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I'm going to tell you a story. A story that contains all the aspects of those Icha Icha novels my late sensei was so fond of writing. It's a story that involves the one creature that captures the imaginations and wet dreams of men across the world.

The Succubi.

They've been around for as long as men have been susceptible to feminine wiles. But nowadays their population has grown and frequency of their visitshas increased. In case you don't know, a Succubus is a creature that knows to do only two things: fucking and killing. And believe me friend, they are very good at both. Some, scorned women in-particular, call them demons or monsters; others, men for the most part, are not so sure. In my experience I'd like to think I've learned a great deal about them.

For starters, they are not demons, they are as flesh and blood as any other creature. However, though they do appear in most respects to be human, they're not quite that either. They fall somewhere in between; they are not human but they need human men to survive. You must understand that there are no male Succubi, every Succubus is a female and will only ever give birth to females. Some would claim that the Incubi, their distant male cousins supply the necessary breeding source for such thing and that we humans are considered either pets or dinner, maybe both on a bad night. These theories are all false, The Succubi hate their male counterparts with the same hatred that they possess for human women. This hatred is more about rivalry than anything. But I'm getting off topic...

In appearance, every Succubus looks like a beautiful human woman with the glaring exception that they never wear clothes...And have small horns that protrude from their foreheads...and they have wings? Yes, they have small bat-like wings that grow from their backs. So far as I know, they are not capable of sustained flight, only short hops, like the hop up to some poor fellow's window.

At night, during what can only be called their mating season, Succubi will go out into the villages that dot world on the prowl for young men to seduce. When they find one, they'll slip into his room, give the poor sap the night of his life, and if he's lucky, leave him alone before morning.

This, to most men, wouldn't seem like such a bad thing: A gorgeous woman comes to your room at night, fucks your brains out, and leaves before morning? Sure, the horns and wings might be a put off, but trust me when I tell you their beauty more than makes up for these odd features. However, they are not gentle creatures, they are feral and aggressive and not easy to please. Should a man fail to satisfy them, he will find himself the victim of their more savage side. Sometimes we'd find the bodies still in their beds with their throats ripped out, sometimes they would never be found. They would just disappear into the night, never to be heard from again.

Again, most men would be more than willing to oblige these visitors were it not for the likelihood of them being killed as well, and for the fact that, as I've said above, these Succubi are outright hostile to any human woman. Young, superstitious married couples won't share a room for fear that a Succubus should come visit, because she would kill the woman. And should the wife find out that her husband is being visited in his chambers, she best stay out and hope that her husband has the sexual prowess to placate the creature.

For hundreds of years these creatures have existed, and for almost that long they have been a creature of myth. It used to be that generations may have passed between Succubus sightings, then it was decades, then it was years, and people began to stop thinking of it as a fairy tale. Now every year in the first few weeks of summer there are more deaths, more disappearances, and more men bragging about how many Succubi visits they've survived.

How many of the stories told by the men of the villages over a few saucers of sake are true is hard to say. Even in the face of death, men are still men, and surviving an encounter with a Succubus is something to be proud of. Most men these days, the ones that survive of course, have a story to tell of the Succubi, and I have more than my fair share of experience to be sure.

I remember that first night well, it's hard to forget the first time a Succubus comes to call on you. I lived alone, retired after a nice healthy service in the village of my upbringing; I was unmarried, with a land grant from my former Boss. One night, I was awakened by noises from outside. I had just set light to the lamp next to my bed when the sound of the shutters creaking made me freeze.

I saw a crack of moonlight spill across the floor and as my eyes followed it back to the window the shutters were flung wide open and there she was. She crouched on the windowsill, backlit by the full moon, like some great bird of prey ready to swoop down and snatch a victim. A fear like you wouldn't believe gripped me; I knew what it was that had come to my room. We just sat and stared at each other; I was paralyzed by fear and she seemed to be deciding whether or not I was worth the time.

She slipped down from the windowsill and crossed the length of the room to the end of my bed on all fours. She moved quick and light as a cat; when she hopped up onto the foot of my bed and I saw her illuminated in the lamp-light my breath caught in my throat. She was stunning: her hair was beautiful gold that hung down to her shoulders, she had full blood-red lips, and flawless skin. Her body was lithe and toned, her large supple breasts heaved creating a sort of hypnotic effect as she stared at me with eyes as brown as a perfect amber stone. The look in those eyes is hard to describe, somewhere between the most passionate longing of true love and the ravenous hunger of a starving tiger.

She crawled closer to me at a slow sensual pace, her wings giving out tense flicks in anticipation; as she got closer I distinguished her horns from the features of her perfect face. They were very small, tiny bone-colored nubs that stuck maybe a thumbnail's length out from her forehead (I would later learn that that meant she was very young, seventeen or eighteen years old). She put her hand on my calf through the blanket and I felt a jolt of excitement shoot through me, despite my very real fear I was aroused by her. Her amazing beauty, her primal movements, and the sounds she made: part moan, part growl.

She moved up closer to me so we were face to face and her intoxicating smell filled my nostrils. She pushed me back with surprising strength so my back was against the headboard and she straddled me with her thighs pressing in on my waist. She began to stroke my bare chest; scratching me while she smelled my hair and pressed those perfect breasts into my face arousing me further. I was still terrified; my heart was beating like a drum in my chest and my hands clenching the bed sheets like a frightened child. I wanted her to leave me in peace, but at the same time wanted her to stay, wanted her body, wanted her.

She then started to kiss and suck on my neck, her hard nipples pressing into my chest, and I couldn't control it anymore; I let go of the sheets I had been clinging to for dear life and with one hand grabbed her firm sweet ass, and with the other grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her ravishing mouth to mine. Her lips were full and soft, her tongue sweet and, to my surprise, rather long.

She moaned like a beast as she forced her tongue in and out of my mouth and dug her nails in my back. I fondled her beautiful breasts and ran my hands over her smooth thighs, it seemed that Succubi do not grow hair below their heads. By now I was aroused to my fullest and my raging cock was pressing up in a rather uncomfortable position against the bedding as she ground her body against it. Before I could do anything about that she jerked her face away from mine and shoved me so hard against the headboard that I saw stars for a moment. She giggled at my pain and had a cruel smile on her face as she dragged her nails down my chest and scooted back away from me pulling down the sheets with her thighs as she did so. My cock sprang free and her smile broadened and that hungry look returned to her eyes in seeming approval of what she saw.

She grabbed it around the base and dragged her long hot tongue up my shaft and licked circles around the head. Shivers went up and down my spine as she sucked on my balls and stroked me, it was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt. I had had a few women in the past, but nothing had ever felt this good. She gorged her mouth on my cock and took it all the way in till her nose (and horns) pushed into my stomach, and she still slipped her tongue out to lick my sack some more. She carried on like that; licking and sucking and stroking and moaning onto my cock. And I lost myself in the pleasure she was giving me, grabbing the back of her head and running my fingers through her hair and down her back. And then my fingers brushed against one of her wings; with reflexes far beyond that of any human, she sprang off my cock and grabbed me by the throat slamming my head back again.

When my vision cleared her face was mere inches from mine; her teeth were bared in a fierce snarl and her eyes burned into me. I froze, terrified, thinking I was about to end up like all those other men before. But instead she pulled back, her snarl changing to a devilish smile, and with her hand still at my throat positioned herself over my crotch. She grasped my throbbing hard-on with her free hand and positioned it upright, our eyes locked, I began to feel something very strange as she moaned and gyrated her hips over me. If I had my eyes closed I would swear that she was licking my shaft and head all over, but my eyes were open and she was mounted on top of me.

Confused, I broke eye contact with her and looked down to the apex of our loins, and was met with a sight that blew me away. Neither legend nor any drunken tale I had ever heard tell of a Succubus prepared me for this; what I saw was a second tongue, coming out from her soaking cunt. I was shocked to say the least; it now seemed no wonder that so few men had been able to please them, I mean, how many men could handle a gorgeous babe fucking them and blowing them all at once? That being said, I watched as she released her hand and her pussy-tongue curled around my shaft to hold it up; long, wet, hot, and squeezing it like a snake coiled around its prey.

Emboldened by her renewed interest in fucking me rather than killing me, I ran my hands over her body again; careful not to touch her wings, or even her back (just to be safe). She curled and stoked my cock with that second tongue of hers for a bit, but I knew that she wanted me inside that sweet pussy; I grasped her shoulders and pulled her down so my cock pushed at last into her soaking wet snatch. She let out a whelp of pleasure when I penetrated her; and, moreover, I realized that I could take control with her and make her do what I wanted to some extent. Which was contrary to what I believed about these creatures; I thought they came and took what they wanted from us weak humans, but maybe if we showed a little force and resilience we might break them.

She rode me with a vigor and passion that could wear out a quarter horse, but still I kept control. Though I wanted to lose myself to her passions, the thought that she might just use me till I had nothing left to give then slaughter me like a spring calf kept returning to mind and kept me in check. I was determined to survive this encounter and if that meant, by force of will, denying myself the release I so longed then so be it. This was no easy task; I was rooted in her and still that second-tongue of hers was playing at the shaft and head of my cock as it slid in and out of her wet pussy. Moreover, she seemed to have extraordinary control over the muscles of her cunt; flexing and squeezing me with the purposeful intent of driving me crazy and extracting every last drop of cum from my already over-driven balls.

But still, even though her grinding and thrusting were stimulating me, mortal fear kept me from giving this monster the prize she came for. I would show this Succubus what it means to use sex as weapon yet. She grunted and moaned as she bounced on top of me; and I, not wanting to be outdone, grabbed her waist and guided her hips on me while a licked and sucked on her nipples. She seemed to love this because she stopped bouncing on my cock and instead ground on it so her tits could stay still in front of my face. One hand on her firm ass the other on her tit I flicked my tongue over one nipple then the other.

The back and forth movements of her hips became quicker and her breath was coming in short gasps, she began letting out lusty whimpers and her face contorted into that tell-tale look of pleasure and pain; I knew she was approaching orgasm. As I began to feel her pussy tighten and that second tongue of hers spasm on my cock I knew it was time to make my move; still sucking on her tits I placed one hand at the small of her back, the other on her shoulder, and flipped her onto her back so I was on top. She was too far gone into the throws of an enormous orgasm to care about this change of position, and she wrapped her legs round my back and I wasted no time in fucking her as deep and hard as I could. Once that first orgasm took her it was on, every few seconds thereafter she bucked under me again and again. Orgasm after orgasm she couldn't get enough, eyes rolling back into her head, that horny smile never leaving her lips; and for my part I kept up the pace.

At last, the chain of her orgasms seemed to subside and she lay there docile, eyes unfocused and staring off into space, and I swear to you she was purring like some well-fed house cat! with some hesitation, I stopped fucking her to see how she'd react, she didn't seem to notice and still just lay there, content. It was then that I knew I had won, that I had broken her like one breaks a wild horse, I grinned, celebrating my victory and deciding it was my turn to claim my reward. I grabbed her hips and fucked her in earnest, not trying to hold back anymore, letting myself go to her gorgeous body and the sweet release I so needed.

She seemed to notice that I was about to give her what she came for; she locked eyes with me and wrapped her legs tight around mine. Her stare seemed to beg me to shoot inside her sweet pussy; I could feel it start to build inside me and my cock stiffened even more. She grabbed the back of my neck with one hand and my ass with the other and started to fuck back, bouncing up in rhythm with my thrusts. Her pussy tongue stroking my shaft even as her pussy walls clenched around it I could tell she was building to one final orgasm too. Both of us breathing deep and fast, I slammed my cock as deep as I could go and let loose inside her. The blast of my hot seed into her pussy sent her over the edge one more time and she screamed out as the climax took us both. I slid in and out of her, milking the last drops from my cock into her pussy, staring into those big beautiful eyes that stared back with pure pleasure.

I kissed her with a passion and she returned the sentiment, rolling me over so she was again on top of me. She pulled herself off my still hard cock and slid down to suck me clean. I sat and enjoyed the feeling of her mouth on my slick cock, extra sensitive after that glorious fuck session. When she was satisfied with her work she pulled away and slinked back to the window, hopped up onto the sill, and turning to give me one last look and smile disappeared into the night.

It wouldn't be long, however, until I'd see her again. In fact, I saw a lot of her thereafter; she visited me at least once a week, sometimes two or three times even. This went on for months, well past what we thought of as the Succubus's "mating season." I took to calling her Kitten, because of the way she always approached me, like a cat on the prowl. Each time she would come to me would be just as amazing as the first, if not more, because I wasn't scared for my life anymore. I knew she wouldn't harm me, As long as I stayed in control I just felt too damn good to hurt. She even let me touch her wings, which were great to hold on to when I was fucking her from behind. And then, all at once, she stopped visiting; winter had come and I suppose she did whatever the Succubi do to survive the winter. I slept alone dreaming of golden hair, amber eyes, and warm, wet pussy-tongues.


Can you give me "Kitten"'s real name?

Keep kicking ass.