chapter 7: escape part 2

"..." - talk

'...' - thoughts

Yaten looked in detail Mina. She was wearing an orange mini sleeveless dress with sandals. Her long blond hair were pulled back at her original hairstyle with the red bonnie. Her sky blue eyes were shining with happiness while she was staring at him smiling. He couldn't resist returning the smile. How could he be cruel to the girl that he longed so much to see? He inhaled the aroma of her scent and pure joy filled his heart. He was staring at her loving eyes until he heard a voice calling him. At the start he ignored that annoying voice but it was getting louder and louder. He unwilling turned his head to look who dare to annoy him. Classic it was Seiya. He was laughing his head of with something that was on Yaten. He looked at his self and … Shock. He didn't notice that his hair and shirt were wet by the soda that Mina by accident spilled to him. He mentally froze. He wanted to start screaming but he didn't want Mina to see that he had taken this accident so seriously. So… he just stood there still with his eyes wide open. Even the extremely irritated voice of Seiya didn't make him unfreeze.

"What did happen Shorty? I thought Taiki learned you how to not spill around what you drink since you were 5."

"….." No response from Yaten.

"Well it looks natural since that you are such a baby who needs baby siting all the time."


"Minaaa! " Serena said with excitement.

"I knew that I would find you here" She said as she did the victory sight.

"Were you looking for me?" Serena said.

"Well yeah! Don't you remember that we were supposed to meet at the mall?"

"Oh! I totally forgot about this."

"And I wonder why..." Mina said as she looked Seiya with a welcoming look.

Serena giggled as Seiya smiled at Mina and said "Hello Mina. It's been a long time."

"Yes it sure had been." She smiled warmly back at him.

Yaten was starting to get irritated as he heard Seiya flirting with his future girlfriend. "Can. Somebody. Be Engaged. With. Me. Please?" Yaten's trembled voice caught Mina's attention. She looked him as he was frozen with his eyes still locked at the sight of his stained white shirt. She stared at him carefully noticing his clothes choices. He was wearing a short-sleeved white shirt with diesel blue jean and red all star. His long silver hair was pulled back to a low ponytail and his stunning emerald eyes were filled with confusion.

"Come on Yaten. I will help you clean your shirt." She said as she pulled Yaten from his hand to come with her.

Seiya and Serena stared at them as they took the elevator to go down stairs. Mina smiled evilly at them as the door of the elevator closed while Yaten looked confused around him.

After a moment Seiya turned to look at a happy Serena. He stared at her sea blue eyes and said with a teasing tone.

"You know … I will be the best man." wide smile*

"And I will be the maid of honour." She said returning the wide smile to the happy handsome brunette boy next to her. The atmosphere from light jokingly

Yaten was seating at a chair inside the bathroom. Mina went to bring a shirt so he could change. He stared his self in the mirror. His long silver hair were wet and they were hanging loosely. He looked at his brand new white shirt and after some thought he took it off. He definatelywasn't expecting to see Mina and if she wasn't her who stained his shirt now he would be talking with his lawyer on the phone. ' Damn... She is more beautiful than before. How can it be? But,.. Oh what am I thinking about. She is Sailor Venus! It's logically to be beautiful every day.'

He let a sigh escape his lips.

"What's wrong beautiful?" A mysterious enchanting voice behind him asked. Yaten turned quickly around to find a smiling woman looking at him. Her long red curly hair fell around her shoulders wildly giving the image of a living flame. Her cat green eyes were sparkling with excitement and a sly smile appeared to her bright face. She was wearing tight leather black pants and jacket. Her high hills clacked on the floor as she walked close to him. Yaten was speechless from the beauty of this woman.

'So… pretty and wild like a panther or rather say a tiger. Oh my god her hair is so… and her eyes are very… wow and her body is… hell look at these legs!'

She gone and stand in front of the sink and looked at him seductive. A queer sexual feeling took over of Yaten. He suddenly stood up and walked right in front of her with only a few inches between them. She smiled at him as her hands traveled across his bared muscular chest. He let out a soft moaned and quickly placed his hands on her thighs and pulled her on the counter. She left a giggle and opened her legs allowing him to stand between them. She took a hold of his hands and placed them on her upper thighs while she wrapped her legs around his waist. She started kissing his neck passionately making the unknown flame inside of him come to life. Yaten's eyes took the color of a dark green shadow and his common sense that told him to step back, disappear in a wink of his eyes. His hands started unbuttoning assertive her jacket while she was doing the same with his jeans. Their breathes has become husky and quick when a green light appeared on Yaten's forehead. He stopped abrupt and stepped away from the mysterious leather girl. The dark shadow on his eyes began to slowly vanish and turning back to the outstanding emerald they were. The red haired woman jumped off the counter and walked to him having a purple sign appearing on her brow.

"Come to me… Healing Starlight Knight… we belong together… Give me your seed."


He mumbled confused with the green light on his forehead shining more brightly as she was getting closer to him. He looked to her powerful eyes and a wave of hypnosis passed through him. The green light started to fade out as he felt his body getting closer to her again. A smile appeared on the face of the red haired woman as she opened her arms for him. The dark shadow returned to his eyes making the green light on his forehead to complete disappear. His body relaxed and his mouth fell silently opened. When he was about to step to her forming hug, the bathroom door opened loudly revealing Mina holding a new white shirt on her hands and a wide smile on her face. As she saw, what was going on she dropped the shirt on the floor and confusion filled her eyes.

"Yaten!" She said mumbling. That was enough to make Yaten turned his head around to look at her. Mina took a step back as she glance the dark green shadow on his eyes. Yaten frowned as he was trying to remember who that blond girl was. The red haired woman turned to stare angrily at Mina.

"What's going on here? Who are you?" Mina asked as the logical part of her mind took over her. The red haired woman ignored her question and turned back her attention to Yaten. The purple light on her forehead glowed dangerously as she was trying to make Yaten look at her eyes. He instead was focused on Mina. He was looking at her intensely giving her an odd feeling.

"Yaten. Come with me. You know me. You trust me. You know that I would never hurt you. Leave that girl and come with me." Mina said with a serious tone to Yaten. As a response, he took a step away from the red haired woman and looked again at Mina. She smiled and nodded heartening at him.

" Starlight Knight. You must come with me. I know what is best for you." The red haired woman said with a convincing tone while the purple light on her forehead glowed even more. Mina frown and anger fill her. The orange sign of Venus appeared on her forehead lighting up the room. Yaten took a step away from Mina apparently scared from the power of her light. Mina looked at him with her blue eyes shining powerful.

"Yaten. You know the truth but you can't see it with that shadow in your eyes. Let me help you see it." She said gently and reached her hand to him. Yaten with no hesitation accept it and suddenly the bright orange light filled him completely. He closed his eyes slowly and when he opened them, the dark green shadow was gone.

The red haired woman let out an angry sigh and turned to look at them. She reached out for the door and opened it. Before she walked away, she looked at Yaten for the last time and said; "I will come for you. So remember my name, beautiful. It's Nafsika." And with that, she was gone.

"Seiyaaaaaa! What takes you so long?" An irritated Serena yelled while knocking the bathroom door.

"I'll be outside in a minute, Odango." Seiya yelled back.

"That's what you said five minutes ago!" That time Seiya didn't reply. "That's it! I'm coming in!" She said and burst inside the room. She felt her mouth drop open as she couldn't believe in her eyes. In front of her was a man with short blond hair and glasses placed in front of his blue eyes. He was wearing a white doctor's robe that made contrast with the caramel skin of his face and hands.

"How do I look?" He asked joyfully.

"You look... not like Seiya.." She said with a light tremble on her voice.

"Excellent! That was what I wanted to achieve."

He smiled at her making a blush appear on her white creamy face.

"Hmm How do I look?" She asked back with a smile and made a quick turn around her self. Seiya's eyes danced through her body and face.

"Beautiful... like always." He respond with a low husky voice. Serena was wearing a white nurses dress with matching white shoes and her beautiful long blond hair was replaced by a short red haired wig. The blush on her face grew bigger at the sexy tone of Seiya's voice. The atmosphere from light jokingly turned to an intimate one. Seiya parted lightly his lips as he was lost through the deep ocean blue at Serena's eyes. Serena was paralyzed as Seiya's aroma was filling her. She felt her stomach comb tightly with little tiny butterflies fly around. She shivered as she inhaled air ( that was filled with his scent.). She couldn't understand why she was feeling like this. It was something that she never felt before. Is this the feeling of being in love? She questioned her self joyfully.

She turned her attention back to Seiya's breathtaking eyes feeling somehow happy. Seiya was continuing staring at her eyes, all this time memorizing her characteristics (not like he didn't know them by heart already.) The intimate moment was cut by a knock at the door. "Seiya? Serena? Are you done?" They were still staring at each other eyes for a few seconds before Serena moved to open the door. Seiya turned his gaze at the floor, blushing lightly, waiting for her return.

"Hey Ami!" She said cheerfully. Ami smiled at her before answering. "Could you find Yaten and Mina, so we can leave?"

"Of curse, we will be on our way" And with that, a satisfied Ami left the room.

"I don't wanna wear that thing!" Yaten said flatly.
"But Yaten-" Mina started but Yaten interrupted her.
"My eyes don't match with that black-hair wig." He pouts stubbornly and crossed his hands over his chest.
Mina started to lose her patience with Yaten's childish behavior.
"So, you think that you will pass the paparazzi outside with your long silver hair waving freely unnoticeable?"
"Yes." He stated with confidence.
"If you don't wear that wig, I will… Uhmm… I will… call Seiya!"
He laughed at her attempt to threat him and shock his head while he said "Yeah, like I'm scared of Seiya." sarcastically.
"Either way you like it or not, he IS your leader and you ought to obey his orders as well as mine." She ended her sentence with a victorious smile on her face while she crossed her hands over her chest (like Yaten did before).
"You are leader of the Sailor Scouts not leader of the Starlights." He said annoyed.
Mina already knowing that she won said calmly; "Still. You said it your self. Leader of the Sailor Scouts and if I am not wrong your name is Sailor Star Healer."
Yaten's anger and irritation vanish immediately. He looked sadly at her and quietly wears the wig. 'Aww Mina. If you only knew… Sailor Star Healer is gone and she'll never come back.'
Mina stared Yaten with concern. His expression was sad but he was smiling at her. A true smile. Not too many people had the chance to conceive a true smile from this stubborn person.
Suddenly the door opened to reveal a doctor with caramel skin, blond hair and piercing blue eyes. The doctor looked them in silence for a few minutes before bursting into laughs.
'This laugh is way too familiar.' Yaten thought as he looked suspiciously at the "doctor".
"Did you know that you have a cat sitting on your head?" The doctor asked with his finger pointed at Yaten. In that instant both Yaten and Mina understood who that person is. Mina laughed with Yaten's face expressions. He was ready to vanquish his dear friend right now but he decided to play Seiya's game instead.
"Did you know that you are covered with shit ,shit-head?" Yaten replied with satisfaction.(A/N: There is no racist comment here. Seiya simply can't apply make up and the result is... well I guess you can imagine it on your own... Just think; Seiya + a bottle of dark-colored make up = disaster.)
Seiya chocked on his own laugh. Yaten smiled brightly at Mina. Seiya's shoulders tensed and he took a step forward.
"Are you saying that I look like shit, shorty?"He asked angrily.
"Hell yeah! Good for you to realize it." Yaten answered happily.
"That's it! I hope you'll enjoy your death as much as I will." Seiya said and thrown his self on Yaten. Just when he was about to punch his nose a voice interupted him.
"That's enough." Taiki entered the room sitting on a wheelchair.
"Seiya get off of Yaten now."he said calmly. Seiya quiqly get off of Yaten and focused his gaze on the floor. Yaten was doing the exact same thing, afraid to look at Taiki.
"Can't you two, for one day stop acting like kids? As you can see, I can't babysit you today! So, I want you just for one day to behave and act like the adults you are. Stop fighting for pointless things. I remember when we were five years old, you two were always fighting over the strawberry lollipop. The funny part is that you, Seiya, don't like strawberry in lollipop. You only did it so Yaten won't have it. Well the only difference today is that you don't have any lollipops around here. " He paused for a moment to emphasise his words.
"Yaten apologize to Seiya." Taiki said to Yaten.
"No! He started it! He should apologize to me!" Yaten replied upset.
"Yaten." Taiki simply said. He looked Yaten with a tired expression on his face.
"Okay okay." Yaten turned to look at the floor once again."I am sorry.." He finally said.
"For...?"Taiki continued his sentence. Yaten sighed deeply and continued.
"For calling you shit-head and... and saying that you are covered in shit..." He finished reluctant.
"Seiya...I think that you want to say something to Yaten too." Taiki now turned to look at Seiya who was playing with his sleeve.
"No I don't." Seiya replied rudly.
"Oh I think you do, Seiya. Because you do want to have very good assignments in the university, don't you?" Taiki raised his eyebrow waiting for Seiya's reply.
"This is blackmail!" Seiya said accusingly.
"Oh, I know." Taiki replied casually.
"Fine! I am sorry for saying that you have a cat sitting on your head." Seiya said quickly.
"And?" Yaten said bored while he was cleaning his nails. Seiya looked at Taiki, who was waiting him to continue. He sighed dramatically and said; "And for trying to kill you... again".
Mina was looking them bewildered. "Wait... Is this happening often?" She asked Taiki.
"Oh yeah... Every single day." He said casually.
"Guys, evertything is ready..." Serena came to the room wearing a happy expression on her face. She observed them for a while and noticed the tense atmosphere between them.
"Did I miss something?" She asked confused.

"I am gonna drive!" Seiya yelled first as they approached the ambulance.
"No! I am gonna drive!" Yaten yelled back.
"No way! I said it first! I am driving!"
"Yeah right! So you can kill us all! I am gonna drive!"
They both ran quickly to the driver's door and tried to open it at the same time.
"Let the fucking door! I said that I am gonna drive! Get lost!" Seiya yelled in Yaten's ear.
"And I said that I am gonna drive! So let me do my job!"
"I said it first shorty that means that I AM DRIVING! Deal with it!"
"Yeah you wish-"
"I am driving. End of conversation." Yaten was interrupted by Mina's sweet voice. She gently pushed them aside and got inside the car. She closed the door and waived them through the window. Yaten and Seiya looked each other quickly and then stared at Mina.
"I am still the one who will drive." Seiya said casually and crossed his arms over his chest.
"You wish shit-head... I will drive." Yaten replied calmly.
"I am driving cat-head. The End."
"What did you just said?" Yaten asked angrily.
"I said that you are a big fat cat-head." Seiya stick his tongue out at Yaten.
"Mina is driving. Deal with it guys." Taiki said with Amy and Serena on his side.
Yaten looked at Seiya carefully and then said; "I am sitting on the front seat!"
Seiya turned to look him alerted. "No way! I am sitting on the front seat."
"And that's the part when you wake up!"
"Enough!" Taiki yelled on their faces. "The seat arrangement is; Mina on the driver seat and Serena and Seiya with her. You Yaten are going with me and Amy on the back."
Seiya gave Yaten the victory sign and started dancing happily around. Yaten crossed his hands over his chest and gave Taiki a pout.
"This is not fair!" He said to Taiki.
"Who said that life is fair?" Taiki replied with a question. Yaten sighed dramatically and got inside the car.
"Yaten chill! You'll get over it." Taiki tried to comfort him. He turned to look at the others. Serena was observing around her curiously and Ami was checking some medical papers. Seiya on the other hand was still dancing around the car while Mina was playing with the car while. Taiki smiled softly and entered the car. They may act silly but they are his friends... and he loves them. He would give away his life for each one of them just to protect them. And he is sure that they would do the same thing for him too because this is friendship.

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