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Hi I'm Yugi Mutou, age, 17 turning 18, I'm the grand son of Sugorouku Mutou, a game shop owner, its not so popular but still what we earn in the game shop is enough.

This will sound crazy but, I have a weird job, you want to know what?...I am a disciplinarian of an 18 year old super mega rich kid...want to know who? But you should keep it a secret...I'm the disciplinarian of Atemu Yami, the richest teen in Japan, and fourth to the whole world, and my childhood crush.

Can you imagine that, I was so shocked when his parents ask me for the job...but I think I'll just tell you how it happen, cause me myself can't really understand what is happening right now first we were mortal enemies, and now we are here lying side by I will tell you how this happened…

So Atemu's father and my grandfather are close friends, they always help us in our little shop, but then one day as we visit their mansion, I mean huge mansion I think they notice how calm and well behave I am so they went to our house one day

" Mr. Aknamkamon, hi?, how may I help you" I ask in pure amazement, as the owner of ten massive and expensive hotel and twenty 5 star restaurants that most of the wealthiest people in the earth came to eat there, and did I mention that it was international, and the father of my ultimate crush is here.

"uhmm Yugi may I come in?" he asked me, " uhhh yes sir of course sorry I'm-just-well-you know-" I stutter at my words when he cut me off

"Its fine Yugi I just want to ask you a favor, if its okay with you?" I was shocked by that, for the richest man in the world was asking me a favor, it was my pure honor,

"Of course sir, you helped me and my grandfather a lot so uhhh why not?" I answered, he smiled and asked me again, "are you sure cause this includes my son Atemu", I was taken aback now I really want to do whatever favor is that,

"Its fine sir" I smiled back," okay to make it formal it would be a job", he asked me again , but now I stared in confusion,

"You see my son is so stubborn and we can't control him, I mean, we cant just yell at him because we his parents have some mistakes too," he explained

"What do you mean mistake, uhhmm you were a great parent to him right," I answered with sympathy,

"Yes but we can't really blame him, we are always out of the country, and we always leave Atemu to his care taker and now he is just so stubborn", I'm pretty confused

"uhmm, sir may I know really what are you up to?" I asked direct to the point, he sighed before answering, " I want you to discipline him, teach him how to behave well, I mean he is the only heir of our business, and we don't want him to act childish," he said abruptly

"Childish" I answered with confusion.

"not so childish but he just wont listen to anyone, if he don't want to do a thing he really wont do it, even the whole world is at stake," as he finished I chuckled a little, and he look at me

"What's so funny?" he asked, "sorry sir but may I know why are you asking me for this job?" I asked again

"Because I see how well behave you are and I think you can handle him because I know that inside you, you are just as stubborn as him' he said and I blushed, "you're grandfather told me that" I still continued to blush

"I'm okay with it sir as long as gramps is fine with it" he smiled at me,

" don't worry he already know about it, we'll pick you up at seven in the morning this coming Saturday, okay" I nodded then he bid his goodbye,

Days seem to pass so fast that I barely noticed that it was Saturday already, I was waiting in the living room when I heard a car pulled in at the front of our house, and I know it was the limo because grandpa came rushing in

"Okay Yugi they are here and Atemu is inside so try to be nice to him" Grandpa said to me, and he smirked,

"whatever gramps, take care" then I went inside the car to see a pouting cute, handsome, sexy guy with a hair like mine but definitely look so good to him with stunning crimson eyes which will bring you to the dept of whatever that's in there,

"hi I'm Yugi" I offered my hand to him, and he just look at me, now I got a very beautiful look at him, he is certified gorgeous,

" whatever, I'm not shaking hands to my smidget dopple ganger" he said bluntly and went to find his cell phone and began texting, I was stunned of course, I presented myself to him nicely but he just shrug it away

"What's your problem I'm trying to be nice" I said mockingly

"what's my problem, You are my problem," he said with an equal mocking tone which fit well with his beautiful baritone voice, his father is certainly correct when he told me that he is so stubborn

"What?" I asked with pure confusion

"Don't act so innocent why did you take the job, you just ruined my life" he snapped, I look at him before I retorted,

"Well it's not my problem that your father came to me and ask me a favor to make that stupid behavior of yours straight" I snapped also

"yeah yeah whatever midget" he teased me, I was so irritated because it really hits me when people teases my height, I mean its not my fault,

"you rich brat"

"Trying hard dopple ganger"

"What you-?" okay this will be a hard job,

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