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The Lord And The Maid.

The lord awoke from a long nap. Sitting, he allowed himself a long, leisurely stretch.

Unhurriedly, he stood up and yawned, ringing a bell to summon his maid.

Within seconds, a lovely young lady was at his side.

"Yes, milord," Was the timid response to the call.

The man's lustful gaze traveled up her well-formed figure, dark brown eyes lingering on her small breasts and slender hips. He licked dry lips hungrily, a predatory grin on his face.

The girl squirmed and blushed under his intense scrutiny. The smirk widened.

A strong arm wrapped around the brunette's small waist, drawing her to a firm chest. Her master used a big rough hand to gently tilt her chin up. Caramel orbs gazed at him bashfully, long eyelashes fluttering nervously.

In a deep, but jovial tone, the lord ordered, "Tohru-chan, prepare my breakfast, fetch me my robe and slippers, and-" Amused chocolate eyes twinkled humorously, studying her neat purple dress, white and pink trimmed apron, ruffled maid cap, and dainty blue slippers. "change into something...prettier." At her startled expression, he added, "I will order the seamstress to make you something beautiful. In the meantime...wear this."

He moved to a black leather chair and, using special care, lifted an object wrapped in plastic from where it hung over the back of the chair.

The plastic was removed and a stunning gown was revealed to a shocked Tohru.

Seeing something that lovely made her look upon the dress with poorly masked longing. However she gritted her teeth against the emotion, pulling her gaze from it.

"I-I am sorry milord; I can not possibly be expected to adorn such expensive cloth. I am but a lowly maid and not at all deserving of such a gift."

Her master's musical laugh filled the air, his warm breath lightly caressing her cheeks.

"Please do as your master wishes and wear the dress. You will look a rare vision in it, and also make me happy. Do you not want me to be happy?"

"O-okay. If it pleases you then I will wear it gladly. It is my very humble wish that I not put it on until my chores are complete. I would not want to ruin such a gorgeous gown."

"Ah, but you can not wait to wear it. Put it on now. That is an order."


The pen stilled over the paper. Shaggy black locks shifted a bit as the dog blinked sexy brown eyes at his adorable muse.

"Now, how shall we continue this, Tohru-chan?"

The onigiri had been gazing over his shoulder at the story being written with keen interest. Now she turned to focus her attention on him.

"I...don't know."

Shigure shook his head in disapproval. "Tsk, tsk. Tohru-chan, you must have some ideas. We can't leave it here, so I hope you don't mind thinking up something."

Her expression turned thoughtful. "Well, actually..."

The maid slipped on the outfit with difficulty. She had never worn anything like it before.

Gawking at her reflection in the full-length mirror, the girl decided that she did not mind wearing it after all.

Glancing self-conciously into the glass once more, she breathed in deeply before exiting the dressing room.

She stood in plain view of her master. The grown man appraised her with naked approval making throaty sounds of pleasure.

The attention was almost more than the poor maiden could bare. She flushed, eyes glued to the ground, and played with a strand of hair, noticeably uncomfortable.

The attire was alluringly eye-catching. A strapless royal blue ball gown adorned her tiny frame. A silver antique brooch rested snugly between her breasts, fastened securely to the satin material. Another rhinestone was positioned on her waist, directly above her right hip. The back of the dress allowed a sultry flash of skin to show. The dress tied together in the middle of her back with laces forming a criss cross pattern. A small train trailed behind the gown, giving Tohru a feeling of regal beauty.

Tohru glanced curiously at Shigure. The writer had paused and stared absently at his desk. His dreamy expression suggested that his mind had taken a trip to outer space. Dazed and distracted, the inu payed no attention to the riceball, and she watched uneasily as the dog began to drool a bit.

"Umm...Shigure-san, are you alright?"

The novelist snapped back into reality with a jerk. He had been imagining Tohru wearing that beautiful dress, as he, the lord, gazed at her hungrily, lustfully.

Shaking his head to clear it, he smiled innocently.

"Now, where were we?"

Tohru sighed.

"I was wearing the dress, and showing it off to you."

"Oh, yes, I remember. What happens next?"


The lord liked what he saw, liked it a lot. But something was off...the picture was incomplete.

He asked Tohru to bring him a ribbon. Making her turn around so her back was facing him, he struggled to put her hair up. Finally, the brown locks were in a tidy bun on top of her head. Nodding in satisfaction, he asked her to pose for him , which she did, turning at different angles when told to do so.

"You look beautiful." He took her in his arms, but she pushed him away with gentle force. Stepping away from him, she held herself tight, a fearful expression on her face.

"Please don't milord. Tis-tis not proper."

He raised a brow, amused. "What isn't? Showing affection for a lovely young woman?"

A look of pure horror replaced the look of fear. " Tis not right. I am but a lowly maid, and you a rich lord. It would never do to be seen embracing me in such a manner."

Hoping to tease her, he responded, "In what manner?"

The poor lassie went red as a ripe apple.


"I t-think it's your turn, Shigure-san." The riceball tried to shield her flushing face from him.

Knowing that it would embarrass her to go any further, the dog took the reigns.

"Very well, I shall continue the scene."

"I am allowed to be intimate with whomever I like, am I not?"

The smug look he wore, sent the girl into a panic.

"O-of course, but-but, my lord it simply isn't r-"

"If I say it is fine, then it is. I am your master, and if I want to love you, then I will."

He edged closer to the maid, who stepped back, hitting a wall. The little fawn had shut her eyes and turned her head away. The man chuckled, holding her chin in a soft grip, and tilting her face toward him.

"Look at me." His tone was light, but demanding.

Languidly, her eyes opened, lowered orbs lifting to meet his, with the greatest hesitance.

Laughing kindly at the languished look that greeted him, he said reassuringly, "You needn't be afriad of me, I do not bite."

A small smile crept onto her lips at his humor.

Sensing that she was relaxing somewhat, he released her chin and brushed a strand of hair out of her face.

That small gesture made her gasp, her innocent nature causing the situation to become uncomfortable for her.

Attempting to relieve her tension, the lord removed his hand from the side of her face.

Feeling a bit more at ease somehow, the lady leaned closer unconciously.

Smirking devilishly, the handsome man leaned closer as well, though he did so quite deliberately.

"You have nothing to fear from me. There is naught to be lost from this, but much to be gained. I can teach you so much if you let me. Let me love you maiden."

He inched ever closer, slowly decreasing the distance between their lips-

"Leave me alone! Go to hell and rot there. Just stay the heck away from me!"

"Please wait, my love! I'll make it up to you, honest. Slow down, dammit! I'm trying to talk to you!"

Shigure released a pained sigh.

"Their back already? This is very disappointing. I was hoping to spend more time with my darling Tohru-chan. It's not often that I can spend quality time with my own wife. I guess it can't be helped. We will have to call it a day."

Tohru had on a sad expression, but nodded and tried to be enthusiastic.

"Won't you at least let me apologize?"

"Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?"

"Your making me angry."

"I don't care!"

Tohru heard a series of crashing and banging noises in the backyard. She winced. Poor Kyo. Would he ever learn?

Shigure, indifferent to the brutal scene outside, chuckled.

"They'll work it out somehow. I know Kyo loves her, he just has a bad way of showing it. I'm sure he will come around soon."

Tohru beamed brightly.

"I know they will be just fine. It is true love after all."