The Demon Circus

Hiya this is my first story so it's not that great lol 

Chapter 1

It was the beginning of spring and Popo the clown had began his act, it started with a juggling act then a comedy act where he rode a unicycle and pretended to fall off, after this it continued with various acts .Popo went back into his dressing room and thought to himself while looking at the dancing girls

If they knew that I was an escaped soul I don't know what they'd do, I doubt they even think hell exists.

He laughed evilly and went back to taking off his clown makeup.

At the workbench Sam, Andi, Sock and Ben were trying to clear up the mess they had created by nudging some tins of paint on the floor. Sam sighed "you guy's I am a bit worried about the next soul the devil will want me to catch"

"You'll be fine Sam I'm sure" Andi reassured him

"Yeah Sam, look I know what will take your mind of it, how about going for a few drinks later" sock asked

"Yeah" Ben and Andi chorused

"Fine I'll come" Sam said reluctantly

As Sam opened the door to go outside he realised he had ended up in a circus. He turned round and saw the devil sitting next to him "Hey Sam thought you'd wanna know who the next soul is... "the devil paused

"Go on" Sam groaned

" Well you see over there by the entrance" the devil paused and pointed to the entrance

"yeah" Sam said

"That's is Popo, original name peter, he is the soul I want you to catch" the devil said smirking

"You want me to catch him!!"Sam exclaimed

"Of course, here is your vessel" the devil said handing Sam a box

Sam opened it and found a clown's hat inside, he shrugged and when he turned around the devil had gone.

As he was walking down to the exit of the circus. The lights dimmed and he came face to face with the soul Popo.