-Chapter 17-

Soujiroh chased after Yuki and went around looking for her but could not find her anywhere. He searched the whole garden and she was not there. He felt slightly panicked as he searched for her, where was she? He ran up the stairs and entered their bedroom to find it empty. He called her cell phone and heard the ringing in the room, she had left it here. He ran outside and got into his car to search for her. Was she at the marketplace?

While he had gone to search for her, Yuki was in the closet sitting there and silently crying her heart out. After that kiss, she had finally remembered who the girl was. It was Soujiroh's first love who had left and caused him a lot of pain. Now that Sara was back, was she out of the picture? Probably so, he was kissing her. Yuki wiped her tears and laughed. Well, wasn't she acting funny right now? Crying over a boy...She sighed. It wasn't the first anyways: for some reason she always fell for the jerks. Part of her still believed that she had a chance but then again, what chance did she really have? This was a fake marriage anyways. It was going to end in a year. What was she wishing to happen?

Soujiroh ran around in the marketplace looking for her. He even entered the shop where she picked out clothes for him at.

"Hello." The shopkeeper bowed.


"You're not with your girlfriend today?"

"Umm...no." He said awkwardly.

"Well, you should treasure her, she seems like a good catch."

Soujiroh smiled. "Yeah...she is." He ran around and thought about going to Yuki's house but knowing Yuki, she wouldn't want to worry her parents and sisters so that place was out of the question. He decided to call her cell phone more time, hoping that she was at home, but she did not pick up.

Yuki heard the phone vibrate on the desk and she got up to look at the caller ID, it was Soujiroh. She thought about picking up but she didn't feel like talking to him right now. There was a knock on the door and she opened it to find Sara standing by the door.

"Hello." Yuki bowed and Sara did as well.

"I wanted to talk to you, is it alright if I came in?" Sara asked politely.

"Yes, come in." Yuki gestured to the small table inside the room which had two chairs in it and a tea set on the table. She made some green tea and poured some for Sara.

"Thank you." Sara took a sip while Yuki sat down in her seat and made herself comfortable.

"What was it you wanted to talk to me about?" Yuki asked. She had a feeling she knew but she wanted to ask just to make sure.

"I'm sure you know already, seeing how you saw the two of us at the garden."

"Yes..." Yuki didn't want to recall those moments that occurred a few minutes ago but she had no choice but to replay them in her mind. "What is it you want to talk about?"

"I know I don't have the right to say this but I want to be with Soujiroh again." Sara stared at her tea cup while she said this.

"Weren't you the one who left Soujiroh? He was in a lot of pain at that time."

"I know, ever since I went on that plane to America, I have been having regrets. Why did I leave him? What would have happened if we were together? I can't help but think of these things and it makes me wish I had never left him in the first place."

"Then why did you get on that plane to America?"

"I don't know, maybe I wanted to confirm something for myself."

"Confirm something?"

"Confirm my feelings for Soujiroh." Yuki looked at Sara when Sara stated it and she was looking back as well. "I'm sorry, Yuki-san, but my feelings for Soujiroh have been confirmed."

"Is that why you didn't want to get married with that man from America?" Yuki was hesitant to ask but she wanted to know. She had a right didn't she?

Sara nodded. "I couldn't be with that man since I figured out my feelings for Soujiroh. It just wouldn't be fair for him or me – Soujiroh as well."

Yuki toyed with her cup of tea. "Why are you telling me all of this? Shouldn't you be telling Soujiroh?"

"I want you to leave Soujiroh."

Yuki spilled her tea onto the floor.