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"Happy birthday, Makino." A male with a perm said as he held a birthday cake with twenty three candles stuck on it. He walked over to a female with short hair. She smiled as he placed the cake down and joined her at the table surrounded by her friends.
"Thank you, everyone for celebrating my birthday with me and thank you Tsukasa for throwing me this party." The female
smiled at her five friends. They sang happy birthday to her and she blew out the candles on the cake.
"Here, this is from me." A girl with long hair sitting on the left side of Makino said as she handed her a package wrapped in pink with a blue ribbon tied into a bow. She opened it to find a music jewelery box that played a soft melody.
"Arigatou!" Makino said as she hugged her best friend of nearly eighteen years.
"You're welcome, happy birthday!" Yuki smiled at her.
"Makino, here's my gift." Soujiroh, who was sitting next to Yuki, handed her a small black rectangular chest that she opened. It was a fine China tea set.
On the tea pot and cups were the words "strength" engraved on.
"Thank you Soujiroh-san." She smiled at Soujiroh who just responded with a smile and nod.
"Here you go," Akira handed her a set of keys.
"Eh?" Makino was confused.
"Go look outside the window." Akira pointed. She obeyed and looked out the window of the MGM restaurant Tsukasa had reserved for the night She saw a red Porsche outside with a huge pink ribbon plastered on the roof. On the hood of the car was a poster that read: "Happy Birthday, Makino Tsukushi."
"Akira-san, that is such a generous gift." Makino said in awe.
"No problem." Akira winked at her.
"I'll be taking that." Tsukasa grabbed the keys from her hand.
"It was my gift." Makino said.
"You can't drive!" Tsukasa shouted.
"Eh, why not?" Yuki asked and F3 looked at Tsukasa and Makino.
"I guess we should tell them." Makino said and Tsukasa had a silly grin on his face.
"Makino is going to have a baby."
"No way!" Akira shouted.
"Un believable." Soujiroh said.
"Congratulations!" Yuki held Makino's hand.
"Akira's right, that kid's going to have Tsukasa's genes." Rui joked as he punched Tsukasa on the shoulder softly sinceTsukasa was near him. "Well, i guess it's time for my gift."
Rui stood up from the table and headed over to the glossy white grand piano that was centered in the middle of the restaurant. He opened the cover and sat down at the piano. Melodious music flowed from the piano as Rui's fingers tapped the piano keys. Makino tried to decifer which piano piece Rui was playing but the melody did not sound familiar to her at all. Once Rui was finished, he went back to the table and sat down on the right side of the table.
"What do you think?" He asked.
"It's beautiful, but I didn't recognize the melody." Makino said awkwardly.
"I didn't expect you to, after all it is a piece I composed." Rui stated.
"Really?!" Tsukasa shouted in shock.
"Yeah, I haven't named it yet though, but it's for you Makino." He handed her the music sheet in a binder with no title on it.
"Thank you, Hanazawa Rui." She smiled and placed the binder carefully in her bag.
"Okay, let's get this party started!" Akira shouted. The rest cheered except for Yuki who looked at them with a slight sadness only Soujiroh had noticed. Soujiroh said nothing but went with the flow as Akira popped open the bottle of champagne. He poured it into five glasses and was about to pour it into a sixth one when Tsukasa stopped him.
"Makino can't drink." He said and handed her a glass of orange juice.
"Wow, you're on the road to becoming a good father aren't you?" Soujiroh was suprised at his carefulness. He turned to look over at Yuki who was quietly sipping her drink and eating a piece of the cake Makino had cut and served.
After the party was over, the Domyoji couple headed back to their suite, Rui was going back to his own suite and Akira was going to do his thing.
"Coming, Soujiroh?" Akira asked his best friend who was walking very slowly. "You can go first. I'm going to go outside and get some fresh air." Soujiroh shouted to him in which Akira replied with a nod. The mafia boss headed out the restaurant leaving only Yuki and Soujiroh there.
"So...what's wrong?" Soujiroh asked after a brief moment of silence.
"Nothing." Yuki said quietly and downed her champagne.
"You say it's nothing, but you face begs to differ." Soujiroh took a seat next to her and poured some champagne for himself.
"I don't know what's wrong...I...guess I'm jealous."
"I mean, when I look at Makino, she has such a bright future ahead of her and she's got everything laid out for her already. She's expecting a child with the person she loves compared to me who just is a nuisance to the person I like."
"You're not a nuisance." Soujiroh tried to comfort her.
Yuki just laughed. "You know how I always go overboard." She finished her drink and poured another.
"Well you're not the only one. Look at me, I'm always just running from you." He held his glass out as Yuki poured him another.
"I don't blame you from running from me, I mean, I would even run away from myself." She gave a drunk laugh and drank the glass of champagne.
"Why do you...chase after me anyways?" Soujiroh had been wondering this from the start.
"Well, right now, you're the only constant in my life, everything is just slipping through my finger tips and I figured I could at least catch one thing. I was hoping that would be you." She smiled and drank the glass. Her head rolled around as she tried to stay conscious.
"You know," Soujiroh looked at her. "you're not half as bad as you think you are." He drank his drink and poured another.
"Really now?" She looked up at Soujiroh's eyes. "You're such a flirt."
"I never realized it until now, but you have nice eyes." He stared at her and she stared back at him. The gap between their faces got smaller and smaller.

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