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My Disciplinarian: Chapter 32: Nice piece of art

"Atemu?!" Anzu was shocked to see Atem standing at the door way with Seto, Malik and Bakura, his eyes were glowing with fierce, like a wolf ready to devour its prey. He was furious when he saw Yugi lying on the floor suffering, beaten up and crying, it made him mad, he couldn't stand seeing his love like this helpless and in agony. He was about to launch at Anzu and give her a beating that she deserves, he doesn't care if she's a girl, all he know is that she is a monster, but Seto grabbed him back.

"The fuck Seto! Let go of me!" he growled as he tries to free himself from Seto's grip, his cousin has the advantage of having a bigger built than him, he could have punched him, but Seto held his fist tightly.

"Calm down Atemu! It will only make things worse if you hurt Anzu" Seto said trying to calm his cousin down, a beaten girl is not the thing they needed, if atem got the chance to hold her, he knew that Anzu will suffer way worse than Yugi, and if it happens, she will have the advantage, she can turn the story into her favor, and he wouldn't let that happen, he will control his stupid cousin.

"Damnt it! How can I calm down?! That atrocious monster killed Heba and hurt Yugi and I'll make her pay for all those!"

"Atemu! Yugi needs you" and with that his cousin instantly calmed down and turned his attention to his love, he suddenly turned weak, and Seto let go of him, he watch as his cousin ran to aid his friend, and before anzu made her escape, he bakura and Malik ran to her.

"Don't touch me!" she screamed, yanking her arms, from Bakura's firm grip, she was unexpectedly strong, strong that the three had a hard time tying her. They made sure that she wont be able to escape, they are making sure that none of this will ever happen again.

"Yugi!" Atemu called his lovers name, hoping that somehow he is still awake, an assurance that his life is not yet dead.

"a—temu" was the weak reply, he saw Yugi's eyes opened a little, it made him cry, thank goodness he was still alive, he wiped away the mixture of tears and blood staining his little angels face, and smiled when Yugi stirred a little, however he is sure, that he was making him uncomfortable, but the calm feeling was replaced with panic, when yugi suddenly went limp, the light in his eyes slowly fading.

"Yugi don't sleep!" he called desperately, slightly shaking him, careful that he might cause more pain, his three friends could only stare at him with sad eyes.

"YUGI!" he screamed when yugi didn't respond, he was now crying in agony, he couldn't bear losing him, Yugi was his sole reason for living, without him he is nothing, without his light he will be nothing but a dark empty puzzle, unable to find its piece therefore making it useless.

"please" Atemu begged, and he hugged his angel tight, hoping that he can pass on an inch of life to his love, his prayers was answered when he felt a faint heart beat, and he hugged him tighter, afraid that if he loosen up he will s well lose Yugi.

"You're hurting my feelings Atem, why it does have to Heba? Why it does have to be him?" Anzu spoke in a tone no one in the house expected, it was pleading, she was crying.

"why does it have to Heba! I liked you first! I loved you first! Even if you don't know it yet! all I have to do is to tell you right? And you'll be mine," Anzu said crying it was an honest tone, she was telling her heart out, it was her share of reason, a reason she can only understand.

" but that Heba! She took you away from me" her mourning voice changed to a vicious growl.

"I have to get her out of the picture! I have to- I have to—I have to remove her I have to get her out of your life, permanently" she said those words as if she was possessed by something unexplainable, she was gripping her hair tightly, and she her eyes shows only terror and madness.

"and I succeeded" she laughed maniacally. Suddenly a group of people wearing white, and some police came, it was the mental institution team, ambulance and police that they called before going to the mansion, they knew that Anzu brought yugi here because of the tracker he installed in Yugi's car, and she doesn't know that.

"I don't want to hurt Yugi," anzu said staring at them in a mock innocent face. As the mental institution staff starts getting and fixing her.

"I warned him, but he didn't listen! So I have to do something!" she screamed again and tried to run to him and Yugi, thanks to the police she was contained, Anzu was still struggling while she was being carried to another ambulance that will take her to the institution hoping that somehow she will get better.


5 months later

"OH NOOOO! IM LLAAAATTEEE!" Yugi screeched as he run inside the house rummaging to his things. Today was a big day, because of the incident that happened five months ago, which he fully recovered, the business Atemu was opening was moved, he told Atem a thousand of times while he was still at the hospital that it was okay to launch the business without him, and that he could ask Carmel-san to fix the suit since its already done and only needs to be sewn. But Atemu insisted that he wont open it unless he will be there, saying that it will be more meaningful if he will be on that big day, also adding that it will be the second biggest day ever of his life if it will be successful, however while Atemu says those Yugi has something on his mind, he was thinking that the second biggest day ever of his life was the moment Atemu will propose to him, he smiled at the thought, they haven't talked about marriage yet, and he don't want to open the topic, he will just wait for Atemu, and he was satisfied with what they have now. His thought was disrupted when he heard his phone ring.

"Hello?" he answered

"Yugi! Hi, uhm where are you now?" It was Carmel-san calling, and he cant decide if he would tell the truth that he's still in his house or he would say that he was on the way to the venue.

"well—you see—im actually—"

"on your house" Carmel-san finished for him,

"he-he-he Im on my way to the car Im sorry! I over slept!" he answered getting his car keys and out the door.

"its okay, calm down, I just called to ask a favor."

"What is it?" Yugi asked as he starts the engine.

"Can you please go to the office? I kinda forgot something important, and Im already here, so I cant leave now, pretty please?" yes Yugi was already late, but carmel-san said it was important, maybe for the business opening, it was on the same way so why not get it for her?

"alrighty! So what is it?" he answered beaming.

"Great! Well, its in my office, there's a red and violet envelope on my table, it's the only envelope there, you can see it as soon as you enter my office, oh! Please don't read it kay?" she instructed him, making Yugi take a mental note.

"Gotcha!" and he sped off. As soon as he arrived at the office, everyone greeted him cheerfully, however its quite suspicious, he shrugged the thought since he was really late and have to get there on time, even though how impossible it is, he'll just say sorry to Ate a thousand times for this. He was thankful when he got to the top floor, and from the elevator he ran to Carmel-sans office and she was right it was the only red and violet envelope, he remembered the motif of the event today, crimson and amethyst, Atemu said he wants that because it's the color of their eyes, and that he offers this business to him and only him. Yugi chuckled, Atemu can get too corny at times. Getting what he came here for, he then again run his way to the car, and when he does he starts the engine and fly to the location.

It was a small venue, in terms of Atemu and his friends but for Yugi, it was huge, he wonders what business Atem made, he really needed such a huge place, tables are set into the garden, all are covered with satin cloth graced with porcelain and flower vase that has red and violet roses in it.

"how come there's violet roses?" he said to himself since the color is not too common, there was a buffet table in the side of a garden it was long, Yugi thought of the amount of food that will be putted in there, he's sure Joey would be glad, he continued walking looking at the pretty set up of the garden at the end of it was a pretty looking building in a shape of a villa, if he didn't know it would be a business event then he would thought that someone is getting married. Suddenly his phone rung.

"YUGI WHERE ARE YOU?!" he heard atemu on the end of the line, he has to keep the phone away from his ear because of his boyfriends loud voice.

"sorry, you didn't wake me, I over slept" Yugi answered pouting.

"don't pout just go here NOW!" yugi chuckled at Atemu he really do know him, so before his boyfriend breaks anything he ran to the villa. As soon as he opened the door, he clung to it to catch his breath before speaking,

"Sorry I was—" he stopped when he heard a live band starts playing.

I've tried not to let anyone in until now
I guess conversations never allow
And I've been feeling like I'm on some sort of marry-go-round
And I know, I know, yeah I know, I know

Yugi was shocked to see Atemu in front of the stage, playing guitar for rhythm as well as the vocalist his beautiful deep voice overwhelming the area, Seto was on bass and looks so cool on his white but has hue of blue suit, Malik was playing lead guitar in his cream suit, outlined with slate gray color, bakura was drums, beating it while his silver coat hangs on his shoulder, so he was only wearing a black long sleeved polo shirt and loosened tie, he cant help but smile when he saw Atem wearing the suit he designed and made for him, it was dark red or crimson suit with outline of black, he unbuttoned the coat so his white long sleeved polo shirt was shown as well as the amethyst tie he wore, the coat was made of a different type of cloth so when light hits it, it gives the illusion of changing from crimson to amethyst, all he can do is stare at his stupid boyfriend and see what it will become, all though he got the idea, but still unsure so he's still hoping for the best.

And I've tried not to let anyone in until now
It took time for me to figure it out
And when I feel like I'm complacent with my
Head in the clouds
And I know, I know, yeah I know, I know

He felt blush creeping up his face as the song continues, he can clearly feel butterflies in his stomach, he also feel the same way he felt when Atemus sung to him on the beach. He chuckled when he saw Atemu winked at him.

And every time I wonder what's real you make me feel...

You make me feel like a lavender sweater
And I'm caught in bad weather,
In my Volkswagon Jetta
You make me feel like a complete work of art
When I'm just falling apart
A really nice piece of art

I already heard this song many times on my playlist, but this is the first time it ever had a meaning for me, Atemu, I first met him as a barbaric person, who knows nothing but impish things and I am always his subject, and for that he irritates me, but he never fails to amuse me,

Dear Yugi I hope You hear me

He's crazy for changing the lyrics, he can never really do anything good, but I believe that's why I love him, a small tear of joy fell from Yugi's eyes, but he was chuckling at how Atemu look in stage, he really do love this guy. And this crazy friends for spoiling Atemu and being his back up singers.

And I've tried not to let anyone in until now
Misunderstandings are an easy way out
And I've been feeling all this pressure just to figure it out
And I know, don't know, yeah I know, don't know

I remembered the times that I and Atemu yelled at each other, on almost anything even in the most stupidest reason, but we always ended fine, I remembered Mana, it both hurt us, but both of us has a reason, but Atem's father is the real culprit, thanks to him, I and Atemu got the chance to be closer,

And I know that if I can stay strong I can make it
And try harder when I just can't take it (can't take it)
And when everything around me feels so broken and jaded (broken and jaded)

And I know, I know, yeah I know, I know
And every time I wonder what's real you make me feel...

He make me feel complete, secured, he make me feel loved, even with my imperfections, he always make me feel wonderful, he accepted me, supported me, he never gave up on me, and for that I will never ever give up on him.

You make me feel like a lavender sweater
When I'm caught in bad weather
In my Volkswagen Jetta
You make me feel like a complete work of art
When I'm just falling apart
A really nice piece of art

Yes I am crying but I am crying out of joy, out of extreme happiness, I feel so silly, what did I do to deserve you? I was crying while I was laughing coz he keeps on winking, and he also has tears in his face, ill make him pay for making me cry, he's so crazy,

It's kinda of warped, but it's picking up slowly
I don't know, but I can if you'll show me
I guess sometimes it takes more than just fake conversations
To feel like I know that
It's kinda hard when I'm planning for something
To get across this hole without jumping
I guess sometimes it takes more than just false information
To find out who we are

Atemu you never fail to surprise me, why do you have to have such a beautiful voice? Why do you have to be so sweet, why do you have to be like this, I've already fallen in love with you, why make me fall even deeper, all I know is that I wont ever get tired falling….

You make me feel like a lavender sweater
And I'm caught in bad weather
You make me feel like a complete work of art
When I'm just falling apart

I really do love you Atem

You are the best piece of art…

"Hi Yugi—errr what can you say about my performance?" Atemu asked wiping tears from his face, he never knew that was there.

"I'll sue you for changing the lyrics" Yugi joked in between tears.

"alright ha-ha just tried, well uhmm, Ive been planning this for over a year now, well I just want to ask" Yugi took in a deep breath, as he readies himself for the most awaited question,

" I just want to ask, Will you—buy me a drink?" Yugi's eyes almost bulge upon hearing Atemu's question and glared at him,

"was just joking, he-he" he chuckled and went down the stage.

"Open the envelope" Yugi have already forgotten the envelope he was holding, he looked at it and to Atemu as if asking for permission, which was answered by a nod, and when he opened it there a folder elegantly designed and was scripted in gold letters we're the words.

"Yugi Mutou! Will you marry me?"

Yugi, instantly hugged Atem, and whispered in his ears the answer he was longing for.

"Yes Atem, of course I will".

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