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"Look we are not here to hurt you we just want to help you," Sam said.

"Oh sure, that's why your trying to send me back to hell," Popo snapped.

Sam laughed uncertainly looking at the others, a worried look on his face. He had obviously seen the dangerous look in Popo's eyes.

Popo got near to them and suddenly Sock spoke out.

"Trust me, Sam couldn't hurt a fly, he's not going to send you back to hell!"

"Why would I trust you?" Popo snarled.

And without warning he lunged at them, but not before Sam got the vessel and hit Popo with it, there was a bright yellow flash and Popo vanished. They all stared at each other and looked at Ben still unconscious on the floor.

"Well, we'd best wake him up then," Sam muttered.

Even though they had come very close to letting Popo go, they all laughed together as if sharing a private joke.

Later that night they all agreed to go out somewhere and celebrate, they all thought they'd had enough surprises for one day but the evening could go anywhere.

They had all gone their separate ways to get changed and Sam had agreed to drive. They all loaded into the car and went to pick Andi up.

They, like most other heterosexual men, were not comfortable with what they found when they got there.

Andi was crying.

"What's the matter?" Ben asked her before Sam because he had clearly not gone over the shock of her crying her eyes out.

"Nnnothing," she stuttered slowly.

But Ben, Sock and Sam could see that something was up, but it looked like she wasn't going to tell anybody so they carried on with the evening trying to forget for Andi's sake.

A few days later and Andi seemed to be growing apart from the rest of the group, Sam decided he had to find what the matter was so he cornered her and asked her what was going on.

"Nothing," she answered again but suddenly her eyes meeting Sam's, she knew she could trust him.

"Please do not get annoyed with me when I tell you," she muttered.

"I won't, but please tell me I won't tell anyone," Sam said quietly.

" I.......aaamm...a......d....em..on," she stuttered trying to hold in tears.

"What!" Sam nearly fainted with the shock.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I thought you'd be mad at me!" Andi said.

"Wow, well, um, ok that's fine, no, no that's good, good for you, and you know if you like being a demon, if you don't, well that's ok too," Sam mumbled trying, and failing, to hide his shock.

Andi didn't answer so Sam continued, "Let's go and find Ben and sock."

Andi nervously nodded her head and together they walked to find Ben and Sock.

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