This is a story I based on the time Nullah spent on Mission Island. Some details may be inaccurate to the film but I tried to keep historical details as accurate as possible (often difficult considering Mission Island doesn't exist and a mission for half-caste children was never situated there). This means the Darwin bombings took place on February 19th 1942. I am assuming it was the same in the movie, but it may not have been.

Disclaimer: I don't own the movie Australia. If I did (and if he was still alive) the Drover would have been played by Steve Irwin.


Telegram from Mr N. Fletcher to Sgt. E.H. Callahan, received 9th December.

Get your act together and find the creamy STOP Remember also that the law can turn on its enforcers especially if they do not do their civic duties STOP Will telephone to pass on details STOP The time has come Callahan STOP

Telegram from Sgt. E.H. Callahan to Mr N. Fletcher, received 10th December.

Have taken note of your advice STOP Believe I have knowledge of the whereabouts of a half-caste STOP Will bring him in immediately STOP

Telegram from Sgt. E.H. Callahan to Mr N. Fletcher, received 12th December.

Have the half-caste in my custody STOP Am heading towards Darwin now STOP Have also apprehended King George, suspected murderer of Lord Maitland Ashley STOP Should be there tonight or tomorrow morning in time for final boat to Mission Island STOP


Official Document- original format is not reproduced here.

Date: 12/12/41


North-Western Territory, Faraway Downs Cattle Station.


Nullah (no surname given).


Aboriginal mother (Daisy, deceased) and unknown father of white-Caucasian descent.

Reason for Removal:

Environment not conducive to the upbringing and education of a half-caste child.

Signature- I recognise and affirm that all of the above details are, to the best of my knowledge, true, and assert that in the course of the removal all necessary procedures have been followed:

E.H. Callahan.


That was just a prologue, obviously, considering the title. I have most of the story already in words so I can assure this story won't die in the process of creation. However, I don't have access to home internet at the moment (posted this through the library), so posting depends on whether I have time to get to the library. That's why I've posted three chapters in a go: I can't guarantee when I'll update again, but it could be a week or more.