling off him noisily, he looked down at me, determining if I was ready, communicating silently with me through only our eyes and the gentle caress he gave my cheekbone. I was so ready. I was more than ready, and when he started to thrust forward, I readily opened my mouth and engulfed him as he drove into me deeply. We maintained eye contact as he slid his thick, hard cock past my lips over and over. I couldn't have looked away if I had wanted to. That was how we were communicating.

I was telling him, "Fuck me harder."

He was answering, "Thank you for letting me."

It was beautiful, and goose bumps broke out all over my body as I realized what we were saying to each other. It was trust. It was trust at its most basic level. He trusted me to tell him if it was too much for me, and even as a tear crept out of the corner of my eye, he didn't stop. He could see from the look on my face that it was not an emotional reaction but a physical one to his cock in my throat, but I wanted it. So, he gave me what I wanted … what I needed. I needed him to control me—to use me in a way. The emotional release it was bestowing on me was cathartic.

His movements were urgent, uncontrolled, and as my fingers clenched onto his fleshy ass, I knew he was about to offer me what I had hoped he would. I looked in his eyes, and he did his best to keep looking at me as he buried himself deep in my throat and let loose. Erupting from his cock was the most wonderful taste ever. Only a few months prior I was positive that I would never be given a chance to taste Edward's flavor on my tongue again. Yet, here it was happening.

My emotions took over as I drained him of everything he had to offer me, and tears readily fell. His eyes never left mine, and he had seen the moment my feelings changed from desire to gratefulness. He knew that this wasn't shame or guilt or pain. It was pure and utter gratitude that he had allowed himself to trust me again.

Edward gazed down at me and smiled the most beautiful smile. It said "Thank you" and "I love you" and more. It said more than words could ever say. It said that I was loved beyond belief and that I no longer had to prove myself. Edward would love me as I was, no matter what.

It was with that thought that I trailed my tongue up his softening cock, placing a kiss on the tip before moving to each hipbone and planting two wet, succulent kisses.

"I love you, Edward," I declared with utter certainty.

He looked down at me and lowered himself so he sat in my lap, his fingers lovingly tracing various features on my face. He looked lost in me, and I let him be, waiting for him to return to the surface.

"You are amazing, Jasper, in so many ways. I'm so lucky," he whispered before our lips met in warm, affectionate kisses that meant so much more than "Thanks for the great blow job." He loved me for what had just happened because I had trusted him. And wasn't that what we both needed?

As our tongues entwined and we tasted ourselves on each other, our flavors mixed as we kissed. I couldn't keep my hands away from his pale skin. I was thankful for all of him, down to the last freckle.

Pulling him against my chest, I sighed at the sensual feel of his breath washing across my neck and shoulder. We were both fully sated and could have so easily fallen asleep on the green cushion beneath me, but we had to get dressed and leave Forks. I resisted until the last possible moment.

When Edward nipped my earlobe and said, "We need to go," I whimpered and pulled him more tightly to my chest. But we dressed and moved around the house making sure everything was situated so that the house could be left empty again for a few months.

Driving away from the familiar town of Forks, I looked over at Edward as he drove east and I took his hand in mine. Never in my life had I been more sure that I was ready to dive in headfirst. Edward was my one and only, and I was his.