Chapter One The Poem

From the moment Allie left, Noah knew that he would have to remain in contact with her someway. He would write a letter everyday, and although he never received a letter back, he continued to write to her everyday. On one occasion he sent her an hand-written poem. This is what it said:

Even though you are not in view to me,

I've got a strange feeling you are my destiny.

Wanting you near is taking it's toll,

There is a deepening abyss left in my soul.

Why won't you write me, is the love not there,

Maybe I'll just die off, would you even care?

There is no more leaving left to be done,

I thought your heart was a prize I already won,

Without you I see no sun.

I cannot keep you out of my dreams,

I am literally falling apart at the seams.

Noah told himself that the poem was poorly written and that Allie would not care to read it, but he sent it anyway. And to his surprise, the letter had slipped past Allie's mother, and made it's way to her.

Noah doubted if she would like it.