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Hazy memories began to return to me from the night before, I remembered seeing Silver and Kitten over me in my bed, I remembered being carried, there were more succubi all around me, touching me smelling me, and I remembered being dropped onto that animal-skin pile that served as a bed, then darkness. I couldn't imagine what it was they wanted from me but I knew that it wasn't good. I also had no intention of finding out, so I set out down the spiral path to the center courtyard.

I saw movement from above and hid myself in one of the caves. Two Succubi dropped in from the top of the structure and with a series of short flying hops landed in front of a cave not 15 feet from me. Peering around the corner I watched as they let out some kind of call and two others came out of the cave, except these ones looked very different from the others. They looked older, their horns were long and curled over in a spiral, like a ram's, and they had no wings! Just small stumps on their backs. I watched, awestruck, as the Succubi that flew in bent over and the wingless ones put their faces to their pussies.

The two Succubi's pussy-tongues came out and deposited huge gobs of cum into the waiting mouths of the wingless ones. With that done the winged ones hopped up to one of the higher levels and vanished into one of the caves, the two they left behind also retreated back into the cave they came from. Curiosity got the better of me and I followed as quiet as I could behind them. The cave was shallow and turned at the end giving me a perfect vantage point to spy on them without being seen.

What I saw shocked me more than anything I had seen up till then, they had settled in a bed of straw and were busy spitting their mouthfuls up onto five or six enormous watermelon sized eggs! They distributed the cum across all the eggs and proceeded to spread it all over with their tongues. The crushing realization of what was going on hit me like a thunderbolt; they were using us, using men for our sperm to fertilize their eggs, to procreate. They must layer these eggs from sperm from hundreds of donors giving the egg a chance to choose the perfect one; the one that will produce the most beautiful offspring, a new Succubus to grow up and prey on us.

It was all too much for me; I knew I had to get out. I slipped out of the nursery unnoticed and searched for a way out of the labyrinth of caves, I came to one in which I could see light coming from the other end, I scrambled through it so I didn't watch my footing and tripped on something. As I picked myself up whatever it was that I tripped over let out a groan, a male groan. Knowing it must be another human I rolled him over; It was a local jonin I knew from another village who had disappeared two nights ago.

He had a deep wound on his chest and I could see that he wasn't going to make it; before he passed he told me his story. He, like me, was visited by a Succubus and pleasured her so that she came back again the next night; unlike Kitten, however, she didn't come back for more sex, she came back to take him like I had been taken. He said he didn't know how long he was unconscious for but was awoken at night when the Succubus that captured him presented him to their Queen. He couldn't handle her and she slashed his chest in anger and left him to die in the middle of the den. He had managed to crawl this far but knew he could go no further. He told me that I had been fortunate to have woken so, that if I had slept until after nightfall I would have been given to the Queen Succubus too. He said I had to get out and warn the villages, tell them all I had learned and come back to end this menace. After he told me all this, he let out his final breath and died.

I understood everything now, what Kitten had done to offend the other Succubi, and why Silver came to visit me that night. In their society when one found a human with a sexual prowess like mine or this poor guy they were supposed to bring them back to the others and share them with the Queen. Kitten, however, tried to keep me all to herself. How Silver found out I'll never know, but that's why she came to me, to test if I was worthy to be offered to their Queen.

It made sense, but I had no intention of playing my part in it. I had to leave the body of the man behind, but I promised myself I'd return for him. I made my escape without incident; I don't think that the Succubi are active during the day. From a distance their den seemed like an ordinary hill, grass grew on it and the cave entrance was visible. The only way you could stumble upon it is if you climbed to the top of the hill, but it was far out into the country, nowhere near any roads or villages. Still I managed to make my way across the countryside and find my village again.

Yet just as I reached it, a thought hit me. If I left and came back to destroy them, I would never be able to enjoy sex again. I'd grown used to the prowess possessed by Kitten and I knew that no human woman could never measure up to the amount of pleasure they were capable of creating...But at the same time I had a responsibility to my fellow man...

"Ah screw it."


It was sunset when I found myself once again looking on that unassuming hill; the Succubi would soon be waking for another night's hunting. Already I was anxious as I contemplated the lunacy of what I was about to attempt, but if it was a choice between being dead or becoming celibate. I set light to a torch I had brought with me and strode into the cave entrance, there would be no need for secrecy this time. I walked straight in, past the corpse of the unfortunate jonin and into the center courtyard of the den. Some of the long-horned wingless Succubi were milling about, lighting torches along the cavern walls, and some winged ones too.

They all stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of me strolling in. They all stared dumbfounded; a few darted back into caves but soon reappeared with more Succubi behind them. I walked straight to the center of the courtyard and, not knowing how else to call out their Queen, let out a challenging roar at the top of my lungs. Succubi came out of every cave to see what had made the noise, every level was filled with dozens maybe a hundred Succubi all with the same shocked look on their face. Then out of a large cave in front of me on the other side of the courtyard I heard a commotion, out came a few Succubi, followed by none other than Silver who was looking terrified, followed then by the one I was about to challenge.

The Queen of the Succubi.

I thought I had seen it all by this point but I was unprepared for her, even by Succubus standards she was amazing to look at; She had the strangest set of hair I had ever seen on any creature before or since. They weren't really hair at all but white tendrils covered in light blue horizontal stripes. There were three of them two that fell over her breasts and one that hung loose between her wings. She had a body so perfect that it looked like it was designed by an expert artisan, it's crimson skin tone and tribal white tattoos were something beyond exotic, beyond the realm of any human I'd ever come into contact with. But there was also a menacing quality about her, her eyes were so a similar light blue to her tendrils and reminded me of a hot flame. Her horns were a part of the tendril set and it occurred to me that that when a Succubus grew powerful enough, their horns became a sort of hairstyle for them. And gods above she pulled the look off in an exquisite fashion, they were long, striped and stuck straight up from her forehead. she had no wings, just long spines that stuck up from where her wings once were; even more she had a tail! Long and leathery protruding from the small of her back a full man's height to end wrapped around the throat of Kitten.

The Queen walked toward me glowering, Silver cowering in front, Kitten being dragged by the neck behind. Silver grunted and hissed, gesturing toward me, trying to communicate something to the Queen. She glanced at Silver then back at me, her eyes narrowed, and a thin sneer appeared on her lips; It seemed she realized that I was the one who escaped and had now come back of my own free will. Her tail released Kitten's neck and settled on the ground behind her, the end swishing back and forth like a cat on the prowl. Kitten dropped to the ground like a sack of wheat and Silver slipped over to help her up. The Queen must have been quite angry about her transgression and my escape, but I couldn't worry about Kitten now; I had bigger problems.

There was a pile of brush and wood near me, built for a fire tonight because it wasn't there when I escaped earlier. So I tossed my torch into it and it blazed up , with the added light I held her gaze in a sort of standoff. We both knew what I was here for, and it was just a matter of who'd make the first move. There was a curiosity in her eyes, I think she was trying to understand why I came back, so used to taking was she that she couldn't believe a man would come here of his own volition.

This gave me something of an advantage, so I made a move. I strode straight towards her, as I approached she hissed some kind of message to a subordinate behind her who relayed it louder to all the succubi spectating around the courtyard and on the spiral ramp. In response to the command, the succubi were leaping down to the courtyard with skins, preparing a bed behind the Queen. I ignored them, I walked straight up to the Queen, grabbed her and shoved my tongue down her throat. She reciprocated with an eager grin, and dug her long, sharp nails into my back and sliced my shirt open all the way down my back, scratching me in the process. In response I shoved her back a step and tore the rest of the shirt off. She sneered and whipped her tail around my waist to pull me to her again. She yanked me in and pressed her mouth to mine again, pulling my face to hers so hard it almost took it off.

Still squeezing my waist with her tail, we kissed with a fierce animal passion. I started to try and maneuver her back towards the prepared bed but she one-upped me, catching me off guard, she whipped me around with her powerful tail ending me up upside down and on my back on the bed of skins. Before I could regain my bearings, she hopped on top of me setting her cunt on my face and at the same time dropping her face to my crotch.

She must have been feeling confident after tossing me like that, she slashed my pants off with her nails and slid my cock down her throat. I had to make up some ground here. So I went at her pussy with gusto, for her part she was sucking me so good I found it hard to concentrate. Her skill was mind blowing, the way her lips, tongue, and hands moved together never letting a square millimeter of my cock go unstimulated at any time. I pressed my back down as hard as I could onto my fresh scratches to keep from nutting right there, and tried to focus on her pussy. I licked up and down her slit giving a little extra attention to her clit flicking my tongue across it , she was moaning on my cock, I could feel the vibrations from her throaty growls and that only stimulated me more, but I was moaning to into her pussy. I could tell she liked what I was doing she rocked her crotch back and forth on my face, her pussy tongue sliding into my mouth. I grabbed her ass pulling her harder onto my face and tonguing her with all I had. Nothing I did made her slow down her pace one bit though, she just continued to throat fuck me with passion, and it was driving me mad. I slid a few fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her, she moaned harder and rocked on me more but other than that didn't flinch. If she kept this up much longer I was gonna lose it, I had to change position or else let a load go in her mouth; which would mean my death.

Thinking quick I rolled her onto her side and shoved her down, now she didn't have quite as good an angle on my cock but I got even better access to tongue fuck her pussy. I started getting the results I wanted then, she broke her mouth off my dick and started moaning as she stroked me. I pumped my tounge in and out of her pussy, slipping up to tease her asshole which I also rubbed with my free hand. She squirmed and writhed under me, but she kicked me off of her. I scrambled around getting my feet under me, she did the same. We faced off again, staring at each other breathing in short controlled gasps. She was good, I don't know what I expected but she was way beyond whatever that was.

She seemed to be impressed with me too, however, so though I wasn't out of the woods yet I still had a chance. As we stood facing each other, loins glistening with saliva and juice, I became aware of sounds all around us; The mob of succubi who were watching us had all started playing with themselves or each other. I saw Silver and Kitten out of the corner of my eye, fingering each other and staring at us. The den was filled with the soft moans and wet sounds of a hundred horny succubi all focused on the show in their midst.

It was time for round two and it was the Queen who made the first move this time. Her tail whipped out and knocked my leg out from underneath me, landing me on my back yet again; this time she positioned her pussy over my cock, her pussy tongue slithering out and wrapping around my cock. She pulled me up into her and proceeded to bounce up and down on me, again it was amazing. Even her insides were perfect, I had never felt a pussy so velvety soft and tight, this was a creature designed with the sole purpose of driving men mad, and she was doing just that to me.

I had to bring this girl off, so I had to force myself not to come, my life depended on it. She just kept going though, if this were Kitten or Silver they would have come a dozen times by now but this bitch hadn't once! But then I noticed it, the look on her face had changed; She no longer had the hateful edge to her eyes. It was replaced by a frenzied longing, a pleading almost, she wanted to dominate me but she also wanted something else...The answer was the key I knew it, it was the advantage I could play and win this fucked up battle of wills, if I could figure out what it was.

I was distracted, however, she was driving me crazy! Her perfect cunt was squeezing my cock and her pussy tongue was sliding up and down my shaft and slipping out to lick my balls and all around me more gorgeous succubi were fucking each other with wanton abandon. I was resorting to drastic measures, I grabbed a sharp rock off the ground and squeezed it until it cut into my hand. The pain cleared my head a little bit, at least gave me something else to focus on besides the Queen's masterful love making. She ground on top of me, and with my pain-sobered head it became clear. I watched her, as she rode me she started to rub her clit, then she stopped herself, then she started again but stopped herself again!

The look on her face told it all, she wanted to come so but wasn't doing it to herself. She wanted me to make her come. Of course! How many men could handle a creature like this? Any guy would cream in his trousers just looking at her, no guy had ever gotten her off before. But she wanted it, she wanted it so bad, already her will was cracking just from the need to have an orgasm with a real man.

Then I knew I could outlast her, if I could just give her one little orgasm I'd have her. I sat up into her and started to finger her clit with my non-bloodied hand and fondle her tits with the the other. She squirmed on top of me grabbing my hand from her chest and licking the blood, sending jolts of painful arousal through me and driving her into a lustful blood frenzy, she kept sucking on my open cut and grunted and moaned and rode me harder and faster, it was happening! I fingered her and watched as her eyes rolled up and she let out an immense scream as the climax took her; a flood of her juices sprayed out onto my lap it was unlike anything I'd ever seen or felt. The feeling of her juices squeeze and spray out around my cock while she convulsed and quaked on top of me.

She collapsed onto me and stayed still for a little while basking in the afterglow. She pulled back looking at me like I was her true love; but, coming to her senses, she realized what had just happened. She screamed again, this time in a rage, and with bared teeth slashed me across the face cutting me again, it wasn't over yet. But I took the hit with pride, I had won half the battle I just needed to seal my victory. I reeled back and shoved her off me laying her out on her back, I pounced on her, pinning her hands above her and holding her down with my body weight. She bucked underneath me, trying to bite me and gore me with her horns, I just held her there and massaged her breasts; I slid my hand down to her still soaked slit and rubbed her. She shook her head and growled up at me some more, but it was no use. I knew she wanted more of me, and she knew she did too. She stopped fighting it and just let the pleasure take her. I pulled my cut hand up from her pussy and dangled it over her face, she strained her head up trying to lick it with her outstretched tongue pleading for it.

I hadn't forgotten that my cock was so hard that I could have beaten her over the head with it, so I let her have a little taste of my blood while I flipped her over and pulled her up onto her knees. She knew what was coming and spread her lips for me, I slid my cock back into her waiting snatch. I fucked her good and hard now, she wrapped her tail around my waist and fucked back into me, tits swinging with the rhythm. She looked back over her shoulder at me with a defiant grin and my heart skipped a beat as I felt that pussy tongue of hers slide around my sack and slip into my asshole. I gasped and she laughed, now she was playing dirty, but the feel of that tongue in my ass was incredible.

Not to be outdone, I jerked my cock out of her pussy, she looked back and grunted in disapproval. I'd show her, I positioned my cock and shoved it straight into her ass. Those fire blue eyes went as wide as dinner plates and she let out a cry that silenced the whole den, this was a new experience for her. I slid my cock in and out of her tight, tight asshole all the while enjoying the feel of her pussy tongue teasing mine and listened to her cries of pleasure. I reached my hand around and slid two fingers deep in her pussy, the double penetration was the last straw and she came again, inundating my hand and legs with another flood of her juices. She bucked and screamed and her ass sucked and pushed on my cock, I let go then and decided I had sealed my victory, but it one last act of dominance over the Queen of the Succubi I pulled out of her grabbed her by one of her horns and blew my load all over her face and mouth, she just sat there with her mouth open for my hot seed.

I had done it, I had conquered the untameable Succubus. I stood in the center of their den, their queen at my feet, hundreds of eyes just staring at me. They were all mine now I was their King, they would do whatever I said. My own harem of beautiful creatures to do my bidding.

And at that moment a grin unlike anything I had ever given crossed my face.

Hail to the King, baby!


And so the story ends.

Or does it?

That's right my fellow writers. Now that my trilogy is done I give you all leave to use it at you see fit. Though I would request that if you do decide to continue it to let me know, hmm?

Also here's so ideas I had that I had to throw out for various resources:

Naruto transforms into an Incubus, he indoctrinates various women to becoming slaves for his harem, learns to speak Succubi. That sort of thing.

Now as to the queen who might she be? I'll give you a hint: She can be rather "Snippy" at times.