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Summary: Aang and his friends get transported to a new world in a new form for each of them.

Remember: This takes place between The Tales of Ba Sing Se & Appa's Lost Days, and it takes place during Great Bear Lake.

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It All Starts With A Book

It was just another day at Ba-Sing-Se as Aang woke up from flashes of nightmares about losing Appa to the SandBenders. He was now getting tired of hearing about all the rules that Long-Feng had to say about no speaking about the War. He had nearly hit him but if Katara hadn't held him back, he would have been in trouble. But his faith in the beautiful WaterBender won over.

After Aang failed to talk to Long Feng, he had desperately tried to ask several people around Ba Sing Se about where Appa went to, but he didn't know that Ju Dee was shaking her head at them as if to tell them to not answer the Avatar. Aang went back to the house so that they could search for Appa later and they could relax for a little while.

During that time, Katara and Toph had been going to a spa for a "girls' day out," (Aang even commented to Katara that she looked very pretty with make-up on and he said the same thing to Toph) Sokka had been beaten at a haiku contest, and Momo, Aang's pet lemur, had searched for Appa, but he had gotten three friends instead: three pygmy pumas.


Now after breakfast, he he searched the bookshelves in the living room for something to read to pass the time. As he searched, he saw a book with three bears looking down into a massive lake and in the middle was a black bear. He suddenly remembered asking Monk Gyatso, his AirBending teacher, about this book while they played Pai Sho.

"Those are the Seeker Bears, Aang. They are on a journey to try and save the wild from the humans who are harming them. It would be a pleasure to see them someday."

Aang let out a sigh of remembereance of his guardian monk who had always eased his burden of being the Avatar with fun and games. If the other monks hadn't tried to seperate mentor and student, Aang wouldn't have run away. But if he didn't overhear the conversation, he wouldn't have met the friends he has right now.

Aang let his mind travel back to reality, but instead of the walls of the house, there was instead loads of trees surrounding him. And there was no noise and bustling from the city, only bird calls. The sky above him was bright and blue with no hint of clouds, or Appa, anywhere.

He got up to stretch his arms and legs and gazed at his flexing claws.

A dull blow hit his head like a huge rock as he did a double-take at his new fingers. I have claws? What's going on? There was a mirror on a nearby tree, so, very clumsily with his new hands, grabbed it and looked inside.

Instead of his reflection, there was a brown bear staring right back at him with the same gray eyes he always had. The arrows haven't disappeared, but they did turn white. I'm a bear!

"Aang, what's going on?" Katara's voice called out, although he voice sounded bearlike; Aang expected that she became a bear also. "And why do I feel itchy?"

"WE'RE BEARS? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOUSE?" Sokka's voice rang out, and it sounded like a roar.

Aang rushed over on his clumsy hind legs and stared at his friends with shock. They had become two white bears and a small black bear. Aang suspected the white bears were Katara and Sokka, and the black bear was Toph. We're ALL bears!

"I feel kind of furry, like a fur coat got onto me." Toph had woken up.

Sokka snapped, "That's because you DO have a fur coat!" He began grumbling under his breath and stalked away from the group.

"So, Aang. Would you like to explain to us how we've become bears?" Katara demanded quietly yet in a motherly attitude, her new white pelt glowing pale in the sunlight and her blue eyes glittering with impatience. Aang became too stunned to answer; despite being bears, his mind was still human.

Aang replied, "You look pretty for a bear." He felt his new fur burn with embarrassment at saying that, but he wanted her to know. Aang also noticed Katara blush a little at the comment, and he could tell that she wasn't mad at him anymore.

"Ew! A grizzly in love with a white bear? That's a load of cloudfluff!" a very unfamiliar female voice growled. The voice sounded pretty young.

As they turned around (Sokka came back from sulking around), they could see a grizzly cub glaring up at all four bears with fierce amber eyes. "And what's with your fur, grizzly? It's mixed and white."

"Chennai! Why must you speak to complete strangers? We need to get to Great Bear Lake!" A huge female brown bear stalked toward them and nudged her cub away from Team Avatar pretty quickly; she growled, "You four had better get on to Great Bear Lake, or you'll miss the Longest Day!"

Toph picked out a piece of dirt from her claws and asked, "What's the longest day?"

The mother bear retorted, "I always knew black bears were pesky. When you get there, the elders of the black bears and the white bears can tell you about it. So, Arrow Bear, you come with me. You three use your noses to find your own way to the Lake. And bears from other species don't mix together at all." She nudged Aang away from the group.

Katara sprung forward and growled, "Hey! You can't just take him away from us! He's our friend!"

"Yeah! She's right!" Sokka added, joining up with his sister. "You gotta fight us first and then you can do whatever!"

Katara whirled around to snarl at him while the female grizzly bear pushed Aang far from his friends and snarled back to them, "He's coming with us whether you like it or not!" To Aang, she said, "By the way, I'm Tula and this is my daughter Chennai. What's yours?"

"Aang," the Avatar bear said.

"That's a strange name for a bear. It sounds like a name for a black bear." Her voice got a little suspicious. "Now come on, or we'll be late," she added as she nudged Aang and Chennai away from his friends and toward the scent of brown bears.

Already, Aang didn't want to go without his friends, but these bears seem to don't like other species. It reminded him too much of the segregation of statuses in Ba Sing Se, but he had no choice but to go with the strange she-bear and her cub. Will my friends go to Great Bear Lake also? Aang thought as the bears continued on their trek. Please, Monk Gyatso! Let the others be at the Lake!


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