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Rating: 13+ just to be safe.

Filius was a dead man. Her finger trailed slowly around the edge of the deep red mug. Her strokes were smooth, languid as she traced the ceramic lip. She hadn't even realized she was doing it as she listened to Filius explain something or other, he was certain. With every few turns, her finger would change directions, smoothing back along the well-worn path.

He shifted in his seat as her finger strayed from the lip to the handle, gently caressing it with just the tip and her fingernail. Up and down it would go before making its way back to the lip to begin again. All the while she paid rapt attention to whatever the little man was saying.

He had to bite his lip, hard, when she absently flicked her finger through the whipped cream on top of her drink and brought it to her lips. The pad of her finger disappeared between her rosy lip, and the tip of her tongue appeared as it retreated to capture the last of the sweet cream. The finger returned to the mug's edge and began the circuit once more.

He gripped the arm of his chair as he noticed a small drop of white on her top lip and her finger made for the handle once more. Her head had tilted, and the finger slowed, exerting just a bit more pressure. It was enough.

"Minerva, a word, if you please!" His voice was loud, even to his ears; she jumped, almost knocking over the sweet treat. She looked at him, noticing his posture, and raised an eyebrow. She seemed to consider for a moment, but he saw her eyes gleam.

"Of course, Albus. If you'll excuse us, Filius. Maybe we could pick this up again tomorrow, and thank you for the drink. I think it is just what I needed tonight." She pushed away from the table, and his hand automatically found its way to her lower back, almost biting into the skin with the pressure.

He growled behind her and urged them both forward, out of the staffroom. There was a reason Albus never gave his wife hot chocolate in public. Filius was definitely a dead man, and his siren of a wife was in for a lesson that they would feel for days.