I watched Vampire Hunter D, Bloodlust, many years ago; from there I bought the first book off Amazon, and the next one... and the next one... (The manga is cool too^^)

I had a story grow in my mind, another tale of D's.

I do not own Vampire Hunter D.

Rose is an original character.

I hope you enjoy! Please comment.

Vampire Hunter D

The Moonflower


The Prelude

The first evening star glistened in the night sky. A glimmer of hope shined down upon the frontier. The demons took no notice, nor did the humans in their reinforced bared homes. There were only two beings who noticed the first evening star. Both clad in black, worlds apart.

The breeze was cool as it caressed the face of a hunter. In his wake the demons fell silent. His cape fluttered behind him like elegant black wings. The crimson sun had sunk below the horizon, yet he still wore his wide brimmed hat. On his back a long curved sword reflected the light of the moon. The hunter pulled down the scarf from his neck as if to take in the fresh air. The night brimmed with life; drone ants, snake men, lesser beasts, dragons, all feared pets of the nobility. It was insanity to travel on the frontier at night.

"Excuse me."

The hunter came to a stop. The young man before him could be no older than twenty. His blonde hair was cropped short his green eyes looked at him with determination. His body was covered in muscle enhancing armor. This would not only provide him protection from bullets or a blade, but it would give him the strength of a hundred men. Two large guns were strapped to his legs. His manner was rather polite considering his rough appearance.

"Are you a vampire hunter?"

The figure in black gave a slight nod. The young man couldn't believe his luck.

"We have a situation."

"You look like you could handle it yourself."

"I'll take that as a compliment; I might be able to handle one, but three nobles is a tad much for one man."

"You are aware of my fee?"

"Yes, there is enough in the town's reserves."

"What is the situation?"

"A man and two women arrived in town a few nights ago; they were so beautiful, too beautiful . . ." He paused and looked at D's face, he too was gorgeous . . . He shook his head and tried to focus, "That night half the damn village fell victim to the kiss of the nobility. They've all been locked up in the asylum, but they outnumber the rest of us. The strongest of our village are among those who have already been bitten. I have salvaged what I can, but I can't take them all on."

The hunter gave him no reply; instead he gazed off into the night.

"What is it?"

In the distance an entire town light up like the starts in the sky.


The hunter held out his hand to the young man. He looked confused for a moment.

"You won't be able to keep up."

The man grinned despite himself and took D's hand. He was lifted onto D's horse like he was a feather.

"My name's Marcus, it's a pleasure to meet you."


The sun's rays were replaced with the coming darkness. A figure in black cast their gaze down from the heavens. A long cloak concealed them, their hood was drawn low and a black scarf covered their neck and mouth. Their footsteps made no sound as they entered the fringe of the town. It was cramped together, with paths only a meter wide between the two-story buildings. Blue moss grew everywhere, all over the walls and the cobblestone paths. It looked as though the buildings themselves were made of plants. They produced faint bioluminescent glow. The cloaked figure emerged into a large town square. It was if it were to compensate for the claustrophobic feeling of the rest of town. Clouds cast the settlement in darkness; blocking the light from the stars.

A bell rang to signal the opening of the bar door. It was cramped with booths filled with villagers, all of whom stopped their merry making to view the figure in black. A moment passed and then they went back to their drinking and gossiping; it was not polite to ask a traveler any questions. The figure in black made their way to a free booth at the front of the store. They faced the wall, gazing at a painting, it depicted a dense and lush forest filled with small white lights; fireflies. Gloved hands picked up the menu and browsed its contents.

The barman, a rather stout fellow with a welcoming grin strode over and asked, "What can I get for you?"

"I see you have a large tea selection, what would recommend as your finest?"

The barman's eyebrows rose in surprise, it was a female voice. He tried to imagine what she must look like.

"Ah, well, you're in luck, I do have something, but it's expensive, more so than our best liquor."

"I'd like a pot of your finest tea."

He bowed and waddled back to the bar.

The door bell rang again. A young girl in a white dress entered. The dress showed off her body's natural curves and all the men looked at her with impure thoughts. Her curly brown hair was frizzed and her thin eyebrows were creased, even so she was beautiful. She took the only available seat opposite the woman in black. She was so nervous that she didn't even look at the stranger; her eyes were stuck to the door. Her delicate hands writhed around each other. The barman came back with a small tea pot and an empty cup.

"Lora what on earth are you doing here?"

"None of your business Tom," she shot back.

The woman opposite Lora intervened, "Thank you, kind sir, but I'd like another cup for my company here."

He felt her eyes, even concealed by the hood, they pierced his soul. He turned and hurried back to the bar.

Lora looked relieved, "Thank you . . .?"


"Thank you Rose."

Tom returned with a cup, he looked at Lora for a moment but left when he felt the aura emanating from the woman in black. Rose took the tea pot and poured it into Lora's cup. Her hands moved with grace. For such a simple movement executed with such elegance Lora felt like the woman had been trained in such matters. Rose then took her own cup with both hands and sipped the scolding hot tea.

Her pale cheeks flushed red, "Ah . . . This is good. Try some Lora."

Steam wafted from the cup. She hesitated, then took a sip.

Lora's face lit up, "Wow, this is good!"

In a moment of silence they appreciated the calming effect of the tea. Rose became still, her fist clenched slightly, though Lora took no notice.

"Who is following you?"

Lora's green eyes darted back at the door.

"How did you know?"

She shrugged.

"I don't want to drag you into my own mess."

"Well, you see that tea there is costing me a fine penny, since I am sharing it with you, I think it would only be fair for you to at least tell me your troubles."

Lora hesitated, the way Rose proposed it was like a business exchange, she sighed, closed her eyes and began to tell her story.

"Ever since I turned sixteen every other man in this damn town has been after my hand in marriage. My father fended them all off, but a few months ago he passed on . . . Our family is known for its small fortune and now all the men are in heat, not only do they want me but the jewels as well. They all spout the same crap, 'I am trying to do you a favour by saving you from a lonely fate.' It makes me sick. There's this one guy in particular, the scariest of them all, a hunter . . ."

The door bell rang again. Three men entered. Lora's eyes went wide. She tried to make herself invisible. The tallest man in the middle, clearly the leader wore a strange armor, not too dissimilar from that of a man in the next town over. He was beautiful for a man; the sharp line of his jaw complimented his wispy black hair and brown eyes. His two companions followed him close behind. They both had short blonde hair, and looked exactly alike, twins. They made no attempt to hide the guns at their belts. Even though they were quite good looking themselves they seemed common compared to the man in the centre.

The tallest man's voice dripped with venom, "Lora! There you are sweet heart, making me worry by running away like that."

"Try anything funny Vince and the entire bar will see it, you'll have to answer to the sheriff!"

"That kid? HA! He doesn't scare me, but seeing your beauty tainted by any other man, I can't have that."

"Tch, so you're after beauty then?"

Vince didn't even look at Rose; his eyes were fixed on Lora.

His compatriots gasped, followed by everyone else in the bar. She had removed her hood. Her blue eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky, and her hair was as golden as the sun. Her complexion was pale and perfect. She held Vince's attention.

In a seductive voice she asked, "Why don't you come and play with me, strong man?"

"My, my, it's a pleasure to meet you Princess."

She giggled into her palm, "Oh you flatter me, come outside . . . Vince, is it?"

The angel in black stood and walked past his lackeys out the door. Vince called after her, "And what's your name pretty lady?"

She tilted her head back, "Its Rose."

Vince and his men stood opposite Rose in the town square. Lora hid herself in the shadows, having no idea what to do.

"Princess, my name is Vince. I am a dragon hunter."

"How many have you slain, strong man?"

Vince held his chin high, "Eight Dragons."

"Impressive for a mortal man . . . How long has it been since my last dragon hunt . . ." her voice trailed off into the wind.

"What did you say Princess?"

"Oh, nothing."

Vince was now only a metre away.

Rose's gaze past over the other two men, they were just a few steps behind Vince, "Are they going to watch?"

"They will participate," his smile twisted, "Where do you want to do this?" his voice dripped with lust.

"Here is fine."

"What? Right where everyone can see? You've got guts."

"You'll be seeing yours soon."

Her voice no longer was playful and seductive, but hard like steel. Wind howled through the narrow alleyways. Rose's hair blew about her in the most beautiful way. She took a step forward. Vince and his group now surrounded her. A beautiful flash of silver cut through the night. One by one their pants fell down. Vince's supposedly invincible armor had been severed at the supporting straps.

"Cutting right to the chase!" His laugh echoed with malice.

Rose rolled her eyes, "Not the reaction I was going for. This town won't sell me a cyborg horse if I spill your blood everywhere." She sighed and sheathed her sword. "But there is always another way."

She slipped into a stance with open palms.

"Come at me boys."

A man in black dismounted followed by a man in armor. Flames licked at the rubble of the town. The asylum was still standing, but it was the screaming within that shook Marcus's soul.

"Suzy," he whispered under his breath.

"Has she been bitten?"


"I want you to keep an eye on the asylum, make sure none escape. Try and put out the fire if you can."

"What about the Nobles?"

"They are already here. Go, take my horse."

Marcus didn't need to be told twice. He cantered off through the remnants of the town he loved.

"We underestimated that man father, he went to fetch help instead of fleeing for his life," her voice was so sweet it was sickening.

Three figures walked out from the flames.

"Now my darling, we have a guest, show some manners."

He stood between his two daughters. His black hair came down to his shoulders, his eyes glowed red, and two pearly fangs jutted form his lips.

"Sorry father," She turned to address the Hunter, "What is your name pretty boy?"

D was silent. His posture couldn't be more relaxed, it was if he was standing in front of three bunny rabbits that posed no threat to him.

"I asked you a question."

"I am vampire hunter."

The other daughter spoke, her long hair was white like snow. She looked at the hunter with red eyes, "How should we do this father," her tone bored, "Who should take out the hunter?"

"The three of you might have a chance if you all attacked at once."

The hoarse voice came from the direction of the hunter, but his lips did not move.