So this is my first Slash story. It's Matt/Evan AKA Mavan. I give NeroAnne credit to the name(she most likely doesn't know me lol). I really have this couple on the mind and now have muses. Soo.... Enjoy and review my darlings.

Matt Hardy walked into the locker room with his bags. He looked around and spotted his person of interest: Evan Bourne. He has liked Evan since Cyber Sunday '08. He never had a chance to tell Evan that. He needed to tell him… tonight.

"Hey, Evan!"

"Oh, hi Matt." Said Evan with a smile. He couldn't help but, smile. Matt was everything he has ever wanted. Matt, was the protector of him since joining WWE. He wanted to tell Matt he liked him but, Matt had a better chance with others not a baby like him.

"Um, Evan I was wondering if you want to go with Jeff, Adam, Jay, and Me to a local club?" Matt said while praying Evan would say yes.

"Sure, but, I'm not much of a drinker." Evan replied while tie his sneaker.

"Don't worry just a have a drink or two."

"Alright then." Evan said standing up and grabbing his bag. He smiled as Matt held open the door for him.

They showed up at the bar around 12 am. Jeff ordered three rounds of shots for each of them. Matt and Evan ordered more shots and were soon as drunk as a hobo. The club started to play high pumped music and a drunken Matt soon tested his shyness.

"Hey Evan come dance with me!" Matt said pulling up Evan by the arm. They made their way to the dance floor. Matt soon put his arm around Evan's neck. What am I doing? Evan going to think something. But, this is what you want just do it.

Evan put his hands on Matt's hips and let hips flow with the music. The drinks were controlling his feelings for Matt. He knew this would give Matt a sign. But, at the moment neither cared.

They continued to dance until 2 am. They then with their party group went back to the hotel. Matt and Evan were holding hands the ride up in the elevator. Matt was happy Jeff, Adam, and Jay got off before they started to talk.

"Evan, I need to talk to you." Matt said looking at Evan.

"Sure. Uh can we do it in your room? Phil is sleeping and he would kill me if I wake him up."


They walked out the elevator to Matt's room. Matt stopped rooming with Jeff due to his talking about killer bunnies in his sleep. He was fine with have a room to himself, he never liked having anyone over anyways.

Matt opened his room door and held it open with his foot. Evan stepped inside and sat at the little table in the corner. Matt pulled up a seat right next to him and sat down. Matt looked up at Evan's face and saw his eyes. So pretty, so sweet, so… not mine. Matt said to himself. Evan took Matt's hand.

"Matt what did you want to ask me?"

"Evan-are-are y-you-"Matt tried to talk but, his mind was telling him no.

"What Matt?"

"Evan are you gay?" Matt said looking down. He needed to know.

Evan didn't know what to say. He wanted to say yes, but, what if Matt asked him because of the dancing tonight?

"Matt I-I don't know. I always thought when I was sixteen but, I changed I-I don't know." Evan looked down. "Matt are you?"

"Yea, since I was twenty." Matt said pulling away from Evan's hand. "If you're not Evan I'm sorry for asking." Matt stood up and walked to his bed and sat down, his hand covering his face from Evan. Evan got up and sat next to Matt.

"Matt I don't know if I'm gay per say but, I'm attracted to you. I have been since joining WWE. I could never tell you because I thought you were straight. I just want to kiss you." Evan looked up. He needed Matt now.

"Where does that leave us at Evan?"

"I don't know."

"How about we started here…" Matt tilted Evan's face up and kissed him. It was slow and soft. Matt's tongue licked the bottom of Evan's lip, asking for entry. Evan allowed it. They continued to kiss as Evan put his fingers in Matt's hair. After a couple of minutes they broke apart and looked at one another.

Evan started to unbutton Matt's shirt. He wanted Matt. NO he NEEDED Matt.

"Are you sure Evan?" Matt asked putting his hand on Evan's.

"Positive." Evan and Matt soon undid one another's clothes and did what they always wanted to: Love one another.

Like so far? Yes this is a chapter story.