Anyways, something I am working on doing with all of my stories is giving an overview of where I am going before the first chapter, so you as the reader has the opportunity to press the back button if you don't like the general ideas I have for the story.

Let me start off first by saying the idea comes from the story Enslavement by Leaprechaun1.

In my opinion, that I have also shared with him. I felt that his story was basically just a smut story(To all readers who like smut, go check his story out.) The idea consisted of a bet between Naruto and Ino, ending with Ino losing the bet and becoming his slave. Smut ensued.

I have decided to try and take a different spin on the story, I felt the story idea had potential if it moved away from so much smut, and to an actual story.

This story is going to be a NarutoxIno story, as was the original Enslavement. My story is straying away from the overdose of smut the original story had. I am building my own plot into the story, while keeping the stories original bet.

The story is going to be a bit slow the first couple chapters, and then it will pick up exceptionally quickly in the Wave arc(3-4 chapters in, yes the chapters are already written.)

I have decided to try and take a new spin on writing. I see bashing everywhere these days which takes away from fairly good stories. I have decided that if I don't like a character, I will develop them into a character I can appreciate. So there will be no bashing in this story.

That will not stop me from stating the blunt obvious facts the first couple of chapters. Even a bit of stretching the truth.

I don't want to give away the plot, so all I will really say is that Naruto all of his life grew up without friends. He couldn't effectively call Konoha home due to his situation. Naruto winning this bet with Ino inadvertedly gave him something he was always looking for, a friend. A spin on Zabuza and Kakashi's first encounter by the lake changes Naruto's life, in more ways than one.



Naruto sighed as he looked down at his feet outside of the academy. He had been assigned to the team consisting of himself, Sasuke and Sakura. He originally thought it was going to be a blast. A team with his crush, and a person he admired.

Of course he would never admit the later. He wasn't even sure he admired him. Maybe it was jealousy, Sasuke had everything he wanted. People loved him, screamed his name and he could just shrug it off as if it didn't even phase him.

Naruto had already put up with five years of girls screaming "We love you Sasuke-kun!" like he was some sort of rock star. The problem was his crush had her own crush on Sasuke, as did every girl in his graduating class.

Naruto liked to think he was mentally more mature then other kids his age. He had tried to humble himself like the only father figure he really had in his life, the Third Hokage. However... it was tough, you can't really be humble about things when you have grown up with nothing. He tried to practice being humble, and having a positive outlook on things ever since the Third Hokage told him it would be a good thing for him to work on.

The problem was he couldn't walk down the street and see find children walking down the street with only a single parent. You can tell which children had lost their mothers and fathers in combat by the look in their eyes. The Third had told him that there is always something he has that others don't and it made him special. However he couldn't see it, those kids at least had a parent. He had no one.

He idly wondered if the "Special" thing he had was really just a demon that terrorized his village twelve years ago, and his biggest known enemy just decided to tell him about it yesterday.

It was pathetic honestly, how would anyone ever accept him?

"Hi my name is Uzumaki Naruto, I have no friends, my only ninja skill even worth mentioning is the kage bushin, by the way I have a demon inside of me that likely killed all your family members twelve years ago." he muttered to himself. He suddenly heard footsteps that instantly caused his eyes to widen, 'They didn't hear that did they?' he silently asked himself in panic.

"Jeez, you really are weird Naruto. Honestly who sits on a swing all alone talking to themselves? Anyways where is Sasuke?" A blonde asked. She seemed to be annoyed, her shoes had dirt all over them. It quickly lead him to believe that she had been searching for Sasuke for awhile.

"I don't know Ino, I'm not Sasuke's keeper." Naruto said frustratedly rolling his eyes as he leaned on the right rope of the swing.

Ino glared at Naruto, "What the hell is your problem?" asked all of a sudden causing Naruto to quickly stare up at her. She was tapping her foot impatiently as she glared at him.

Naruto chose that moment to let his anger out on her, "My problem? What the fuck do you mean my problem!" his problem? She had been his tormenter the entire time he had been at the academy. She always hit him and made his day shitty. 'So did Sakura.' A voice in his head whispered to him in a seductive, intoxicating voice.

Naruto grit his teeth, forcing out the voice, "My problem is everyone! Especially you! You made my entire education at the academy utter hell. Every day you will run into class, screaming, eventually hitting me over taking your seat. What seat? There were no fucking names on the damn seats. Everyday, I will arrive first to class, followed by Sasuke. Sasuke will sit next to me and you will end up pushing me out of my seat and hitting me because I stole your seat. So no fuck that, my problem? My problem is you... you self centered pain in the ass. What is your deal with Sasuke anyways? He isn't that special!" Naruto was panting after his anger induced rant.

Ino quickly wiped back a tear asking, "Why would you say that?" she asked quickly wiping back another. Naruto refused to answer, he would likely blow up again at her starting with 'It's the truth!'

Naruto shrugged as Ino spoke up again, "And Sasuke is special, he is cute, mysterious, and is the strongest ninja in the academy!"

"Ha! I can kick that bastards ass any day!" Naruto said scathingly.

Ino looked alarmed before quickly standing up straight holding back tears, "No you can't Naruto-baka. Stop trying to pretend you can't, every academy duel you ever had with him you lost. The next time you beat Sasuke, I will be your slave for a week!" Naruto perked up at this, that idea caught his attention. A week with a friend, with company. Regardless of it being by force, he had never had anyone his age spend time with him.

"Fine, Is that a bet?" Naruto asked, eyes narrowing. Ino looked rather alarmed at that, she hadn't expected him to even consider it after boasting about Sasuke's wins over Naruto. However, if she backed down now in fear of being Naruto's slave, it meant that she didn't believe that Sasuke could beat Naruto without so much a second thought. If she backed down, then she was aknowledging that Naruto was actually a match for Sasuke.

"Y-yes, that is a bet, if you lose you have to be my slave for a week and if you win I will be yours for a week." her voice was a bit shaky at that start, however she couldn't let any lack of confidence in her crush show. Naruto's eyes were just so... unnerving to her.

Naruto outstretched his left hand from his seat on the swing, "Fine."

Ino slowly put her hand in Naruto's grasp and shook it. The deal was made between the two Konoha shinobi.

Naruto stood up, "Lets go find the teme." he said with a grunt as he stood and began walking to the direction of the docks.

Ino yelled out, "His name is Sasuke!"

Naruto shrugged, several yards ahead of her, "I don't care."


Naruto was right. He knew exactly where Sasuke hung around, and it was easy to find. Hell he wasn't even obsessed like Sasuke's fangirls were, and even he knew Sasuke took to hanging around his house and the dock near training grounds. Thinking about it was rather funny since Ino had spent time trying to find the boy, and Naruto found him relatively instantly.

Naruto walked down the hill quickly with quick short steps, "Hey asshole! Lets go!" Naruto threw a pebble at Sasuke's back, which in turn hit him in the head.

Sasuke turned around to see none other then Naruto standing there with a glare on his face, and a ways behind Naruto on the hill was Ino cautiously walking down.

Naruto didn't hesitate to charge at Sasuke, who simply jumped over him and bounced a bit backwards moving away from the dock. Naruto's tackle, had ended with him on his knees.

He turned shooting a piercing glare at Sasuke, who looked afraid for a second. It was almost as if he saw his eyes turn red almost like...

Sasuke shook the thought from his mind and settled into the practiced Uchiha fighting stance. It wasn't terribly good now, since he didn't have the Sharingan. It utilized predicting the movements of your opponent, then counter attacking. He didn't have the sharingan, but in melee combat Naruto was predictable.

Naruto charged forward with a volley of punches, no form almost as if he was purely a street fighter. Sasuke swiftly dodged all of the formless punches that were being shot his way. For Sasuke this had grown to be routine, Naruto would challenge him to a fight, he would beat him and then he would carry on with his day. However, something in Naruto's eyes this time made him nervous. He knew he shouldn't be, it was just Naruto. However the quick glances that he caught of Naruto's eyes, the utter determination in them, the coldness he hadn't seen since his brother.

Sasuke flinched as he took a blow to the gut, which caused him to stumble a few feet back. That was pathetic of him, to allow Naruto to get a connecting blow such as that. What made it worse is he was continually comparing Naruto to his brother. Naruto and his brother? Yeah right, while he hated his brother he was an amazing ninja. Naruto he was bottom of the class, he barely passed the academy exam.

Sasuke decided it was time to finish the fight, he through a punch forward that Naruto is known to never dodge. However to his surprise Naruto tilted his head and let the punch go by him. Naruto got in Sasuke's face again with a look that made the Uchiha want to flinch.

Sasuke pictured Naruto mouthing words with the voice of his brother, "Getting scared like this Sasuke? It is not becoming of a ninja. Perhaps I chose the wrong person to be tasked for revenge."

Sasuke grit his teeth at that thought that made him pause, however a pause was all that was needed for Naruto to get the upper hand. He was a surprising ninja after all.

Naruto came at Sasuke from the front, while two clones ran up from Sasuke's sides, flanking him. Sasuke noticing this tried to punch the closest one, but it proved to be useless. Sasuke hit one dispersing it into a cloud of smoke only for Naruto to grab him by the throat and lift him into the air. With the assistance of his clone Sasuke was rendered immobile.

Naruto's gaze caught Sasuke's eye, and the Uchiha grit his teeth. Naruto then opened his mouth, making Sasuke want to punch him in the throat.

"Give up Sasuke, you lost." the voice, the calmness was so much like his brothers. He acted as if he was no challenge at all to Naruto. He wanted to rip his hair out at the thought, he had to be going crazy. He just got beat by the academy dead last, and the said dead last was reminding him of his genius shinobi traitor of a brother.

Naruto continued to hold Sasuke up a foot off the ground. It highlighted his superior physical strength. Naruto calmly repeated, "Give up Sasuke. The fight is over." This voice sounded much more like Naruto, and snapped Sasuke back to reality. Sasuke grit his teeth slowly, the cold truth was Naruto defeated him. Sasuke slowly nodded to his defeat, not wanting to pass out through lack of oxygen.

Naruto got a huge grin on his face and looked over to Ino, who this entire time was openly gaping like a fish. Naruto calmly said, "Ino wait here."

Naruto offered a hand to Sasuke to help him stand up. The Uchiha had promptly fell to the floor on his knees at the sudden ability to intake oxygen. He was panting heavily and stared at Naruto's hand. Sasuke hesitantly took the offered hand, and was quickly pulled to his feet by Naruto.

Naruto turned to Ino and said, "Ino wait at the top of the hill actually." Ino was shell shocked, and was about to burst out complaining of course until the words of their bet repeated in her head silently.

Y-yes, that is a bet, if you lose you have to be my slave for a week and if you win I will be yours for a week.

She grudgingly stalked up the hill, wanting to scream and curse her foolish bet.

Naruto was about to follow, and Sasuke called out to Naruto facing the lake. "How did you beat me?" he asked, a frown on his face at the thought of Naruto's eyes.

Naruto paused mid step at turned to Sasuke, before turning back to Ino and shrugged, "I guess because I had something to fight for."

Sasuke grit his teeth at that thought, and whispered silently to himself, "He's wrong... connections make you weak." he thought to himself with a frown on his face.



Naruto once he got to the top of the hill grinned at Ino. She was currently leaning against a wooden fence, red in the face with her arms crossed. Naruto got an ear splitting grin, "Whats wrong Ino-chan?" he added the suffix to her name to get a laugh out of her reaction.

Ino sighed, "Naruto can we call off the bet please, I really don't want to do this."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her, "Oh really? You don't want to do this as in you would of called it off even if you won the bet? Or you don't want to do this because you lost?" Naruto asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice. Ino didn't say anything giving him all he needed to know. She would very well make him carry through with the bet if he lost.

"You made the bet, don't assume you can back out of it now. As a shinobi of Konoha, you are required and honor bound to follow through on any agreement made with a fellow Konoha shinobi."

He nearly recited the law from book of shinobi laws word to word for Ino. This of course made Ino slide down the fence and sit down on the ground, she was a slave of Naruto's for a week, and there wasn't a thing she could do about it.

Naruto of course saw this and decided to tease her, "Maybe I should just have you walk around my house naked, cleaning thing all day. I could film it and sell it for a lot of money."

Ino's eyes widened until she heard Naruto burst out laughing. The laughing stopped and he stood right in front of her, "Or use you for sexual favors!" that prompted him getting hit, and Ino being red in the face due to a mix of embarassment and anger. "I won't do that for you... you you... sick fucking pervert!"

Naruto rubbed his chest and laughed as she said that, "What could you do about it if I wanted that?"

Ino flinched at that, she could do nothing unless she wanted to break shinobi code. Naruto stretched and rolled his arms as knelt down to Ino once again and got in her face with a grin of his face. He cupped her chin between his left hands fingers. Ino was doing anything but looking Naruto in the eye.

Naruto smiled lightly, "Ino don't worry about all that. I wont do that to you." he said with a small smile on his face. "I really only agreed to this because you would give me some company for the next couple weeks. Here... comon." He outstretched his hand to Ino helping her up, which she reluctantly accepted.

Naruto was about to walk away before he said, "Ino, you owe me a kiss on the cheek."

Ino scowled, "Why?"

Naruto looked rather amused at that, it was fun being in charge. He could understand why Iruka-sensei liked teaching. "Well one, because I can. Two because you hit me earlier."

Ino grit her teeth and practically stomped over to where Naruto was standing, and kissed him on the cheek.

Naruto didn't expect himself to turn so red, which in turn caused Ino to get an amused smile. She hadn't kissed a boy, hell Naruto was actually the first boy she had kissed. It was nice knowing her kiss had an effect like that, even if the boy who got kissed wasn't her crush.

Naruto tried to straighten himself and quickly said, "Alright..." he coughed a bit, "Lets go to the training ground, you can meet me there everyday at 12 alright?"

Ino tilted her head, "Naruto it is almost 6pm, I have to go home for dinner soon."

Naruto turned to her with a grin, "Well I plan to get full use of my slave since I just got you. Its like a new toy! I just got to play with it."

Ino rolled her eyes, "So I'm just a toy to you?" she asked loudly, rather annoyed with that concept.

Naruto frowned, "Well do you consider yourself my friend?" there was an air of desperation in his voice.

Ino while catching it, chose to ignore the question. They weren't friends, they were far from it.

Naruto frowned when he gained no reply from Ino, "I see..."

Desperation only attracts vultures.


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